University Gives Job to Mentally Ill Trannie Man

You pay a fortune to go to college, and unless your parents are multi-millionaires, you run up enough  debts to last you a lifetime. The least you can expect is that you will be taught by sane people, but no! The universities are hiring a bunch of crazy, morally bent and mentally ill people to teach degree courses. Oxford University hired a trannie called Erin Sheperd who thought he was a woman to lecture in Chemistry. 

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. It is a delusion and indulging it does not solve the problem. Taking artificial hormones and having surgery don’t turn you into the opposite sex, but they may aggravate the sufferings of an already disturbed person. Being accepted as a “woman” did not solve Erin’s problems and he committed suicide in January 2017. RIP. God have mercy on his soul.

Sad though this is, it was wrong to hire him. Students should be taught by stable people who can provide a positive role model of moral and responsible behaviour. Policy needs to change. Universities should hire only lecturers free from mental health issues. 

LGBT is a disaster.


A recent inquest has revealed that a transgender Oxford academic at Corpus Christi died by suicide in January 2017.

Erin Shepherd had just started work as a paid academic in Corpus Christi College chemistry department, having recently come out to friends and family as transgender.

“The university’s statement praised Erin as an “outstanding chemist” whose death has “greatly saddened” her friends.”

Erin’s doctor, Richard Baskerville, wrote that “she had recently come out as transgender. She had an extensive circle of friends and was pleased with her progress in transitioning. Her death was a sudden and tragic event.”

The university’s statement praised Erin as an “outstanding chemist” whose death has “greatly saddened” her friends.

This news follows on from OUSU’s most recent welfare report, released in 2015, which suggested that LGBTQ students were almost twice as likely to feel anxious most or all of the time, and were significantly more likely to feel overwhelmed by university life. [ Of course, because they’re disturbed, deranged people with a bunch of  mental health issues.]

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