Bishop’s LGBT Agenda Provokes Ongoing Tensions in Missouri

Bishop’s LGBT Agenda Provokes Ongoing Tensions in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. ( – In Missouri, Bp. John Gaydos’ commitment to a pro-gay diocesan measure continues to stoke tensions in the diocese of Jefferson City.

On October 7, Catholics from across the Show-Me State gathered in Jefferson City to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Missouri Catholic Conference.

The celebration was a momentous affair, featuring prelates Abp. Christophe Pierre, papal nuncio to the United States, and St. Louis Abp. Robert J. Carlson, in addition to Bp. Gaydos.

Meanwhile, roughly two dozen faithful Catholics came together to pray the Rosary outside St. Joseph Cathedral during the commemoration’s closing Mass. The vigil was organized as an appeal to Bp. Gaydos, the architect of a radical shift in diocesan policy shift toward accommodation of active homosexuality. […]

Source: Bishop’s LGBT Agenda Provokes Ongoing Tensions in Missouri

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2 Responses to Bishop’s LGBT Agenda Provokes Ongoing Tensions in Missouri

  1. notChristian says:

    As I have said quite a few times on this website, information war on homosexuality and transexuality has been lost. Writers on this website can’t be surprised by this. Many people who listen to Christian broadcasts are those who are not Christian, such as me. There are atheists, homosexuals and people of other faiths such as Muslims who read and listen to Christian broadcasts on Internet.

    People hostile to Christian faith such as homosexual activists listen to Christian broadcasting, because what they want to change the religious doctrine of the Christian faith with Churchianity not Christianity. Homosexual activist (esp. a homosexual Christian) will go to church,listen to Christian broadcasting and then what they will do is try to change the church doctrine, such as say things such as how Christianity does not condemn homosexuality, etc.

    Many to most churches have become pro-homosexual because homosexual activists have changed the church doctrine. Homosexual activists now go after churches which are still hostile to them, such as listen to their broadcasts on Internet, go to their websites and then post pro-gay comments repeatedly, hoping that people change eventually. I have seen homosexuals post on Christian websites including on WND after Linda P. Harvey posts an article on homosexuality.

    Though I am not Christian, I believe homosexuality should be treated like tobacco and I think they should abolish sex changes. I do not care about gay marriage. But you must know as Christians that the information war on homosexuality is lost, because homosexual activists have succeeded in changing church doctrine. That’s why you see many to most churches accept homosexuality and transexuality, which was not the case in 1962, 1972, 1982 and 1992. Especially since 2000, many to most churches have become pro-gay, will change to pro-transexual and whether you’re Christian, nonChristian or an atheist, you must admit the information war is lost on this.


    • Millard says:

      Many people would like to believe that Christians have lost the war against queerdom…..God Will Not Lose!!! People bend their knee because of Satan’s lies. Those that are grounded in God’s Word will not lose! Many Christians are luke warm. THAT is the problem.


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