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Lesbians Bully Bakers in Oregon, Spitefully Set out to Bankrupt Them

One thing queers really know how to do is to bully other people. Very few homosexuals actually want to get “married” but when they do, the first thing they do is go out and find a Christian bakery and demand … Continue reading

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Study: Gender-confused Youth More than Twice as Likely to Have Psychological Problems than Others

A new study released by the University of California Los Angeles finds that gender “nonconforming” young people in California are more than twice as likely to have psychological problems than those comfortable with their biological sex. According to the study, … Continue reading

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Illinois Court gives Homosexuals Right to Harass You, Without Self-Defence

See, it really doesn’t matter what happens….queers and their allies will always…I mean ALWAYS do something freakin’ stupid and ignorant (as if these are two different words…they are not…not when referring the “gaystapo”) so they use some kind of “hate … Continue reading

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Presentations from the MassResistance Texas Teens4Truth Conference

These folks do a wonderful job giving our children and parents the information to fight back against the gaystapo.<ADMIN> Below are videos of the presentations at the Teens4Truth Conference, sponsored by Texas MassResistance, held at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary … Continue reading

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Judge Opposed to Gay Adoption Over Concerns for Child Welfare Found Guilty of Misconduct

Yep, the gaystapo strikes again. If one doesn’t go along with their wonderful chosen perversion, then your ass is grass. Don’t believe it? Ask anyone the gaystapo has taken to court over a cake, flowers et al. <ADMIN> A Kentucky … Continue reading

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CNN Promotes Children’s Book That Portrays Santa Claus As a Gay Man

This doesn’t surprise me. Queers have this “inclusive” mentality…..include me in every faucet of life or I will whine, cry, piss and moan until you do. Never freakin’ ending.<ADMIN> Leave it to CNN to politicize Christmas and Santa Claus. On … Continue reading

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Transgender man gives birth — again

Holy mother of a dead goat!!!! Transgender man gives birth…….seriously? Only a woman can give birth…men cannot. About the only thing men give birth to is a 1.5 ft long turd. <ADMIN> (See picture(s) on site) A transgender man has … Continue reading

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Former Oklahoma City Mayor Compares Gays To Pedophiles In Baffling Debate

Actually, there is a very good connection to homosexuality and pedophilia. Pedophilia is a sub-culture of homosexuality just like this transgendered crap is and all the other stuff now being offered as “natural, normal and healthy” and lets not forget … Continue reading

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Matthew Scully-Hicks wants to Appeal Sentence – still won’t admit he’s guilty

Friends of gay “dad” who murdered his adopted daughter set up fundraising campaign to clear his name  – but so far they’ve only raised £40 of the £10,000 needed.  Whoever contributed that £40 ought to be ashamed of themselves. Matthew … Continue reading

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The hate campaign begins as #lovewins

The anti-bully crowd are anything but…..they are what they are….stupid, ignorant, whiny ass little brats who cry foul every time they don’t get their way. Apparently even when they get their way, they are still stupid, ignorant whiny ass little … Continue reading

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