The Vile and Vicious LGBT trolls who Bullied August Ames to Death are still continuing their vendetta.

They call themselves “social justice warriors” but they are just bullies of the most obnoxious and despicable kind. Even after cause a woman’s death they still continue to insult, abuse and vilify her. LGBT means never having to say you’re sorry!

Pro-Gay Mob Continues Orgy of Hate Against Dead

Porn Actress

August Ames safe-for-work

The cavalcade of gay and transgender porn actors who hounded August Ames until she committed suicide this week are making excuses for the attacks that her family believes contributed to her death.

Ames, whose real name is Mercedes Grabowski, took her own life this week after she became the subject of a harassment campaign following her refusal to have sex with gay actors.

The late adult film actress denied accusations of homophobia, clarifying that she did not want to risk her health by having sex with “crossover” performers, who are not subject to the same health testing protocols as their straight counterparts. [AND WHY AREN’T THEY?]

Her brother, James Grabowski, blames her tragic death on those who harassed her. “I want my sister’s death to be recognized as a serious issue–bullying is not OK,” he told British newspaper Sun Online.”It cost me my baby sister’s life.” 

Following her death, some of Ames’ detractors took to social media to justify their actions. Transgender activist Zinnia Jones, who produces amateur porn under the name Satana Kennedy, defended the harassment. 

Male pornstar Jaxton Wheeler, who told August Ames to swallow a cyanide pill for her opinions and hounded the late performer for days, doubled down on his comments following her death.

Jaxton Wheeler Attacks August AmesJaxton Wheeler Attacks August AmesHe stated that he was “going to sleep just fine” despite Ames’ suicide, because he “stood up for the Gay and Bisexual community.” Following harsh criticism, Wheeler made his Twitter account private.

Jaxton Wheeler Attacks August Ames

Another gay pornstar, Bruce Beckham accused Ames of being an “uneducated homophobe” and called her opinions a cry for attention.

Following her suicide, he defended his attacks as “educational” and said she chose “to end her own life when faced with confrontation, accountability, and education.”

“Life isn’t easy, but none of us get a pass for bad behavior,” he concluded.

Bruce Beckham Attacks August Ames

After being called out for his callous remarks, Beckham issued a pithy reply to say he was “sorry for calling you homophobic without initiating private discourse.”

Bruce Beckham Attacks August Ames

Despite his attacks on Ames’ supposed ignorance, Beckham acknowledged twice in November that PREP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) only protects against HIV, but not other STDs, noting the importance of partner disclosure.

He made his comments in response to comments on bareback videos he produced.

Wesley Woods, another gay porn actor who hounded Ames for her “homophobia,” said he has received backlash for his attacks. Speaking to Hornet, Woods says that while he considers her suicide “tragic,” he “firmly stands behind” what he said.

Austin Wilde, another porn actor who took issue with Ames’ tweets described his remarks as “neither threatening or harassing, I do stand by my words.” He doubled down by saying her opinion “displayed her to be homophobic and uneducated on the subject [of health testing].”

Transgender performer Aspen Brooks was one of many porn actors who urged their followers to attack Ames, indicating that the late pornstar was “calling you all dirty men.”

Transgender Pornstar Aspen Brooks Attacks August AmesTransgender Pornstar Aspen Brooks Attacks August AmesBrooks later complained about being verbally abused following Ames’ suicide. “I don’t think I deserve this,” Brooks said, downplaying the abusive remarks sent to Ames. 

Transgender Pornstar Aspen Brooks Attacks August Ames

August Ames’ tragic suicide should be a lesson to “social justice warriors” [mean vicious LGBT trolls] on Twitter to live what they constantly preach, but it’s clear that the only thing they care about is earning social currency.

Sources: DANGEROUSSun OnlineHornet.

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1 Response to The Vile and Vicious LGBT trolls who Bullied August Ames to Death are still continuing their vendetta.

  1. Hate mobs says:

    August is back in the news because of her husband saying that a rough dehumanizing scene was responsible for her death. I don’t think so, he is covering his money flow. He is still working as a porn producer. He is now avoiding the talk about the creep tranny “aspen brooks” sending a twitter mob to attack her. aspen brooks started the bullying online she was the mob’s virtue signaler.
    That means a transgender man attacked a biological female for her choice to not perform with men that have anal seks with other men for money. For that thoughtcrime she was bullied to death online.


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