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The “marriage” between two gay men has been invalidated in Russia. Eugene Voitsekhovsky and Paul Stotsko, Russian citizens, had a “marriage” service in Copenhagen, Denmark on January 4, which was then initially notarized by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports

However, the ministry employees who recognized the gay union have been fired, and the men’s passports, with a stamp of registration of their “marriage,” have been invalidated.

Russians carry internal passports that are used as their main source of identification and which contain information about where they are registered as living, marriages, childbirths, military service, and so on.

“In fact, the stamp registering the marriage between citizens of the male gender in the passports of Russian Federation citizens has been checked by the ministry, with the result that the employee who allowed the violation of Russian Federation legislation and her immediate supervisor will be fired from the offices of Internal Affairs. The passports of these citizens have been included in the federal base of invalid passports,” Internal Affairs representative Irina Volk stated.

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