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First group of transgenders apply to join Air Force

Don’t you know the whining, screaming, and bitching will soon start when they find out the Air Force won’t take them for medical reasons. These asshats have the wonderful idea that the government “owes” them something. BRAHAHAHAHAHAA! <ADMIN> The Pentagon … Continue reading

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Of course the queers hate to idea of anyone seeing through their smoke and mirrors job. It really pisses them off. But when they themselves prove a point, its good to watch them fall apart. <ADMIN> After spending the months … Continue reading

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Chai Feldblum Should Not Be Reappointed to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Holy mother of libturds!!!!! Someone has failed to pay attention to details. <ADMIN> On December 11, 2017, President Trump transmitted to the Senate the nomination of Chai R. Feldblum for reappointment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), for a … Continue reading

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