The LGBT’s lobby nasty campaign against a newly appointed ECtHR judge

Well, this is how the queers deal with things that seem to piss them off. First it was “hate”. “Hate” this, and “Hate” that, and “Hate” something else. It was never about hate but there was plenty of hate coming from the queers. Now, it all about “phobia”. Homophobia, Transphobia, the list keeps on going…..kinda like the energizer bunny.

1516902635_537254_1516906528_noticia_fotogramaIt takes little to draw the ire of the LGBT-lobby. The European-Commission-financed pro-sodomy pressure group ILGA Europe has announced on its website that it is “deeply concerned” by “reported homo- and transphobic publications and statements” of the newly elected Spanish ECtHR judge, María Elósegui Itxaso. And one of the lobby’s most active minions in the European Parliament, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, a Spanish Member of the European Parliament’s S&D Group, is making himself busy with collecting signatures of his fellow MEPs to protest against Mrs. Elósegui’s appointment.

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