Lesbian Couple Starved and Beat Children Then Drove Them off Cliff

A lesbian couple from Washington whose bodies were found at the bottom of a cliff in California, had been reported by neighbours to Child Protection after their children repeatedly begged for food and said they were starving. Neighbours said the children came to them even in the middle of the night and said they were being punished by being starved.

  • On Friday, neighbors called CPS in Washington about Jennifer and Sarah Hart 
  • They said the couple’s teenage son Devonte had been begging them for food
  • He asked them to leave a box out for him and his siblings and that his mothers were ‘punishing’ him by starving him 
  • CPS worker arrived but the two women never answered the door, neighbors say
  • Instead, they packed up their car and left the home, taking the children with them
  • On Monday, their bodies were found in the water after plunging over a cliff more than 500 miles away in coastal California
  • The cliff edge is not on the road and they would have had to have turned off the Pacific Highway to reach it
  • There were no skid or brake marks at the scene but police will not say it was a suicide mission 
  • They were 600 miles away from home and had fled when Child Protection Services arrived
  • Love wins eh?

Neighbours said that the girl aged 12 only looked about 7 and her front teeth were missing. One of the couple had been convicted in 2011 of beating and punching a child who was then aged six. Yet child services did not remove any of them.


MENDOCINO COUNTY, California —  Authorities in Northern California say they believe all six children from a family were in a vehicle that plunged off a coastal cliff.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allmon told reporters Wednesday that only three bodies of the children have been recovered. Their parents also died Monday.

He says specialized crash investigators are studying the scene for clues, but it’s very curious because there were no skid or brake marks. But Allmon says there’s no reason to believe the crash was a deliberate act.

The sheriff appealed for the public’s help in retracing where the family had been in recent days.

Allmon says a passer-by called 911 about the crash, but investigators don’t know exactly when the SUV plunged into the ocean. He says “an entire family vanished and perished during this tragedy.”

Six children feared dead after SUV went off cliff in California

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