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If Homosexuality is So Safe Why Do We Need More and More AIDS tests?

The UK government is spending £ millions on providing people with HIV testing kits to use at home  – and even the LGBT rag Pink News admits that homosexual men are the highest risk group. About HALF of all new diagnoses … Continue reading

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Homosexuals Proclaim they Want World Domination

At a conference held in London, with funding from tax-payers and the Clifford Chance business, militant homosexuals publicly proclaimed that what they are really after is WORLD DOMINATION. Not “inclusion”, “tolerance”, “freedom from bullying” or even “gay rights” but outright … Continue reading

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Yes, We Feel Sorry for Conchita Wurst

The repellent Conchita Wurst, the transvestite who appeared on the Eurovision Song Contest with a beard yet wearing a woman’s dress, now announces that he has HIV. Tom Neuwirth, to give “Conchita” his real name, published a post on Instagram in which he … Continue reading

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Lesbian Couple Who Killed Children Had Been Reported for Cruelty Multiple Times

There is no doubt now that the lesbian couple, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, who drove off a cliff in California killed themselves and all six of their adopted children, did it on purpose. The vehicle’s black box has been found … Continue reading

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Peter LaBarbera, major ‘culture war’ fighter, joins MassResistance staff

Peter LaBarbera, a premier front-line culture war fighter with a stellar career going back to the 1980s, has joined the MassResistance staff. “We are extremely fortunate to have Peter LaBarbera,” said Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance. “MassResistance has been expanding … Continue reading

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Teacher who taught kindergartners about transgenders named ‘teacher of the year’

Children in Kindergarten DO NOT need to hear all about how its ok to act as one sex when they are quite the opposite. It does harm but liberals can’t see that. Yes, they are that stupid. A Sacramento-area kindergarten … Continue reading

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Christian-owned Bridal Shop Closes After Death Threats

A family-owned bridal shop in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania closed its doors after enduring more than three years of hate mail and death threats. The W.W. Bridal Boutique shut down on March 31 after a firestorm of controversy erupted over their policy … Continue reading

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