Peter LaBarbera, major ‘culture war’ fighter, joins MassResistance staff

Peter LaBarbera, a premier front-line culture war fighter with a stellar career going back to the 1980s, has joined the MassResistance staff. “We are extremely fortunate to have Peter LaBarbera,” said Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance. “MassResistance has been expanding and we have needed someone of his caliber for a while. It will really bring our fight to a new level.”

These days, most people know Peter LaBarbera as president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), which has gained national stature. AFTAH will continue to post high-quality material on the LGBT issue, while working more closely with MassResistance.

“Pete truly understands this larger battle in a fundamental way that 95% of today’s pro-family leaders and activists simply haven’t grasped,” said Camenker. “The power of truth and not backing down – fearlessness – is so fundamental. I can’t overstate how important that is when confronting the vicious and militant LGBT movement infiltrating our schools and society.”

After this year’s “conservative” CPAC convention banned MassResistance for being too aggressively pro-family, Peter LaBarbera went inside with a camera crew. He interviewed this cross-dressing man who, along with some others, was stridently promoting “transgender conservatives” at CPAC — without any pushback from the CPAC organizers.

It goes without saying that Pete is despised and vilified by the LGBT movement. Yet he is not afraid to go into their events or be interviewed in their media.

A stellar background

Peter LaBarbera is not only a top tier activist, writer, researcher, and spokesman in the front-line “culture war” battles. It’s also noteworthy that he was in this before almost anybody else in today’s pro-family movement (including Brian Camenker)!

Starting in 1984 he served as a contributing editor and reporter at Human Events,specializing in investigative articles on various hot-button political issues. (1984-2005)

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Pete began working for the late Reed Irvine, the ground-breaking conservative media critic, at Accuracy in Media.He edited and wrote for their publications Washington Inquirer and AIM Report,exposing and analyzing liberal bias in the media. He saw the genesis of what has become the LGBT stranglehold on the national media. (1985-1987)

At the Washington Times he worked as a reporter covering a range of national and international public policy issues. He interviewed Senators, Congressmen, and foreign leaders, and traveled to Central America to cover the Nicaraguan Contra freedom fighters (who were backed by President Reagan). (1987-1990)

Then in 1990, as a freelance reporter in Nicaragua, Pete was almost alone in predicting the stunning electoral victory of Violeta Chamorro over Marxist Sandinista candidate Daniel Ortega – when almost the entire secular media assumed Ortega would win.

Back in Washington, DC, he then moved to Concerned Women for America,where he helped launch their monthly magazine Family Voice (at one point interviewing Vice President Dan Quayle) and also edited other CWA publications. He covered confrontational pro-life and pro-family activist events around the country. (1990-1993)

In 1993, after writing a piece for CWA on the rapidly escalating “gay” agenda, Pete began publishing The Lambda Report, a quarterly newspaper documenting the growing homosexual activist movement across the country – using homosexual sources. During its five-year run, it was a must-read for anyone who wanted to really know what was happening. It’s still considered the “gold standard” for reporting on that issue because of its thoroughness, yet clear easy-to-read journalistic style. (Unfortunately, it’s not available online.)

The Lambda Report from the 1990s is still considered the “gold standard” of reporting on this issue.

The Lambda Report also exposed disturbing “gay”-pedophile connections: LR’s exposé on the inclusion of pedophile groups – including NAMBLA, the notorious North American Man/Boy Love Association – in an international LGBT umbrella organization led to congressional passage of legislation banning U.S. fundingfor any group condoning adult-child sex. The bill was sponsored by the late conservative hero and Republican Senator Jesse Helms and signed into law in 1994 by Democratic President Bill Clinton. It remains on the books today, protecting innocent children from perverts.

In 1996 Pete founded Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), a non-profit educational organization. Over the years AFTAH has provided valuable research to the pro-family movement and exposed a wide range of horrors, some so repulsive that they almost couldn’t be published!

Outside the PFLAG booth at a San Fransisco “gay” event. PFLAG has chapters in school districts across the country and says it’s a group where “gay” youth and their parents can feel comfortable. Pete took this photo of what really goes on. PHOTO: AFTAH.

For example, he covered BDSM conventions in major hotels and graphic homosexual “street fairs” in San Francisco (featuring nudity, sex acts, sadomasochism, and open perversion) to reveal the true character of homosexuality. As a result of his truth-telling, homosexual militants have viciously smeared Pete across the Internet, but he has not flinched at all!

“Gay pride” — behind the scenes. At the “Folsom Street Fair” in San Fransisco, a man allows himself to be strapped to poles while another man whips him. Other photos (which we’re not publishing) show the resulting cuts and blood from the whipping. The event was supported by a number of prominent “gay” groups, and even major corporations. PHOTO: AFTAH

In 1997 Pete was recruited to join Family Research Council. It was quite an exciting time. He was part of their dynamic Culture Watch group, led by Bob Knight. This robust team did very hard-hitting reporting on the homosexual agenda. They wrote in-depth reports for distribution on Capitol Hill and appeared on major media talk shows – and ruffled a lot of feathers among the establishment. (1997-1999)

He also began contributing to, particularly their print magazineWhistleblower, where he wrote several groundbreaking articles on religious liberty and the growing transgender movement. (1999-present)

The following year the Culture Watch team got reassembled at Concerned Women for America’s offices across town when Sandy Rios was president. They continued their no-holds-barred reporting in CWA’s Culture & Family Report newsletter. But later, CWA (along with others in the pro-family and conservative establishment) became less aggressive on confronting the homosexual agenda and started focusing on other issues. (2000-2003)

Pete moved back to the Chicago area and became Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute (IFI). He resuscitated the IFI website and used media and networking to build the group’s grassroots presence, and IFI became more active in confronting the homosexual agenda. (2003-2006)

In the 2000’s, Pete was also a regular speaker for the Focus on the Family traveling ministry, “Love Won Out.” The project sought to bring the truth that people can overcome homosexuality to churches across the country. He spoke for Focus and LWO on the extreme LGBT agenda in the schools. But in 2009, Focus began to abandon its strong advocacy on this issue and transferred LWO to an “ex-gay” ministry (which was unfortunately subverted by pro-“gay” forces and fell apart).

Pete also briefly worked at LifeSiteNews (LSN) as a reporter covering the LGBT movement, bringing his unique knowledge and professional writing skills to that dynamic site. You can view all his LSN articles here. (2016-2017)

Over the years Pete has represented the front-line pro-family movement inhundreds of speeches across the country. Watch his 2017 Wisconsin Christian News speech here.

VIDEO: Peter LaBarbera speaks at Texas MassResistance last year.

Appearing in a lot of media

One of Pete’s major skills is dealing with the media. Too many times, when pro-family conservatives are in front of a camera (especially Fox News), they compromise their principles and generally wimp out under pressure. Not Pete!

Over the years he has represented the front-line pro-family movement in over 1,000 media interviews. These include:

TV/Radio: FOX “Hannity and Colmes”; the Sean Hannity radio show; BBC; CNN “Larry King Show”; C-SPAN; NPR “All Things Considered”; “Bill O’Reilly Radio Show”; CNN “Crossfire”; WGN, Barry Lynn show.  Print: Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, National Journal. Conservative media:LifeSiteNews,,, USA Radio News.

Pete is particularly good in Christian media. He is regularly interviewed by American Family Association (AFA) hosts Janet Mefferd and Sandy Rios; AFA’s One News Now; AFA’s Bryan Fischer; WVCY America’s “Crosstalk” radio show; Dr. Michael Brown’s radio show; and SRN News (Salem Radio Network). In past years, he was frequently interviewed by Dr. James Dobson on his national “Focus on the Family” radio program and “Family News in Focus” (Focus’ radio news outlet). He was also interviewed on Janet Porter’s “Faith2Action” radio show; the late D. James Kennedy’s “Coral Ridge Hour”; “Point of View” (including by the late, great Marlin Maddoux); Moody Radio; and hundreds of other local radio shows.

Exposing Fox News. In 2013 Pete wrote a major 92-page report for Cliff Kincaid’sAmerica’s Survival titled, “Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.” You can read it online HERE. (Fox’s pro-homosexual bias gotten even worse since then.)

As an added gem, Pete went through the National Journalism Center, the media training institute in Washington, DC founded by the late conservative icon M. Stanton Evans.

On top of all that, Pete has been married for 29 years and has five children.

We are thrilled to have Peter LaBarbera on board!

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6 Responses to Peter LaBarbera, major ‘culture war’ fighter, joins MassResistance staff

  1. Abner says:

    I have not posted here in a long time (as I am trying to quit the Internet) but Peter James LaBarbera says something and then ends up doing the things he says to be against and will give eg. of how Peter James LaBarbera does not help the cause and how he talks rubbish.

    1.Peter J. LaBarbera uses words like shocking too much when he should stop getting surprised. In June 2016, after the Orlando Pulse shooting, Pastors Roger O. Jimenez and Steven Lee Anderson called the June 2016 Orlando Pulse victims pedophiles. Peter J. LaBarbera has over the years talked about fact that many gays & transgenders were victims of pedophiles but then Peter J. LaBarbera and Dr. Michael L. Brown acted shocked when Pastor Anderson and Pastor Jimenez said what they said. Here are facts.

    It turns out that on that night in the June 2016 Orlando Pulse, there were underaged teenagers in the pub, so there were individual pedophiles seeking victims, before the shooting. Now it wasn’t Omar S. Mateen’s place to be jury and executioner. It was the police’s job to arrest, with jury trials and courts deciding punishment. But there were pedophiles that night in the Orlando Pulse before shooting.

    Most media including Fox News, Peter J. LaBarbera, Dr. Michael L. Brown, Michelle Malkin and Clifford P. Kincaid have not reported the fact that some of the shooting victims in the June 2016 Orlando Pulse were pedophiles, drug junkies and or drug dealers. With Orlando Pulse, Luis Javier Ruiz, 1 of the homosexual men who survived has AIDS and he got this as a result of promiscuity, alcohol and drugs. Homosexual pubs including Orlando Pulse had drug junkies & possibly, drug dealers there that night before the shooting and homosexual Luis Javier Ruiz is an AIDS infected drug junky who survived the June 2016 Orlando Pulse shooting.

    With June 2016 Orlando Pulse, given that many of the victims were Hispanic and given the problems of homosexual Catholic priests, it can easily be that 1 or more of the gay men killed and wounded in the June 2016 Orlando Pulse had been as a boy molested by gay pedophiles such as gay Catholic priests which caused them to repeat sexual conduct they learned from their abuse & possibly even turn out to be gay pedophiles. It turns out that on that night, there were underaged teenagers in the pub, so there were individual pedophiles seeking victims, before the shooting.

    2. Peter James LaBarbera says that he is against pedophilia and he says that it should be a crime to be transexual, yet on his Twitter page, Peter J. LaBarbera (who is NRA) says that he supports rights of homosexuals & transgenders to own guns. If a transexual homosexual wants to commit a serious crime such as pedophilia, them them having a gun makes it easier. It makes no sense for Peter J. LaBarbera to talk about how homosexuality/transexuality should be a crime, but then for him to support them owning guns.

    3. It is rumored that Ohio Representative JD Jordan covered up or was negligent with regard to homosexual pedophiles abusing teenage wrestlers.Ohio Representative Jim Daniel Jordan who is accused of being negligent as JD Jordan is accused of covering up homosexual sex abuse of teenage wrestlers during the late 1990s. 1 thing people bring up is that 1 of the wrestlers who is now an adult once emailed a photo of a murderer to the victim’s widow. Yes, that’s a horrible thing to do and the wrestler has in his adulthood turned out to be a horrible adult. The fact that 1 of the wrestlers has turned out to be a bad adult has no relvance to investigating Jim Daniel Jordan with-was Jim Daniel Jordan negligent and or did Jim Daniel Jordan cover up homosexual sex abuse of teenage wrestlers?

    Peter J. LaBarbera says that he is against transexual mutilations and he says that he is against homosexual pedophiles, yet Peter J. LaBarbera, Laurann Ingraham & Michelle Malkin are on July 15, 2018 making excuses for Ohio Representative Jim D. Jordan accused of covering up homosexual pedophilia against teenage wrestlers. Sometimes rumors are true. The right thing to do is investigate the rumor and see if proof verifies or debunks this. Peter J. LaBarbera (Americans for Truth), Mark R. Levin, Michelle Malkin and Fox News Laurann Ingraham took sides with JD Jordan because JD Jordan is Republican & not care about the teenage wrestlers who were abused by homosexual pedophiles.

    If the accusation & rumor is true that that Jim D. Jordan covered up for pederastry against teenage wrestlers, then will Peter James LaBarbera then condemn it? Peter J. LaBarbera has in past made excuses for transexual homosexual pedophile David Arthur by saying that David Arthur changed. Mrs. Linda P. Harvey of Mission America has become a disappointment and Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey has also made excuses for transexual homosexual pedophile by having him on her show, which is why people should no longer support Mission America, they say they’re against homosexual pedophiles and then make excuses for David Arthur.

    Republicans are no better than the Democrats on topics such as the transgender agenda. Democrats and Republicans push the same things on some topics such as transgenderism and Democrats push ideas you differ with only that they are honest about this while Republicans especially conservatives say they’re against this, but then push what they say to be against.
    People who call themselves Republican conservatives will speak against pedophiles like HB Milk but then the same Republican conservatives support Breitbart and Fox News having Milo Yiannopolous support homosexual pedophilia and then the same Republicans make excuses for Milo Yiannopolous.


    • Editoralteam says:

      Thank you for bringing up who is what. I’m sure our readers will really appreciate it. However, trying to lump everyone together to suit your narrative makes you just as guilty as those you seek to straighten out. You know, perhaps you should quit the internet… aren’t doing it any favors.


      • Abner says:

        Your points read. Peter J. LaBarbera has been dishonest. Peter J. LaBarbera made excuses for JD Jordan who is accused of covering up homosexual pedophilia see Fact that Peter J. LaBarbera would make excuses for JD Jordan proves that Peter J. LaBarbera can not be trusted.

        Another person who is dishonest can not be trusted is Dr. Michael L. Brown-you cite him a few times on this website. Dr. Michael L. Brown writes ‘while denouncing pedophilia (which is something every gay man I have ever talked to about this has done, without equivocation)’. Dr. Michael L. Brown also writes ‘To repeat: Every gay man who has ever commented to me about pedophilia seemed as repulsed as I was by the thought of an adult sexually abusing a child, and I’m absolutely not equating homosexuality with pedophilia.’

        The 2 quoted comments which Dr. Michael L. Brown wrote are useless. I’m sure Dr. Michael L. Brown knows, that if a gay man is committing pedophilia and or supports pedophilia, that the gay man is unlikely to tell Dr. Michael L. Brown that he supports pedophilia and or commits pedophilia. I don’t think Michael L. Brown would be shocked if it turns out the gay men who talked to him support pedophilia. Dr. Michael L. Brown once interviewed Milo Yiannopolous and Milo Yiannopolous supports same sex pedophilia.

        While most homosexuals and lesbians don’t commit pedophilia, they agree with comments Mio Yiannopolous made justifying same sex pedophilia. While most gays and lesbians are not committing pedophilia, different nations such as those in Europe have lowered consent age for sex because of pressure from homosexual groups. Even in the United States, it used to be that minimum consent age was 18 to even some states (21), but in many states, the consent age has been lowered to as low as 15. Homosexual groups lobbying for laws lowering the consent age for sex.


      • Editoralteam says:

        Queers are known liars and most people know that. I’m also sure Dr. Brown knows it and so does Peter LaBarera. Here’s some food for thought, not every queer wants to cram their chosen perversion down everyone’s throats even tho it seems that way at times. And yes, I’m sure that there are queers are are repulsed by having sex with a child. Lying keeps some people alive….esp those in prison because if anyone is found to be a child molester (pedo), they are dead shortly there after. But not everyone is nuckin’ futs. Only a few million.


  2. Abner says:

    This will be my last comment here. As I said in my past posts, homosexual groups support pedophilia as they agree with comments Mio Yiannopolous made justifying homosexual pedophilia and the fact that in many nations including many U.S. states, the consent age for sex has been lowered to 15 because of homosexual lobbying for this. Here are 2 links, 1 from the United Kingdom in 2000, where the consent age was lowered to 16 because homosexuals demanded this The consent age has since been lowered to 14 in the U.K.

    2013 Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt see this Homosexuals exploited kids to rally for a lesbian who had sex with a 14 year old girl. Homosexual groups have the same view as Milo H. Yiannopolous, as Milo Yiannopolous supports same homosexual pedophilia.

    Main reason that Dr. Michael L. Brown and Peter J. LaBarbera are dishonest is because both men say something and then do what they oppose. Dr. Michael L. Brown has made excuses for Milo Yiannopolous justifying homosexual pedophilia. Dr. Michael L. Brown is an apologist for homosexual pedophiles such as Milo Yiannopolous.

    Peter J. LaBarbera & Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey made excuses for the homosexual pedophile David Arthur by claiming homosexual pedophile David Arthur has changed while not thinking much about the boys victimized by David Arthur vicitimized.

    While I am not religious (not a Christian), I used to be a normal listener of Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey. Now Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey did a good job discussing the dangers of transexuality and in past she did a good job discussing dangers of homosexual pedophilia. But Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey has since June 2016 been a disappointment for many reasons, among them is Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey supporting the homosexual pedophile David Arthur.

    Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey is also dishonest when it comes to discussing the death penalty for homosexuality. Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey is right about the fact that the Quran allows the death penalty for homosexuality. But not all Muslim nations have the death penalty for homosexuality. Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey is dishonest because she implies that Christianity does not call for the death penalty for homosexuals. Regardless of whether you are for or against the death penalty, the fact is that the Bible does allow the death penalty for homosexuality. Now 1 could debate and say that Christianity does not require the death penalty for homosexuality. It is dishonest for Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey to dispute the fact that Christianity allows the death penalty for homosexuality.


    • EditorialTeam says:

      Wrong, it’s only in the Old Testament that the death penalty for homosexuality is mentioned, and that is in Leviticus, Leviticus included laws made for the children of Israel to follow when they were living in the desert and had no prisons. But this extreme law is not in the Ten Commandments or in the New Testament. The 10 commandments say “Thou shalt not kill”.


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