Lesbian Couple Who Killed Children Had Been Reported for Cruelty Multiple Times

There is no doubt now that the lesbian couple, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, who drove off a cliff in California killed themselves and all six of their adopted children, did it on purpose. The vehicle’s black box has been found and says that the SUV speedometer was fixed on 90 mph when it headed off the highway and straight off the edge. Suicide for the adults – murder of all the six children. Why? What were Sarah and Jennifer Hart so desperate to hide?

Neighbours had reported them for child cruelty and neglect, and now it emerges that before this time they had been reported and even convicted, for cruelty and neglect. The  children had bruises, missing teeth, and some were severely undergrown. One girl told a teacher she had been punished by having her head held under water. Yet the Harts were allowed to go on bringing up the six children, who were home-schooled. If anyone expressed any reservations, they were immediately called “homophobic” or “racist” because while the Harts were white, all the  children they adopted were black.

Married Lesbian Couple and 3 Kids Dead After Car Plunged into Pacific Ocean, 3 More Kids Missing Hart family
Credit: Facebook

Everyone was supposed to say “What a wonderful modern, unconventional family with two mothers, no father and six black children!” And the Harts got generous child support handouts from the state of Washington. But did they spend it on the children? No, the children were going hungry, and now they are all dead we will never know exactly what was going on or why the Harts were so DESPERATE to avoid any of the children talking to Child Protection Services, that they were prepared to kill all of them, plus themselves too, in order to stop it.

They must have had a lot to hide. They knew that if the kids talked they would spend the rest of their lives in jail and they probably feared the bad publicity for their dear “gay” community.

After all, they wouldn’t want anyone to say #GayMarriage was a bad idea, would they?


PORTLAND, Ore. — Court documents obtained by KATU News say one of the adopted daughters of Sarah and Jennifer Hart told authorities her mother hit her using a belt back in 2008, while the family was living in Minnesota. When confronted, Sarah and Jennifer told authorities the girl fell down the stairs.

According to the police report, the child told investigators that her “mother had struck (her) with a belt in the arm.”

The child also told investigators “Jennifer was the parent who struck (her) with the belt.”

When confronted by an officer, Jennifer and Sarah said the little girl “has been going through food issues, where she’ll steal other people’s food at school or eat out of garbage cans or off the floor.”

They also added they “didn’t know how the bruise would have gotten on [the girl’s] arm, but [they say] a few days prior to our interview, [she] had fallen down eight stairs in their house.”

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Jennifer and Sarah Hart, along with three of their adopted children, were found dead from a crash in Mendocino County last week. Three of their other kids, Devonte, Hannah and Sierra, are missing, but investigators believe they were in the car at the time of the crash.

Authorities believe Jennifer and Sarah drove off the cliff intentionally. The family most recently lived in Woodland, Wash. but has also spent time in West Linn, Ore. and Minnesota.

A criminal complaint was filed in Minnesota in 2010 against Sarah. Authorities say she spanked her then-6-year-old daughter so hard, she had bruises on her front side from her sternum to her bellybutton, and on her back from midway down her back to the waistband of her pants. Sarah admitted to police she “let her anger get out of control” and bent the little girl over the bathtub, hitting her over the backside. Sarah was charged with malicious punishment of child and domestic assault. She eventually pleaded guilty to domestic assault, and the malicious punishment of child charge was dropped.

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