Yes, We Feel Sorry for Conchita Wurst

The repellent Conchita Wurst, the transvestite who appeared on the Eurovision Song Contest with a beard yet wearing a woman’s dress, now announces that he has HIV.


Tom Neuwirth, to give “Conchita” his real name, published a post on Instagram in which he says that he has been HIV positive for “many years”. Well that’s no surprise to us, since 28% of male-to-female transgenders are HIV positive. That’s because they’re queer!

And they are all getting medication that costs the rest of us tax-payers a fortune. They have to take 3 drugs per day, which costs as much as most people’s entire annual post-tax salary.  They have to return for blood tests every few months and when the drugs become ineffectual, change them. Even that does not give them a normal life expectancy. There are many side-effects of the drugs, and while the virus in the blood is suppressed, it still goes on damaging the brain. For 3% of patients, the drugs don’t work.

But note the rest of the story. The reason why Tom had to go public with his bad health news was that a former male partner was threatening to reveal it. He must have been doing this either out of malice or in an attempt at blackmail. What nice people they are in the “gay” community!  So sweet and lovable, so cute and trendy. Threatening each other, blackmailing each other, passing on lethal bugs and then blaming “stigma”. Always saying that “love wins” – when the fact is they don’t know what love is, and they are all losers.

You’re a loser Mr Neuwirth.  No matter how many stupid dresses you put on and how many followers you have on Instagram, you are a pathetic loser and we feel very sorry for you.

28% of male to female transgenders are HIV positive.

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1 Response to Yes, We Feel Sorry for Conchita Wurst

  1. Could you please source that 28% claim for me?


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