If Homosexuality is So Safe Why Do We Need More and More AIDS tests?

The UK government is spending £ millions on providing people with HIV testing kits to use at home  – and even the LGBT rag Pink News admits that homosexual men are the highest risk group. About HALF of all new diagnoses are in homosexual men, although they are only 1% of the population. That means each one of them is 50 times more likely than average to get the disease.


Most of the other infections are caused by intravenous drug-injection, blood transfusion or hereditary means. Heterosexual transmission is extremely rare, almost unknown among white people, and not usually caused by normal sex.

These kits are not “free” – they have to be paid for by the tax-payer, and it is disgraceful that while hospitals are being closed and old people denied care, more and more government money is lavished on the tiny homosexual elite.

“In 2015 the number of people living with HIV in the UK passed 100,000, with PHE confirming that 103,700 people are now living with HIV. Roughly half of HIV diagnoses are among men who have sex with men, and MSM continue to see an increase in HIV diagnoses despite steady numbers in other groups.”

YGB says Homosexuals are selfish  – they should pay for their own treatment, not take money from others.


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