Nebraska Rocks It!!!!!

Around the country pro-family losses are piling up in state legislatures. Terrible anti-family bills are being passed and signed into law, and good bills die. But not in Nebraska. Thanks to our MassResistance affiliate, in the current two-year legislative session which just ended there were big successes.

Nebraskans for Founders’ Values (NFFV), run by Mark Bonkiewicz, is headquartered in Omaha and has strong influence across the state. In 2016 NFFVbecame a MassResistance affiliate. Since then, we’ve worked closely with Mark on strategy. NFFV’s mission is “to be the guardian of the First Amendment rights – including freedom of speech, religion, and expression of your beliefs in the public square – in all 93 Nebraska counties.”

Over the past two years the group has worked hard focusing their energy on the State Capitol in Lincoln. When the legislative session began, they identified three terrible anti-family bills that needed to be stopped, and three pro-family bills that needed to be passed. They nearly swept the table! Their only failure was that one of the good bills got delayed until the end of the session didn’t get passed due to vote-trading. But passing two pro-family bills is a big deal anywhere in the country!

Here’s the scorecard:

WIN: Passed LB944 – Reallocate Title X Funds from Planned Parenthood (withstood eight filibusters!)
WIN: Defeated LB173 – Would force sexual orientation & gender identity non-discrimination law on the state (died on floor during debate after big LGBT push)
WIN: Defeated LB785 – Change marriage from Husband & Wife to Spouse & Spouse.
WIN: Defeated LB877 – Would make 3-year-old pre-K public school attendance mandatory
WIN: Passed LB46 – “Choose Life” license plates

Defeat of LB1066 – Require photo ID at voting check-in (due to RINOs caving in at last minute)

How did they do it?

Unfortunately, most pro-family groups think that if you show up at a bill’s public hearing to testify, maybe make some phone calls, send polite emails to the committee and other legislators afterwards, and pray for victory, then you’re doing enough. Not so.The Left learned that a long time ago.

If you’re serious about winning, there’s almost year-round work to do. Mark and his group understand the need for prayer for God’s help and guidance, and that’s where they start. But they understand that God depends on them to do everything that’s necessary to make it happen.

First of all, NFFV works to leverage its natural advantages. Nebraska is located in the heartland. It’s a conservative state with overwhelmingly Republican voter registration. NFFV has the opportunity to observe bad anti-family bills that are passed first on the liberal East Coast and West Coast. “This gives us 1-2 years notice to prepare defense,” says Mark. […]


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