Great work President Trump, another year ignoring LGBT “Pride” Month.


Under President Obama, the USA was so degraded that an LGBT flag flew from the White House, but under President Donald Trump we are into a new era of moral values and sanity. No obscene parades or disgusting glorification of the behaviour that started the AIDS epidemic will be dignified by the  participation of an American president or any of his staff.  Thank God!


Mr Trump has announced that June 2018 is African-American Music Appreciation Month, National Home-ownership Month, National Ocean Month, National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, and Great Outdoors Month. You’ve got to love his sense of humour.

Even better the US Justice Department has implemented a religious exemption policy that upholds the First Amendment and protects everybody—companies, individuals, whatever—from homosexual “rights” liability if they have a religious reason. So, no more bullying of shops and companies to cater to the whims of an aggressive, perverted minority.  No more bankrupting bars because they just asked noisy, blaring, flaunting trannies to stop upsetting other customers. They will just have to learn the hard lesson that true tolerance and respect are mutual. 

A return to civilisation! This is the answer to our prayers, and we are LOVING it.

No more inviting rich powerful homosexuals to hob-nob with the President. Obama used to be very chummy with Terry Bean, founder of HRC – a predator on underage boys, who used to secretly video all that went on in his bedroom and watch it again on his computer. Now under President Trump, the honour and dignity of the White House has been restored and we at YGB applaud him.

Funnily enough the LGBTs are fuming with rage, and throwing tantrums all over the place like a spoilt child (which is what they became under Obama). They just don’t seem to appreciate that when you bully someone, it doesn’t make them love you!! America has escaped from the clutches of the “gay” bullies and let’s hope it’s forever.

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