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MassResistance defeats LGBT in California fight!

MassResistance leads effort to stop removal of Dixon, CA Vice-Mayor for suggesting “straight pride” event. LGBT machine went after him, but we came to his rescue. (Also – City Council is presented a copy of our LGBT health book!) August … Continue reading

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Human Rights Campaign Updates Pride Flag to Include People of Color…for Some Reason

Things just keep getting dumber day after day after day after day. Tell you the truth, there WILL be a pedo stripe soon enough. Wait and see. There will also be a “trans” stripe and a stripe for this and … Continue reading

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MassResistance activists stop LGBT anti-therapy bill in Massachusetts Legislature!

Two weeks of hard, uncompromising pressure on State Senate paid off. Despite complete cave-in by “pro-family” state Senators – and corruption by Senate leadership. August 2, 2018 The MassResistance handout. When dealing with these legislators, you have to be very … Continue reading

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