Aimee Challenor, transgender bully and fetishist resigns from Green Party

“Aimee” Challenor, the transgender activist and online bully, has finally stepped down from his post as LGBT spokesman for the Green Party of England and Wales after a social media outcry.

Image result for image Aimee Challenor

Challenor 20,  is really male, and his original name was Ashton. He used his position in the tiny Green Party (which has only one MP) to campaign vociferously for transgender demands, chiefly the demand that any man who calls himself a woman should be able to get access to women’s colleges, awards, toilets, gyms, saunas, shelters, etc. He got the party rules changed so that he could take advantage of a quota for female candidates – even though he never had surgery or even a legal certificate of sex change. He took out court injunctions to silence other party members who wished to debate with him on these issues.

Challenor is a notorious internet bully, abusive, aggressive, foul-mouthed and endlessly repeating the accusation that others are “transphobic.” Actually, there, no such thing as transphobia  – that’s just twaddle. He and his vicious Dad created a thing called Terfblocker that functioned to ban and silence people who disagreed with him, and he got many of his opponents’ accounts closed down.

Aimee appointed his father David as his election agent though aware that he was facing charges for imprisoning,  torturing and raping a 10-year-old girl in the attic of the family home, where Aimee also lived. David Challenor was convicted in August 2018 and Aimee’s claims of be unaware of the whole business were cast into doubt by exposure of his own tastes for bondage, paedophilia and fetishism as displayed on social media. His father used child porn and distributed it from their home which was the Green party HQ in Coventry.

AimeeChallenor wearing nappy

Challenor posted this picture of himself wearing a baby’s diaper on a sex-fetishist website, Fur Affinity, where he also listed his many older sexual partners, all very fat male>female transsexuals like himself, and confessed his taste for bondage, “ageplay” and sado-masochism.

AimeeChallenor listing bondage fetishes etc as Cassie Lovecraft

His father’s rape victim described how he had dressed in girls’ clothes and wore a nappy while torturing and sexually abusing her. According to Challenor’s own crazy transgender ideas, his father’s crimes should be reported as done by a woman because he dressed in girls’ clothes and used the name Lucy.

Challenor  was also caught out making false claims that he was the “carer” for a disabled mother and two disabled younger siblings. In fact his mother is not disabled and there are no younger children living in the household.  He uses his online blogs such as Tumbler to disseminate fake science claiming that transsexual treatment saves children’s lives. He made false claims about his educational qualifications on the LinkedIn website. He is still an official adviser to Stonewall, the LGBT extremist organization.

His exit from the Green Party was hailed with jubilation and cheers on social media.


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