Democracy Defeated in India by Homosexual Activists

The Parliament of India, the  world’s largest democracy, elected by one billion people, has always steadfastly refused to legalize sodomy.

Indian Parliament

The Indian Parliament, overruled by a legal judgement based on American precedents.

Despite pressure from LGBT groups who get foreign  funding, the laws against it have never been repealed. Indian traditional culture whether Muslim or Hindu takes a dim view of homosexuality and the advent of AIDS and HIV have been a nightmare. The epidemic reached India via sex tourism and there is simply not enough money to pay for the sort of exorbitant anti-retro-viral drugs used by rich people in the West.

But the queers will not take no for an answer. Having failed time and time again to get the parliament of India to change the law, they went to court  – again funded by foreign, mainly US or Soros-financed pressure groups. They brought a case in the Supreme Court of India, which absurdly decided that sodomy is a “human right” and announced that it is over-ruling the democratic decision of the elected representatives of the people. 

This is a total violation of democracy and it’s also going to cause the death of millions of people. Many of them will be boys from poor families lured into homosexual prostitution for Western tourists. They cannot afford to bring cases in the Supreme court.

LGBT activists proclaimed “Love wins” but the sad truth is more like “Death wins”, and “Democracy loses”.

NEW YORK, September 14 (C-Fam) India’s highest court struck down the nation’s sodomy laws last week after the country’s legislature declined to do so.

The court cited among other sources retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s dictum that “our obligation is to define the liberty of all, not to mandate our own moral code.” The dictum was used in Planned Parenthood v. Casey which upheld judicially imposed abortion-on-demand and Lawrence v. Texas which struck down Texas’ sodomy laws.

In the wide-ranging 500-page eclectic collection of ideologically diverse legal opinions, the 5-judge panel unanimously held that the country’s sodomy laws violated India’s constitution. But four of the five judges went further, saying sodomy laws violated international law, citing the non-binding opinions of UN bodies.

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