Great News: Ashers Bakery Wins Appeal

Fabulous news from UK! 

Ashers Bakery, a Christian business that was bullied for FOUR YEARS by aggressive homosexuals to bake a wedding cake decorated with pro-homosexual symbols and slogans, has WON its appeal in the Supreme Court. 

Bully Gareth Lee deliberately targeted a Christian couple and demanded they make a cake iced with the slogan “support gay marriage”. He is a real sadist and also a greedy bastard who wanted to get all the financial compensation he could. After putting a good, decent young couple through total hell for more than four years, he is still whinging and whining now, saying that he feels like a “sob-sob second-class citizen” because judges have finally put an end to his bullying scheme.

The Macarthurs have suffered a terrible campaign of violence, vandalism and abuse on social media by queer thugs and hooligans determined to ruin their business. This nightmare and the litigation have blighted their lives while they are bringing up young babies.

Here is a video 

Christian couple Daniel and Amy McArthur, who run Belfast-based Ashers Baking Company, told activist Gareth Lee they would not make the cake featuring Sesame Street puppets and the logo of campaign group Queerspace.

After a long-running legal battle over whether the McArthurs broke discrimination laws, five Supreme Court justices announced their decision in London on Wednesday.

Delivering the ruling, Supreme Court president Lady Hale said the couple did not refuse to make the cake because of Mr Lee’s sexual orientation.

She said: “Their objection was to the message on the cake, not to the personal characteristics of Mr Lee or anyone else with whom he was associated.

“The bakers could not refuse to supply their goods to Mr Lee because he was a gay man or supported gay marriage, but that is quite different from obliging them to supply a cake iced with a message with which they profoundly disagreed.”

Britain is a better place today since the Supreme Court has upheld freedom of conscience and sent the queer bullies packing.

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