Crooked queer teacher Liam Nolan is finally struck off!

The notorious scoundrel Liam Nolan epitomizes everything that is wrong with the queer celeb culture. His whole career has been a series of offences, and time after time he has defied justice because he is homosexual, and has been made out to be a hero instead.

Liam Nolan

At long last, after exposure of his blatant embezzlement, he has been struck off.

Nolan, 50, was running the Perry Beeches Academy Trust, which was in charge of five schools in Birmingham, England, and was responsible for their combined budget, in millions per year.

An investigation by the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) found that the now-defunct trust paid almost £1.3 million to Nexus Schools Ltd, a puppet firm set up by Nolan, without following proper procedures. Nexus paid Mr Nolan £160,000 over two years through his company, Liam Nolan Ltd, for his work as the Perry Beeches chief executive. He received this on top of his £120,000 annual head teacher’s salary.

These arrangements breached the rules by being outside the payroll. The payments to Liam Nolan Ltd via Nexus were not disclosed in the trust’s 2013-14 financial statements.

The TRA found him guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

Nolan was also found to be employing friends and relatives, among a wide range of dodgy practices. Instead of admitting his crime, he “blamed the trustees, accountants and others.”

When he was investigated, Perry Beeches Academy Trust was found to be in a complete mess, with a £2.1 million deficit. Two schools in the group were put in “special measures” for low academic achievement. The Ofsted report on the school where Nolan was head rated its performance as “inadequate.”

Mr Nolan and seven directors of the trust resigned.

Yet shockingly, last year he was appointed head of another school, Ruth Gorse Academy in Leeds.

Nolan narrowly avoided losing his job as head of Perry Beeches school in 2008 after he was caught in an act of public indecency with a man at a beauty spot in the West Midlands. This took part in school hours. Nolan, who was then married with children, walked out of the school that day complaining of a headache. He claimed the act that took place in a public park was done on impulse, but also admitted knowing it was a popular homosexual hook-up point.

He has featured on this blog before, when he invited the unsavoury Stonewall chief Ian McKellen to talk to the children in the school to stamp out non-existent bullying and encourage them to become homosexual.

Nolan has been banned from teaching but will be able to appeal against this in 2020, after only two years.

YGB says: He should get a permanent ban. He is a moral defective and a thoroughly bad example to children. Such people should not be in the teaching profession. 

If he were heterosexual he would be jailed for what he has done.





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