Greedy Lesbians Eileen Rodriguez and Mireya Del Rios Used Hidden Microphones Searching for Bakery to Sue

Lesbians gay cake.Eileen-del-rio-and-fiancee-

Lesbians Eileen Rodriguez and Mireya Del Rios claimed to a court that they were just out shopping for a wedding cake when a brutal refusal by a business in California reduced them both to a pit of despair and brought on a range of illnesses including nosebleeds, headaches and arthritis.

But it was all bullshit. They had PLANNED to target and victimize a business for profit. In fact the couple had got “married” eight months before this incident, in 2016.  Then they came up with a ruse to get rich quick. They planned a “reception” nearly a year later!

The defense case proved that in August 2017 they had gone to several other bakeries who had been happy to supply them with a cake. Yet they had had continued looking until they found one that very politely declined. And they had gone round all these shops wearing hidden microphones in their jackets because their whole intention was not to buy a cake but to set somebody up and sue for $ millions. 

Although they claimed to be devastated and traumatized, they went onto Facebook within half an hour of their visit to the shop and publicly denounced the proprietors, who were immediately bombarded with messages of abuse, death threats, and obscene pornographic pictures. All because they had very politely declined and directed the couple to another bakery.

Rodriguez and Del Rios are a pair of very nasty women, money-motivated and  attention seekers without doubt. They went to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) which instigated a case for financial damages.

Let’s hope the case is thrown out as it deserves to be, and that Rodriguez and Del Rios are landed with the defense costs. Queer bullies need to be taught a lesson they will not forget.

“After Jack Phillips won the Masterpiece Cakeshop case at the Supreme Court, LGBT activists promptly badgered him with new requests (including a request for a cake topped by the Devil performing a sex act) until they secured his refusal to bake a cake celebrating gender transition, and dragged Phillips back into court.

LGBT activists like to innocently claim that they have no choice but to persecute these Christian business owners, because it is impossible for them to carry on knowing that someone has deeply held moral objections to celebrating their relationship with them in a professional capacity. Some activists spend time phoning different establishments, attempting to ferret out opponents to the LGBT ideology in order to destroy their reputations through boycotts, protests, and social media vitriol.”

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2 Responses to Greedy Lesbians Eileen Rodriguez and Mireya Del Rios Used Hidden Microphones Searching for Bakery to Sue

  1. aquarianmist says:

    Reblogged this on aquarianmist and commented:
    This is what happens when the judiciary decide that refusing a service on the ground of personal and/or religious beliefs is a crime.


  2. Editoralteam says:

    This is their mindset which, by the way, never quite works out like they truly wanted. It’s time to start making them pay. Surely they can get the money from all the people and businesses that support them. Just sayin’.


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