Terry Bean could be back in court as underage victim reappears on scene

Terry Bean could be back in  court, as the teenager he allegedly met for homosexual activities in a hotel in Portland, Oregon, has returned and re-opened the case.


In 2015, Bean was charged with homosexual offences committed in 2014, against an underaged boy.

Terry Bean, a Portland real estate developer, is a Democratic Party fundraiser and founder of the LGBTQ lobbying organization the Human Rights Campaign.

Bean was charged in Lane County with two counts of third-degree sodomy and one count of sexual abuse in the third degree, after he and his homosexual partner took the then-15-year-old boy to a hotel for homosexual activity.

Less than a month before Bean’s trial was set to take place, Bean offered to pay the young man $220,000 in a civil compromise to the criminal charges. But Lane County Circuit Judge Charles M. Zennache rejected that settlement and ordered Bean to stand trial.

Then, Bean’s alleged victim disappeared. [His mother said that Bean had offered him more money, including college fees, to abscond and go into hiding so that he could not testify in court.]

Without the testimony of the victim, the case fell apart and was dismissed so on September 1, 2015. Bean walked free.

But it seems that crooks all hang out together. Bean’s lawyer, Lori Deveny, who was trusted with the payout, never passed on the cash, and she is now being sued by him and twenty others for embezzlement of clients’ funds.

Now, Bean’s alleged victim is one of the 26 former clients who filed claims against Deveny. In a September 2018 complaint, Bean’s victim alleged that Deveny had not given him any of the $220,000 he was supposed to receive as compensation and had not responded to any of his attempts to contact her.

He is in touch with the police of Lane County.

Will justice finally catch up with Terry Bean? We hope so. He poses as a social justice warrior, but he is just a sleaze-bag, rotten to the core.



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