Homosexual Teacher Daniel Gray Called for Girls to be Gang-raped

Daniel Gray, 34, a teacher in London, England, is under investigation after making sick jokes about gang rape of girls. He also posted a wave of obscenities aimed at women.

He tweeted “I love gang rape” less than a month after a 14-year-old girl was raped in a park.

Daniel Gray

Mr Gray also hit out at singer Jessie J, calling her “a catsuit wearing c***” and said Jess Glynne was a “cardboard ginger c***”.

He also called his dental hygienist a “patronising bitch” and boasted of pushing ahead of a “cow” with a pram on a train.

Gray thinks he is a “role -model” of a homosexual teacher, and also has ambitions as a politician. He is a Labour (socialist) candidate in next month’s local elections in  Brighton and Hove.

Labour officials in the city have suspended him pending an investigation.

A spokesman said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints about inappropriate and misogynist language extremely seriously.”

Tory MP Maria Caulfield slammed his “utterly shocking” behaviour.

Mr Gray teaches at the Harris Academy in South Norwood, South London. The school was not available to comment.

He came out as “gay” in front of pupils two years ago and wants other teachers as LGBT role models.  Oh does he, indeed! What kind of imbecile would want him as a role model? 

VGB says: This sort of uncouth woman-hating jerk should never be allowed to enter the teaching profession.


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4 Responses to Homosexual Teacher Daniel Gray Called for Girls to be Gang-raped

  1. Editoralteam says:

    This stupid son of a bitch would fit right in with the Democrat party of America. He sounds like the kind of person they would want in Congress along with the Muslims. Dumb assses.


  2. Tony Conrad says:

    These people are sick but really we have governments and officials to blame for not dealing with it correctly. He thinks he is on a winning streak now and can say what he likes. It’s despicable that these types are allowed to get at children but I suppose it is also despicable for governments to get at our children with their perversions. That is what is happening in the UK. It is like good being described as bad and bad as good. I am sure that is in the bible somewhere and perhaps it is speaking prophetically of the last days we are in.


  3. aquarianmist says:

    I re-blog posts from Yes Gays are Bullies because I feel that targeting children is totally unacceptable. Even the UN is targeting children with their comprehensive sex education program. The question is: why are sovereign nations allowing this to happen?


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