Transgender Nonsense Costs Lives

Trans-symbolAmerica would be mad to enshrine the transgender nonsense in law with Nancy Pelosi’s so-called “Equality Act”.  It should be called the Insanity Act.

Look at this recent case from Canada.

A woman pretended to be a man, yet got pregnant. She had all her ID including her medical records changed to say she was a man, which is a plain lie. No matter how many cross-sex hormones you inject, and how much surgery you have, you cannot change your sex! You can only impersonate the other sex.

This silly woman arrived at hospital calling herself Mr and announced SHE was nine months pregnant, and her waters had already broken. She had had NO pregnancy care or advice for the past nine months, no check-ups for her own health or the baby. 

She had stopped taking testosterone when the insurance policy she was claiming it on expired. She must have had a male partner – guess how we know?

The upshot was that the baby died because there were complications. The whole tragedy could have been avoided with proper pre-natal examinations and a planned caesarean. 

Now the stupid journalists of the Vancouver Sun are blaming the hospital instead of the stupid perverse woman – whom they keep on and on calling a “man”.

She is not a man. Man means an adult human MALE.

Male = XY. Fake it at your peril.

Everybody who goes along with the transcult is guilty of that baby’s death.



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