James Makings, nasty Fetishist and Pervert, revealed working for NSPCC, children’s safety charity

Just a week after the scandal of NSPCC hiring Munro Bergdorf as a children’s counsellor on its Childline ended in Bergdorf’s sacking, the man who hired him is exposed as a homosexual pervert.

[warning – distasteful images included for evidence]

James Makings 2


James Makings who  has the title of Celebrity and Talent Officer at the once-respected charity, boasts online of his perversions which include going into work dressed in rubber outfits and filming himself masturbating during work hours, then uploading pictures of this to social media.

James Makings fetish gear

One picture he gave a title that explicitly refers to cub-scouts i.e. boys 7-11.

James Makings filmed at work

When not wanking at his desk the so-called “ambassador for diversity” makes hardcore porn videos, and places links to them on his social media accounts such as Instagram etc.

The sexually explicit pictures and videos feature masks, BDSM and cross-dressing, and one bears the caption, “at children’s charity.”

James Makings endless rubber gear pictures

He is employed as a “Celebrity and Talent Officer” whose job is to “diversify the stable of ambassadors”. Since being hired 8 months ago he has produced a video “How to Be A Trans Ally”. In his spare time he is President of The London Rubbermen, which holds meetings once per month.

James Makings President Rubbermen London

Whoever runs the charity is stupid and negligent. Nobody is fit to work in child safeguarding if their own behaviour is abnormal and dangerous. Children should never be around perverts who risk injury or asphyxiation by BDSM. To hire somebody like James Makings to work with vulnerable children is a major scandal. Tell your friends never ever to give money to the NSPCC “charity” again. In fact its charity status should be withdrawn.

National Society for Perversion, Crap and Corruption.

James Makings



James Makings – Celebrity & Talent Officer – NSPCC | LinkedIn


View James Makings‘ profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. James … Celebrity & Talent Officer at NSPCC Instagram – @JaMakings.


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