David Furnish Throws Tantrum Because of Plane Delay

David Furnish is mainly famous for being the homosexual partner of goggle-faced musak-merchant Elton John, who got a court injunction in the UK to silence anyone from reporting what Furnish gets up to with his Grndr partners in hotel rooms with olive oil.  Shhh…you’re not allowed to tell the truth about that, unless you live outside the UK, in which case you can read all the grubby details that the Grndr partners sold to the press. 

Furnish in pyjamas

Furnish in what appears to be pyjamas.

Furnish, like many homosexuals, is self-obsessed and keeps up a non-stop commentary about his life on Instagram together with photographs for his followers to admire. Yes, apparently he has some. There honestly are people who have nothing better to do. His latest exploit is to throw a tantrum on Instagram because he was on a plane in Toronto that took off a couple of hours late. He fumed, fretted and raged about how terrible the airline – Air Canada  – was and how having to wait in a luxury business class seat was quite simply the worst thing that could possibly happen to a human being.

Actually, Air Canada has just been voted best Airline in North America by Skytrax – an award it has won many times.

Furnish really seemed to think that he is much too rich and much too famous to be kept waiting for any  reason. If there were unavoidable complications or safety issues surely they could be solved with a wave of the hand for somebody as terribly important as he is?

Some fans lost patience when Furnish live-blogged pictures from the plane that showed other passengers and the cabin crew. They pointed out that this was an intrusion on their privacy. But it seems that David and Elton believe that privacy is something that is only for the likes of them  – not for the mere hoi-polloi!




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