British Queers Breaking Law on Blood Donation

The laws on blood donation are there to protect the most vulnerable people in society – the sick and the victims of accidents who desperately need an emergency blood transfusion. Yet homosexuals stoop so low they can even attack those innocent people.

In UK the law rightly protects those people by banning dangerous donors. This includes any active homosexual, as HIV and other diseases are rife in their pretty little “community”. Transsexuals are also dangerous  they are taking high doses of dangerous hormones and if a man is given the blood of a woman who has ever been pregnant, it may actually kill him.

Blood donated now has to be screened expensively because of HIV risks. And to make it worse, an investigative journalist has discovered that homosexual men are DELIBERATELY breaking the regulations and donating anyway. Why? They don’t get paid, but they are so revoltingly selfish that they think they have a “right” to force their blood on other people and that health restrictions are “discrimination”.

Victoria Derbyshire reported yesterday on her morning news programme that active homosexuals are violating the rules set for blood donation. An investigative journalist for the show discovered that this is because these donors feel it is wrong for the National Health Service to discriminate against men who are homosexually active with other men.

According to the regulations set for England, Wales, and Scotland, men cannot donate blood if they have had sexual contact with men in the past three months: this is to prevent the possible transmission of HIV, a blood-borne disease.

“When a gay man is giving blood, they have to tick a box to say that they have complied with these rules,” Derbyshire explained, “but we have found that some are lying on that form.”

Investigative journalist Ben Hunte reported for the show that he had recently interviewed six homosexually active men across England who had all donated blood.

One young man interviewed pseudonymously for the programme said that he was “galled” when he heard public advertisements for people to give blood, “when there’s a huge section of society that is denied that for no good reason.”

“I grew up in a family who gave blood regularly and instilled in me that that was the right thing to do,” “David” told Hunte.

“I did it before I started having sex with men, and I carried on doing it afterwards because, for me, that was the right thing to do“. ME ME ME is all that homosexuals ever think about. In their twisted minds nobody else has any rights at all.

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