Homosexual Charity MESMAC is riddled with pedophiles

Heathcliffe Bowen, trustee of a government-funded homosexual charity in Yorkshire, England, was convicted of a string of child sex offences in January 2018 and the story did not even make national news. Newspapers that did report the case mostly avoided admitting that MESMAC is a homosexual promotion group, or that the children involved were boys.

Bowen, 50, had been a trustee for four years at Yorkshire Mesmac, a charity that runs “child sexual exploitation projects”  – yes you heard that right,  a pedophile working for a child sexual exploitation project. He got a 5-year sentence at Bradford Crown Court  for three counts of making and possessing indecent images of children, attempting to meet a child after sexual grooming and three counts of attempting to cause or incite a child to engage in sexual activity.

heathcliffeBOWEN-MESMAC pedo

He was also convicted of four counts of distributing indecent images of children, causing a child to look at images of people engaged in sexual activity and attempting to arrange or arranging the commission of a child sex offence. He paid a boy aged 15 for homosexual activity. 

In fact complaints of CSA were made to Leeds City Council about more than one of the personnel at MESMAC which has the  cheek to call itself an “Abuse Survivors’ Charity” – when “Abuse Perpetrators” might be a more accurate description. 

“Brian Mynott, a Yorkshire-based therapist who works with abused young men, said he had spoken to a further three people, all victims of child abuse, who claimed to have been sexually harassed or asked for sex by Mesmac staff when they went to the charity for help. “They told me it was a pick-up joint and they did not want anything to do with it,” he said.”

The Charity Commission also said it was in “ongoing engagement” with Mesmac, which has received more than £5 million from councils, UK government and the police. Yes! the police are encouraging queers who molest boys.

Queers always deny there is any connection between homosexuality and pedophilia …except when they admit it, brazen it out and claim that it does no harm.

What could be easier than for homosexuals to join these groups in order to find vulnerable youngsters they can groom? From Adam Flanders onwards, there have been many whistle-blowers who have admitted that LGBT groups in schools and elsewhere are a pedophile’s dream. Children are served up on a plate and you can even get paid for this and commit child sex abuse as a “charity”.

MESMAC is an acronym that stands for “Men who Enjoy Sex With Men — Action in the Community”.  Mesmac runs “outreach services” handing out free condoms and lubricants at saunas and sex clubs and in what it calls outdoor “public sex environments” such as lavatories and parks – in other words, encouraging the grossly indecent and perverted behaviour that leads to AIDS in the first place, and doing it on the tax-payer’s dime.

“Young Mesmac outreach workers, advertising their “advice services” [sic], are widely present on “gay sex” websites such as Grindr and the bondage site Recon. On the Bareback RT site, for people seeking unprotected “sex” [buggery], a smiling Mesmac staff member offers health advice and says users can “ask me” for anal intercourse.

Two visitors to the charity’s offices said that sexually explicit artwork was on display and they hung their coats on objects shaped like erect penises.” 

The Sunday Times revealed in October 2017 that Mesmac explicitly allowed its staff to have [homo] sex with people they met through work, many of them young and vulnerable. In its official policy the charity stated that “sexual relationships are acceptable with service users initially met during work time”.

As long ago as 2009 there were allegations.  A trustee says a misconduct case involving a sexual relationship between a staff member and a client had come before the board during this period. But nothing was done and the tax money and charity status were stupidly continued,

They have bases in Leeds, York, North Yorkshire, Bradford, Wakefield, Rotherham and Hull, all financed as “charities” and subsidized by the British tax-payer. 

Its website boasts “We also run a number of LGBT youth groups across the Yorkshire region.” Youth groups – yes, not to warn children about the dangers of this behaviour but to lure them into it and encourage them. 

On Facebook in 2018 one Mesmac staff member wrote that the charity was “here to give you advice and support in finding a boyfriend (or even just a shag) as safely as possible”. One former Mesmac staff member described his concerns about the work, saying he was expected to “chat up” men seeking sex in public lavatories and parks and offer them sexual health advice. “It could easily turn into sex, not for me but for other workers,” he said.

MESMAC doesn’t like being investigated. Staffordshire police have warned a Mesmac staff member, Phil Mitchell, for allegedly harassing another child sexual exploitation campaigner, Jessica Eaton, online.


What we do. Yorkshire MESMAC provides a range of services throughout …

Abuse survivors charity Yorkshire Mesmac hit by sex scandal …


https://www.thetimes.co.uk › article › abuse-survivors-charity-yorkshire-mes…
4 Mar 2018 – Mesmac, based in Leeds and with centres across Yorkshire, runs “outreach services” … Heathcliffe Bowen was jailed for child sex offences … However, he was able to remain as a director of its commercial trading arm for a …




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