Drag Queen who read to kids in Library was Prostitute

Remember when the Gaystapo said “We don’t want your kids – this is all about what consenting adults do in private”? Well that was a long time ago. They’ve stopped pretending now.

David Lee Richardson, who performs under the name “Miss Kitty Litter,” was allowed to read to young children at Blackshear Elementary School’s Fine Arts Academy in Austin Texas in spite of having a criminal record…as a male prostitute.

The events are designed to expose small children to obscene ideas and de-sensitive them so that they will regard bizarre perversions as normal. Parents, keep your children well away!

How did he come to be invited? – well it turns out that the librarian who invited him to the library event, Austin Gears, is not only a homosexual but a prize-winning leather fetishist who takes part in obscene parades that includes BDSM etc.

This man should not be allowed to work with children. The fact that such people are getting these jobs shows a failure of safe-guarding. Protest! And warn all your friends who have children to STAY AWAY.

Austin Elementary School Invites Drag Queen With A Prostitution Record To Read To Children

Update: School Librarian Who Allowed Drag Queen Prostitute To Read To Kids Is A “Leatherman”

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