Iowa Man Given 16 year sentence for burning LGBT flag


This is crazy. A man in the town of Ames in Iowa, near Nevada, has been handed down a 16-year jail sentence just for burning a rainbow flag that was hanging outside a church, the United Church of Christ.

Sixteen years! That sort of sentence is supposed to be reserved for murder, or severe assault. A lot of killers and rapists walk free with less than that. And it’s quite common for people to publicly burn the US flag and the flag of Israel  – they don’t get jail sentences.

30-year-old Adolfo Martinez was sentenced to 15 years for arson and given a year for reckless use of explosives or fire and 30 days for harassment. The sentences are to be served consecutively.

The incident was classified as a “hate crime” which means the court victimized him just because it was an LGBT flag. It was only worth a few dollars and nobody was harmed or put at risk by his act. Compare this to the way the law treated Ed Buck, rich homosexual Democrat donor (see earlier articles on this blog). Two young black men died in his flat as a result of his perverted behavior yet he wasn’t even arrested until a third young man nearly died, earlier this year.

A homosexual “Pride” flag should never have been hanging outside a church and Martinez was right to find this offensive.

Protest to the local press in Iowa and to the city and state representatives.  Protest on your social media accounts. Complain on TV and radio phone-in shows. This is an outrage.

Ames man sentenced to 16 years in prison for burning church LGBTQ flag




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3 Responses to Iowa Man Given 16 year sentence for burning LGBT flag

  1. According to the Reddit comment thread, he got thrown out of his favourite sex entertainment venue, which served alcohol, threatened to burn it down, tried to do so using a stolen flag as fuel to start the necessary fire (stolen from the church opposite the girlie bar) to get the fire going, and ended up setting fire to a car’s tyre. After being released on bail, he gave a less than coherent press interview at home, which led to the spin that this escapade was some sort of anti-LGBT protest.

    Under the circumstances, the huge 15-year sentence may not be totally insane after all, just very, very harsh. (The last person sentenced for burning down a whole church got only 10 years, I read.)

    An extra year was added to the 15, I believe, because it had become a hate crime (once he’d told that story to the press, at home, on bail). That’s where the sentence of 16 years comes from.

    [Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer] To reproduce this “hate crime” in the UK, as a real protest, avoiding altogether a criminal record or a prison sentence, this is what you should do: Without permission, borrow a rainbow flag that annoys you, from the premises displaying it, having first posted a letter Royal Mail signed-for, of which you’ve kept a copy, to the offending flag-flyer, threatening to commit the tort of conversion of their offending flag at a certain time, on a certain date, returning the flag within an hour of borrowing it.

    Be videoed removing the flag and throughout.

    Swap the borrowed flag for one you’ve bought that you had you had hidden in your hand luggage all along. Burn the flag you bought yourself, safely.

    If charged with theft, your defence is that you did not intend permanently to deprive the owner of the rainbow flag you took, as evidenced by your letter to him. The tort of conversion, borrowing something without permission, is a civil matter (except in the case of vehicles, to which the offence

    If charged with arson, prove, using your video evidence, that it was your own flag you burnt, not the borrowed one.


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