Police Re-Open Case of Stuart Lubbock now calling it “rape and murder”.

Well, well, well. Essex Police in England have re-opened the case of Stuart Lubbock, the young man whose body was found dead in 2001 floating in the swimming pool at the house of homosexual TV star Michael Barrymore.


An inquest was held and at the time no charges were brought despite forensic evidence that Lubbock had not died by drowning. He was probably dead already when thrown into the pool after a late-night drug and sex party at Barrymore’s luxury home. Drugs and alcohol were found in his blood, and forensic examination proved that he had been subjected to a horrific anal assault. There was widening, bruising, laceration, and bleeding from the anus, all of which indicated homosexual rape.

For nineteen years Lubbock’s family have gone on campaigning for justice, and have never accepted that their son’s death was merely an accident. They say someone who was there on the night must know what really happened to Stuart, who was not homosexual and had only just met Barrymore that day.  Barrymore told police and said at the inquest that he could not swim  – contradicted by his ex-wife and many others – also that there were no drugs or wild orgies going on. Yet witnesses recalled him rubbing cocaine into the gums of his guests, including the reluctant Stuart.

There were nine people in the house that night. One is dead. Some of the others must know the truth about what took place. Their names are:

Michael Barrymore, Jonathan Kenney, Justin Merritt, Kylie Merritt, Claire Jones, Kelly Campbell, Simon Shaw and James Futers.

NOW Essex police are offering a reward of £20,000 for information leading to a conviction of whoever is responsible for what they are now at last plainly calling the “Rape and Murder of Stuart Lubbock”.

Stuart was a married man with two children. His father and his brother still grieve for him. It is high time this case was re-opened and charges brought.

Barrymore always insisted the death was a mysterious accident and at one point tried to claim that the internal injuries to the body were only inflicted AFTER it was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital. That claim was refuted by top pathologists, who pointed out that bruising and bleeding can only occur when a body is alive. Only a careful forensic examination with the proper instruments can reveal this sort of injury.

WATCH the new documentary here:-



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2 Responses to Police Re-Open Case of Stuart Lubbock now calling it “rape and murder”.

  1. Mark Anonymous says:

    You people are sick. You have no idea what it is to be gay. People like you make life so difficult for so many people. Hey ou have no idea the damage that you do in people’s lives. I pray that you change your message of hate into something more positive ad understanding


    • Editoralteam says:

      We are sick? WHOA BIG FELLER!!! Your life is difficult because of what you do. I have nothing to do with it except show how stupid you really are. The damage done is from you and your ilk. Give the “it’s all your fault” bull shit a rest.


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