Urgent appeal for Philip Zodhiates Christian prisoner of conscience in American Prison.

We have posted facts here before about the case of Lisa Miller, a mother whose parental rights over her child were violated when a court awarded sole custody to Lisa’s former lesbian partner  – despite the fact that this partner was not the birth mother, had never adopted the child or been legally registered as parent and had maltreated Lisa and the child.  Lisa was forced to flee the USA and since then the ex-partner has continued to persecute all those who helped her and her daughter escape.

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Lisa and Isabella Miller

Philip Zodhiates, a Christian businessman,  recently finished his first year of a three year sentence for the part he played in helping a Christian mother, Lisa Miller and her daughter Isabella  to escape from US , to Nicaragua, more than ten years ago, in 2009. This was done in order to avoid Isabella, who was only seven years of age, being torn from her mother and handed over to a  lesbian, Janet Jenkins who had maltreated both her and her mother with impunity.

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Philip Zhodiates and his wife.

Philip and his wife are not the only ones involved in this long and complicated story. Other Christians have also suffered and continue to suffer for helping mother and daughter escape from Janet Jenkins and the “gay community” , who acquired fearsome legal powers under the Obama administration.

Lisa had been persuaded by a counsellor to try a lesbian relationship with Janet Jenkins. They entered a civil partnership, lasting from 19th December 2000 until late 2003Isabella, Lisa’s child by a sperm donor was  born 16th April 2002. 

When Janet became violent and emotionally abusive, Lisa escaped, and returned from Vermont, where they had been living for a year, back to her home state of Virginia, where civil partnerships had not yet been recognised. Shortly after her return she became a Christian. She wanted to raise her child as a Christian and cut all ties with Janet Jenkins and the queer world, of which she was never a part.

Jenkins fought the dissolution of the civil partnership, but when this attempt failed, in 2004, she attempted to gain access to Isabella. When Isabella was five in 2007, Jenkins managed to get a court order forcing her to travel five hundred miles north to stay with her and her new lesbian partner in Vermont. Isabella  returned as a very disturbed little girl. According to a paediatrician she exhibited signs of having been mentally, emotionally and physically abused by Jenkins. 

Understandably, like any other parent, Lisa would allow no further contact with Jenkins and  there followed  two years of  court battles  against Lisa. In November 2009 the pro-LGBT court of Vermont overrode the jurisdiction of the Virginia courts and deemed that Janet Jenkins was Isabella’s legal mother –  in spite of the fact that Janet is not the biological mother, nor was she even named as parent on the birth certificate!!!

Jenkins was to be given full custody of 7 seven-year-old Isabella beginning on the 1st January 2010, with Lisa only being allowed visitation rights. The court argued that it was impossible for Lisa to have changed from being gay to being straight and that even if she had become a Christian this made her unfit to be a parent. 

To avoid losing her child, Lisa fled the US with Isabella to join a Mennonite community in Nicaragua in September 2009. At that date there had been no travel restriction imposed on Lisa – no order for her to surrender her passport. Therefore, she was free to travel where ever she wished. Yet the crazy media reported that Lisa had “kidnapped” Isabella calling her Jenkin’s “daughter” .  You can find countless LGBT websites shrieking all over the place about how Lisa “kidnapped a lesbian’s daughter”  – not that Jenkins was trying to steal Lisa’s daughter!  

 It was the pastor of a Virginian Mennonite church, Kenneth Miller ( no relative), husband and father of a large family  who expedited their escape to  Nicaragua and who went on trial in 2012 for international kidnapping. The Vermont court took horrific reprisals, giving Ken Miller a two-year prison sentence, in 2016. 

However Jenkins’ revenge was not over. She also prosecuted Philip Zodhiates, a friend who had driven Lisa and her daughter away from their home in September 2009. (They went north to Buffalo, New York State, not far from Niagara Falls, where they took a cab to the border of  Canada and then probably another to a Canadian airport from where they took a flight to Nicaragua.)

Philip Zodhiates appeared in court in 2016 and then again 2018 where he was sentenced to three years in prison, starting 2019 for his involvement in Lisa’s alleged “kidnapping” of her own daughter.

YGB says: this whole case runs contrary to the UN Charter of Children’s Human Rights. Isabella had already been denied any natural link with her biological father and now the courts were attempting to severe connection with her real mother. The court was mad and unjust, calling someone a parent who is not a parent and turning a child over to a person who lives contrary to the religious faith of her mother.  

 It appears that Kenneth Miller could still face further trials for not testifying against Philip Zodhiates.

Lisa, now 52 and her daughter, almost 18, have been in hiding overseas for more than ten years.  Isabella has now come of age and is free to return to the US.  However, she could be immediately placed under arrest until she divulges the whereabouts of her mother or those who gave her and mother sanctuary in Nicaragua. 

Janet Jenkins is continuing to sue Philip Zodhiates and Ken Miller, and also wants to bring a case against Lisa Miller’s  defence council,  Matt Stave and Rena Lindevaldsen, accusing them of  international kidnap!! There is no limit to the vindictiveness and rage of the LGBT lobby.

Some might take false comfort in thinking that persecution of Christians is something that happens far away in foreign lands.

Not at all.

Whether parents are aware of this threat or not, the UK government is determined to make children the sole property of the state, and brainwash them with gay propaganda . There will be no exemptions. Neither can they take comfort of the notion that Christian legal teams will be able to represent them, for these also are threatened with Pink Law. The homosexual judge Adrian Fulford boasted in Pink News that “Pink law will not be anomaly but the shape of things to come”.  

The children of dissident parents  can be taken away easily and handed over to Social Services, who in turn pass them onto to  gay “parents”, via LGBTQ fostering agencies, like Core Assets, all  fully paid up members of  Stonewall, the most powerful gay lobby group in Europe.  This is oppression.

Please write to Philip Zodhiates:


FCI Ashland

Federal Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 6001

Ashland, KY 41105

And subscribe to  419 Fund   

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