No, Phillip Schofield is not “Brave and Stunning”

Phillip Schofield is a 57-year-old TV presenter in Britain, co-host of show called This Morning which I can’t say I have ever watched. This past week he decided to announce he is homosexual and was greeted by an obviously orchestrated fanfare of applause and congratulation. Media outlets are drooling that he is “brave and stunning” and that we should all admire him for being “honest”… Really?

His TV female co-host Holly Willoughby interviewed him and treated him  as some sort of hero,  squeezing his hand while he basked in the limelight.

What’s so “honest” about cheating on his wife who has been married to him for 27 years, and then humiliating her in public by saying you prefer other males? He’s embarrassed his daughters and whole family. 

No sooner had the LGBT groups issued their call for “celebration” than ugly rumours started to circulate. It seems that Schofield (above, right) has been involved for the past six years in a relationship with a young man called Matthew McGreevy who works as a studio runner at ITV. He used to work on This Morning and then had a bust-up with Schofield, so he moved to another show called Loose Women. 


Schofield only decided to go public when the young man, whom he had dumped, threatened to go to the papers and blab about the affair. Schofield wasn’t brave, he was just trying to put a spin on the inevitable.

This is Matthew when Schofield picked him up – really just a child. Would you like your son treated like that?

Schofield's boy png

Schofield has acted up his part melodramatically, claiming that he has suffered inner trauma, been to counsellors for years and he buried his head in the lap of an “agony aunt” on prime time TV. All to gain sympathy – get attention  – insist he is a victim. Yet in one interview he admitted he had known he was queer even when he married his wife 27 years ago. What a rat!

McGreevy is now 24, but was involved with Schofield from age 15 judging from his Twitter account which plainly displays messages between him and Schofield going back to 26th March 2011.

Phillip Schofield MM15

16 is the age of consent in England.

Was this how young Matthew got his job at ITV, and eventually being made Schofield’s “personal assistant”? Apparently he is one of many youthful gophers that Schofield has, er, taken under his wing, acting as a “mentor” – ahem! – and getting them jobs. He’s got Matthew several acting opportunities apparently. And there are a LOT of dissenting voices on social media that are refusing to go along with the LGBT “brave and stunning” narrative.


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3 Responses to No, Phillip Schofield is not “Brave and Stunning”

  1. zoompad says:

    I’m a child trafficking victim (Staffordshire Pindown) and Philip Schofield has blocked me on Twitter.. I don’t know why as I’ve never even spoken to him. But I’m a child trafficking victim, I’ve been reabused again and again and again for whistleblowing, and I am very concerned about the day Philip Schofield had David Cameron on his show and the little list fiasco, David Cameron has to my knowledge covered up institutional child trafficking three times, and people like myself have suffered more abuse as a consequence. I would have thought Philip Schofield would have been virtually hammering my door as he pretends to be bothered about stopping institutional child abuse. But instead he’s blocked me!!!


  2. EditorialTeam says:

    Thank you, Is this your blog?


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