Young Catholic is Bullied to Death for protesting against Drag Queen event

Young Liberal

Wilson Gavin was a promising student in Australia, president of the University of Queensland’s Liberal National Club – and “liberal” there means very much what “conservative” means in the USA.

Wilson, aged 21, was a popular, caring and highly intelligent young man committed to causes, and he was a devout Catholic.

When he heard that a local library in Brisbane was holding a “Drag Queen” event aimed at young children, he joined other Christians in going to protest against the event. He did this despite admitting that he was same-sex attracted himself. Regardless of whether he was gay, he did not think young children should be exposed to the gender confusion and blatantly obscene performances of cross-dressers – many of whom have been shown to be pedophiles or male prostitutes.

The protest took place on the afternoon of Sunday 12th January, and was videoed. The next morning, at 7 am, Wilson’s dead body was found on the railway track at Chelmer Railway Station , the nearest station to his home. 

Police and the local community immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was suicide. Why? Because on the Sunday evening LGBT fanatics from all around the world had bombarded Wilson Gavin with abuse, calling him all their usual crude names (homophobe, transphobe, hater, bigot) blaming him for imaginary persecution of gays and trans people and calling for him to die. 

Does that prove he was driven to suicide? It seems very unlikely that such an intelligent, handsome, well-principled young man with a loving family and a Christian community to support him would have rushed to suicide after a few hours of bullying, however toxic.

This is an unexplained death. But even if it was suicide, the queers are to blame. They have often driven people to suicide with their bullying, and they gloat about doing it. Remember August Ames?

Young Liberal from Drag Storytime video found dead by suspected suicide

A conservative student who spearheaded the controversial ‘drag queens are not for kids’ protest that went viral yesterday has died in a suspected suicide.

As Daily Mail reports, Wilson Gavin, the president of the University of Queensland’s Liberal National Club, was found dead in Brisbane’s south today.

A spokesperson for Queensland Police confirmed that a man died in a suicide at Chelmer Railway Station at 7 am.

Wilson Gavin was one of a group of students who attended a Drag Storytime event held at the Brisbane Square Library on Sunday afternoon in protest. A viral video showed protesters chanting over drag queen Diamond Good-Rim.

Drew Pavlou, a friend of Wilson, took to Facebook to remember him “he was at his core a very decent and kind person that cared for others,” he wrote. “I had the great privilege of seeing that side of him in life. He was hilarious and a riot to be around, his fame will always remain legendary.

“He had his struggles and made mistakes, and it is a tragedy for us all that he ultimately succumbed to his suffering and pain. Today is a reminder of all we must do to affirm to young LGBT Australians the intrinsic worth and value of their lives. You are loved and you are enough, please know this. We must build a world rid of this pain and suffering. I am still personally unsure of God, but today I’m praying for peace on this Earth.”

Young Liberal from Drag Storytime video found dead by suspected suicide

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