How Pride Parades spread perversion

LGBT “Pride” parades are displays of disgusting perversion that aim to normalize such things and make them acceptable to the entire population. 

Proof of the poisonous effect they are having is right here. 

A man in Glasgow, Scotland has been arrested walking a teenage girl around the town on a leash and wearing a dog suit – just the sort of vileness that is openly paraded in LGBT marches.

The man has now been revealed to be a convicted pedophile. He boasts of having 17 such “human dogs”.

What do you expect when loathsome behavior like this is applauded as “gay rights”, is praised in the media and forced on children in schools? The shameful disgraceful thing is that in many cases it gets public funding.  Speak out now and insist it MUST STOP.

The 32-year-old sexual predator was sentenced to four years in jail after admitting having sex with two underage girls and committing indecent acts on two others.

Last night, calls were being made for authorities to take action over fears about the women he controls.

The shock image emerged last month on the Record website when he was spotted walking a woman wearing a dog mask on Cathcart Road.

The sex beast was spoken to by police but allowed to continue – leading to horrified comments online.

But we can reveal the man was convicted at the High Court in Edinburgh in August, 2007, for a series of sex crimes, including having sex with a 12-year-old girl, after admitting the offences.

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