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Terrible Depravity Down in Austin Texas

Unbelievable: Austin, Texas, Elementary School librarian is a BDSM “Leatherman” by night. Invited convicted male prostitute Drag Queen to read to schoolchildren. A trail of depravity in a public elementary school. School district does not consider this a problem! Part … Continue reading

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Tom Daley Now Picking Up Teen Boys

So this is the reality of so-called “gay marriage”. Only five years after British diver Tom Daley was picked up by an older man and lured into a homosexual relationship, Tom is cruising for younger boys. The couple made a … Continue reading

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Idaho Gov derails trans agenda

Idaho Governor signs major bills derailing the transgender agenda, despite huge pressure by liberal establishment for veto Outrageous campaign of lies, distortion, and propaganda by national LGBT movement, US corporations, media, even professional groups MassRessistance worked with key State Rep … Continue reading

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Bigot Law Maker Tries To Call Out Franklin Graham

Gay Lawmaker Angered That Franklin Graham Is Helping Save Lives in New York City An openly gay and anti-Christian New York state senator has condemned Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse for wanting to treat coronavirus patients. Samaritan’s Purse set up … Continue reading

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