How Homosexual Practices make people end up in hospital

Careful – the following article is not nice reading.

It’s a medical report on how surgeons have to sort out the nightmare problems caused by men who insist on pushing things up their back passage. It’s quite common for homosexuals to put bags of cocaine up there, and far worse.

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Yes, doctors have to cut people open to remove bottles, jars, aerosol cans and other things from patients’ rectums. It is called endscopic extraction and a series of surgeries may be needed to complete sphincter repair.

Rectal Foreign Bodies: What Is the Current Standard?


Rectal foreign bodies represent a challenging and unique field of colorectal trauma. The important factors in dealing with these patients is fourfold: careful history and physical with respect for what is often an embarrassing problem, a high index of suspicion for any evidence of toxicity that suggests perforation (and requires emergent laparotomy), a creative approach to nonoperative removal using tools originally designed for other uses, and appropriate short-term follow-up to detect any delayed perforation (which may be a life-threatening problem). By adhering to these four principles, patients with retained rectal foreign bodies can be managed safely and effectively. In the modern era, we have a variety of tools including endoscopy and laparoscopy that may allow extraction of difficulty objects possible using a minimally invasive approach. Figure 2 illustrates our summary algorithm for the approach to rectal foreign bodies.

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