Homosexuals are Getting Away With Murder …Again

One homosexual murders another – the press reports the victim as a “woman” and the killer avoids jail. This is the level of depravity society is now expected to applaud as the “gay lifestyle”…

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Rian Ross Toyer, a former corporal in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has escaped jail time after being convicted for the manslaughter of Filipino transgender “Mhelody” Bruno in 2019.

Bruno passed as a woman but was a male prostitute. He sought partners on Grindr and allowed Toyer, one of his customers, to choke him during sex. After a few sessions of this lethal practice, Bruno not surprisingly died of asphyxiation.

Toyer told the Australian court that it was all consensual. “He conceded that Bruno had never requested to be choked, but he told police he had never asked for the practice to stop.” Justice Gordon Lerve decided this was not murder and “The matter is towards the lower end on the scale of seriousness for matters of manslaughter.” Toyer was sentenced to only 500 hours community service as part of a 22-month Intensive Correction Order.

Remember this next time gays are whinging about how oppressed they are, and how transgenders are always getting killed. If anyone is killing them, it’s not heterosexuals. It’s their own depraved lifestyle that is to blame.


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