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Idaho MassResistance forces local School Board to change guidance counselor policy – after outrageous “transgender” issue with 11-year-old.

Idaho legislator works with MassResistance to craft statewide legislation. Despite opposition from local “transgender” activists and state school counselors group – who are against parents “interfering”! March 30, 2022   Within days of our report on the outrageous incident, the … Continue reading

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DeSantis Stands Up to the Rainbow Mafia Florida’s GOP governor is taking heat for defending the sexual innocence of his state’s K-3 kids. PRINTLISTEN “In Florida, we not only know that parents have a right to be involved, we insist that parents … Continue reading

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MassResistance helping Cayman Islands stop LGBT “marriage” agenda

“Gay marriage” is halted but recent (illegal) “domestic partnerships” ruling also needs to be stopped. A country that’s fighting back! March 24, 2022   The people of the Cayman Islands understand that even “domestic partnerships” go too far. On March … Continue reading

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