Nevada MassResistance activist gets local middle school’s LGBT “resource” web page taken down

Had been put up by radical school staffers – in conservative district

Officials had attempted to silence MR activist with contrived “no trespass” order

May 28, 2022


The middle school website had featured a toxic LGBT “resource” page for children.

This is another example where one activist can make a big difference!

Churchill County in north central Nevada is one of the most conservative districts in a state that’s been drifting leftward. Thus, it has been a target of the LGBT movement, with a recent infiltration of LGBT content and programs into the school system.

Parents became very concerned. But Geoff Knell, a local MassResistance activist, decided to take action. He began by speaking up at various public meetings.

In March 2022 he met with the school district Superintendent and her assistant. He brought our book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. He urged them to address this problem by recommending strong policies to the School Board, and by making information about the LGBT movement and its effect on children widely available.

LGBT “resource page” for middle schoolers

Little did Geoff know that the schools were moving in the opposite direction, targeting middle schoolers, promoting harmful LGBT information and contacts.

The following month, April 2022, Geoff discovered that there was a prominent page on the middle school website. It was ghastly LGBT propaganda, containing links for the middle school children on:

  • LGBT terminology
  • Social Justice concepts & activism
  • Ways to be an LGBT Ally
  • Religious resources
  • LGBT families
  • Mental health resources (including suicide prevention)
  • Children’s books
  • … and more.

It stated at the bottom of the page, “This is an exclusively online project created by a queer educator, for queer students and their allies.”


Screen grab of the web page before it was taken down.

Most of these links went to a horrible LGBT website called “The Trevor Project.” Purportedly a suicide prevention project, it is a toxic site that persuades kids that if they don’t fulfill their true “gay” or “transgender” identity, they may resort to suicide.

Outraged by this, Geoff registered a complaint with the police department. He protested in front of the school district administrative offices. He also protested on the sidewalk outside of the school.

An absurd “no-trespass order”

Geoff’s protesting definitely angered the school officials. On April 28 the Superintendent issued a formal “no-trespass order” banning him from all school property for one year.

However, Geoff had not been on any school property, just the public sidewalk outside. The order claimed that he had used a megaphone to disrupt an outdoor ceremony with “statements about LGBTQ and how Churchill County School District is hurting kids.” Geoff strongly denies using a megaphone while any outdoor ceremony was taking place.

The school district’s larger purpose is clearly to keep Geoff from attending any School Committee meetings to complain – which the text of the order acknowledges will be one of the effects.

Luckily, Geoff’s attorney has notified the School Department that their no-trespass order does not keep him from protesting on the sidewalk, and is likely illegal. They will be pursuing this.

ALT TEXT Churchill County Middle School – view from the street.

Geoff gets the web page taken down!

On May 2, 2022, a few days after the no-trespass order, Geoff made a presentation to the City Council. He passed out copies of the web page and described in detail what their middle school was making available to children. That apparently ignited the issue!

A week later, the local newspaper reported that the web page had been permanently taken down. A clear victory!


But the newspaper article didn’t give any details about its removal. So MassResistance filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) with the school for all emails regarding that – and the school quickly complied.

We found out that a radical staffer had gathered the information and one of the middle school counselors had posted it. A few days after the City Council meeting making it a public issue, the press also emailed the school about it. At that point, the Superintendent directed that the page be taken down. She gave the interesting excuse that all such material needed to be properly vetted before being posted.

MassResistance National Organization Director Arthur Schaper also spoke on the phone with the Superintendent, and she gave him the same story. According to people at the school we’ve spoken to, there are no plans at all to bring it back.

Final thoughts

There are three great take-aways from this:

  1. It shows what just one activist can do if he’s unafraid and determined.
  2. Some really toxic and destructive information – from a horrible national LGBT propaganda source – is now off the middle school website.
  3. The school officials have gotten the message that they are being watched, and the public won’t stand idly by when they try to pass such information on to children.

Citizens everywhere would do well to follow Geoff’s example!

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2 Responses to Nevada MassResistance activist gets local middle school’s LGBT “resource” web page taken down

  1. Editoralteam says:

    The kind of bullshit the queers are using needs to be banned from all schools, no matter how big or how small.


  2. Jeremy says:

    I encountered this lady who is a cyberbully a racist her name is Flora Andrews on Hangouts she called me the n word and saying a whole bunch of other very mean words to me she created a fake Google account and she’s using it to bully people on Hangouts call you the n word and say a whole bunch of other very mean words to you. I went on this page. page and was telling them about her sent him a Gmail message in the guy decided to be mean to me.


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