Gay Bullying—It is real….VERY REAL!!

There once was a blog named VGB (Victims of Gay Bullying) but it got bullied out of existence!  

Bullying by the gays (aka: queers) is very real. All one has to do is talk to cake bakers, etc about the trouble they have and are having. Talk to Chik-Fil-A for the on-going fight they are having with the queers.

As I said, it is very real….a little too real. We will be posting articles on gay (queer) bullying as often as possible. Since striking out at one person does not serve any purpose what so ever, we can expose the underbelly of the evil beast called “homosexuality” and all the trash that follows it. Please note that some stories not be fit for younger viewer. Let the viewer beware!!!

A side note here is in order: if you are wondering WHY we are not posting the full article, truth is, sometimes we can’t. Most articles are copyright protected which means the author or publisher owns the rights to the article. We are, however, allowed to post a paragraph or two and then link back to the original site where said story was found. Also, if you have stuff on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, those area’s are public domain and are not copyright protected. They are fair game. We will post a full document IF and ONLY IF we know that you cannot get to the original area and the author says we can.

We do apologize for you having to run around like this but we are trying to be compliant with the laws.  Thank you!

ADDED: We have a presence on Google + (https://plus.google.com/b/105166928927688525514/105166928927688525514/posts) and we have one on Twitter (https://twitter.com/isgaybullyingr1).


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