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James Makings, nasty Fetishist and Pervert, revealed working for NSPCC, children’s safety charity

Just a week after the scandal of NSPCC hiring Munro Bergdorf as a children’s counsellor on its Childline ended in Bergdorf’s sacking, the man who hired him is exposed as a homosexual pervert. [warning – distasteful images included for evidence] … Continue reading

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Prominent LGBT activist Peter Bright arrested by FBI for pedophile activities.

Peter Bright is a scruffy journalist and ardent activist for so-called “LGBT rights”.  Known on Twitter as Pumpkin Fright,  he defines himself as “poly/pan/pervy” and ridiculed people’s fears of what trans would do to children. Pumpkin Fright 👨‍⚕️ 🍕 @DrPizza Ars Technica writer. … Continue reading

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Why Should American Tax-Payer Pay $300 million for PreP drugs?

The U.S. government already spends $20 billion in annual direct health expenditures for HIV prevention and care. As the article quoted below admits, “New infections are highly concentrated among men who have sex with men; ” – in other words, promiscuous … Continue reading

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Male Transgender Guilty of Raping 5-year-old Girl

Those nice, harmless normal gays and trannies, right? No way! Quonshe Marquise Brimmer (Credit: OSCO) Raleigh, North Carolina, US – A man who identifies as a woman has been found guilty of repeatedly raping a girl who was between the ages … Continue reading

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Leading Trans-Activist Faces Child Rape Charges plus more for Menace

Karachi, Sindh, PK – A prominent transgender activist and international rising actor credited as being the first transgender model in Pakistan was removed last week as an organizer of a Women’s March because of accusations by fellow LGBTQ activists that he … Continue reading

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UK Boy Scouts do U-Turn on Transgender Policy

You’ve heard all about that “Wrong side of history”? Well, whaddya know, it just turned out to be the RIGHT side of history!                                Chief Scout … Continue reading

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Transgender Nonsense Costs Lives

America would be mad to enshrine the transgender nonsense in law with Nancy Pelosi’s so-called “Equality Act”.  It should be called the Insanity Act. Look at this recent case from Canada. A woman pretended to be a man, yet got … Continue reading

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Transgender attacked girl, 19, with hammer, because of parking dispute.

Those nice, normal transgender people who you’d never suspect were trans, right? Wrong. In St Helen’s, Liverpool, England, a man posing as a woman got enraged because of a dispute over a disabled parking space at a KFC. He had … Continue reading

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Colorado School Shooting Suspects are a Homosexual and a Tranny

Devon Erickson the gunman who stormed into a STEM school in Denver Colorado last week and shot eight people is a homosexual and gay-rights-activist who hates Christians and President Trump. His sidekick, Maya alias Alec McKinney is a mixed-up teenage … Continue reading

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Homosexual Teacher Daniel Gray Called for Girls to be Gang-raped

Daniel Gray, 34, a teacher in London, England, is under investigation after making sick jokes about gang rape of girls. He also posted a wave of obscenities aimed at women. He tweeted “I love gang rape” less than a month … Continue reading

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