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It’s Not the Equality Act, It’s The Pedophile Protection Act

The hideously misnamed “Equality Act” begins its journey through Congress this week. It’s designed “to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation.”  Now the 1964 Civil Rights Act already makes it illegal for discrimination to … Continue reading

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Houston MR parents expose library “Drag Queen” as a child sex offender!

Houston MassResistance exposes “Drag Queen Story Hour” cross-dresser as a registered child sex offender! Library officials forced to apologize to the public. TV media coverage of press conference shocks Houston And more to come, say our MR activists! March 16, … Continue reading

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Judge Dismisses Case Against Marquitta Ford!

Big victory in Georgia: Judge dismisses case against Marquitta Ford. Phony charges by government for protesting against LGBT agenda in front of Georgia State Capitol. State aggressively prosecuted her – to “set an example.” But they later threw in the … Continue reading

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Mass Resistance Parents Keep Turning Up The Heat On The Drag Queen Story Time!

Editorial Team Note: Bout time someone made a stand. It’s to the point where people are afraid to speak. It has to STOP and these parents know how to turn up the heat! Houston MassResistance parents confront the library – … Continue reading

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MassResistance protest causes huge upheaval in Detroit suburb We applaud these brave people of Mass Resistance in Detroit who stood up to homosexual fanatics determined to manipulate and indoctrinate our children. The counter-protests from queers and trannies are not a pretty sight. Many of these people are … Continue reading

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MassResistance helps CO town confront ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

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Political Editors: Parents Versus the ‘Transgender’ State — The Patriot Post Of course the queers think they will live longer if everyone goes along with the bullshit. Nope, won’t happen. Sorry.

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Michigan MassResistance ignites media firestorm, plus flood of LGBT activists, over opposition to “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Detroit suburb

Town forced to move City Commission meeting to gymnasium because of uproar. MassResistance parents make huge statement in a liberal suburb! December 30, 2018 Report from Detroit TV station. We really got their attention – even though they got the … Continue reading

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Michael Sawdy Replies to Gay Pseudo-Christian’s “theology”.

MichaEL Sawdy reports:  G. Murphy, a gay activist who calls himself a “Christian,” is co-founder of the “Queer Theology”Brian  website. He recently claimed that Jesus is “polyamorous” and that believers should also be. “I’m a Christian and I’m polyamorous. I’m also … Continue reading

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ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Louisiana Library for Banning Drag Queen Story Time Events

E.T. Note: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the queers are after children. They are liars and should not be trusted until they prove they can be trusted. LAFAYETTE, La. — The American Civil Liberties Union … Continue reading

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