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Wyoming Library Board cuts ties with American Library Association over graphic children’s books

Board didn’t back down to mob of pro-LGBT leftists at meeting. Also modified library’s Mission Statement. And more to come! A culmination of hard work by Wyoming MassResistance parents. November 6, 2022   The Library Board taking action. At left … Continue reading

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Christian baker continues to fight state persecution of his beliefs

DENVER — The Colorado baker who won a partial Supreme Court victory after refusing on religious grounds to make a a wedding cake for two homosexuals a decade ago is challenging a separate ruling he violated the state’s anti-discrimination law … Continue reading

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High School Gender And Sexuality Clubs Encourage Teen Girls To ‘Bind’ Their Breasts

More and more American schools are sexualizing children. They’ve taken it a step further by encouraging teens to bind their breasts, a practice known to pose health risks. The Daily Caller states, “Schools in Minnesota, Maryland, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts … Continue reading

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 Drag Queen with a criminal record 

Texas MassResistance exposes another Drag Queen with a criminal record who was about to perform for kids at a leftist church event. Church excludes him after our exposé, but will continue with the event. Local parents plan to protest outside. … Continue reading

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Here’s how to confront your local Library Board when they push pornography on children.

Telling the harsh truth that no one wants to hear. “You’re perverts. If there wasn’t a loophole in the law you’d all be in jail. You are porn purveyors to kids.” See hard-hitting video clip below (Caution: strong language) August … Continue reading

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Pagan Sexuality Makes a Comeback

In America in the middle of the last century, what was called the sexual revolution took root like a kudzu vine. It has grown so quickly and so invasively that hardly any part of the cultural landscape has escaped. Appallingly, … Continue reading

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They won’t leave the Christian cake artist from Colorado alone

At this point, most Americans have heard of Jack Phillips—the man they call “the baker from Colorado.” But Jack is a cake artist. And all he wants is to create one-of-a-kind custom cakes, consistent with his faith. But for over … Continue reading

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What Is ‘Gay Christianity’?

Let’s see if you’ve heard any of these statements before: God made people gay and therefore being gay should be celebrated and affirmed. Jesus never mentioned homosexuality even once. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is about inhospitality and greed, … Continue reading

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Middle Schools and Surveys

How middle schools use aggressive surveys to indoctrinate teachers and coerce them to push the LGBT agenda on students Shrewdly used as a psychological weapon and enforcement tool Public unaware such surveys are imposed on staff June 17, 2022  Screenshot … Continue reading

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The Pride Movement Has Nothing to Be Proud Of

CASEY CHALK No one can accuse the promoters of Pride Month of subtlety. When you do a Google search about it, your screen blows up in confetti and rainbow flags. There are pride parades in just about every major city in the … Continue reading

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