Brazilian “Art” Exhibition Promotes and Normalizes Pedophilia In A Disgusting Way ⋆ Activist Mommy

I don’t know about anyone else, but as far as I’m concerned, queers should NEVER be allowed around a child under any circumstances!!! This is wrong on so many levels I lost count. <ADMIN>

We were contacted recently by a concerned Brazilian mother who was outraged about an “art” exhibition that featured contact between young girls and nude men. The images she sent us, of little girls touching and holding hands with a grown, fully nude man, are highly disturbing, but the artist and the museum who hosted him simply brush the whole incident off as “art.”

Sure enough, English-language sites have now picked up the story that MAM, an art museum in Sao Paulo, was host to the exhibit that featured a naked man laying on the floor, inviting onlookers to “interact” by moving his body around in different positions. The exhibition was also reportedly on display at the Goethe Institute in Bahia.

One video, of a four-year-old girl being encouraged to approach the man, laying on his back, and move his leg, has been circulating on social media. You can see the girl being high-fived by an adult onlooker after she crawls back to her seat in the crowd. (Note: we are not including any of the videos here because they contain full-frontal male nudity)

The museum maintains that there was nothing erotic about the performance and that the girl participated with her parents’ consent.


“The performance was in a closed session for guests. The little girl was with her mother who is also an artist,” the museum said of the incident, according to the Daily Mail. “Her daughter asked to enter the show after being given an explanation as to what it contained.”

“The child wanted to participate and under her mother’s guidance and supervision, she is seen on all fours going around the artist’s naked body without showing any embarrassment or aversion,” they continued.

“This work was authorized by the museum and is not about eroticism and does not include any erotic content,” they added.

These are lies, really. If you watch the video (viewer discretion advised), you can see the girl feels weird and nervous. She is four years old. It is the responsibility of the adults in her life to protect her! The museum actually thought it was a reasonable explanation that she had wanted to go into the room and see the exhibition herself. If she had wanted to drink alcohol, would they have let her?

This is nothing short of vile. It is indecent exposure and pandering obscenities to minors. Many Brazilians feel the same way. According to the Daily Mail, several groups are calling for the artist and the museum to be prosecuted, saying that the exhibition “incites pedophilia”, and is nothing short of “eroticism,” “pornography,” “disgusting,” “unacceptable” and puts the “child at risk”.

They are not wrong!

This is apparently a trend in both Brazil and around the globe. The concerned mother who brought this story to our attention wrote to Elizabeth how much she has noticed it all around her:

Last year, I perceived that something very weird was happening in my country, involving liberals and LGBT agenda, and the target was the children. That perspective terrified me.

As a Brazilian mom, with a 15-year-old kid and very concerned about his future and the future of other kids and teenagers, I started to look for answers to this question: why LGBT/ liberals/ globalists are trying so hard to pervert the childhood, emasculating boys and empowering girls?

So, looked in philosophy, anthropology, psychology, psychiatry, and history and discovered many things tied do Critical Theory, developed at Frankfurt’s School.

After that, I started to research Facebook pages abroad to see if those horrible things with kids was happening too. I was very shocked to confirm that yes, the evil spread out everywhere.

This is a global problem, and one that is nothing short of a demonic scheme to emasculate men, eliminate childhood, and destroy the family unit and with it, all virtue and morals. We are plunging into frightening times, but more than ever, we need to be the light of the world and reveal these evil happenings before it is too late!

Source: Brazilian “Art” Exhibition Promotes and Normalizes Pedophilia In A Disgusting Way ⋆ Activist Mommy

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Youth conference on countering the LGBT agenda in schools

For years pro-family parents and their children across America have sought help from MassResistance and other pro-family groups about how to deal with the radical LGBT agenda being pushed relentlessly in their schools.

Kids in school must endure oppressive and psychologically intrusive programs, “gay” student clubs, teaching methods, propaganda, false “facts”, and twisted logic. It becomes a battle against activist teachers, administrators, school committee members, and even brainwashed fellow students. […]

Source: Youth conference on countering the LGBT agenda in schools

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Matt Walsh of The Blaze tears apart same-sex “marriage”

“I’m not imposing my morality on you – you’re imposing your immorality on me!”

Hear, hear, very well said. With that brilliant and truthful riposte, Matt Walsh of The Blaze demolished one of the favourite arguments of the gay pests who keep on trying to appropriate marriage (so they can destroy the family and all moral standards of behaviour).

Here is Matt’s article in full

Matt Walsh: I’m not ‘forcing my morality on you’ — you’re forcing your immorality on me

Jeffrey Hamilton?Getty Images

The headline of an article in The New York Times poses an interesting question: “Cake is his art. So can he deny one to a gay couple?”

Actually, it’s not that interesting. The answer is yes. Very simple. No matter how you read the Bill of Rights, there’s no way to interpret it as granting the government permission to force a private citizen to take part in a gay wedding. You can flip the First Amendment upside down, turn it inside out, spin it in circles and get it drunk, and still it won’t give a homosexual couple the power to compel a Christian to make them a cake, no matter how inconvenient it may be to drive 18 and a half feet to the next bakery and get a cake from someone who isn’t a devout Christian.

This particular case, Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, will be decided by the Supreme Court soon enough. I’m not optimistic. Justice Kennedy will be the deciding vote, and there’s no telling if he’ll discover a Right to Pastries just as he discovered a Right to Gay Marriage and just as his forebears discovered a Right to Abortion. Maybe they’re all in the same mysterious amendment, written in invisible ink that can only be seen through a special decoder lens that liberal judges pass down through the generations like a family heirloom.

Some issues are so complex and nuanced that reasonable people can make intelligent arguments on either side of them. This is not one of those issues. In a free country, if we are to be a free country, you cannot compel someone to play any kind of role whatsoever in a private event that he objects to as a matter of conscience or religion. If you can, then I guess white supremacists can conscript Jewish caterers to serve them lunch at their next meeting. You may take exception to that analogy and point out that a white supremacist meeting is repugnant while a gay wedding is a wonderful celebration of love and happiness. That’s your opinion, yes. But it’s only your opinion. You cannot force me to agree with it or act upon it.


Speaking of force, it strikes me that those who desire only to raise their families and run their businesses according to their personal belief systems are the ones so often accused of “forcing their morality” on the world. When I was discussing this case on Twitter (an admittedly terrible forum to discuss this subject or any other subject known to man), I was admonished numerous times for committing the crime of morality-forcing. And that was just for saying that I think businesses should be allowed to refrain from serving gay weddings.

Here’s an example of one message I received:

“If you want to be a bigot, that’s your issue. But you can’t FORCE your “morality” on OTHER PEOPLE. I have a RIGHT to live my life as I see fit. If I want to marry a person I love, I have a RIGHT to do that and to have the same kind of wedding that everyone else has. Yes that includes a cake. You can think what you want and say whatever bigoted sh*t you want in your backwards churches, but stop trying to FORCE it on everyone else.”

Recap: Christians are “free” to think whatever thoughts they want in their heads (a generous concession, to be sure), and they’re “free” to be as religious as they want while within the walls of designated religion buildings, but anything beyond that is oppressive. Meanwhile, Leftists can force you to make a cake, they can force you to share the bathroom with the opposite sex, they can force you to fund the abortion industry, they can force you to pay for their birth control, they can force all sorts of beliefs and doctrines on your kids in the school system, they can literally march down the street half naked in a celebration of sodomy and hedonism, and none of that can be construed as oppressive. In fact, you’re oppressing them by objecting to it.

It’s truly amazing that they’ve been able to frame the argument this way. Somehow, they succeeded in redefining “force” as “refusing to do what we tell you.” They were greedy in their lie, and it paid off. Rather than being satisfied with shoving their ideology down our throats and pretending they haven’t shoved it down our throats, they went for the home run and claimed that we’re shoving our beliefs down their throats by not swallowing whatever crap they feed us. And they got away with it. Many Christians have bowed down and apologized for not being quite submissive enough, and now they lay their like beaten dogs, awaiting instructions from their cultural overlords.

So it bears repeating for the benefit of those who haven’t quite noticed how this works: when a leftist complains that you’re “forcing your morality,” he’s really just upset that you’ve resisted his attempts to force his immorality on you. “Don’t force your morality,” translated into traditional English, means “lie down, shut up, and let me stomp you into dust.” If you let out a peep of protest while he presses his boot onto your neck, he’ll cry that you’re persecuting him, and then he’ll press harder. If you dodge his punches while he swings for your face, he’ll whine that you’ve enslaved him under a theocracy, and then he’ll swing faster.

You have the right to be still and take the abuse. If you want more rights, you better get a new belief system. That’s the American system in the modern age.

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Mrs De Blasio is an ex-Lesbian – Proof that Homosexuals Can Change their Orientation

Born that way?  Can’t change? Never believe the lies of the LGBT brigade. The wife of New York mayor Bill Blasio used to be a lesbian. Then she met him, changed and has been happily married ever since.  It’s a real marriage, monogamous and with kids. Lord be praised! 

The living proof that gays are not “born that way” and they CAN in some cases change.

De Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray talks about lesbian past



Updated: Thursday, May 9, 2013, 1:27 P

Bill de Blasio announces his run for mayor with his wife Chirlane.

Bill de Blasio’s wife opened up about falling in love with a man after years of identifying as a lesbian and their life as a “very conventional, unconventional couple” in a candid interview released Thursday.Chirlane McCray, 58, said her relationship with de Blasio was made possible “by putting aside the assumptions I had about the form and package my love would come in.”

The interview, with Essence magazine, comes 34 years after McCray penned a groundbreaking 1979 essay for Essence entitled, “I Am a Lesbian,” about coming out as a gay black woman.

A dozen years later, in 1991, McCray met de Blasio while she worked for the New York Commission on Human Rights and he was an aide to then-Mayor David Dinkins.

New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio hugged his wife, Chirlane McCray, after announcing his Democratic candidacy for mayor.

New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio hugged his wife, Chirlane McCray, after announcing his Democratic candidacy for mayor.


“I was wearing West African-inspired clothing and a nose ring, and Bill says he had the love-at-first-sight experience,” she said. “I did note what a good-looking guy he was and that he was funny and smart and made other people laugh.”

McCray said the fact that he was a man, and white, was not her biggest concern. “All I could think about was, ‘He’s six years younger than me!’” she said.

Pictured is a screengrab from MYFOXNY.COM showing a page from a 1979 Essence magazine article called "I AM A LESBIAN." written by Chirlane McCray, before she married New York City Public Advocate Bill DiBlasio.

Pictured is a screengrab from MYFOXNY.COM showing a page from a 1979 Essence magazine article called “I AM A LESBIAN.” written by Chirlane McCray, before she married New York City Public Advocate Bill DiBlasio.


Asked if it was “strange being with a man,” given her history with women, McCray said:

“I came out at 17. I hadn’t really dated any men. I thought, ‘Whoa, what is this?’ But I also didn’t think, ‘Oh, now I’m attracted to men.’ I was attracted to Bill. He felt like the perfect person for me. For two people who look so different, we have a lot in common. We are a very conventional, unconventional couple.”

De Blasio was aware of her history, but her essay in Essence “shook him up,” she said.

Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray have been married for 19 years and have two teenage children, Dante and Chiara.


“Other people told him in the beginning. Then at some point I gave him the article and said, “Look, this is who I am and you should read this.” It shook him up. But he didn’t show it. He was cool about it.”

The couple has now been married for 19 years and has two teenage children.

McCray’s past, while never a secret, was not discussed during de Blasio’s successful 2009 campaign for public advocate.

Bill de Blasio announces his run for mayor with his wife Chirlane.

Bill de Blasio announces his run for mayor with his wife Chirlane.


It only became widely known last December when news organizations wrote about her 1979 essay.

McCray and de Blasio then did a whirlwind of television interviews to talk about her past and their relationship. McCray and the couple’s children have been prominent, at times, in his campaign.

Her past serves as a counterpoint, of sorts, to the historic nature of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s rival Democratic candidacy. 

McCray called the political power duo a ‘very conventional, unconventional couple.’


Quinn, who is married to a woman, Kim Catullo, would be city’s the first openly gay mayor if elected.

In the Essence interview, McCray said she was unconcerned when her sexual past was publicized.

McCray, who said she doesn’t like labels, declined to call herself bisexual, but suggested that she can still be attracted to women.

“I’m married, I’m monogamous, but I’m not dead and Bill isn’t either,” she told the magazine with a laugh.

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Lesbian Fanatic Hazel Platzer Bullied Medical Researcher Out of His Job

We all have a right to know the truth about AIDS, right? Well, not in the view of extremist LGBT activists.

Hazel Platzer who attacked Barry Napier

This is the nasty face of lesbian militant Hazel Platzer. She is so obsessed with what she calls “gay rights” that she has no time for honesty, freedom or even science. When someone’s views collide with her mania for LGBT supremacy, she goes on the attack on all fronts.

In 2005, a professional medical researcher in UK published the results of his research revealing that there are serious health risks in homosexual behaviour, and that the government was covering up the true extent of the risks of AIDS and the danger to the general population. Platzer responded by sending a hysterical letter to the Nursing Times denouncing the medical researcher for …yes, you’ve guessed “homophobia”. 

She could not actually fault his research in any respect. She could not argue with his facts, his scientific methods or his credentials, so she just screeched non-stop that he was “homophobic” and kept repeating the accusation that “homophobia harms patients”   – which is of course completely untrue. There is no such thing as homophobia, and a healthy repugnance for homosexuality does you a lot of good!

Platzer and her LGBT thug friends rang up the newspapers and demanded that the researcher be denounced for his honesty. Then they bombarded the hospital where the research had taken place with complaints. They said they were powerful enough to get its local authority funding cut off.  The result was that the researcher was sacked, and disgraced.  All sorts of lies were made up about him.  

He was bombarded with abusive messages and death threats some saying “We know where you live”. The police simply took no steps to help him. They had all been briefed that he was a “homophobe” therefore had no rights to protection.

When he took another job at a lower grade, he was stalked and pursued vengefully by more homosexuals. who complained that they did not want to work with him. So he was sacked again. He fell into debt and almost lost his house. His wife and children suffered terribly.  

It is sometimes said that truth is the first casualty of war. Well. truth is the first casualty of homosexual fanaticism.

YBG says: We award Hazel Platzer the title of Vicious Gay Bully and warn everybody to be on their guard against her.



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Gangster Tactics Used by LGBT Mob in Australia are Disgraceful

Bill Muehlenberg reports from Australia on the vicious gangster tactics being used by the LGBT extremists to force through their demand for same-sex “marriage”. Branding all opposition “hate-speech” they are rabidly denouncing anybody who stands up for natural marriage, and the people are already losing their jobs for simply disgreeing with the LGBT agenda. Yes  – read the facts below. A wave of bullying is sweeping across Australia. 

LGBTyranny is ugly, it is vile and it stopps to anything. Don’t give in, Australia! These people are perverts, they are promiscuous paedophiles and boundlessly aggressive. Defend family values for the sake of the future of Australia.

Affirm Traditional Marriage and You Can Lose Your Job for “Hate Speech” Sep 19, 2017

Let me cut to the quick: if you dare to question the radical homosexual agenda, or if you dare to publicly defend what the institution of marriage has always been about, chances are very good that you can lose your job, be fined, or face other heavy-handed penalties for your views.

All over the West today free speech, religious freedom, and the democratic process itself are under direct attack. And overwhelmingly those stomping on our freedoms are the activists from the homosexual lobby and their many and various supporters.

The way things are going, I really need to write a book featuring all those who lost their jobs for daring to stand up for heterosexual marriage. Oh wait – I already did this. The first chapter of my 2014 book Dangerous Relations features not one, not two, but 165 cases of pink persecution.

They come from a 34-month period (January 2011 to October 2013) and feature just some of the cases of people losing their freedoms, being kicked out of a job, fined, or even jailed – all for the “crime” of insisting on the usual understanding of marriage, and refusing to bow down to the homosexual juggernaut.

And these were certainly not all of the cases that took place during this period. And of course not every case of this kind gets a wide public hearing, as the ones I reported on did. Thus I think it is safe to say that we now have many hundreds – if not thousands – of occurrences of this happening.

Not a day goes by when some poor soul who thought living in a free democratic society meant he could speak out on things that matter – including the historic understanding of marriage – has found himself on the receiving end of rainbow repression.

And in some places things are now this bad, but homosexual marriage has not even been legalised yet. Just imagine how much worse things will get if and when it is! Australia is one such nation, where the rainbow activists have been on a search and destroy mission, targeting anyone who dares to disagree with their radical agenda.

I have heaps of examples of this already documented on my site. Well, it is a new day, so we of course have plenty of new examples to include in this ever-expanding list of victims of the pink mafia. Let me offer just three more of them.

The first involves a small business owner in Canberra who has just fired one of her staff members. Was he caught stealing company goods? Did he seek to molest a customer? Did he trash the joint in a drunken rage? Nope, he did something far, far worse: he actually said he affirms heterosexual marriage.

Yes that is now such an horrific offence that you can lose your job over it. Try telling this guy nothing changes when we seek to redefine marriage. It has not even been legally changed here yet and we already have people losing their jobs! Wakey wakey folks!

The shop owner, Madlin Sims, wrote this on her FB page (I slightly edited one word):

Today I fired a staff member who made it public knowledge that they feel “it’s okay to vote no”.
Advertising your desire to vote no for SSM is, in my eyes, hate speech.
Voting no is homophobic. Advertising your homophobia is hate speech. As a business owner I can’t have somebody who publicly represents my business posting hate speech online.
1. Its bad for business
2. I don’t like sh*t morals
3. I don’t want homophobes working for me, especially in an environment with children.
It’s not okay to vote no. It’s not okay to be homophobic. This isn’t a matter of opinion or even religion. It’s a matter of the love & livelihood of real human beings. Freedom of speech is there for a reason and so are consequences.

Wow, did you get that? To support traditional marriage is “hate speech”! Affirming male-female marriage is “sh*t” morals! If you say marriage is about one man and one woman you are being “homophobic”! And the real howler is this: “It’s a matter of the love & livelihood of real human beings.”

Um yeah, try telling this real human being who just got fired what this love is all about, and how it impacts one’s livelihood! Usually the leftists are the first to scream about unfair dismissals and authoritarian bosses running roughshod over workers’ rights. Um, just where are all these lefties now? As Martyn Iles pointed out:

This woman has sacked a contractor for using an “it’s ok to vote no” frame on Facebook. She has a problem, though…
1) Discrimination Act 1991 (ACT) s13 — “It is unlawful for a principal to discriminate against a contract worker… (b) by not allowing the contract worker to work or continue to work”
2) Discrimination Act 1991 (ACT) s7(1)(o) — “political conviction” is a protected attribute.
It appears that what she has done is plain illegal.

My second case is not much better. One person actually rented a plane to sky write the words “Vote No”. For daring to do that all hell has broken out. They are now after his head, and he is now likely hiding in fear of his life! One news item puts it this way:

The electoral watchdog has received complaints about the “Vote No” skywriting over Sydney on the weekend not being properly authorised. A grassroots campaigner against same-sex marriage commissioned a pilot to write “Vote No””Vote No” in the sky four times on Sunday, a day after the anti same-sex marriage campaign launched nationally.
The skywriting, which was not organised by the key “no” case group Coalition for Marriage, attracted much discussion on social media, and the website from which it was crowdfunded was inundated with comments. The Australian Electoral Commission has received a number of complaints regarding the skywriting.

But get a load of all the love and tolerance he is now getting:

Social media users quickly began circulating the company’s contact information, abusing them for taking on the job. One message said the business owner is an “a***hole”. Another post said it was “probably the end of your business”.
One text message to the business owner read “you really are a sh** human. You’re definitely the biggest piece of sh** in Australia today. Probably tomorrow too. Hope you’re proud of yourself. Don’t be surprised by the hate coming for you. Titt for tatt, it’s only fair, right? You stupid, ignorant, remorseless, pathetic, old, LOSER”.

My final case involves a church that had the audacity to actually affirm two-thousand years of Christian social teaching on this issue:

A billboard outside a Brisbane church has sparked outrage ahead of the same-sex marriage vote. The Bellbowrie Community Church posted the sign: “God designed marriage between a man & a woman”. It was condemned on social media, and critics took to the church’s Facebook page to object.
“Hopefully there are churches in the area that cater to ALL Christians and not just the ones who fit in the narrow minded view of this “Church of God”. I’m sure Christ would be very disappointed in your view of Christianity,” one post said. Others started taking to the church’s review section and posting one-star reviews.
“A closed-minded group which overtly discriminates against members of our valued community and their (very reasonable) quest for marriage equality,” one woman wrote. Cartoons of same sex couples and sailors waving rainbow flags were posted in the comments under unrelated posts by the church.

So let me get this straight: now churches cannot even state publicly what the Christian view of marriage is without the haters and frenzied mobs coming out in force? I repeat: if things are this bad now, can you imagine how much worse things will get if faux marriage is legalised here?

And yet the other side keeps pushing the same old mantra that nothing changes when we change marriage. There will be no negative repercussions, they keep insisting. They are lying through their teeth and they know it. As just one of a kazillion examples, just yesterday lesbian activist and sister of Tony Abbott Christine Forster said the same thing.

She claimed on Sky News that homosexual marriage would have zero impact on free speech. She claimed that “there is nothing about changing same-sex marriage laws to allow same-sex couples to marry that will have any impact whatsoever on people’s ability to speak freely about their religion and their beliefs.”

Sure Christine, sure. Try telling that to the guy who just lost his job, or the skywriter facing the wrath of the militants, or the Queensland church subjected to so much hate and abuse. Try telling them their ability to express their beliefs – whether religious or not – will not be put at risk.



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Rosie O’Donnell’s ex-partner commits suicide. So much for “Love is Love”.

Michelle Rounds, the ex-partner of lesbian TV show host Rosie O’Donnell, has committed suicide. Sad though this is, it underlines that the homosexual community, with its high rates of suicide, drug-abuse, violence and relationship instability, is not a good place for children to be brought up. Michelle and O’Donnell called their relationship a “marriage” but just calling it that did not turn it into one. It lasted only two years and the child they adopted is now bereaved and bereft. If there was so much “Love” in the LGBT world, how come this sad woman, after repeated attempts, took her own life?

Rosie O’Donell’s ex-wife has committed suicide according to TMZ.

Michelle Rounds was found deceased in her home after she reportedly took her own life on Monday, the first day of National Suicide Prevention Week.

She was just 46. 

The couple began dating in 2011 and were married in June of the following year before splitting in 2014 and divorcing two years later.

It was just a few months after their private ceremony back in 2012 that the couple adopted their daughter Dakota, who is now 4 and lives with O’Donnell. 

Rounds previously attempted suicide in September of 2015, with a friend having security at the hotel her ex was staying at kick down the door to prevent her from taking her own life.

‘I am saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy. Mental illness is a very serious issue affecting many families. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle’s family, her wife Krista and their child,’ said O’Donnell in a statement.

Rounds had never publicly revealed that she remarried or had a child, with O’Donnell using he statement to break that news.

Scroll down for video 

Tragedy: Michelle Rounds was found dead inside her home after committing suicide on Monday at the age of 46 (Rounds and O'Donnell above in 2014)


Tragedy: Michelle Rounds was found dead inside her home after committing suicide on Monday at the age of 46 (Rounds and O’Donnell above in 2014)

Happy days: Rounds was the adoptive mother of O'Donnell's youngest daughter Dakota, 4, but lost custody of the girl in 2015 (Rounds and O'Donnell above with Dakota in January 2014) 


Happy days: Rounds was the adoptive mother of O’Donnell’s youngest daughter Dakota, 4, but lost custody of the girl in 2015 (Rounds and O’Donnell above with Dakota in January 2014) 

Tribute: O'Donnell also posted a drawing done by the couple's daughter Dakota on Friday in which the girl wrote about how much she loved her mother


Tribute: O’Donnell also posted a drawing done by the couple’s daughter Dakota on Friday in which the girl wrote about how much she loved her mother

O’Donnell also posted a drawing done by the couple’s daughter Dakota on Friday in which the girl wrote about how much she loved her mother.

It is unclear if that was a reference to O’Donnell or Rounds. 

A source revealed to that Rounds’ 2015 suicide attempt occurred shortly after she lost custody of the couple’s daughter Dakota.

The incident also came just one week after released exclusive photos of O’Donnell and her then-girlfriend Tatum O’Neal enjoying a romantic getaway at the television host’s West Palm Beach mansion.

The photos showed the lovebirds laying by the pool and enjoying some time on the water in O’Donnell’s boat while relaxing at the newly purchased $4.975million mansion.

A source revealed to that Rounds' 2015 suicide attempt occurred shortly after she lost custody of the couple's daughter Dakota


A source revealed to that Rounds’ 2015 suicide attempt occurred shortly after she lost custody of the couple’s daughter Dakota

O’Donnell and O’Neal were both in need of downtime as they recovered from health scares at that time, with O’Donnell having a minor heart procedure in New York at the beginning of that month and Tatum going under the knife for a second operation on her knee in Los Angeles.

‘Now I’m clean and aware and alive and interested in the world, saying: “Dating women is exciting to me, and this is turning me on,” Tatum told Harper’s Bazaar at the time.

‘I dated in the heterosexual world up until about four years ago, when I started thinking about dating women — just thinking about it.’

The pair’s not-so-secret relationship proved to be too much for O’Donnell’s estranged wife however according to sources.

It was around that time when Rounds locked herself in her hotel room and ‘took some pills and drank wine’ according to an insider with knowledge of the situation.

O’Donnell did her best to help Rounds after the incident according to another source, and even let her see their child despite being granted full custody.

‘She’s bending over backwards and won’t try to prevent Rounds from seeing Dakota,’ said the source.

The source also said that Rounds’ behavior had been erratic around that time, adding that she wanted O’Donnell back and was jealous of her new relationship with O’Neal.

‘Basically, Michelle is deeply in love with Rosie and wants her back. She hopes it can still happen,’ said the source.

‘It hasn’t been an easy time for Michelle with Rosie stepping out with her new girlfriend and losing custody of Dakota to her.’   



Caffinated in love: The pair’s whirlwind romance started in the summer of 2011, when Rosie approached the corporate headhunter in a Starbucks because she thought Rounds’ puppy was cute

Tough time: Rounds previously attempted to commit suicide in 2015 with pills and wine, but was saved when a friend had security kick down the door to her hotel room (l to r: Blake, Vivienne, O'Donnell, Rounds, Chelsea and a friend at a Broadway show in 2014)


Tough time: Rounds previously attempted to commit suicide in 2015 with pills and wine, but was saved when a friend had security kick down the door to her hotel room (l to r: Blake, Vivienne, O’Donnell, Rounds, Chelsea and a friend at a Broadway show in 2014)

The pair’s whirlwind romance started in the summer of 2011, when Rosie approached the corporate headhunter in a Starbucks because she thought Rounds’ puppy was cute. 

Rounds and O’Donnell were engaged by December of that year and married in June 2012 in a private ceremony after Rounds tried to get pregnant and Rosie suffered a heart attack.

In January 2013 they announced they had adopted a baby girl following Rounds’ battle with desmoid tumors.

The custody of the couple’s adopted daughter Dakota was the central issue during their divorce proceedings.

Rounds had requested sole custody initially claiming she was a more attentive parent.

She also argued that O’Donnell should be subject to drug tests because of her excessive drinking and marijuana usage.

Rounds maintained through it all that she was not looking to profit by dragging out the proceedings, claiming that she had plenty of money thanks to her own career success.

O’Donnell also has four older children: sons Blake and Parker and daughters Chelsea and Vivienne.  

Chelsea, whose other adopted mother is O’Donnell’s former wife Kelli Carpenter, ran away from home at 17 to move in with an heroin addict and his family. 

She was returned home by police after O’Donnell revealed that the girl had left home, but once she turned 18 she decided to move out again and go live with her birth mother.

Chelsea, 19, is now married and living in Long Island with her husband. 

Vivienne is Carpenter’s biological child who was conceived with a donor during her marriage to O’Donnell. 

To speak to a skilled, trained counselor, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1 800 273 8255

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'Roseanne' Reboot Promotes Transgender Agenda

ABC recently announced a reboot of “Roseanne” that features most of the same characters from the original show and a few new ones – primarily, the young children of on-screen couple Darlene and David (played by Sarah Gilbert and Johnny Galecki). The new “Roseanne,” airing in 2018, has decided to feature the gender fluidity issue. Reports have said that one of Darlene and David’s two children, 9-year-old Mark, will be“gender creative.” The casting notice obtained by Fox News describes the character as “sensitive” and “effeminate.” Mark “displays qualities of both male and female young child traits,” according to the casting call.

Unfortunately, the age of Roseanne’s grandchildren may attract young viewers, so the victims of this outrageous program are the young cast members, not to mention any child who views the show. The sexualization and moral corruption of these children is child exploitation at its worst. No child should be introduced to the experience of mental disorders.

Neither “Roseanne” nor ABC are strangers to controversial storylines. The original series aired from 1988-1997. The show first made headlines when it featured a lesbian kissing scene.

This new series will inevitably be celebrated by the LGBT community, as the 9-year-old is the first “gender non-binary” character to appear on network TV.

This will only be the beginning unless we speak up. Consider that the original “Roseanne’s” most controversial move was once a kiss between two women – that’s sadly a common scene on network television today.

Placing gender fluid and non-binary characters in mainstream television shows is the next step in normalizing a culture that dissociates a person’s biological gender from their “gender identity.”

DNA proves a female is female and a male is male. There is no gray area here and no such thing as “gender fluid.” Confusing young viewers and child cast members with gender dysphoria is destructive. ABC is glorifying gender dysphoria, also known as gender identity disorder, and using a child to promote this mental disorder.

( describes gender dysphoria as a psychological condition marked by a significant emotional distress and impairment in life functioning, caused by lack of congruence between gender identity and biological sex assigned at birth.)

Click on link to sign our petition stating you will not be watching “Roseanne” since the show is promoting gender dysphoria and purposefully confuses children.

Source: – ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Promotes Transgender Agenda

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The “YES” Case

Today in The Australian, Paul Kelly brilliantly articulates ‘Why [the] YES case is shoddy’.

No article better explains how politicians are wilfully misleading voters when it comes to changing the Marriage Act.


With the Yes case positioned to win the postal plebiscite, it is more important than ever the misleading and false claims of its advocates — that there is no religious issue at stake — be confronted and the ramifications put on the table.

These claims are made by senior Coalition and Labor politicians. Indeed, it seems they think rejection of the religious argument is fundamental to the success of their campaign. This is alarming because it implies the Yes case depends on persuading the public of a false proposition.

The government and parliament, despite years of emotional debate, declined to address the wider religious freedom question. The political class engaged instead in a great pretence: that the only such issue concerned the wedding ceremony and protections in the Marriage Act for clergy and celebrants, an extremely narrow view of religious freedom.

Given legalisation of same-sex marriage means the laws of the state and laws of most religions will be brought into direct conflict over society’s most essential institution, the one certainty is ongoing legal and political trench warfare over the balance between acceptance of the samesex marriage norm and the scope for freedom of belief and religion.

There is a litany of examples from the overseas experience. Fatuous remarks that “the world hasn’t come to an end” in countries that have legislated same-sex marriage are just that — and designed to deceive.

Having refused to confront the issue the advocates of the Yes case now get agitated and selfrighteous when it has become an issue in the plebiscite. This was inevitable. While some aspects of the No case are obnoxious, its warnings about religious freedoms risks are entirely valid. What matters is that the many highly intelligent political champions of the Yes case are trapped: they are selling a shoddy intellectual bill of goods and many of them know it.

The first point is that religious freedom guarantees in this country are inadequate. This was agreed and documented in February’s Senate select committee report. Unlike many Western nations, Australia has no statutory expression of a stand-alone right to religious freedom. There are far greater legal protections in relation to sexual orientation than in relation to religious belief.

This is an anomaly given that under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights freedom of religion is an inviolable right. The risk now is our parliament undermining Australia’s commitment to the ICCPR.

Evidence presented to the Senate committee shows that statutory protection of religious belief is weak both in federal law and a number of states. It mainly exists as “exemptions” from anti-discrimination law. The Anglican Diocese of Sydney made the obvious point to the committee that this failed to treat freedom of belief and religion as a fundamental human right. Marriage Alliance said: “We submit that religious freedom is a fundamental human right (and) that framing a debate in terms of exemptions misunderstands this fact.”

There was strong support in submissions for parliament to leg islate to enshrine religious guarantees as a protected attribute in federal anti-discrimination law. This is the pivotal point. The committee unanimously agreed there was a “need to enhance current protections for religious freedom”. The Human Rights Law Centre said: “Religious freedom should be protected in law. Indeed, we are on record in a number of inquiries supporting the addition of religious belief to protections under federal anti-discrimination law.”

Committee chairman Liberal David Fawcett warned that “if Australia is to remain a plural, tolerant society where different views are valued and legal” then such action on religious freedom is essential. What was the reaction of the Turnbull government and Labor to the Senate report?

It varied between disregard and contempt. The reason is apparent — politics. Labor has abandoned any interest in addressing the inadequacy of religious protection laws with its embrace of the LGBTI cause. As for the Coalition, the story is the weakness of its conservative caucus. The deeper point is the churches are vulnerable and the politicians know it.

The lamentable situation was summarised by the University of Sydney’s Patrick Parkinson: “There have been numerous bills introduced into parliament to enact same-sex marriage over the last few years and what has been common to most of them has been a minimalist protection for freedom of conscience.”

The second core conclusion is that this battle over rights will continue after same-sex marriage is legislated. In Denmark the Lutheran Church has had its rights restricted. The Swedish PM has said priests should no more be allowed to refuse to marry same-sex couples than medical professionals should be exempt from abortion procedures. The Speaker of the British House of Commons says “proper equal marriage” won’t happen until the churches are compelled to obey by law. Australian Greens formally say they want the religious exemptions in anti-discrimination law to be wound back. Many in the ALP left have the same view.

We are being put on notice. You would have to be politically blind to deny the reality (an option many politicians have deliberately chosen). The post-same-sex marriage battle is already under way. This is because while many people genuinely see same-sex marriage as an issue of non-discrimination, this was never its essence. It is an ideological cause seeking fundamental changes in Western society, laws and norms. It will continue apace after the law is changed.

Marriage equality is an ideology and ideologies, by nature, do not settle for compromise victories. As Benjamin Law says in Quarterly Essay: Moral Panic 101: “It might be stating the obvious but same-sex marriage is far from the final frontier in the battle against homophobia.” The struggle will continue — in schools and in institutions. Law says the two biggest LGBTI issues are Safe Schools and same-sex marriage.

He says Safe Schools is “supposed to discomfort people” by up-ending how we see gender and sexuality. He talks about exploding accepted norms with queer theory, inviting “people to reconsider why anyone should be obliged to identify as female or male at all”. The aim is to introduce Safe Schools across the country and make it compulsory.

The pretence by Yes case politicians that the plebiscite has no consequences for the Safe Schools program treats us like fools. Legislation of same-sex marriage will tilt the scales decisively in this struggle between sexual rights and religious freedom. This legal and cultural change will influence decision-makers everywhere — public servants, corporates, media and educational institutions.

The churches will remain a prime target and the fact their protections are weak makes them highly vulnerable once the assault gains momentum.

The Yes case bases its campaign on human rights but misses the exquisite irony that you cannot cherry-pick human rights and keep your integrity. As Parkinson said, consistency of principle means those who justify their campaign on human rights need to give proper consideration to how rights can be balanced.

That hasn’t happened in Australia, not even remotely. Every sign is Australia will legalise same-sex marriage devoid of any serious attention to religious freedom issues and, as a result, religious protections will be exposed and sacrificed.

The politicians are doing this because they think they can get away with it. They are entitled to that judgment. What they are not entitled to is a gross deception. The assurances they give on religious protection are worthless — their inaction proves that. People, regardless of how it affects their vote, need to know the reality.

Paul Kelly, The Australian

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LGBT’s War on Freedom in Australia (and everywhere else)

The LBGT movement has declared an all-out war on freedom and is showing its true, ugly authoritarian colours in the battle to force same-sex “marriage” on Australia.

There have already been two votes and the result was No!  But the pests come back time after time and with their almost unlimited funding from prostitution, porn and drugs they are determined to go on battering away until they force their will on democracy.

BERNARD GAYNOR reports from the battle front

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Free speech in Australia under heavy threat over homosexuality

 Free speech is under siege. Everywhere we look, there’s a new attack on the rights and liberties of Australian citizens. In the same-sex marriage postal vote, gay-left militants are showing their true colours.

For them, “marriage equality” is not about love and tolerance.  It’s part of a spiteful obsession to get their own way in life, wiping out contrary points of view.  Instead of debating the issue, freely and openly, their preferred tactic is authoritarianism: vilifying, bullying and boycotting anyone who disagrees with them.

If a doctor like Pansy Lai says she believes in traditional man-woman marriage, they try to have her thrown out of the medical profession. If two parliamentarians have a civil debate about the Marriage Act, hosted by a beer manufacturer like Coopers, the militant tendency tries to close down the company. If parents organise a meeting at their local church to discuss the education of their children and Safe Schools program, as they did in Brisbane last Thursday night, gay-left protesters try to block them from entering the building.

Is this a forerunner to the type of division and intimidation that will dominate Australian politics if the Yes vote succeeds?

A nation where anyone who chooses not to worship at the altar of homosexuality and gender fluidity will be run out of town?

I fear for the Christian cake-makers and tailors who chose not to be involved in gay and transgender marriage ceremonies. In the United States, with the passage of “marriage equality”, these small businesspeople have been attacked and demonised — fighting all the way to the Supreme Court to defend their rights.

The only way to stop a similar reign of terror in Australia is to vote down the postal ballot.

The Turnbull government is not proposing to legislate to protect the religious freedoms of these people.

The only practical freedom for Christians and conservatives is the freedom of gay marriage never coming into law.

If gay-left militancy and legal inconsistency weren’t bad enough, last month there was a third strike against free speech in Australia.

The High Court refused to hear Major Bernard Gaynor’s appeal against his unfair dismissal from the Australian Army.

In June 2013, Gaynor received a notice from the Chief of the Defence Force David Hurley, confirming his sacking on the grounds of “intolerance of homosexuals, transgender persons and women” that were “contrary to (Defence’s) policies and cultural change program”.

As a political activist, in his private time, Gaynor had made a series of contentious statements — most notably, that he would not allow gays to teach his children at school. This is not something with which I agree, but so what. They are Gaynor’s children, not mine or anyone else’s.

As a father he has the right to decide what’s best for his family. Having outlined his views publicly, they should have been seen as an exercise in parental belief and free speech.

Hurley acknowledged that Gaynor “was not on duty, in uniform or performing any service for the Army at the time of the comments”.

He also said Gaynor had “interacted with male and female Defence members in a cordial and respectful manner in the workplace”. Gaynor was a decorated war hero, having served in Iraq. He hadn’t done anything other than articulate political opinions consistent with his Christian faith and parental responsibilities.

Yet he was out on his ear.

After two years of court action and huge personal expense, the High Court ended Gaynor’s matter by not even hearing it.

It’s like the old line about homosexuality: I don’t care what they do, as long as they don’t make it compulsory.

In today’s ADF, it is compulsory, even in one’s private life, to gushingly support same-sex and transgender relationships. How is this relevant to national security? It’s another politically correct distraction from the core responsibilities of government.

Australia urgently needs a Free Speech Act. Twenty years ago, in the Lange case, the High Court declared that Australians enjoyed the “implied rights” of freedom of political speech. As our constitution is based on a vigorous parliamentary democracy, we need to be able to debate issues without censorship or punishment.

Yet in Gaynor’s case the High Court ignored this principle. If it won’t defend its own precedents for free speech, Parliament must legislate instead.



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