Pro-family activists hit Mass. State House to stop “bathroom bill”

There have been months of lobbying by LGBT groups and shameless promotion in the mainstream media for the transgender “bathroom bill,” H1577, now before the Massachusetts Legislature, with mostly sporadic pushback by various (other) family groups.

But this week some cold water was poured on that madness in the State House, as the MassResistance pro-family blitz took place. Our goal: Cut through the political correctness, tell the unvarnished truth, and demand that the politicians not inflict such insanity on people, particularly women and children.

Last week the pro-LGBT House Speaker, Robert DeLeo, told the press that he has started “polling” the 160 House members on the bill. He believes has enough votes to pass it. But he said that when he has enough votes to overturn a possible veto by the Governor, he will bring the bill to the House floor. We realized it was time to act. […]

Source: Pro-family activists hit Mass. State House to stop “bathroom bill”

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