Trump hopes for reversal on same-sex-marriage – POLITICO


This should have NEVER gone to the courts. It should have remained a states issue and let the people decide. Prop 8 didn’t pass but the queers forced this crap on us. Queers used ever bully tacit they could think of when they didn’t get their way. The people never wanted same sex marriage but the queers was going to have it their way or else. Lets pray this thing get put back in the closet from which it came. <ADMIN>


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday that he disagrees with the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage and hopes that it could be changed in the future.

“It has been ruled upon. It has been there. If I’m elected I would be very strong in putting certain judges on the bench that maybe could change thing, but they have a long way to go,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I disagree with the court in that it should have been a states’ rights issue.”

Trump has been appealing to conservative voters in Iowa during the last week and has increased his push to get voters to the caucuses on Monday night after a DesMoines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll showed him leading the race by 5 percentage points.

During the interview, which was taped on Saturday night, Trump also said he was very happy with the level of evangelical support he’s gotten in the state of Iowa.

“I’m probably more honored when I hear that stat than when I see I’m winning the poll,” he said.

Source: Trump hopes for reversal on same-sex-marriage – POLITICO

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Churches Shocked to Find Graffiti That Says ‘Crucify’ Those Who Vote Against Gay Marriage

Can’t imagine why they should be so shocked….unless they, like so many others, believe all is well in la la land. Saw this same mess with Prop. 8.

“Yep, went through the exact same thing here. In the aftermath of Prop 8 churches were vandalized, people assaulted, death threats made. That is how they roll.”


At least two churches in Australia have been spray-painted over the weekend with graffiti that says “crucify No voters,” referring to those who vote against gay marriage in the country’s postal vote survey.

Drew Mellor, head pastor of Glen Waverley Anglican Church in Melbourne, revealed that even though he has not told his parishioners how to vote on the issue, his church has been vandalized with signs such as “Vote Yes, bash bigots,” according to Daily Mail Australia.

Nazi swastikas have also been sprayed with an equal sign next to a cross.

“That’s very unsettling for some of our older members of our church this morning,” Mellor said on Sunday.

“Some asked, ‘Does that mean we’re going to be bashed?'”

The pastor rejected the idea that Christians who don’t agree with society’s views on issues are hostile to people.

“It conveys a message that as a Christian church we are intolerant,” he noted.

Mellor added that while he opposes gay marriage, his parish welcomes gay members.

“We certainly have ministry with, long connections with people that would align themselves … personally with the gay community,” he explained.

“We wouldn’t conduct a marriage service for a gay couple … nor would we exclude anyone if they happen to be a gay couple in a marriage relationship.”

Mellor said in further comments to The Australian that he does not want to see the issue divide Australians.

“We have connections with people in communities, both as individuals and staff members with friends that align themselves as gay. We respectfully hold a view that the church leadership hopes to sit alongside people with different views. We never said we expected members to hold a particular view,” he explained.

Waverley Baptist Church, at nearby Wheelers Hill, was also reportedly tagged with signs reading “crucify No voters” over the weekend.

David O’Brien, the senior pastor, said that the graffiti was “disturbing and concerning.”

“It was a shock. I really couldn’t take it seriously,” O’Brien said.

“Some people blame religion and wish to have some measure of payback for what is perceived to have been slights in the past.

“It also shows we live in an era where tolerance is lessening, which is a sadness and a great tragedy of our age.”

In September, an evangelical church in Brisbane was even threatened with being set on fire for posting a billboard defending the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Bellbowrie Community Church Senior Pastor John Gill said at the time that the church has received “physically threatening” and “scary” messages online.

“One of the comments, for example, was a suggestion that people bring petrol down and set the church on fire,” Gill revealed.

The Anglican Diocese of Sydney has donated $780,000 (A$1 million) to defend traditional marriage, warning of “irreparable consequences” should the country choose to legalize gay marriage.

Archbishop Glenn Davies said in his presidential address last week:

“I believe that a change in the definition of marriage is unwarranted, not just because it is in opposition to the teaching of Scripture and our Lord himself in Matthew 19, but because I believe marriage, traditionally understood as a union of one man and one woman, is a positive good for our society, where marriage and the procreation of children are bound together as the foundational fabric of our society, notwithstanding the sad reality that not all married couples are able to conceive.”

He also warned of “irreparable consequences for our society, for our freedom of speech, our freedom of conscience and freedom of religion” if the definition of marriage changes.

Source: Churches Shocked to Find Graffiti That Says ‘Crucify’ Those Who Vote Against Gay Marriage

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While this doesn’t really have anything to do with queers perse…it does show how ignorant Hollyweird really is. Please bear in mind that queers like to use the same scripture….”Judge not lest you be judged” (Matthew 7:1). I’ve heard it for so many years that unless people understand what they are saying, they are simply using it to try and silence any opposition to their narrative. <ADMIN>

Look Who's Judging Now

There sure is a lot of judging going on in New York and Hollywood right now. Places that pride themselves on non-judgmentalism. Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been accused of – and admitted to – sexually harassing and physically assaulting actresses and other women for decades. Many are saying it was an open secret in the movie business. Weinstein may not be a household name, but he is considered one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. It took a few days, but Hollywood liberals have now taken to social media to openly judge Weinstein’s actions as wrong.  A lot of people are calling him a pig, a monster, and worse. That’s right, these secular progressives who don’t believe in judging are on their moral high horse.

I have often said that the favorite Bible verse of those who don’t believe the Bible is Matthew 7:1 where Jesus says: “Judge not, that you be not judged.” As with most verses in the Scripture, it’s helpful to read the before and after so that the meaning is in proper context. Read in context, it is clear that Jesus is warning against self-righteousness and hypocrisy. He is not preaching sexual freedom. But in popular culture, what happens to this idea of not judging is that whenever a Christian points out that a certain behavior is immoral or sinful according to the Bible, then that person or group of people is immediately attacked by those who don’t believe the Bible, and called “self-righteous” or “religious fanatics.” And who isn’t against self-righteousness? It’s one of the most off-putting personality traits someone can have. People who practice self-righteousness or a “holier than thou” attitude, usually don’t have many friends. But it is ironic that people who do not believe the Bible to be the final authority on morality do feel the need to point out to people who do how their theology is wrong.

In fact, some of those folks are reading this now and are about to post a message against Tim Wildmon for being a self-righteous man who tries to tell other people how to live. These folks of course will be passing judgment on me declaring that I should not be passing judgment when really I haven’t passed any judgment at all in this particular column.  I have only written about the issue of passing judgment. So if you are going to post a message about Tim Wildmon passing judgment please wait until the next column when I really will be passing judgment on someone I’m sure. Probably Democrats. But I digress…

If you think about it, it’s really not judging that people have a problem with.  It’s judging negatively. For example, no one gets upset when someone says something complimentary about another’s behavior, even though by doing so, they have passed judgment. But it’s a judgment of affirmation. No, it’s only when they say something of disapproval that the offended party then comes back with “Quit judging me!”

The truth is that the Bible, including the teachings of Jesus, is full of judgment. It tells us what is good and what is evil. It tells us what is right and what is wrong. It tells us what is moral and what is immoral. It tells us what to practice and what to shun. If you don’t want to be accountable for your life and your behavior, it’s best to avoid the Bible. And many do so for that very reason.

Every day the goal of Christians should be to obey and live out what the Bible teaches both inwardly and outwardly. Sometimes we will fail because, as long as we are here on earth, we have to contend with the war between the spirit and the flesh. It is unnatural to deny the flesh, so by the grace of God we have to discipline ourselves to submit to God’s will. It’s also called self-control. This is a day to day process. This is also why humility is so important. Humility is the opposite of arrogance or self-righteousness, which brings us back to judging. We are all capable of doing bad things, sometimes very bad things.  For that reason we should be careful not to think too highly of ourselves and pray-lest we also fall into sin ourselves.

Micah 6:8 says: “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

I judge that as a good verse on which to end this column.

Source: – Look Who’s Judging Now

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Bishop’s LGBT Agenda Provokes Ongoing Tensions in Missouri

Bishop’s LGBT Agenda Provokes Ongoing Tensions in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. ( – In Missouri, Bp. John Gaydos’ commitment to a pro-gay diocesan measure continues to stoke tensions in the diocese of Jefferson City.

On October 7, Catholics from across the Show-Me State gathered in Jefferson City to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Missouri Catholic Conference.

The celebration was a momentous affair, featuring prelates Abp. Christophe Pierre, papal nuncio to the United States, and St. Louis Abp. Robert J. Carlson, in addition to Bp. Gaydos.

Meanwhile, roughly two dozen faithful Catholics came together to pray the Rosary outside St. Joseph Cathedral during the commemoration’s closing Mass. The vigil was organized as an appeal to Bp. Gaydos, the architect of a radical shift in diocesan policy shift toward accommodation of active homosexuality. […]

Source: Bishop’s LGBT Agenda Provokes Ongoing Tensions in Missouri

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University Gives Job to Mentally Ill Trannie Man

You pay a fortune to go to college, and unless your parents are multi-millionaires, you run up enough  debts to last you a lifetime. The least you can expect is that you will be taught by sane people, but no! The universities are hiring a bunch of crazy, morally bent and mentally ill people to teach degree courses. Oxford University hired a trannie called Erin Sheperd who thought he was a woman to lecture in Chemistry. 

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. It is a delusion and indulging it does not solve the problem. Taking artificial hormones and having surgery don’t turn you into the opposite sex, but they may aggravate the sufferings of an already disturbed person. Being accepted as a “woman” did not solve Erin’s problems and he committed suicide in January 2017. RIP. God have mercy on his soul.

Sad though this is, it was wrong to hire him. Students should be taught by stable people who can provide a positive role model of moral and responsible behaviour. Policy needs to change. Universities should hire only lecturers free from mental health issues. 

LGBT is a disaster.


A recent inquest has revealed that a transgender Oxford academic at Corpus Christi died by suicide in January 2017.

Erin Shepherd had just started work as a paid academic in Corpus Christi College chemistry department, having recently come out to friends and family as transgender.

“The university’s statement praised Erin as an “outstanding chemist” whose death has “greatly saddened” her friends.”

Erin’s doctor, Richard Baskerville, wrote that “she had recently come out as transgender. She had an extensive circle of friends and was pleased with her progress in transitioning. Her death was a sudden and tragic event.”

The university’s statement praised Erin as an “outstanding chemist” whose death has “greatly saddened” her friends.

This news follows on from OUSU’s most recent welfare report, released in 2015, which suggested that LGBTQ students were almost twice as likely to feel anxious most or all of the time, and were significantly more likely to feel overwhelmed by university life. [ Of course, because they’re disturbed, deranged people with a bunch of  mental health issues.]

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Heartless Queer Couple Steal Cancer Sufferer’s Savings

Oh those lovable “gay” people, aren’t they just so delightful – in their own opinion? Always primping and posing expecting admiration when the fact is they’re really thoroughly selfish and disgusting. Wait for them to find a way of blaming this on homophobia!

Homosexual couple stole 80-year-old cancer sufferer’s £6,000 life savings

A HEARTLESS gay couple stole a terminally ill pensioner’s life savings and blew it on weekends away, luxury spas and buying a pair of French bulldogs.

Aaron Ryan and Nathan RobertsFAC

Aaron Ryan and Nathan Roberts stole £6,100 of a pensioner’s life savings

Aaron Ryan took advantage of frail Doreen Kelday, 80, after being employed to help care for the horses at her remote family farm.

Out of kindness, Mrs Kelday and daughter Paula Croft, 49, allowed Ryan, 32, to move into the annexe on the farm in Driffield, east Yorks, with his partner Nathan Roberts.

But instead of repaying the cancer sufferer’s generosity, the pair plundered her £6,100 savings.

When the theft was discovered, after bank statements were found stashed in a car on the farm, suspicion first fell on Ms Croft, Hull Crown Court heard.

Hull Crown CourtGOOGLE

Ryan and Roberts both admitted theft and Ryan was jailed for a year at Hull Crown Court

She had permission to use her mother’s bank card for payments and withdrawals and had kept a note of the card’s PIN number.

But in August 2015 detectives investigating found that Ryan and Roberts, 25, had managed to get their hands on the card and PIN to embark on a illicit spending spree.

Lisa McCormick, prosecuting, said Ryan gained access to the family’s locked mailbox on the pretext he had a “shadow on the brain” and was expecting medical correspondence.

The couple stole between £200 and £300 at a time, covering their tracks by hiding the bank statements, the court was told.

Ryan and Roberts both admitted theft and Ryan was jailed for a year.

Roberts, who played a lesser role, received a suspended eight-month sentence with 150 hours unpaid work and was ordered to pay his victim £2,000 compensation. 

Nathan RobertsFACEBOOK

Nathan (left) received a suspended eight-term sentence with 150 hours unpaid work

Sentencing, Judge Mark Bury told the pair: “It wasn’t as if you needed the money – you didn’t – you wanted it to fund a better lifestyle.

That was pure greed on your part. You realised if you could keep the bank statements away from the family the chances of you being caught were slim.

“This, in my view, did involve significant planning and a degree of sophistication, because you had first to actually obtain the card and then work to avoid detection.”

Following Monday’s hearing, Mrs Kelday said: “I feel hurt. “We were kind to them and I couldn’t believe they could do this. We trusted them.”

Ms Croft added: “We did everything for these people…treated them like really good friends. It has devastated our lives.

“We are reluctant to get people we don’t know in as carers even though my mum is really, really ill.

“They would go on posh spa breaks, they bought two French bulldogs and Aaron started having more and more time off going to fancy hotels.

“He told us he got the money from his grandfather’s inheritance. We hope this shames them into never doing anything like it again.”

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Homosexual Adoption – A Failed Experiment. Matthew and Craig Scully-Hicks.

“Father” accused of murdering baby daughter a fortnight after adopting her

 Matthew Scully-Hicks is accused of killing his adopted daughter CREDIT: WALES NEWS SERVICE

fitness instructor who gave up his job to look after his adopted daughter, murdered her while his “husband” was at work, a court has heard.

Medical tests found that Elsie suffered bleeding on both sides of the brain, had several broken ribs, a fractured left femur and a fractured skull.

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, killed 18-month-old Elsie, in May 2016, just two weeks after formally adopting her with husband Craig Scully-Hicks, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

Elsie had moved in with the couple at their south Wales home in September 2015, but within days Mr Scully-Hicks, a part time fitness instructor, began sending messages to friends indicating he was struggling to cope.

In one message police found on his iPad, he even described the infant as “Satan dressed up in a baby grow”, the jury heard.

In another message he wrote: “I’m going through hell with Elsie Mealtimes and bedtime are like my worst nightmare at the moment.

“She’s been up there screaming for 10 minutes non stop. She’s just stopped but I doubt that’s the last I’ll hear tonight.”

That evening he also sent a message to “husband” Craig calling the baby “a psycho.”

Neighbours also told the police they heard Mr Scully-Hicks screaming abuse at the child and telling her to “shut up”.

On May 25 last year, just a fortnight after the adoption was finalised, Wales Ambulance Service received a 999 call from the defendant, reporting that his daughter was unresponsive.

She received first aid from the paramedics before being taken to the University Hospital of Wales, where she died in the early hours of May 29.

Paul Lewis prosecuting said Mr Scully-Hicks had “assaulted, abused and ultimately murdered” the little girl, who ought to have been safe in his care. He said: “We allege that his attack on her on that day was not the first time that he had employed violence towards Elsie, nor was it the first time that he had caused her serious injury.

“We allege that his actions on the late afternoon or evening of May 25 were the tragic culmination of a course of violence conduct on his part towards a defenceless child – an infant that he should have loved and protected, but whom he instead assaulted, abused and ultimately murdered.

The court was told that Mr Scully-Hicks met his “husband” while living in Swindon, Wiltshire, in 2006 and the couple moved to Cardiff around five years later.  They “married” in Portugal in August 2012 and applied to become adopters later that year.


The couple agreed that Mr Scully-Hicks would give up full-time work to care for any children, with his husband continuing with his job as a company director.

Elsie was removed from her natural mother, a drug user, within days of her birth in November 2014, the court heard. She was placed in the care of Vale of Glamorgan Council and later went to live with the Mr Scully-Hicks and his husband in September 2015, aged 10 months. The couple formally adopted Elsie on May 12 2016.

Mr Lewis said: “Within two weeks of Elsie’s formal adoption by the couple, we allege that the defendant had inflicted fatal injuries upon her.”

In November 2015, Elsie suffered an injury to her leg, while his “husband” was at work and the following month she sustained bruises to her head and hand.

On both occasions the court heard, Mr Sully-Hicks, offered differing explanations for the injuries to his “husband” and to doctors.

On January 18, Elsie was taken to hospital in an ambulance, after Mr Scully-Hicks claimed she had fallen downstairs while he was sorting out some washing.

The jury was told that on May 25, Mr Scully-Hicks took Elsie and her adoptive sibling to a playgroup at a children’s centre.

At 6.18pm they were back at home when he called the Welsh Ambulance Service, reporting that Elsie was not awake or breathing. He told the operator: “I was just changing my daughter for bed and she went all floppy and limp.”

During the 999 call, lasting eight minutes and 22 seconds, Mr Scully-Hicks could be heard saying “oh my God” and “this is horrible”.

Paramedics and police who attended the scene found Elsie not breathing and in cardiac arrest. Her ventilator was turned off in the early hours of May 29 and she died later that day.

Mr Scully-Hicks denies one charge of murder and the trial is expected to last for five weeks.

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Transgender Boy Named Homecoming King At New Public School, Says God Saved Him From Christian School – America News

The liberal left has firmly adopted the position that gender doesn’t matter. Gender is fluid and anyone can be anything they want as long as that’s how they feel on the inside. If you’re a male high school student who feels like a girl then the entire school must treat you like a girl or they are bigots.  It’s a pretty remarkable display of intolerance when you think about it. The typical “my way or the highway” mentality that we see so often on the left.

In Maine, a recent standoff between a Christian school and a teenage girl who wants to be accepted as a man is getting national attention for a variety of reasons. The primary reason? It’s an opportunity for the left to bash Christians.

Here’s the first part of the story. Basically, this transgender boy claims that he was forced to transfer to a public school because his Christian school didn’t love the idea that he was a girl pretending to be a boy.  Christian schools usually frown upon that whole scene. So, the student transferred to public school.

From WCHS6:

A transgender boy from Lebanon is settling into his new life in public school – after he says he was asked to leave his Christian high school because of his gender identity.

“It felt brutal to me,” said Stiles Zuschlag. “I can’t believe I grew up under you. I looked up to you and now you’re pushing me away like a problem. Like I’m a disease.”

That’s how he felt when he says he was asked to leave Tri City Christian Academy in Somersworth, NH. NEWS CENTER reached out to TCCA for a comment or clarification on the matter on both Monday and Tuesday mornings, but as of Tuesday afternoon had still not received any response.

That’s par for the course in 2017, huh?

The story gets even more unhinged from there.

Zuschlag was named Homeking King at the new public school.

From The Daily Wire:

Transferring to Noble High School, roughly seven miles away, Zuschlag said she decided to nominate herself as possible royalty “as a joke,” adding, “I asked on Snapchat as a joke to put me in and people actually did it. I didn’t really expect them to. I still can’t believe they did that for me … After I won at the homecoming game, I almost started crying. My friends all put me in, people I didn’t even know put me in, everyone voted for me on the final ballot.”

Apparently, this guy/girl is convinced that God “saved” him/her.

Zuschlag told HuffPo that God saved her from the Christian school:

I’ve been degraded so much in the past, I’ve conformed to other people’s beliefs and standards just to make them happy and comfortable. I’ve put myself in situations really hurtful to my mental health just to keep peace. God forced me out of that situation, that school, knowing that my mental health was far more important than my education. The only reason I stayed at the school for so long was for my education, for my GPA, and to just learn about God. But I was also dying there mentally and I suffered a lot. God took me away from that to help me be a better person, to breathe again, to be happy again. I’m so grateful He did that for me.


It is odd how liberals have decided to pick and choose when to believe in science and when not to. There are two genders. That’s an indisputable fact. Any conversation past that is denying basic scientific principles.

Do what you want with your life. If you want to live your life as something other than what you biologically are then go for it. However, it is pretty outrageous to demand that everyone else play along with you and then pretend that Christians are backward for telling you to pump the brakes when you are paying to attend a Christian private school.

This seems to be the way things are going in 2017.

Very strange.

Source: Transgender Boy Named Homecoming King At New Public School, Says God Saved Him From Christian School – America News

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CO MassResistance confronting porn targeting schoolchildren

Almost all parents are completely unaware of the pornography that schools are making available to their children. Colorado MassResistance is exposing it!

Our Colorado MassResistance chapter has been very active! (There’s so much that we’ll summarize it here, and then follow up with in-depth reports.)

Since our big exposé back in February, Colorado MassResistance activists have continued to uncover the graphic and sickening pornography (including homosexual pornography) being purposefully made available to children in high schools, middle schools, and public libraries across America. The pornography is generously included in so-called “research” database portals placed in the school and library websites. These portals are regularly used by schools for homework assignments and are referred to in public libraries as “homework” resources. […]

Source: CO MassResistance confronting porn targeting schoolchildren

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Gay Men Adopted and Murdered Girl aged 18 months

A homosexual man is on trial in Wales accused of murdering a baby girl aged 18 months whom he and his partner were (scandalously) allowed to adopt.

Matthew Scully-Hicks

Not only did the child die in the custody of this “gay” couple, but the local authority spent a fortune on a gagging order trying to prevent newspapers from reporting the murderers’ names. Why? Because they are “gay”. The authorities are desperate to conceal the truth that homosexuals are lousy parents, incapable of looking after themselves, let alone a child. Children are in grave danger from same-sex “marriage” and homosexual adoption.

His case was listed for hearing before Mrs Justice Nicola Davies on Friday morning. During the two-hour hearing, the defendant, dressed in a black shirt and pink tie, spoke only to confirm his name and enter his plea.  The prosecution were represented by Paul Lewis QC and the defence by Jonathan Mann QC.  Scully-Hicks, of Pengelly, Delabole, Cornwall, previously appeared before Judge Eleri Rees at Cardiff Crown Court on December 23 for a preliminary hearing.

This is the first time the case has been reported, as restrictions preventing the defendant from being named were lifted on Friday, following a media application.

The defendant was granted bail until his trial, which is due to start on June 12 and is expected to last for around four weeks.

>>When he finally came to trial on Oct 3rd, the case was promptly adjourned again. WHY?

Man accused of murdering 18-month-old adopted daughter has trial …

News › Wales News › Cardiff Crown Court
12 Jun 2017 – The defendant’s trial was listed to begin on Monday at
Cardiff Crown Court but was adjourned by Mrs Justice Nicola Davies
until October 3. Scully-Hicks wore a black suit and did not speak
during the hearing which lasted an hour-and-a-half. … Scully-Hicks,
of Pengelly, Delabole …

In concern to the murder of an adopted baby. – a Freedom of …
3 Jun 2017 – In concern to the murder of an adopted baby. …
involving the murder of an 18-month-old adopted child named as Elsie
Scully-Hicks, akà Shayla … being brought against the alleged
murderer Matthew Scully-Hicks take place?

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