Transgender Nonsense Costs Lives

Trans-symbolAmerica would be mad to enshrine the transgender nonsense in law with Nancy Pelosi’s so-called “Equality Act”.  It should be called the Insanity Act.

Look at this recent case from Canada.

A woman pretended to be a man, yet got pregnant. She had all her ID including her medical records changed to say she was a man, which is a plain lie. No matter how many cross-sex hormones you inject, and how much surgery you have, you cannot change your sex! You can only impersonate the other sex.

This silly woman arrived at hospital calling herself Mr and announced SHE was nine months pregnant, and her waters had already broken. She had had NO pregnancy care or advice for the past nine months, no check-ups for her own health or the baby. 

She had stopped taking testosterone when the insurance policy she was claiming it on expired. She must have had a male partner – guess how we know?

The upshot was that the baby died because there were complications. The whole tragedy could have been avoided with proper pre-natal examinations and a planned caesarean. 

Now the stupid journalists of the Vancouver Sun are blaming the hospital instead of the stupid perverse woman – whom they keep on and on calling a “man”.

She is not a man. Man means an adult human MALE. Male = XY. Fake it your peril.

Everybody who goes along with the transcult is guilty of that baby’s death.



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Transgender attacked girl, 19, with hammer, because of parking dispute.

Those nice, normal transgender people who you’d never suspect were trans, right?


Trans with hammer

In St Helen’s, Liverpool, England, a man posing as a woman got enraged because of a dispute over a disabled parking space at a KFC. He had parked in it although he was not disabled. When asked not to, he went to the boot of his car, grabbed a hammer and attacked the young woman in her own car. An air ambulance had to be called to deal with the emergency. 

The incident was captured on video by someone with a mobile phone. 

The press reported it as a spat between “two women” and talked of a “hammer threat”. It was a lot more than that, if you look at the video posted on Twitter.

In an argument over a disabled parking space at a Liverpool KFC, a trans woman went to the boot of their car and took out a hammer before attacking a 16 year old girl with it. The media is saying ‘a woman has been arrested’

“TWO women” have been arrested after reports of a car park fight where a woman was in possession of a hammer.

Police were called to Stonedale Retail Park on East Lancs Road, Liverpool on Wednesday, May 8 at around 7.15pm, to reports of an altercation in a car park near to KFC, and threats being made by a woman in possession of a hammer.

READ> New police file not enough to progress investigation into 1980s murder of Whiston schoolboys

55-year-old Carol Lea from Bosworth Road in St Helens has been charged with possessing an offensive weapon in a public place and threatening behaviour and released on conditional bail pending further enquiries.

A 56-year-old woman from St Helens was arrested on suspicion of affray and was cautioned for threatening behaviour.

A third woman, aged 19, was reported as having sustained a head injury, believed to have been from a punch.

She was taken to hospital for assessment.

Witness and CCTV enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact @MerPolCC, call 101 with reference 19100230164 or @CrimestoppersUK anonymously on 0800 555111.

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Colorado School Shooting Suspects are a Homosexual and a Tranny

Devonerickson gay rainbow profile pic

Devon Erickson the gunman who stormed into a STEM school in Denver Colorado last week and shot eight people is a homosexual and gay-rights-activist who hates Christians and President Trump.

His sidekick, Maya alias Alec McKinney is a mixed-up teenage girl who is pretending to be a boy so she can have a “gay” relationship with Devon. Yep, as mad as that.

Devon Erickson and Maya McKinney

The crazy pair together.

This much is clear from their social media postings, which show them together and feature many rants and outbursts against the President and against Christians. 

Erickson and McKinney walked into the school last week shooting other students at random. Eight were injured and one, Kendrick Castillo, died while rushing the gunmen and protecting other classmates from certain death.

Devon Erickson

Devon Erickson will face trial, purple hair and all. McKinney is still a minor and her future is uncertain.

A friend wrote that the two suspects “called for more support for LGBT youth”.  

Yeah. We known what you mean, and you can get lost.

Devon Erickson, 18, and a juvenile identified both as Maya McKinney and Alec McKinney. Appearing in court earlier this week, McKinney’s mother said he identifies as male and is known as Alec. Court records identify McKinney as Maya.

We don’t yet know the nature of the relationship between the two accused shooters.

The incident happened in a STEM school

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Emotions are running high as prosecutors prepare to bring charges against two teens accused of attacking their suburban Denver charter school earlier this week, killing one classmate and injuring eight others.

The pair are due in court Wednesday amid many questions about the shooting, how it was planned, and whether it could have been prevented.

Authorities say the student who died, Kendrick Castillo, saved lives as he and two other students rushed at least one of the shooters. A school security guard is credited by his boss with disarming and confronting the other shooter.

One friend described the pair as struggling with “mental health issues.” The friend wrote on Instagram that Devon “did not do what he did because he’s liberal or to make a statement. He did it due to internal struggles. They’re both struggling with mental health issues and this is a time for awareness. Alec did not do this because he’s trans, but had people supported him in the way that he needed and deserved, he would not have struggled so much that he got pushed over the edge.”


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It’s Not the Equality Act, It’s The Pedophile Protection Act

It’s Not the Equality Act, It’s The Pedophile Protection Act

The hideously misnamed “Equality Act” begins its journey through Congress this week. It’s designed “to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation.” 

Now the 1964 Civil Rights Act already makes it illegal for discrimination to occur on the basis of “sex,” by which the authors of the bill meant “male or female.” 

One significant thing to note in passing is that the authors of this bill evidently agree – whether they realize it or not – that the CRA of 1964 does NOT provide special protections based on “gender identity” or “sexual orientation,” because if the term “sex’” was expansive enough to include both, there would be no need for the Equality Act. 

So we should all be able to agree that, while “sex” in the 1964 CRA referred to the division of humanity into males and females, protections were not extended to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Hence the felt need for the “Equality Act,” to address this lacuna in civil rights law. 

“Gender identity” contains a raft of problems all by itself, for the category seems limited only by the hyperthyroidal imaginations of gender activists. Facebook allows you to choose from no less than 71 – count ‘em – genders. The old “male and female” thing is so last century. Now you can adopt a veritable cornucopia of sexual identities, starting with “asexual,” “hermaphrodite,” or “intersex,” and working your way up to “gender variant” or “pangender.” 

Mind you, there is no biological or genetic marker for these various departures from the norm – it’s all in your head. Which makes the whole concept enormously subjective and fluid, and allows you to slip into it just about anything you want. 

But what is truly pernicious is that “sexual orientation” is nowhere defined in the bill. Now everyone has a working definition of “sexual orientation” in their heads, a definition that begins with “male” and ends with “transgender” or some such thing. But “sexual orientation” is not defined anywhere in the bill or anywhere else in federal law. Everyone, including off-the-reservation judges, will get to make up their own definition. 

This means that “sexual orientation” will mean anything you want it to mean, INCLUDING PEDOPHILIA OR BESTIALITY. 

On 5 May 2018, the University of Würzburg in Germany held a conference with the theme of “Future Societys” [sic] that featured a presentation by Mirjam Heine, a medical researcher. Here’s what she had to say (emphasis mine): 

“According to current research, pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like for example heterosexuality. No one chooses to be a pedophile. No one can cease being one.” 

Snopes investigated the report of her remarks and found it to be “True.” In fact, organizers admitted that “a speaker (at their conference) described pedophilia as a condition some people are born with.” 

So now we have medical professionals saying pedophiles are born that way, God made them that way, they can’t stop being one no matter how hard they try, and if you’ve got a problem with that, your problem is not with the guy who wants to rape kids but with the God who made them that way. 

If the “Equality Act” were to become law, pedophiles would have special privileges and protections under the law that you and I would not have. Because religious exemptions are specifically forbidden in the bill, pedophiles could not be prevented by Trail Life USA (the conservative Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts) from becoming leaders of small boys. And if you have a problem with that, you’re the one who is going to wind up in jail. 

Churches could not prevent pedophiles from working with their children and their youth groups. The Roman Catholic Church could not prevent self-admitted pedophiles from becoming priests and working with altar boys. 

It will not be long before bestiality (sex with animals) becomes a protected category. Prostitution will soon follow, as will incest and necrophilia (sex with dead people). 

This is what the future holds if this law passes. If you want to keep our country from becoming the Disneyland of Deviancy, it’s time to bombard our men and women in Congress with phone calls urging them to vote against the “Equality Act.” Why? Because it, in reality, is the “Pedophile Protection Act.”

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Homosexual Teacher Daniel Gray Called for Girls to be Gang-raped

Daniel Gray, 34, a teacher in London, England, is under investigation after making sick jokes about gang rape of girls. He also posted a wave of obscenities aimed at women.

He tweeted “I love gang rape” less than a month after a 14-year-old girl was raped in a park.

Daniel Gray

Mr Gray also hit out at singer Jessie J, calling her “a catsuit wearing c***” and said Jess Glynne was a “cardboard ginger c***”.

He also called his dental hygienist a “patronising bitch” and boasted of pushing ahead of a “cow” with a pram on a train.

Gray thinks he is a “role -model” of a homosexual teacher, and also has ambitions as a politician. He is a Labour (socialist) candidate in next month’s local elections in  Brighton and Hove.

Labour officials in the city have suspended him pending an investigation.

A spokesman said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints about inappropriate and misogynist language extremely seriously.”

Tory MP Maria Caulfield slammed his “utterly shocking” behaviour.

Mr Gray teaches at the Harris Academy in South Norwood, South London. The school was not available to comment.

He came out as “gay” in front of pupils two years ago and wants other teachers as LGBT role models.  Oh does he, indeed! What kind of imbecile would want him as a role model? 

VGB says: This sort of uncouth woman-hating jerk should never be allowed to enter the teaching profession.

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Houston MR parents expose library “Drag Queen” as a child sex offender!

Houston MassResistance exposes “Drag Queen Story Hour” cross-dresser as a registered child sex offender! Library officials forced to apologize to the public.

TV media coverage of press conference shocks Houston

And more to come, say our MR activists!

March 16, 2019
Explosive VIDEO: Local TV report: “Houston Public Library admits registered child sex offender read to kids in Drag Queen Storytime” (2 min 37 sec)
NOTE: A commercial may play first.

Houston city officials have been forced to back down and apologize to the public after Houston MassResistance activists exposed the criminal record of one of their “Drag Queen Story Hour” cross-dressers. It turns out he is a registered child sex offender! This man has been reading to children at those public library events.


The exposé came at an explosive press conference held by Houston MassResistance outside Houston’s Freed-Montrose Public Library on Friday afternoon. Within hours, the report was being broadcast on local Houston television.

ALT TEXTPress conference outside the library: MassResistance parents (left) address the Houston media about the “Drag Queen.”

MassResistance revealed that Alberto Garza, 32, who goes by the Drag Queen name Tatiana Mala-Niña, was convicted in 2008 for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy. The library had failed to do a background check on any of the “Drag Queens,” despite requirements and warnings by MassResistance.

Garza as himself, and as “Drag Queen” Tatiana Mala-Niña

“If they had done their job and due diligence, they might have said wait – maybe it’s not a good idea to have a sex offender who at 200 pounds and 5-foot-11 assaulted an 8-year-old boy,” Tracy Shannon, co-leader of Houston MassResistance, told the reporters.

ALT TEXTThe Houston Public Library’s advertisement featuring Tatiana Mala-Niña – a convicted child sex offender.

(For another view of “Tatiana Mala-Niña”, here’s a video of him performing in a Houston gay bar – this time as a brunette. Obviously, this didn’t bother the Houston library officials too much.)

In fact, city leaders had been quite arrogant about their unqualified support for the character of the Drag Queens. At one of the recent Houston City Council meetings, Mike Laster, an openly “gay” City Council member, mocked this concern about the Drag Queens by Tracy and the others, asking them, “What are you afraid of?” (Well, Mike, now you know!)  And when pressed by MassResistance parents, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner publicly stated that these Drag Queens are “role models” for the Houston community.

ALT TEXTTracy didn’t hold back a bit at the press conference!

That continued to bother the parents. At the press conference, Tracy exclaimed, “Most parents would not allow that individual to sit in this library and be held up as a role model to our children. Shame on you, Mayor Turner!”

The library subsequently issued the following statement:

We assure you that this participant will not be involved in any future HPL programs.

In our review of our process and of this participant, we discovered that we failed to complete a background check as required by our own guidelines. We deeply regret this oversight and the concern this may cause our customers. We realize this is a serious matter.

Every program sponsored by HPL is supervised by HPL staff, and all children are accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. No participant is ever alone with children, and we have not received any complaints about any inappropriate behavior by participants at storytimes.

We are taking the appropriate action to ensure that the status of every participant in every program throughout our system is verified. We will continue to review our process to ensure that this cannot happen again.

Once again, we apologize for our failure to adhere to our own process in this matter and to the hundreds of parents and caregivers who have enjoyed this program with their children.

The arrogance of this statement – that it was simply an oversight and there were no problems resulting from it – did not appear to sit well even with the liberal media.

Unbiased press coverage! Although normally hostile to pro-family groups like MassResistance, the mainstream media – and even the “gay” media – covered this story fairly. Here are two more examples:


NewsweekSex Offender Busted as Drag Queen Who Read Books to Children in City Library

OutSmart (homosexual magazine) – Houston Library Bans Drag Queen Storytime Reader with Criminal Record

A terrible disaster waiting to happen

Any reasonable person would see that “Drag Queen Story Hour” is a train wreck waiting to happen. It’s a program whose goal is to make children feel comfortable about LGBT behaviors. It features cross-dressing homosexual men in garish make-up and costumes who seem obsessed with reading “gay” themed books to very young children. These same men lead bizarre lives as “adult” sex entertainers. What could possibly go wrong?

Last month, Houston MassResistance parents handed the City Council and Mayor a detailed 163-page report documenting the lurid activities of some of these “Drag Queens” who read to children, and how the library blatantly disregarded its own rules regarding the whole “Drag Queen” event. It was also pointed at the City Council meeting out that some of the drag queens carry rubber chickens, signaling their sexual interest in young boys.

ALT TEXTAlso at the press conference: They’re starting to see these Houston MassResistance t-shirts around town!

At the press conference, the Houston MassResistance parents charged the Mayor, City Council members, and library officials have purposefully avoided doing any due diligence investigation about the “Drag Queen” cross-dressers, despite the shocking materials given to them.

Sleazy retaliation. On the same day as the press conference, two Houston MassResistance mothers were in the children’s section in the Houston Public Library to look at some of the books. They were told by library staff that they were not allowed in that area of the library. No reason was given except that “it’s for children only.” We have never heard of a public library anywhere with that “rule.”

Houston MassResistance isn’t letting up!

As we recently reported, starting in February, the monthly Drag Queen Story Hour events were moved from the Houston Public Library to a local “gay” church a few blocks away. But it is still being advertised by the public library, and library staff is clearly involved with it. The library’s public statement (above) still describes it as being a library event. Thus, it is still a City of Houston taxpayer-supported activity.

Unfortunately, despite all this bad publicity, the City of Houston has indicated that they will continue this terrible program. So Houston MassResistance will continue to confront it.

More coming. Tracy has said the parents have at least 500 pages of additional material about these “Drag Queen” performers who are reading books to children, much of which is very graphic and repulsive. Houston MassResistance intends to deliver that to city officials. And it’s likely that we will find more “sex offender” problems among this depraved crowd. They’ve also gotten valuable help from Dan Kleinman at the SafeLibraries website.

To what extent is this happening all over the country in libraries and other places where LGBTQ activists mingle with children?

These Houston MassResistance parents are superstars! We will continue to report on this battle.

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Judge Dismisses Case Against Marquitta Ford!

Big victory in Georgia: Judge dismisses case against Marquitta Ford. Phony charges by government for protesting against LGBT agenda in front of Georgia State Capitol.

State aggressively prosecuted her – to “set an example.” But they later threw in the towel!

Pro-bono law firms refused to represent her, so MassResistance hired a “super” attorney.

March 8, 2019
Marquitta R. Ford (left) with her attorney Larry Kohn outside of the courthouse at her arraignment hearing in April 2018.

Despite an aggressive prosecutor and the LGBT political movement lurking in the background, there was a big win in Georgia last week for the First Amendment and pro-family activism. And having a good attorney made a big difference!

As we reported over the past year, Marquitta R. Ford, a courageous Georgia MassResistance activist, was arrested and jailed (and treated in a humiliating way) by the authorities after legally protesting the LGBT agenda in front of the Georgia State Capitol.

Marquitta and her female friends had endured too many times the shock of men coming into women’s public restrooms – in stores, malls, restaurants, and even a subway station. It was traumatic for them.

The problems began after the Governor had vetoed a “religious freedom” bill in 2016, bowing to intense pressure from the national LGBT lobby. LGBT activists saw that as an opportunity for suppressing any opposition, and within months they were out in force pushing the limits – particularly in public restrooms. Businesses in Georgia were unwilling to stop it. The Georgia Legislature refused to take action.

Marquitta insisted that women needed to be protected, but legislators at the State Capitol wouldn’t even discuss it with her. So in October 2017, she decided to begin her public protest!

Near her home in Atlanta. This was Marquitta’s message to those in power!

She had been demonstrating on the same spot – a sidewalk in front of the State Capitol – for over three months and had been assured by police numerous times that it was legal for her to protest there.

Marquitta protesting on the sidewalk outside of the Georgia State Capitol. Her message on this sign: “STOP being bullied, bought, and bossed by the LGBT!”

But on January 25, 2018, the state officials apparently decided that they had enough of Marquitta’s message. The same police who had previously allowed her to protest suddenly ordered her to leave and move to a “free speech area” about a block away. Marquitta refused. So they angrilyarrested her and made her spend the next 36 hours in the county jail,under some particularly humiliating and unfair conditions.

Here’s where they kept Marquitta for the next 36 hours. Not a pleasant place at all!

About a month later, the court notified Marquitta that her arraignment date would be on April 27, 2018. The District Attorney was pressing forward. So we needed to get her an attorney fast.

Getting a lawyer – not so easy

But an unexpected shock came when it came to finding her an attorney. We just assumed that a pro-bono pro-family law firm would be eager to defend a case like this that’s such a blatant injustice. And with all the news stories about men in women’s restrooms, you’d think a conservative legal aid group would jump at the chance to defend women.

Over a period of weeks, we contacted pro-bono pro-family law firms both locally in Georgia and across the United States. But every firm we talked to turned it down. Some wouldn’t even bother to reply.

Two of the pro-family firms told us that they were worried because Marquitta’s strong reaction to confronting men in the restroom might possibly be interpreted as “advocating violence against a transgender.” Another wouldn’t defend Marquitta because she had not followed the orders from the police to move to a different location. Good grief!

Then we got a call from Eugene Delgaudio. Eugene is President of the pro-family group Public Advocate of the US based in Virginia. Eugene gets our MassResistance emails and was very upset at what happened to Marquitta. He was even more upset when he found out that pro-family attorneys would not help her.

So Eugene relentlessly contacted criminal defense attorneys across the Atlanta area. He soon found Larry Kohn, who is known as a “super criminal defense lawyer” in Atlanta circles.

Mr. Kohn was very eager to help Marquitta. So Eugene’s organization and MassResistance each agreed to cover half of his fee. It turned out to be a wise investment.

He accompanied Marquitta to her April 27, 2018 arraignment.

The initial charge against Marquitta

At the time of her arrest, the police officer on the scene on charged Marquitta with the following offense: Preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings of members; unlawful activities within the state capitol or certain Capitol Square buildings.

This statute seems to be a catch-all to use on just about anybody. Itincludes a laundry list of “any disorderly or disruptive conduct” in the State Capitol buildings or adjacent areas. It covers a wide range of possible “disruptive” activities, from using “abusive language” to obstructing a sidewalk to possessing a knife.

The only obvious application of this law to Marquitta would be the accusation of obstructing the sidewalk. But the sidewalk where Marquitta was protesting was quite wide and was never crowded. She was simply walking with a sign. During the previous three months, none of the police there ever claimed that Marquitta was obstructing anything or anyone in any way.

Nevertheless, the prosecutor was adamant that he would not let her just walk away. He made it clear to Attorney Kohn that Marquitta needed to be made an example of – or else others would come and protest outside the Capitol also. He offered Marquitta a deal to plead guilty and simply take some classes, or a little community service. But Marquitta said “absolutely no.” She insisted she was not guilty, had a First Amendment right to be there, and would even risk going to jail rather than plead guilty.

A new charge against Marquitta

But in addition, Attorney Kohn pointed out something the police and prosecutor had missed. In 2006, the Georgia Supreme Court had struck down the statute (used as the basis for charging her) as too vague –unconstitutionally overbroad. Thus, they could not use it against Marquitta!

Normally, after a screw-up like this in such a minor situation, a District Attorney’s office at this point would just drop the case. But they were determined to nail Marquitta. So they came up with a new charge against her: Disobeying a lawful order of a police officer.

Marquitta clearly disobeyed the order of a police officer. But was it alawful order?

Kohn explained that over the years, courts have weighed in on this type of issue. By forcing Marquitta to move to a different location – away from everyone she wanted to reach – it changes the message and chills her free speech.

One of the court cases Kohn referred to was the unanimous 2014 US Supreme Court case McCullen v. Coakley where the Court ruled that a buffer zone around an abortion clinic – making protesters move to a different location – violated the First Amendment by limiting their speech too broadly.

It’s reasonable for the state to say that people can’t hold a rally on the sidewalk. But Marquitta was not blocking anybody and her conduct was not disorderly. She simply walked and talked while holding a sign.

Moreover, this order was clearly given at the whim of this police officer (or his boss), since Marquitta had been allowed to do the same thing in the same place for the previous three months.

Thus, said Kohn, it was not a lawful order by the police, and Marquitta had the right to resist it.

The two court dates for the trial – and the outcome!

Kohn asked for a trial before a judge. The date was set for Nov. 28, 2018. The prosecutor held firm to pursuing this case, and Kohn held firm that he would vigorously defend Marquitta.

But as the trial date approached, it appeared that the police became concerned about having their officers face Kohn’s questioning in court.On Nov. 28, the two arresting officers failed to show up for the trial.So the judge decided to postpone the trial until Feb. 27, 2019.

On Feb. 27, the two officers again failed to show up. So the judge dismissed the case and struck it from Marquitta’s record.

She had won! A great victory!

A good lawyer makes all the difference

We’ll be painfully honest here. We believe that one of the reasons that our opponents – on the Left – are so successful in judicial matters, even though their cases are often ridiculously weak, is that their ACLU lawyers are very aggressive and fearless. Over 25 years, our experience with “conservative-movement” lawyers (both pro-bono and otherwise) has been largely the opposite: They are fairly thorough but non-aggressive, cautious, and afraid of offending anyone. The results have been almost universally disastrous. Just look at the charade of the “gay marriage” battles through the federal courts.

Having an aggressive, fearless, and enthusiastic lawyer working on our side – even though it cost money – was truly a rare pleasure.

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Mass Resistance Parents Keep Turning Up The Heat On The Drag Queen Story Time!

Editorial Team Note: Bout time someone made a stand. It’s to the point where people are afraid to speak. It has to STOP and these parents know how to turn up the heat!

Houston MassResistance parents confront the library – on the way to “Drag Queen Story Hour” victory

Fearlessly turning up the heat!

Rabid LGBT activists, corrupt library officials, and even police try to stop parents.

February 27, 2019

Part 2 of 3
(Caution: Some explicit language below.)

ALT TEXTThis Texas MassResistance mother is not afraid to speak out about this insane situation!

As we reported in Part 1, several pro-family groups had been battling the harmful “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) event in Houston, Texas since July 2018. In November 2018, Houston MassResistance parents jumped into the fight by directly confronting the city council and mayor during the public comment section at their meetings. After a three-month battle, Houston MassResistance played a major part in forcing the “Drag Queen Story Hour” to move out of the Houston Public Library.

But a big part of that was also taking the fight right to the library itself! This was probably the most stressful part of it. But it had to be done, and the Houston MassResistance parents were not backing down!

ALT TEXTThe Freed-Montrose Public Library in Houston.

As we’ve described, in Houston, Texas, the “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) in the public library – targeting young children with transgender and homosexual propaganda – is among the most depraved and aggressive in the country. Trying to stop it means going up against the Houston City Council, library officials, and the militant LGBT movement in that city. It’s not a fight for weaklings!

Protesting outside the “Drag Queen” events

Last fall, Houston MassResistance joined other groups protesting outside of the monthly “Drag Queen Story Hour” events. They first showed up in October, then stepped up their presence in November and December.

ALT TEXTThis is a message that a LOT of parents have wanted to say at times like this.
ALT TEXT“Fireman not Drag Queen – when reading to kids!”

A full-court press on the Houston Public Library!

Those protests were just the beginning. Houston MassResistance launched a range of activities taking on the library and the event. The more our people got involved, the more sleaze, dishonesty, and corruption they found surrounding this.

    • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Houston MassResistance submitted several FOIA requests to the library and the City of Houston, for documents relating to the DQSH event. All were either outright refused or diverted to a lengthy state-level bureaucratic process that rarely gets resolved. We are continuing to press this with public officials.
    • Request for alternative children’s Bible story event.Houston MassResistance filed paperwork to request to hold a Bible story reading event for children at the Houston Public Library. It was denied. We were told that “no religious content is allowed” in library events. We are continuing to demand that this be allowed. Their blatant anti-Christian animus cannot be tolerated.
    • Heavy police presence (at taxpayer expense). As many as a dozen Houston police officers began showing up to guard the Drag Queen event – even though the mayor repeatedly stated that no public money was being used for it. Houston MassResistance is insisting that they follow the American Library Association policy (which they cling to in other situations) – that events must pay for their own security.
ALT TEXTThere were lots of Houston city police inside and outside the library. It certainly looked like they were there to “protect” the drag queens and LGBT activists, not the parents.
    • Ban on taking video and photographing the event. The library had previously had no problem allowing people to photograph and video the “Drag Queen” events. (We have photographic evidence of that!) But when they noticed that pro-family people were doing it, they suddenly came up with an “official rule” prohibiting it. Since then, Houston MassResistance parents have come in – blending in as “supporters” – and done it anyway, as much as possible. Not surprisingly, “gay” publications continue to get photos from inside the events.
ALT TEXTA photo that a parent secretly took inside the library. A bearded man dressed as a gaudy woman reading to the young children. At left is a library staffer.
Two more of the Drag Queens that day – both are cross-dressing men.
    • Viciously banning conservative press from covering the event. A local conservative talk-show host (who even has White House press credentials!) was ejected for taking video of the drag queens during the event. When he came back the following month, the police arrested him as he entered the door of the library. Later, in the police car, they confiscated his handgun – even though he had broken no laws and was not subsequently charged with any crime. This has brought the local gun lobby people to start getting involved with the DQSH library protests!

Last week another pro-family reporter asked the library for permission to come and cover the event. This is what she received back by email:

If you are working on a news story, can you please provide us with the following information:

  • with which news organization are you affiliated,
  • the topic of your news story,
  • where it will be published and/or aired
  • when it is expected to be published and/or aired

Any photography or video that is needed for your news story will require a HPL Communications team member on-site, who will request for media credentials and individual customers’ consent to be interviewed and/or photographed/video taped for media purposes.

In other words, the library wants to decide which media is “appropriate” and which isn’t. This requirement by a public body is outrageous by any standard (and likely unconstitutional)! Houston MassResistance is pushing back on this very hard!

  • Restricting access to the event. All DQSH events – and all other library events – had always been open to the public on a first-come first-served basis (until the room was full). In February, they announced that the library will now issue tickets to people they decide to allow – and keep everyone else out! Houston MassResistance is pushing back hard on this, also.
  • And more. The library is breaking their own rules on a range of other critical issues relating to the DQSH event – which we will describe in in Part 3 of this series.

LGBT activists converge at library to intimidate the parents

We continue to ask: Why is it that these adults (mostly without children of their own) are so powerfully obsessed with pushing their LGBT propaganda on other people’s children? It’s pretty scary to think about. The national LGBT movement puts enormous resources and energy into these kinds of programs.

When word got out that Houston MassResistance would be joining the protests outside the library, a vicious army of LGBT activists began showing up to intimidate our people.

It also appeared that some of these people were part of Antifa-like domestic terrorist groups. But Houston MassResistance and the other pro-family people didn’t back down a bit.

How did they know that we would be there? One of them admitted that the library officials had contacted them and asked them to organize and come! The LGBT activists were even given a permit to counter-protest on library property, while pro-family people had to stand on the sidewalk or on the side of the street.

ALT TEXTOutside the library this drag queen admitted, “The library contacted us just a couple of weeks ago because of all the news they were hearing about the protesters coming in. So we decided that we needed to meet here to be a “welcoming committee.”

Some of the pro-LGBT activists even got young children involved the protests. And of course, note their recurring theme of “hate” – meaning that they can’t defend their actions in any other way, so they are reduced to name-calling.

ALT TEXTA photo posted on social media by a pro-LGBT activist who was “counter-protesting” outside the library.
ALT TEXTThe LGBT activists put up a long “rainbow wall” outside of the library to try to intimidate the parents.
ALT TEXTNote the sign: “Now it’s PRIDE every month,” referring to the Drag Queen Story Hour targeting young children.

The LGBT activists (and drag queens themselves) also stepped up their social media attacks. However, that’s what revealed the most about them!

This social media post shows who the real haters are. Note that the LGBT gang has no problem getting photos of the Drag Queen event – and posting them even with the children’s images.
We debated about including this social media post. It’s by one of the Drag Queens who reads to the children in the Houston library — who are being defended by the public officials and LGBT activists as “positive role models” who are “promoting reading and tolerance” for children.”

But despite all this, ultimately we got our message out loud and clear! They hated it!

Moving forward!

Finally, in February 2019, there was another round of strong public testimony at the Houston City Council meeting. Our people presented them with even more horrific information about the Drag Queen event and how it’s being run. After that, we found out that the authorities had finally backed down. The monthly Drag Queen event was being moved from the Houston Public Library to a nearby “gay” church. In Part 3 we’ll describe exactly what we did in February to make that happen!

Coming up:
Part 3:  How the city council and library finally caved – and what comes next.

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Homosexual Christopher Burrous dies from Butt Drugs – Love Wins???

So the “gay” lifestyle is safe, glamorous and trendy? Engaged in by young, good-looking swingers you see all the time on TV and media websites? NO  – that’s a lie. The “gay” lifestyle is sordid, twisted and lethal. Last December a well-known LA news anchor, Christopher Burrous, died while engaging in deviant homosexual acts with another man in a hotel room. 

The details are hideous, But then, homosexuality is hideous.

Chris Burrous


Crystal meth likeness on a black background

We would like to warn readers that this story has a number of details some may find disturbing. KTLA anchor Chirs Burrous died from an overdose of crystal meth that was inserted into a bodily orifice.

The Blast reports:

According to the L.A. County Medical Examiner, Burrous died from methamphetamine toxicity after being found unresponsive in a Glendale motel on December 28. The manner of death is listed as accidental.

According to the death investigation, officials say Burrous worked his shift at KTLA, and then left early for the day complaining he felt ill.

Instead of going home, he set up a meeting with a man at a motel in Glendale for an afternoon of hardcore sex. The two allegedly met on Grindr and had hooked up multiple times in the past.

When the companion arrived, Burrous allegedly answered the door fully nude, and had set up the room with “DJ style” lighting, Sado-masochistic gadgets, lubrication jelly and a massage bench. The two men allegedly engaged in various forms of sexual activities, including anal and oral sex.

The outlet adds that the 43-year-old news man inserted a pair of crystal meth rocks into his anus and engaged in rough sex acts with his date. Burrous used a number of drugs according to the outlet’s reporting. These included “poppers” (amyl nitrate) and two rocks of crystal meth inserted into his rectum.

He died of  methamphetamine overdose. [Or maybe we should say he died of stupidity]

Burrous leaves behind a wife and one daughter. 

We hope they sue Grindr and the other man involved for huge damages.


Eater, Bargain Seeker, KTLA 5 News Anchor, Husband, Dad

Los Angeles, CA •


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Terry Bean could be back in court as underage victim reappears on scene

Terry Bean could be back in  court, as the teenager he allegedly met for homosexual activities in a hotel in Portland, Oregon, has returned and re-opened the case.


In 2015, Bean was charged with homosexual offences committed in 2014, against an underaged boy.

Terry Bean, a Portland real estate developer, is a Democratic Party fundraiser and founder of the LGBTQ lobbying organization the Human Rights Campaign.

Bean was charged in Lane County with two counts of third-degree sodomy and one count of sexual abuse in the third degree, after he and his homosexual partner took the then-15-year-old boy to a hotel for homosexual activity.

Less than a month before Bean’s trial was set to take place, Bean offered to pay the young man $220,000 in a civil compromise to the criminal charges. But Lane County Circuit Judge Charles M. Zennache rejected that settlement and ordered Bean to stand trial.

Then, Bean’s alleged victim disappeared. [His mother said that Bean had offered him more money, including college fees, to abscond and go into hiding so that he could not testify in court.]

Without the testimony of the victim, the case fell apart and was dismissed so on September 1, 2015. Bean walked free.

But it seems that crooks all hang out together. Bean’s lawyer, Lori Deveny, who was trusted with the payout, never passed on the cash, and she is now being sued by him and twenty others for embezzlement of clients’ funds.

Now, Bean’s alleged victim is one of the 26 former clients who filed claims against Deveny. In a September 2018 complaint, Bean’s victim alleged that Deveny had not given him any of the $220,000 he was supposed to receive as compensation and had not responded to any of his attempts to contact her.

He is in touch with the police of Lane County.

Will justice finally catch up with Terry Bean? We hope so. He poses as a social justice warrior, but he is just a sleaze-bag, rotten to the core.

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