Middle Schools and Surveys

How middle schools use aggressive surveys to indoctrinate teachers and coerce them to push the LGBT agenda on students

Shrewdly used as a psychological weapon and enforcement tool

Public unaware such surveys are imposed on staff

June 17, 2022

ALT TEXT Screenshot from the online survey given to teachers at Massachusetts middle schools.

This is the first report in our series on insider material forwarded to us by teachers, parents, and local activists from across the country. You will learn what’s going on behind the scenes in your schools.

Many of us have seen the outrageous sex surveys that middle and high school students are given that include questions making deviant behavior appear normal to kids. But few parents are aware that the same technique is being used on the teachers in a powerful and psychologically devious manner.

In order to effectively push its agenda on children, the LGBT movement must force teachers to take many actions that may go against their nature. The first step is getting them to accept unscientific nonsense (especially regarding “gender”). Then, the teachers must be convinced to impose these beliefs on children.

As we described earlier, the teaching profession has been overwhelmed by dysfunctional people and committed radicals. Those teachers don’t need much of a push. But the teachers holding traditional values are the ones who must be intimidated and threatened.

The middle school teacher survey

Last month, a middle school teacher in Saugus, Massachusetts shared with MassResistance a disturbing survey that the teachers at her school were being asked to fill out. It was also given to teachers at another middle school nearby, and likely others.

The survey was written by the Everett LGBTQ+ Youth Space and Resource Center (ELYSRC), a slick “local” LGBT organization which clearly appears to be organized and funded by outside forces. The survey is not the work of amateurs. The questions are professionally crafted to intimidate, indoctrinate, and coerce into action.

The survey was divided into four sections which we’ve reproduced below. Throughout the survey, the required questions are followed by an asterisk.

The survey started by asking an optional question: “Do you identify as a part of the LGBT+ community?” If yes, they’re asked, “How do you identify? (ex. Lesbian, Non-binary, Queer, etc.)”

Section 1 is particularly heavy-handed. It starts the survey with some “enforcement” questions that are reminiscent of Maoist totalitarian regimes.


In this section, you will determine the level to which you are likely to act in accordance with the following statements. (7 questions)

Pick from: Very Unlikely, Somewhat Unlikely, Neither Likely nor Unlikely, Somewhat Likely, Very Likely

  1. How likely are you to incorporate LGBTQ+ inclusive language into your teachings and interactions?*
  2. How likely are you to use gender-neutral pronouns when referring to someone you do not know (or whose gender pronouns you do not know)?*
  3. How likely are you to ask students what their gender pronouns are?*
  4. How likely are you to remember a student’s preferred name(s)?*
  5. How likely are you to correct a student if they use an incorrect name or gender pronoun to refer to someone else?*
  6. How likely are you to correct a colleague if they use an incorrect name or gender pronoun to refer to someone else?*
  7. How likely are you to intervene in situations where anti-LGBTQ+ behaviors and language are present?*


A screenshot from the survey.

Section 2 enforces the teachers’ requirement to accept as truth the range of absurd, unscientific quackery that makes up today’s LGBT ideology. Also, keep in mind that until the homosexual movement terrorized the medical societies into changing their definitions, there was no such thing as “LGBT people” in medical terminology. Rather, they were considered to be heterosexual people with homosexual (or transgender) disorders. Also note that a question near the end appears to be an attempt to expose Christian teachers.


In this section, you will determine the level to which you agree or disagree with the following statements. (36 Questions)

Pick from: Strongly Disagree, Somewhat Disagree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Somewhat Agree, Strongly Agree

  1. I can confidently differentiate between gender, sex, and sexuality.*
  2. I am informed about the needs and experiences of LGBTQ+ people.*
  3. I can confidently direct LGBTQ+ students to relevant services and resources.*
  4. I am familiar with gender pronouns (including gender-neutral pronouns) and how to properly refer to folks with differing identities.*
  5. I feel comfortable asking students what their gender pronouns are.*
  6. I feel comfortable referring to students using the gender pronouns they claim for themselves.*
  7. I feel comfortable switching back and forth between different gender pronouns to refer to someone that has more than one.*
  8. I am familiar with neopronouns.*
  9. I feel comfortable using neopronouns.*
  10. I am informed about what “dead names” are.*
  11. I feel comfortable asking students about their preferred name(s).*
    (A preferred name is a name that may differ from a name on legal documentation.)
  12. I feel comfortable using students’ preferred names.*
  13. It is difficult for me to remember someone’s gender pronouns or preferred name(s).*
  14. It is necessary to use the preferred name(s) and gender pronouns that a person tells me to use when referring to them.*
  15. People’s names and pronouns can change at any time.*
  16. I know how to correct myself and others if an incorrect name or gender pronoun is used to refer to someone.*
  17. I am informed about LGBTQ+ inclusive language and how to use it.*
  18. I consciously and consistently incorporate LGBTQ+ inclusive language into my teachings and interactions.*
  19. I am informed about what language and behaviors would be considered anti-LGBTQ+.*
  20. I feel that anti-LGBTQ+ interactions frequently occur at my school.*
  21. I feel comfortable with intervening in situations where anti-LGBTQ+ language and behaviors are present.*
  22. It is my responsibility to follow through with reporting and monitoring instances of anti-LGBTQ+ behavior and language that I personally witness or that have been brought to my attention by a student.*
  23. I am informed about the laws that protect LGBTQ+ students in schools and my duties to uphold them.*
  24. I am informed about potential psychological and emotional effects of anti-LGBTQ+ environments on LGBTQ+ youth.*
    (Anti-LGBTQ+ environments can include places where LGBTQ+ people are physically or emotionally harmed due to their identity or invalidated through misgendering or misnaming.)
  25. I am informed about how other identities, like race and culture, affect the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth.*
  26. I feel confident supporting LGBTQ+ youth with multiple marginalized identities.*
    (Marginalized identities are identities that are typically disadvantaged through structures of oppression, like race or gender discrimination. An example of a person with multiple marginalized identities could be someone who is both LGBTQ+ and a woman.)
  27. I can tell what a person’s gender or gender pronouns are based on their appearance.*
  28. Our staff needs training on how to best support LGBTQ+ students.*
  29. I have been given the tools and support (from higher-ups) to make the best decisions regarding the needs of our LGBTQ+ students.*
  30. In this school, LGBTQ+ students do NOT face any safety concerns that are different from their non-LGBTQ+ peers.*
  31. In this school, LGBTQ+ students do NOT get treated any differently than their non-LGBTQ+ peers.*
  32. In this school, LGBTQ+ students are reprimanded more often than non-LGBTQ+ students.*
    (i.e., dress code, truancy, behavior, etc.)
  33. I have heard my co-workers use anti-LGBTQ+ language before.*
  34. One or more of my co-workers are unwilling to change their ways when told they are doing or saying things that are insensitive to the LGBTQ+ community.*
  35. My cultural and/or religious beliefs conflict with my ability to support LGBTQ+ students.*
  36. Anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs only negatively affect LGBTQ+ people.*


A screenshot from the survey.

Section 3 goes further in coercing the ridiculous concept of “preferred gender pronouns” along with “preferred names.” Adopting these twisted language conventions has resulted in horrible and tragic mental health consequences for vulnerable middle school children, and has led to at least one federal lawsuit by parents. The idea that following these procedures actually “protects” children is preposterous. And it distracts teachers from the job they should be focused on: actually teaching. Note the reference in questions 4 and 5 to enforcement by the school administration.


In this section, you will respond to questions with a definitive “yes” or “no.”
(6 Questions)

  1. Do you share gender pronouns with students?*
  2. Do you document students’ gender pronouns?*
  3. Do you document students’ preferred names?*

    If yes, how often do you document students’ preferred names?
    (Options can include “at the beginning of each year,” “when a student specifically requests it,” etc.)
  4. Do you follow a formal and uniform procedure to ensure that students’ gender pronouns and preferred names are documented and used by yourself and potential substitute teachers?*
    (In this instance, “formal and uniform procedure” refers to a system or process that is school-wide, or widely practiced by you and your colleagues and is an expected standard that is enforced by your administration.)
  5. Do you follow a formal and uniform procedure to ensure students’ safety when using their preferred names and gender pronouns?*
    (In this instance, “formal and uniform procedure” refers to a system or process that is school-wide, or widely practiced by you and your colleagues and is an expected standard that is enforced by your administration.)
  6. Have you received bystander intervention training within the past two years?*

    If yes, did the training incorporate tools and procedures for addressing anti-LGBTQ+ bullying and harassment?


 A screenshot from the survey.

Section 4 is distressing because it brings up outside-of-school “LGBTQ related resources” which teachers are encouraged to steer children to, without parents’ knowledge. Note also that an upcoming “professional development workshop” will be on LGBTQ issues.


In this section, questions are open-ended and to be answered in a short answer format. Questions are optional, you are not required to answer. (2 Questions)

  1. What are some of the LGBTQ-related resources you are aware of?
    (This could be virtual or in person, provided by the school or an outside entity, or national or local.)
  2. Do you have any LGBTQ-related concerns or questions you want to be addressed during our professional development workshop?

Final thoughts

This survey or similar ones are without a doubt being given in school districts across America.

Make no mistake: This kind of jack-booted pressure on teachers to twist the minds of our nation’s children – working hand-in-glove with the depraved LGBT movement – reflects the mindset of our educational establishment, including the Principals, guidance counselors, Superintendents, and administrators. That establishment is what MassResistance helps parents confront.

Coming next: There was a companion survey given to the middle school students at the same schools, written by the same LGBT organization – also without parents’ knowledge. Wait till you see that!


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The Pride Movement Has Nothing to Be Proud Of


No one can accuse the promoters of Pride Month of subtlety. When you do a Google search about it, your screen blows up in confetti and rainbow flags. There are pride parades in just about every major city in the country. Major brands honor the LGBTQI+ community with special, rainbow-styled promotions to the extent that it can be difficult to not buy something celebrating PrideLibrariesbaseball teamscelebrities, and public schools all join in on the fun.

But is there really all that much to be proud of?

Health authorities assess that the recent spread of monkeypox can be traced to a May pride event in the Canary Islands that drew 80,000 people, as well as a gay sauna in Madrid. Three cases in Belgium were also linked to a large “fetish festival” in Antwerp, according to event organizers. According to the CDC, “it’s not clear how the people were exposed to monkeypox, but early data suggest that gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men make up a high number of cases.” 

The Associated Press cited a senior adviser to the World Health Organization who “described the unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in developed countries as ‘a random event’ that appears to have been caused by sexual activity at two recent raves in Europe.” Most known cases in Europe have been among men who have sex with men. CNBC noted that “monkeypox appears to be spreading in the [gay and bisexual] community globally.” Even The Atlantic carried an article with the provocative headline: “Gay Men Need a Specific Warning About Monkeypox.”

This isn’t exactly the kind of messaging that aligns with the family-friendlychildren-friendly narrative of Pride promoters. Unlike the early days of the radical, avant-garde movement, which “wanted to smash the bourgeois prisons of monogamy, capitalistic enterprise and patriotic values and bask in the warm sun of bohemian free love,” Pride is now supposed to be associated with bourgeois, family values. As Rod Dreher observes, “This is the dark side of this culture of “freedom” we have created. Monkeypox, anarchy, and the destruction of the human. If you don’t think the legitimization of the sexual exploitation of children isn’t coming next, you are living a fairy tale.” 

Speaking of which, that is exactly what the attempts to normalize the trans movement are doing. The now ubiquitous Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) gives trans persons the opportunity to perform borderline pornographic acts in front of young children. DQSH’s own website explicitly says its goal is to “capture the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.” As I noted in an article at The Federalist, these events often involve encouraging young children to “play” with drag queens and their bodies.

Incidents across the country are confirming the connection between DQSH and sexual grooming. The examples we know about include the former president of an organization that served as a sponsor for the Milwaukee Drag Queen Story Hour who was charged with possessing child pornography depicting the sexual abuse of underage boys and the Houston Public Library admitting a registered child sex offender to read to kids in a DQSH event. But it’s not just DQSHPride parade participantsliberal corporate medialiberal academics, and even schools have all been seeking to normalize pedophilia.

Add to that the aggressive media and school campaigns to encourage children to explore alternative gender identities, while hiding these programs from parents. The percentage of young Americans who identify as transgender is twenty times higher than that of the baby boomer generation. The number of school-aged children who say they are experiencing gender dysphoria has dramatically increased just in the last decade. As Abigail Shrier documents in her must-read book Irreversible Damage, an entire generation of young American females are being misled by educators and other school officials into pursuing hormone treatment and/or sexual reassignment surgery that have devastating lifelong consequences.

Yet our establishment elites are actively trying to silence voices like Shrier. Her book was removed by booksellers for its “dangerous” content. Ethics and Public Policy Center president Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally was delisted from Amazon, which won’t sell books framing any LGBTQ+ identities as mental illnesses. Many liberals have attempted to cancel and silence author J.K. Rowling because of her comments regarding transgenderism.

Leftist-dominated academia has also evinced an intolerance toward any concern or criticism regarding LGBTQI+ ideology. An LGBTQI+ student group at the University of London a few years ago suggested sending “bigots” to the gulags. Brown University distanced itself from a then-assistant-professor at their School of Public Health whose research discussed the role of social factors in the rise of gender dysphoria, following widespread backlash. When research by University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus showed that children of gay parents fared worse than children raised by married, opposite-sex parents, UT Austin initiated “an inquiry to determine whether a formal investigation is needed.” (The university found no plausible grounds for an investigation and closed the inquiry.) 

In effect, the LGBTQI+ community and its supporters across all elite institutions—the media, academia, the entertainment industry, woke capitalists, federal agencies—have created an intellectual climate that is fundamentally hostile to free speech and inquiry. Research and literature, no matter how carefully nuanced, that questions these sexual dogmas is immediately and mercilessly impugned for undermining the “progress” of the sexual revolution. For a movement purporting to support diversity and inclusion, the record suggests otherwise.

And it’s not just free speech that is under threat. As Ryan Anderson explained last year, the Equality Act, if passed, would enable the federal government to use the Civil Rights Act as a sword against “any establishment that provides a good, service, or program,” including religious institutions and medical professionals, that refuses to cooperate with the latest dictates of sexual orientation and gender identity. And let’s not forget that in 2019 Democrat Beto O’Rourke, now running for governor in Texas, threatened to remove the tax-exempt status from any religious institution opposed to gay marriage.

Self-destructive hedonism, sexual grooming of children, and an intolerance that seeks to coerce opponents into subjection. These are the kinds of things that define the LGBTQI+ movement. It leads one to wonder: what’s there to be proud of?

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Nevada MassResistance activist gets local middle school’s LGBT “resource” web page taken down

Had been put up by radical school staffers – in conservative district

Officials had attempted to silence MR activist with contrived “no trespass” order

May 28, 2022


The middle school website had featured a toxic LGBT “resource” page for children.

This is another example where one activist can make a big difference!

Churchill County in north central Nevada is one of the most conservative districts in a state that’s been drifting leftward. Thus, it has been a target of the LGBT movement, with a recent infiltration of LGBT content and programs into the school system.

Parents became very concerned. But Geoff Knell, a local MassResistance activist, decided to take action. He began by speaking up at various public meetings.

In March 2022 he met with the school district Superintendent and her assistant. He brought our book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. He urged them to address this problem by recommending strong policies to the School Board, and by making information about the LGBT movement and its effect on children widely available.

LGBT “resource page” for middle schoolers

Little did Geoff know that the schools were moving in the opposite direction, targeting middle schoolers, promoting harmful LGBT information and contacts.

The following month, April 2022, Geoff discovered that there was a prominent page on the middle school website. It was ghastly LGBT propaganda, containing links for the middle school children on:

  • LGBT terminology
  • Social Justice concepts & activism
  • Ways to be an LGBT Ally
  • Religious resources
  • LGBT families
  • Mental health resources (including suicide prevention)
  • Children’s books
  • … and more.

It stated at the bottom of the page, “This is an exclusively online project created by a queer educator, for queer students and their allies.”


Screen grab of the web page before it was taken down.

Most of these links went to a horrible LGBT website called “The Trevor Project.” Purportedly a suicide prevention project, it is a toxic site that persuades kids that if they don’t fulfill their true “gay” or “transgender” identity, they may resort to suicide.

Outraged by this, Geoff registered a complaint with the police department. He protested in front of the school district administrative offices. He also protested on the sidewalk outside of the school.

An absurd “no-trespass order”

Geoff’s protesting definitely angered the school officials. On April 28 the Superintendent issued a formal “no-trespass order” banning him from all school property for one year.

However, Geoff had not been on any school property, just the public sidewalk outside. The order claimed that he had used a megaphone to disrupt an outdoor ceremony with “statements about LGBTQ and how Churchill County School District is hurting kids.” Geoff strongly denies using a megaphone while any outdoor ceremony was taking place.

The school district’s larger purpose is clearly to keep Geoff from attending any School Committee meetings to complain – which the text of the order acknowledges will be one of the effects.

Luckily, Geoff’s attorney has notified the School Department that their no-trespass order does not keep him from protesting on the sidewalk, and is likely illegal. They will be pursuing this.

ALT TEXT Churchill County Middle School – view from the street.

Geoff gets the web page taken down!

On May 2, 2022, a few days after the no-trespass order, Geoff made a presentation to the City Council. He passed out copies of the web page and described in detail what their middle school was making available to children. That apparently ignited the issue!

A week later, the local newspaper reported that the web page had been permanently taken down. A clear victory!


But the newspaper article didn’t give any details about its removal. So MassResistance filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) with the school for all emails regarding that – and the school quickly complied.

We found out that a radical staffer had gathered the information and one of the middle school counselors had posted it. A few days after the City Council meeting making it a public issue, the press also emailed the school about it. At that point, the Superintendent directed that the page be taken down. She gave the interesting excuse that all such material needed to be properly vetted before being posted.

MassResistance National Organization Director Arthur Schaper also spoke on the phone with the Superintendent, and she gave him the same story. According to people at the school we’ve spoken to, there are no plans at all to bring it back.

Final thoughts

There are three great take-aways from this:

  1. It shows what just one activist can do if he’s unafraid and determined.
  2. Some really toxic and destructive information – from a horrible national LGBT propaganda source – is now off the middle school website.
  3. The school officials have gotten the message that they are being watched, and the public won’t stand idly by when they try to pass such information on to children.

Citizens everywhere would do well to follow Geoff’s example!

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Gay Missouri lawmaker screams at GOP rep over women’s sports bill: ‘I’m not afraid of you anymore’

In a dramatic speech that targeted his opposition’s family, a gay Democratic representative in Missouri slammed a GOP colleague over the state’s “Save Women’s Sports” bill which seeks to prevent trans-female athletes from competing in women’s sports.

The debate, which took place Thursday night in the state House Chamber, quickly got personal as Ian Mackey, 35, honed in on the gay brother of Chuck Basye, 63, who was reportedly afraid to come out to his sibling for fear it would be “held against him.”

“So, I recall a story you told about your brother,” Mackey told Basye. “And I remember you said that your mother called you, I believe, to tell you that your brother had some news that he was afraid to tell you. And your brother wanted to tell you that he was gay, didn’t he?”

“He was expressing that to the family, and he thought that we would hold that against him and not let our children be around him,” Basye replied.

When asked why his brother might have thought that, Basye stated, “I don’t know. It never would have happened, I’ll tell you that. My kids at that point in their lives adored my brother.”

This is how it’s done, Dems. Point them out and shut them down. Bravo @IanMack03007724 pic.twitter.com/pqJ6VtXWBa

— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn) April 15, 2022

“Can I tell you that if I were your brother, I would have been afraid to tell you, too,” Mackey shot back. “I would have been afraid to tell you too, because of stuff like this. Because this is what you’re focused on. This is what legislation you want to put forward. This is what consumes your time. I would have been afraid to tell you, too.”

“I was afraid of people like you growing up, and I grew up in Hickory County, Missouri,” Mackey said. “I grew up in a school district that would vote tomorrow to put this in place. And for 18 years, I walked around with nice people like you, who took me to ballgames, who told me how smart I was, and then went to the ballot and voted for crap like this. And I couldn’t wait to get out. I couldn’t wait to move to a part of our state that would reject this stuff in a minute. I couldn’t wait, and thank God I made it. Thank God I made it out, and I think every day of the kids who are still there, who haven’t made it out, who haven’t escaped from this kind of bigotry.”

“Gentlemen, I’m not afraid of you anymore,” Mackey continued. “Because you’re gonna lose. You may win this today, but you’re going to lose.”

The impassioned speech, which failed to address the actual bill, was immediately applauded by Dems on social media, but Basye appeared to be unfazed.

In a subsequent post on Facebook, Basye dismissed the charge as nothing more than a campaign stunt.

“Representative Ian Mackey is a loudmouth crybaby,” Bayse stated. “He was campaigning on the floor of the Missouri House of  Representatives. He is worried about his re-election and his rhetoric during the debate has absolutely nothing to do with the amendment I offered to House Bill 2140.”

“During the 3 hour debate the radical democrats attacked my character and made many slanderous accusations!” the representative continued. “I was called a Nazi, misogynist, a supporter of sexual assault and abuse, and I was aligned with North Korea, Russia and Iran!”

“It didn’t phase me at all,” Basye said. “I went home afterwards, enjoyed a delicious glass of Maker’s 46 Bourbon then laid down and slept like a baby!!”

When the post hit Twitter, Mackey responded with a gif of “The Most Interesting Man in the World” brushing the accusation off, and a comment: “I look forward to seeing Chair Bayse (sic) at Tuesday’s 9am House Education Committee hearing.”

I look forward to seeing Chair Bayse at Tuesday’s 9am House Education Committee hearing. pic.twitter.com/3p4uErOZtN

— Ian Mackey (@IanMack03007724) April 15, 2022

Meanwhile, as if she wanted to prove Basye’s point, one former Missouri candidate used the theatrical moment to call for donations to Mackey’s campaign.

Hey y’all, this is State Rep. Ian Mackey fighting against an amendment proposed by State Rep. Chuck Basye that would allow school districts to discriminate against trans students.

If you have an extra $5 please send it Rep. Mackey’s way!https://t.co/UFnc21N61s

— Lindsey Simmons (@LynzforCongress) April 15, 2022

Gay Missouri lawmaker screams at GOP rep over women’s sports bill: ‘I’m not afraid of you anymore’

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Mississippi MassResistance parents force middle school Principal to pull graphic pornographic books from library

Mississippi MassResistance parents force middle school Principal to pull graphic pornographic books from library – after months of foot-dragging by School Board

Books included descriptions of anal rape of a child, bloody suicide, and other horrible scenes

But there is much more work to do there, says mother leading the fight

April 11, 2022

[Caution: Obscene and disturbing material.]


A Mississippi MassResistance mother reads excerpts from a sexually explicit school library book to the School Board. At left, one of the many books that parents are outraged over.

After months of foot-dragging by their School Board, a group of MassResistance parents in Madison County, Mississippi forced the middle school Principal to take action on extreme pornographic books in the school library. Led by a local mother, parents throughout the community rallied against this outrage.

Several books were immediately removed from circulation pending a full review. And the Principal drastically changed the policy on handling book challenges by parents.

The books, which are in schools throughout the county, sickened many parents. They include descriptions of anal rape of a child, bloody suicide, children masturbating, a mother being raped, and other disturbing scenes. “Looking through these books is so dark, so upsetting – it’s the last thing one would want any child to be reading. How can these books be there?” asked one mother of a child in the middle school.

Months of ignoring the parents

In December 2021, a group of parents addressed the Madison County (Mississippi) School Board with a list of books in the school system libraries that had extremely objectionable and disturbing sexual, homosexual, racist, and anti-American content. As they displayed the list of books at the meeting, the parents implored the Board to remove them from circulation.


At the School Board meetings the parents displayed a list of the books for all the members to see.

In January 2022, the parents came back, but the Board had done nothing.

In February, the Board said they “would review the books” but had no plans of quarantining the books while under review.

At the March School Board meeting, they said the books are “still under review” but they “need more time.” The books were still on the shelves for the children to check out. The parents were clearly being ignored.

MassResistance gets involved – things start happening!

In early February, the group teamed up with MassResistance. By late March, the MassResistance parent group was ready for a higher level of action.


At the April 4 School Board meeting, the MassResistance parents confronted the Board members about why they had not done anything. One of the mothers read aloud passages from one of the books, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie:

Yup, that’s right. I masturbate. I’m proud of it. I’m good at it. I’m ambidextrous. If there were a professional masturbators week, I would win and make millions of dollars. Maybe you’re thinking, “you really shouldn’t be talking about masturbation in public.” Well, I’m going to talk about it everywhere. If God hadn’t wanted us to masturbate, then God wouldn’t have given us thumbs…

“I love that tree,” I said.
“That’s because you’re a tree fag.”
“I’m not a tree fag.”
“Then how come you like to stick your dick inside the knot-holes?”
“I stick my dick in a girl tree!”

The Board members said nothing in reaction. But the looks on their faces showed that they realized that this Mississippi community was not going to stand for it.

Two days later, on April 6, the group posted on social media pages from another of the books, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. This particular book was in the middle school library. It includes the sodomizing of a boy by a man, the rape of a mother, and a bloody suicide of a father, among other horrific episodes. Parents who saw the excerpts were sickened.

Page 7: Mother is raped. The novel opens with a recount of the rape of a boy’s mother. The soldier describes her “surgary c**t.”


Page 75 – Boy is raped. 
Two pre-teen boys are told to hold down another boy while he is raped by a 17-year-old.


Page 78 – Boy bleeds from rectum.
 The aftermath of the rape describes the “dark stain in the seat of his pants” and the “tiny drops that fell from between his legs and stained the snow black.” The boy is bleeding from his rectum.


Page 124 – Father shoots himself.
 A father finds his dead son and decides to commit suicide by placing the barrel of a gun into his own mouth and blowing his brains out.


When people in the community saw this, hundreds commented and shared it. Many contacted their public officials. The middle school began getting phone calls. The School Board members received emails.

Two days after that, on April 8, the school system relented. The middle school Principal sent the following message to the community:


The parents had made the difference! The job still needs to be finished, but the public officials finally got the message, and now the parents have the momentum.

Final thoughts: Fighting the “groomers” in their midst

As the lead mother told a local radio show, there is also some reaction on social media that is truly frightening. There are “groomer moms” in the community who are angry that these books are coming off the shelves. They are defending this disgusting pornography in the children’s library. They want this material to be available for kids. One mother who is a Girl Scout troop leader said she wanted to see the list so she would know which books to go and buy for her children. (And we’ve seen that same thing across the country. These people seem demonic.)

The MassResistance mother continued:

Why is talking sexually in the workplace considered sexual harassment to adults, but talking sexually to children in elementary school considered “essential” to liberals? These people want to normalize sexuality in children and pedophilia as soon as they can.

And as we’ve observed before, there is a larger problem in the schools that must be addressed. Normal people would not bring books like these into any school or allow them to stay there. It pains us to say that around the country, sexual deviants have been attracted to and – recruited by – public schools and libraries. So while many books should be removed, the adults who oversaw their inclusion should be fired. Otherwise, this abuse will continue in one form or another.


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Oreo Commercial Orders Viewers to Embrace Homosexuality

 By Grant Atkinson  April 4, 2022 at 2:01pm

Many of the largest companies in America have felt the need in recent years to make their positions known on some of the most divisive issues in the country.

Milk’s favorite cookie is among them.

For years, Oreo Cookie has vocally supported the LGBT community with special campaigns and products.

In a new commercial Monday, the company doubled down on that stance and, more disturbingly, implored its customers to take the same position.

“Coming out doesn’t happen just once,” Oreo wrote in a tweet sharing the ad. “It’s a journey that needs love and courage every step of the way. Share our new film and let someone know you’re their #LifelongAlly.”

Coming out doesn’t happen just once. It’s a journey that needs love and courage every step of the way. Share our new film 👇 and let someone know you’re their #LifelongAllypic.twitter.com/S5ipPxZRON

— OREO Cookie (@Oreo) April 4, 2022

The commercial began with a Chinese boy reading from a note.

“We are all one family,” the boy said. “I know you came halfway around the world so we can have a better life, but I am …”

At this point, the camera cut to the note the boy was holding. Viewers could see the next word he planned to say was “gay.”

Instead of reading what he had prepared, the boy changed course and said, “But I love you.”

The camera showed the woman he was speaking to, apparently his mother, who responded, “I think you’re ready.”

The doorbell then rang, and another girl at the table quickly shoved an Oreo into her mouth — which was ironically the only reference to the product during the entire commercial.

As the boy went into a separate room to get ready, he picked up his speech once again and saw a note on the bottom.

“She might be my mother but you are my son,” the note said.

It became clear he had been practicing for a speech he was going to give his grandmother.

“Coming out doesn’t just happen once,” a note on the screen read. “Be a Lifelong Ally.”

There are multiple problems with this commercial, and contrary to what leftists may say, it is very possible to point them out without being a “bigot.”

Bottom of Form

First and foremost, the ad has nothing to do with cookies. There is no reason Oreo should be lecturing its customers about hot-button political issues. No matter what the left says, the issue of LGBT support is a political one, and that brings us to the next problem with this commercial.

Everyone can agree that it is not acceptable to treat people poorly or attack them for their sexuality. The problem arises when it comes to acknowledging this behavior as a sin.

There is a difference between loving someone and endorsing his or her actions.

The Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin, so it is not something Christians should be promoting, no matter what Oreo thinks.

As Christians, we believe loving someone is deeper than just accepting everything about that person. Sometimes love involves addressing a concern with a brother or sister in Christ, uncomfortable as it may be.

In the case of homosexuality, loving a neighbor may look like silently praying for him, or it may look like confronting him in a loving way about his sin. But it does not look like affirming his sin and telling him he is not doing anything wrong.

Commercials like this one suggest the only way to be someone’s “ally” is to cheer on his or her actions, right or wrong.

In the left’s eyes, it is not enough to quietly pray for someone or stay silent publicly on an issue. Instead, they suggest the only way to be loving is to outwardly promote sin.

Christ is clear in his teaching that this is false. He loves all sinners, but he doesn’t pretend their sins are not sins.

Addressing homosexuality is a deeply nuanced task, but this Oreo commercial attempts to oversimplify it by suggesting that everyone must either promote the behavior or be considered a bigot.

It is a deeply dishonest and ill-conceived stance, but we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, how much can we expect from a cookie company?

Outrageous: Oreo Commercial Issues Shocking Order to Viewers Who Don’t Support Homosexuality

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Idaho MassResistance forces local School Board to change guidance counselor policy – after outrageous “transgender” issue with 11-year-old.

Idaho legislator works with MassResistance to craft statewide legislation.

Despite opposition from local “transgender” activists and state school counselors group – who are against parents “interfering”!

March 30, 2022


Within days of our report on the outrageous incident, the problem was brought up at the local School Board meeting.

It’s one of the most horrific things that’s been happening in elementary and middle schools. A child will come to a pro-LGBT school guidance counselor with some social or emotional issue. The counselor will persuade the child that the real problem is that he or she is “gay” or “transgender.” But the parents must not be informed about their conversations, the child is told.

By the time the parents find out, an enormous amount of psychological damage has been done to the child. We’ve seen this scenario over and over. MassResistance is dedicated to stopping this.

In November 2020, a family in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho contacted MassResistance describing how their 11-year-old girl had decided she’s a “transsexual” after talking with her elementary school counselor. When the family finally heard about this, the girl said that her school counselor and elementary school teacher both completely supported “her decision.” The girl insisted that it’s “who she is” and that the school people both told her, “I will accept you for who you are.”

The school district had not reported any of this to the parents as it was developing. Instead of being directed to her family, the girl was given the phone numbers of local LGBT support groups.


Big uproar across the state

After our report, the incident caused considerable uproar in the Coeur d’Alene area and throughout the state.

National conservative media, including The Daily Citizen and The Federalist, ran stories on it.

The local liberal newspaper attempted to “correct” MassResistance’s reporting with statements from the elementary school, an LGBT group, and a pro-LGBT “human rights” group. They claimed that the counselor was actually helping the 11-year-old. The fringe LGBT movement also weighed in, bashing MassResistance. Our reporting apparently struck a nerve!

Two months after the incident, on January 23, 2021, the Idaho LGBT movement organized an “LGBTQ+ Youth Rally” at a local park to show support for the elementary school counselor who had helped the 11-year-old girl with her “transition.” According to the news report, the rally was also meant to counter the MassResistance report and resulting “homophobia” in the community. Clearly, a big reason was to intimidate anyone who might speak out.


LGBT activists tried to intimidate parents in the community from speaking out. But it didn’t work. [Photo: Coeur d’Alene Post Falls Press]

Parents fight back

But among regular people, there was growing outrage over such clear abuse of young children – and a strong belief that something must be done. Idaho MassResistance began mobilizing local parents and others who refused to be intimidated by the LGBT tactics.

Parents started holding protests outside the school district’s main office in Coeur d’Alene. They began attending the local School Board meetings in larger numbers. The School Board basically reflected the conservative leanings of the area, and as a group agreed that some change needed to be made. The parents’ show of force gave them the courage to move forward in the face of the LGBT movement, the unions, and the leftist education lobby.

Many parents remember when school counselors mainly provided academic counseling and helped with post-secondary and career goals. But in recent years they have taken on mental health and psychological issues, largely in collusion with the LGBT movement and other special-interest groups. (See, for example, this policy statement from the American School Counselor Association.) This is what the Idaho MassResistance parents are up against.

A new school counselor policy is passed

At the January 4, 2021 meeting of the the Coeur d’Alene School Board – less than two weeks after our MassResistance report – the Board members reacted to the flood of emails they had received and agreed that they needed to explore what to do about the situation.

In March 2021, the School Board initiated an effort to change the district policy regarding school counselors. The Idaho MassResistance parents continued to push for strong protections, against the hesitations of some board members.

The new policy was drafted by a committee which included a School Committee member, two parents (not part of our group), an administrator, and three school counselors.

In October 2021, the new proposed policy language was released to the public for consideration. The draft still contained troubling language. Idaho MassResistance presented these critiques to the School Board members:

  1. The policy says that the counselor’s role is to “balance” the student’s privacy rights with the parents’ rights, which the counselor decides upon. But there should be no “balance.” The student is a minor. The parents must be told about everything. It’s wrong to allow this secretive relationship to emerge and continue with school counselors. The result would be no trust between parents and the school.
  2. The policy states, “School Counselors connect students and families to outside resources and agencies.” That has traditionally translated into sending kids to LGBT groups and abortion clinics. If anything, the counselors should only suggest these outside groups to the parents and let them decide.

Nevertheless, in February 2022, the school board formally approved the new policy. It’s not everything that we wanted. But it definitely is a shot across the bow – a strong warning to the school counselors in that city – to absolutely stop what they’ve been doing to children. Parents feel that MassResistance has helped them achieve a victory.

The Idaho School Boards Association jumps into the fight

When the Coeur d’Alene School Board released its proposed policy, the education establishment apparently got the message that they needed to quash this “anti-counselor” movement before it got any more momentum.

Two months later, on December 2, 2021, the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) voted by an overwhelming 7885-21 to pass a strongly worded resolution supporting school counselors.

The resolution directs the ISBA lobbyists:

“to work with the legislature to amend existing statute to allow school districts more flexibility in addressing the mental, social, and emotional needs of students …”

In other words, they want to write new state laws to keep parents from interfering with any secret LGBT counseling of children.

So far, the ISBA hasen’t moved forward by drafting a bill. But the group’s lobbying did impact what was to happen next in the legislature.

The State Legislature also gets involved

The outrage over the Coeur d’Alene issue even reached the State Legislature. In mid-February, an Idaho State Representative asked MassResistance for help in drafting a bill to protect children from this abuse. We submitted the following, which she moved forward with:

School counseling educational services provided by a school to a student addressing mental or behavioral health, including short-term individual or short-term small group school counseling services, are subject to parental disclosure and informed consent. 

Parental notification shall take place once a school counselor has recognized mental health warning signs; informed consent shall be obtained prior to any subsequent school counseling services for the purpose of addressing those mental health warning signs. A school counselor may provide parents with contact information for available community resources from a list of licensed, professional mental health providers in the area, which providers may request to be included on the list and shall not be excluded for the reason that the provider is a religious or faith-based organization.

But as soon as word got out about this new bill, the ISBA and state school counselors association heatedly approached the House leadership. They made absurd and insulting claims that if parents are told about their childrens’ homosexual or transgender “decisions,” the children will commit suicide. Floating this myth is unfortunately a common tactic used by the LGBT movement, though it goes against all responsible psychological understanding and practice. But the legislative leaders fell for it and immediately killed the proposed bill.

Since the legislative session was winding down, we will wait until next year and refile then. We’re not stopping.

Final thoughts

In the beginning, nobody believed that the Coeur d’Alene School Board would actually change anything. Even though it’s a conservative area, the Board members weren’t looking to make any waves on this hot-button issue. The policy changes were a direct result of the Idaho MassResistance parents being tireless and simply not giving up. At a certain point, the School Board basically gave in and acted.

Some locales where this is happening will be harder to change than others. But no matter how difficult, this is what needs to be done everywhere in America.


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DeSantis Stands Up to the Rainbow Mafia

Florida’s GOP governor is taking heat for defending the sexual innocence of his state’s K-3 kids.


“In Florida, we not only know that parents have a right to be involved, we insist that parents have a right to be involved.”

So said Governor Ron DeSantis, he of The Free State of Florida, at a press conference yesterday at the Classical Preparatory School in Spring Hill, where he signed into law the Parental Rights in Education bill, which protects children in grades K-3 from the sex-obsessed agenda of the Rainbow Mafia and its fellow groomers and indoctrinators.

Opponents of the bill call it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, but there’s nothing in it that prohibits the utterance of that once-lovely word. What the bill does do, though, is prohibit classroom instruction on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” with children in third grade or younger, “or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

In short, the bill safeguards their innocence. It lets kids be kids.

To us this seems so obvious. But, hey, perhaps the Left hasn’t yet learned the lessons taught at the ballot box in Virginia last November. And as for Floridians who disagree with DeSantis’s approach, nothing prohibits them from discussing transgenderism with their kindergartners at home, nor from moving to, say, a “progressive” state like New York or California, where such instruction is no doubt a more integral part of the formative curriculum.

These freedoms, though, didn’t stop the pro-grooming crowd from going after the governor. Our Emmy Griffin wrote recently about Woke Disney’s hissy fit. And, indeed, the wholesomeness of Hollywood was on full display during Sunday night’s Oscars, when, between breaks from b*tch-slapping each other, they childishly repeated the word “gay” to the delight of, well, themselves.

DeSantis, who has a genius for wading into all the right battles, sent a salvo out Tinseltown’s way: “If the people who held up degenerates like Harvey Weinstein as exemplars … are opposing us on parents’ rights, I wear that like a badge of honor.”

Two other ankle-biters also weighed in: Creepy Joe Biden called it “a hateful bill,” and Stretch Pelosi said, “This cruel legislation is an affront to our Nation’s cherished values and sends a harmful message to our children.”

Apparently, You kids be kids and focus on the 4 Rs is “a harmful message to our children.” (The fourth R is “recess,” in case you were wondering.)

As for “harmful messages,” consider the shocking case of January Littlejohn, a Florida mom whose 13-year-old daughter was — for lack of a better term — preyed upon by school officials:

Parental Rights in Education: January Littlejohn

This is the fight we’re engaged in.

What about the Left’s collective wrath, you ask? What about the potential for industry-wide and even statewide retribution against the Sunshine State?

“We are not concerned about boycotts or other economic harm to Florida as a result of any legislation,” said DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw. “But even if we were: No amount of money would convince Governor DeSantis to change his position. He will always stand for parental rights and protecting children.”

Is it any wonder that freedom-loving folks keep flocking to The Free State of Florida?

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MassResistance helping Cayman Islands stop LGBT “marriage” agenda

“Gay marriage” is halted but recent (illegal) “domestic partnerships” ruling also needs to be stopped.

A country that’s fighting back!

March 24, 2022


The people of the Cayman Islands understand that even “domestic partnerships” go too far.

On March 14, after a three-year battle, a British high court ruled that “gay marriage” is officially banned in the Cayman Islands. The small island nation continues to boldly hold back the worldwide LGBT onslaught to force “gay marriage.” This was a great victory!

Cayman Islands is a self-governing territory of the United Kingdom. The three islands are located in the Caribbean Sea south of Havana and northwest of Jamaica.


But there’s still work to do. A recent edict by the British-appointed Governor imposing “domestic partnerships” needs to be overturned. It is apparently illegal because it bypassed the country’s Legislative Assembly.

Back in 2020, Cayman Island activists called on MassResistance to help them fight “gay marriage.” Now they’ve called on us again to help them finish the battle.


A pattern of aggressive LGBT judicial activism has been playing out around the world for the past twenty years. The homosexual movement targets a country (or jurisdiction) which does not allow “gay marriage.” They prop up a gay or lesbian couple in the area to sue for violating their so-called right to marry. A judicial fiat forces legislative action extending the LGBT “marriage” agenda – including adoption by homosexuals, non-discrimination, etc. – into the laws.

In the U.S. the “gay marriage” court blitz began in Massachusetts in 2003 and culminated with the U.S. Supreme Court Obergefell ruling in 2014. Since then, the well-funded LGBT movement has been pushing it around the world, most recently in the Caribbean where Christian values have strongly resisted it. (Jamaica still maintains its anti-sodomy law, which has endured several LGBT challenges.)

The battle comes to the Cayman Islands

In 2018 the international LGBT movement brought the battle to the Cayman Islands, and the fight has been going on since then. Here’s the chronology:

  • “Gay marriage” lawsuit filed. In December 2018, a lesbian couple, British-born Vickie Bodden Bush and Caymanian Chantelle Day, filed a lawsuit against the Cayman Islands for the right to legally marry, ostensibly to receive spousal benefits for their child. Bush lives in the country on a work permit; Day is a Cayman Islands citizen.
  • Court agrees and institutes “gay marriage.” Shockingly in March 2019, the court agreed with the couple’s demand (after a deluge of international LGBT pressure). The judge unilaterally expanded the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.
  • Appeals Court overturns that ruling. The Cayman Islands government appealed that ruling. In November 2019, the Cayman Islands Court of Appeals overturned it, declaring that there could be no “gay” marriage in the Cayman Islands. It cited the description of marriage in the Cayman Island Constitution’s Bill of Rights:

    Government shall respect the right of every unmarried man and woman of marriageable age (as determined by law) freely to marry a person of the opposite sex and found a family.
  • Appeals Court also recommends that a compromise be enacted by Legislature. In that same ruling, the Court of Appeals strongly recommended that the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly pass legislation that creates “legal status equivalent to marriage.”
  • Legislative Assembly rejects “domestic partnerships” compromise. Over the next several months,the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly debated a “domestic partnerships” bill. Finally, on July 29, 2020, they voted to reject the bill by a slim margin (9-8 with one voter absent). The legislators endured considerable pressure from the international LGBT movement and local activists. But they decided not to part from the clear words of the Constitution.
  • Governor condemns failure to pass domestic partnerships. Within hours after the Assembly rejected the bill, the British-appointed Governor of the Cayman Islands, Martyn Roper, jumped into the fight. Roper, who is unabashedly pro-LGBT, issued a statement condemning the failure of the Legislative Assembly to pass the Domestic Partnerships bill and thus “end discrimination against same-sex couples.” He declared it “a sad day for the rule of law.”
  • Governor acts unilaterally to establish a domestic partnership bill. On September 4, 2020, Governor Roper shocked the islanders by announcing that he is using a rare constitutional loophole to circumvent the Legislative Assembly and enact the Domestic Partnerships bill on the Cayman Islands on his own authority.

An obscure section of the Cayman Islands Constitution allows the Governor to impose a law if the Legislative Assembly is unlikely to do so. But such a law must deal with the official responsibilities of the Governor, which are listed as: defense, external affairs, police, and appointments of officers.

The Governor’s arrogant statement rationalizes his overstepping authority through appeal to international law. He admitted that “there was no prospect of the bill coming back to the Legislative Assembly, or if it did that it would be successfully passed.” He declared that the action is “necessary” and “cannot be ignored” despite what the Constitution says. In defending this intervention, he made the absurd claim that it is an “external affair” – not a domestic matter – because the European Convention on Human Rights (which the UK has signed but the Cayman Islands have not) recognizes same-sex “marriage.”

Governor Martyn Roper

Thus, homosexual “domestic partnerships” were imposed on the Cayman Islands against the will of the people.

Cayman Islands activists contact MassResistance

The following month, August 2020, Cayman Islands pro-family activists contacted MassResistance. The churches and pro-family groups wanted advice and guidance on fighting back. We got right to work.

Kattina Anglin, one of the main Cayman Islands pro-family activists, described how MassResistance was able to help:

MassResistance helped us to understand how to organize people and run a protest. Arthur Schaper [MassResistance Organization Director] started by holding Zoom calls with the pastor at the New Testament Church [a large church].

He showed us different approaches that we could use about trying to pressure the government, and the best ways to communicate. A lot of people are catching on to the tactics, and how to hold out without quitting. Even just a few people can create an incredible impact in the decision making. People realize that they have the right to speak up. So MassResistance is having a positive influence on individuals here about standing up for their rights.

And we saw that we had people as far away as California who supported us and joined us in our outrage – that we weren’t alone.

After a few weeks of MassResistance help, public protests were held. These brought a lot of people together and sent a strong message to the government – and to the pro-LGBT media and activists.

 Protesters in front of the Cayman Islands Government Building.


Gay Pride Parade comes to Cayman Islands

The LGBT movement decided to counter the pro-family activism. On July 31, 2021, the first “Gay Pride” was held on the Cayman Islands. The large crowd of marchers included the British Governor, Martyn Roper. There was a substantial turnout.


The first Cayman Islands Gay Pride Parade appeared to have a big turnout – but reportedly most of the participants were not locals.


Governor Roper (center) marching in the Gay Pride Parade.

But it was basically a sham. The observers said they’d never seen so many foreigners in the country at one time, as were marching in that parade. As one Cayman citizen told us, “It was blatantly obvious. They were not from here. They were not locals.” According to activists we spoke with, the people who work at customs even said that large numbers flew in the day before the parade and flew back out the day after. “So they came down specifically for the gay parade. It did not represent the support they have from people here,” we were told.

High court in Britain rejects LGBT appeal on “gay marriage”

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC), located in London, is the court of final appeal for the UK overseas territories – which includes the Cayman Islands.

Soon after losing their “gay marriage” case before the Cayman Islands Appeals Court, the lesbian couple (supported by the LGBT movement) filed an appeal before the JCPC. The case was heard on Feb. 22, 2021.

On March 14, 2022, the decision finally came. The JCPC unanimously ruled that in the Cayman Islands, “this is a matter of choice for the legislative assembly rather than a right laid down in the constitution.” At this point, the Legislative Assembly has no interest in bringing the bill back – especially since the Appeals Court had declared it unconstitutional.

Although there’s still more work to do – overturning the Governor’s “domestic partnerships” edict – this was a huge win. As Kattina Anglin told us:

I think you should know that people here in the Cayman Islands are rejoicing. There’s a big sigh of relief – not just by Christians, but other people in the country who want to maintain a healthy society, a society where the man and the woman and the children is the definition of marriage, of family. We are a God-fearing nation.

In process: Legal challenge to Governor’s domestic partnership edict

It’s clear to most people that the Governor had no legal right to impose a domestic partnership law because marriage is an internal affair, not an “external affair” as he is claiming.

In August 2020, Kattina Anglin was granted legal aid, and filed a challenge in the Caymans Islands Grand Court against the Governor for unlawful use of Section 81 of the Constitution in order to pass the Domestic Partnership Act.

Kattina Anglin

In November 2020, there was a preliminary assessment hearing where the Court determined the claim has merit. Thirteen months later, in December 2021, the case was heard before the Court.

We are still waiting for a ruling to be returned.

MassResistance gets the call again!

Last week Kattina and other Cayman Islands pro-family activists asked MassResistance to come back and get involved.

It’s possible that the Legislative Assembly may again be getting involved with the LGBT issue – either marriage or otherwise. There are thousands of people in the Cayman Islands who are on our side (signers of pro-marriage petitions, members of Bible-believing churches, etc.) who need to be mobilized.

And there is even widespread talk about a legal move to have the Governor recalled. As one man told us, “He has dishonored us, he has violated our rights, and he has undermined our Christian order. Britain needs to be told that we want a replacement.”

We’re rolling up our sleeves and again helping the people of the Cayman Islands!


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LGBT libel case against Montana pastor stalled

Huge LGBT libel case against Montana pastor stalled after his bankruptcy filing this week

Far-left Judge had scheduled hearing Feb. 16 to determine whether pastor is a “dangerous person,” subject to fines even before his trial

Pastor forced to file for bankruptcy in federal court

February 18, 2022


Pastor Jordan Hall is principled and fearless. That’s why the LGBT movement is out to destroy him.

Pastor Jordan Hall, a conservative pastor who is the publisher of Montana’s largest and most influential conservative news site, has been forced to file for personal bankruptcy as he faces a massive LGBT lawsuit. Even before his trial, the judge was expected to impose fines in a hearing that had been scheduled for Feb. 16. That proceeding was suddenly postponed once Hall filed for bankruptcy.

As we reported earlier this week, Pastor Hall is publisher of the Montana Daily Gazette. He is being sued for libel and $250,000 damages by Adrian Jawort, a “transgender” American Indian activist who is also a registered lobbyist at the Montana State Capitol. Jawort – a man who wears a dress and heavy makeup, and stands 6’3” in women’s heels – claims that Hall libeled him in an article describing a confrontation allegedly involving Jawort and some legislators at the Capitol. As we described, this case has no merit and would be thrown out in any normal court setting.

Not your regular State Capitol lobbyist. From Jawort’s public Facebook page: Christian verses certainly seem to anger this fellow. The Satanic horns, inverted cross on his forehead, and blood dripping from his mouth indicate where he’s coming from.

However, Jawort is represented by a group of well-funded leftist attorneys who have already spent an estimated $150,000 against Hall – and the trial has not even started.

In addition, Jawort’s lawyers were able to get the case moved away from Hall’s home county to a judge, Elizabeth Best, who is arguably the most ruthlessly left-wing in the state. She has already shown her strong bias against Hall. In a recent court filing, she characterized his Gazette article as employing “an offensive and ignorant epithet used by transphobic people, obviously aimed at demeaning Jawort.”

Judge Best had scheduled a special preliminary hearing for this past Wednesday, Feb. 16, to determine if Hall is a “threat” to public order. Jawort’s lawyers claim that Hall’s use of Bible quotes and Christian imagery when speaking about the lawsuit constituted “threats” to the plaintiff, his attorneys, and the judge. According to information we had, Judge Best was very likely to fine Hall up to hundreds of thousands of dollars – before the trial even started.

Pastor Hall forced to file for personal bankruptcy

On Monday, Feb. 14, Pastor Hall filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in federal bankruptcy court. Pastor Hall has not discussed any details about this. But according to a news report, his filing “listed assets of less than $50,000 and that attorneys’ fees were the primary driver of his bankruptcy, and those bills ranged between $100,000 and $500,000.”

Judge Best put a “stay” on the Feb. 16 hearing. The Daily Montanan newspaper explained:

Hall’s bankruptcy filing also puts an immediate stay, or halt, to any legal proceedings, meaning that it instantly stops the sanctions hearing that was scheduled for Wednesday. The stay is in effect for as long as 30 days, and Judge Benjamin P. Hursh [the federal bankruptcy judge] may ultimately decide how the case will proceed.

A seemingly impossible situation for Pastor Hall

Going into personal bankruptcy is certainly a horrible situation. Although Pastor Hall has not discussed this, it’s easy to see the seemingly untenable situation he was put in.

He and his attorney are facing a team of leftist lawyers who have unlimited funding to destroy him. He is up against a far-left judge who has already shown extreme bias against him, including allowing the opposing lawyers to impose an aggressive and invasive “discovery” process that clearly goes beyond any objective necessity for the case. There was a strong feeling that the judge was preparing to declare him a “threat” and impose a huge fine on him.


Judge Elizabeth Best [Great Falls Tribune photo]

Just how bad is Judge Best? Here’s what Bart Crabtree, President of the Montana Citizens Council on Judicial Accountability, recently wrote about this case:

Eighth judicial district court judge Elizabeth Best is arguably one of the worst judges ever to sit on the bench. There is case after case in Cascade County of her usurping our state statutes, violating judicial canon of ethics, and a character of intemperance. Her appointment to this particular case is by design and of no surprise. She believes she is the master rather than a servant of the people, and is not liked in Cascade County where there is a fervent desire to have her removed. She has already demonstrated undue bias towards Mr. Hall in statements she has apparently made, according to the [Sidney, MT] Herald, which automatically disqualifies her as judge in the case, per MCA 3-1-805.

After the trial is over, the only appeal is to the Montana Supreme Court, which is very left-leaning. It already has ruled against Hall on one issue regarding this case that would have seemed obvious – whether Jawort is a “limited public figure.” So there is no confidence that Hall would get a fair hearing there. (Maybe this must go to the U.S. Supreme Court?)

Final thoughts

Jordan Hall’s real “crime” is being unafraid to publish the truth about the LGBT agenda. The “libel” charge is a red herring concocted to bludgeon him. His Daily Montana Gazette may be the most widely read news site in the state. That’s why the Left wants to destroy it – and him.

It is unfortunate that in a “red state” like Montana – where Republicans have super-majorities in both houses of the Legislature and hold all statewide elected offices, that the judiciary is largely left-wing. According to people we talk to there, this is because the state’s only law school is at the left-leaning University of Montana.

Pastor Jordan Hall is, sadly, paying the price for being principled and fearless. But this fight isn’t over! You can help support him here.



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