Alberta gvmt launches investigation of Christian schools for refusing gay clubs | News | LifeSite

Queers: do you see anything wrong here? I do. It’s called forcing your blatant deviant sexual lifestyle choice on others….especially children! THIS is what makes you a damn bully. You are useless until you change your ways. And please, don’t give me this “right side of history” bull. You never studied history to enough to understand that it is you that is on the WRONG SIDE of history. Oh, and Jacob, don’t bother to add a comment about this. Your have nothing to say that would make any sense. <ADMIN>

EDMONTON, Alberta, September 21, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Alberta’s New Democratic Party government has launched an inquiry into two private Christian schools whose board refuses to comply with government edicts regarding homosexuality and risks losing taxpayer assistance.

Education Minister David Eggen told reporters that Independent Baptist Christian Education Society, which operates two schools with 200 students in Spruce Grove west of Edmonton and supervises 1,200 homeschooled students, had failed to provide a plan or written assurance it would comply with a new law forcing homosexual clubs at all schools. […]

Source: Alberta gvmt launches investigation of Christian schools for refusing gay clubs | News | LifeSite

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VIDEO: Paul Lopez – Ex-‘Transwoman’ – Detransitioning ‘Lynna’ and Reclaiming His Male Self – ‘New Life, New Look’ » Americans for Truth


From Lies to Truth: Paul Lopez in his old, gender-confused life as “Lynna” (left) with Maritza Cummings (then calling herself “Mark”), back in 2015 before they each began “detransitioning”–i.e., reversing their unnatural “gender transitions” to return to their God-given biological sex. See the 2015 video here. To read the uplifting story of ex-“transman” Maritza, who is detransitioning back to her natural female self, go here. Paul and Maritza are married. And watch the video below to see where Paul is today in his healthy transformation.

Dear Readers,

I was so touched watching this YouTube video (h/t Daniel Erline) of “detransitioning” Paul Lopez cleaning out his apartment of all the female clothes and wigs worn by his former, false “transwoman” self, “Lynna.” Paul and his wife, Maritza Cummings–a former female-to-male “transgender” activist who is also detransitioning–have drawn the attention of the “gay” press for coming out against the gender-transitioning process. [See this 2014 article about Maritza in thehomosexual magazine The Advocate when she still was going by the name Mark Angelo Cummings.]

Embracing unnatural “gender identities” is all the rage these days — especially since the media/pop culture frenzy overBruce (“Caitlyn”) Jenner. Political correctness has overtaken reason as societal elites recklessly promote gender confusion (rebellion) and body-disfiguring hormone therapies and surgeries–like healthy breast removal–even to impressionable teens and young adults. They’re even using drugs to “suppress puberty” for pre-teens so the child can “explore the gender identity he or she feels is the correct one”! Utter madness.

What the media are definitely not inclined to report are the wholesome stories of ex-“trans” people like Paul and Maritza who are returning to sanity, most, it seems, with the help of God. Yes, Jesus Christ is the world’s greatest change agent, and thanks to alternative media millions of people can see how He is working in people’s lives–despite the Orwellian oppression of LGBTQ-affirming groupthink. For decades homosexual activists have loved to talk about “visibility”: “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” was one “gay” activist slogan. But now that tactic is boomeranging on them as people come out of false, disordered and self-obsessed LGBTQ identities.

Believe me, the last thing Big Gay/Big Trans Inc activists like GLAAD want is this kind of visibility: the return to normalcy.  (Rule for the Left: all “coming out” stories are good–except when people come out of homosexual and transsexual deviance.)

Note Paul’s common sense observations about the difference between men’s and women’s bodies (shoe size, panties, etc.). How dare we confirm minor children–whose minds and bodies are not even fully developed–in the dangerous world of drug-induced and surgical “gender transition”! If you’re too busy to watch all 15 minutes of the video, skip ahead to around the 13:00 mark, where Paul observes that what undergirds gender transitioning is hatred of self. Check back to AFTAH as we’ll be bringing you other heart-warming stories like this in the days and months ahead. — Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth

Source: VIDEO: Paul Lopez – Ex-‘Transwoman’ – Detransitioning ‘Lynna’ and Reclaiming His Male Self – ‘New Life, New Look’ » Americans for Truth

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No Alberta politicians willing to stand up to NDP gvmt’s ‘totalitarian’ LGBT school agenda? | Opinion | LifeSite

Featured Image

EDMONTON, Alberta, August 24, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – The New Democratic government of Alberta has apparently forgotten its duty to protect religious freedom and parental rights in the wake of Education Minister David Eggen’s open letter promising LGBT students the right to express their sexual proclivities in defiance of the religious beliefs that are foundational to many Alberta Christian and public schools.

Meanwhile, the province’s two self-professed conservative parties have apparently forgotten their duty to oppose the government, maintaining a hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil inaction when faced with the Eggen letter.

“The government is not recognizing parental rights or religious freedom,” Brian Coldwell, pastor of a Spruce Grove church and head of the Independent Baptist Christian Education Society, told LifeSiteNews. […]

Source: No Alberta politicians willing to stand up to NDP gvmt’s ‘totalitarian’ LGBT school agenda? | Opinion | LifeSite

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In all of Scripture, is there a clearer condemnation of homosexual acts than Romans 1:26-27? In that brief but crystal clear passage, the Apostle Paul states categorically that homosexual copulation is unnatural, indecent, and sinful.

Some apologists for homosexuality – even some within the church – have tried to sidestep this denunciation by resorting to outlandish assertions.

In fact, it was a controversial sermon preached by the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Dr. Ken Dunivant, that triggered this blog series in the first place. (See previous blogs here, here, here, here, and here.)

I will give Dunivant this: He’s gutsy. His text for the sermon that applauded loving homosexual unions was none other than Romans 1:18-32. Here are the three arguments he made concerning this passage: […]

Source: – Romans 1 and Unnatural Sexuality

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Man would rather get fired than watch diversity video |

CHAMPAIGN — A Social Security Administration employee who believes he shouldn’t have to watch a workplace diversity video about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, because it violates his religious beliefs, fears he may lose his job because of it.

David Hall, 42, of Tolono has worked for the federal agency for 14 years, based in the Champaign office as an area systems coordinator, an information technology position.

In late April, Hall said, employees nationwide received an email from the agency about a 17-minute LGBT diversity and inclusion training video that they were told to watch at their work stations. Employees were required to certify that they had seen the video.

Hall said he is a Christian — “not anti-anyone or anything,” but “for God, for Jesus” — and believes the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin.

So, he didn’t watch it.

His supervisor gave him direct orders to do so — first on June 2, then again on June 24. Again, Hall refused both times.

As a result, an official reprimand was placed in his file — the first he has ever received, he says — and he was suspended without pay for two days, Aug. 15-16. […]

Source: Man would rather get fired than watch diversity video |

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This is How the Homosexual Activists “Debate” – And This is How Democracy Dies – CultureWatch

What debate? What democracy?When Mark Steyn was last in Australia I of course paid close attention to what he had to say and took copious notes. One thing I recorded that especially stood out was this thought: “The Left does not want to win the debate, it wants to shut down the debate.”

That is as accurate as you can get. And I know this from firsthand experience. I have been to numerous public meetings on topics such as marriage and family either as a speaker or a listener which the radical leftists and the homosexual activists sought to shut down, disrupt, and/or turn into mayhem. […]

Source: This is How the Homosexual Activists “Debate” – And This is How Democracy Dies – CultureWatch

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Threats Force Australian Christian Lobby Group to Cancel Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Opposition Event | The Stream

An alliance of Australian Christian conservative groups cancelled a conference about the nation’s upcoming national vote on same-sex “marriage” late Friday night after allegedly receiving physical threats.

Booked by four Christian groups at a conference room in the Mercure Sydney Airport Hotel, the event was set to discuss a potentially upcoming plebiscite meant to measure public support for redefining marriage. The legal redefining of marriage is a stated goal of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who has committed to push such a measure through the country’s lower legislative house during his time in office.

The Sydney Anglicans, Syndey Catholics, the Marriage Alliance and the Australian Christian Lobby were set to meet in preparation of a campaign against the plebiscite. However, according to The Australian, “the Accor Hotels group,” which operates the hotel, “confirmed late yesterday (Friday) that the function had been abandoned after a social media storm triggered phone calls that ‘rattled’ employees and left the company concerned about the safety of staff and guests.” […]

Source: Threats Force Australian Christian Lobby Group to Cancel Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Opposition Event | The Stream

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APA researcher explodes myth: Gays aren’t ‘born that way’ | News | LifeSite

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 22, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — A top researcher with the American Psychological Association (APA) and lesbian activist has acknowledged that gays are not “born that way.”

Dr. Lisa Diamond, co-editor-in-chief of the APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology and one of the APA’s “most respected members,” says sexual orientation is “fluid” and not unchangeable.

As clinical psychologist Dr. Laura A. Haynes summarizes Diamond’s APA Handbook chapters, her book and YouTube lectures, “The battle to disprove ‘Born that way and can’t change’ is now over, and (Diamond) is telling LGBT activists to stop promoting the myth.” […]

Source: APA researcher explodes myth: Gays aren’t ‘born that way’ | News | LifeSite

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Upcoming Mexico City marriage rally being attacked in media, threatened by govt

As this weekend’s Mexico City marriage rally approaches: Mexican media attacks event; government threatens foreign pro-family participants

But Mexican pro-family organizers are standing strong

MassResistance is asked to help by countering hostile reports in mainstream media

September 22, 2016

Tensions are rising in Mexico City as organizers of this weekend’s huge pro-family march prepare to send a strong message to the country’s Congress. The march and its message are virulently opposed by the Mexican mainstream media, the government, and the increasingly vitriolic LGBT activists.

Over the past week, the march and its organizers have been repeatedly attacked in the media around the country. In addition, say the organizers, there have been veiled threats by the government that foreign participants could be arrested (using a broadened interpretation of an article in the Constitution). But the organizers are continuing to push ahead.

A scene from the Sept. 10 march in Tijuana. This weekend’s march in Mexico City will likely be much bigger!

Protesting President’s push to impose gay marriage & LGBT agenda nationwide

On Saturday, Sept. 10, the streets of 122 cities and towns across Mexico wererocked by pro-marriage rallies. Over a million people protested the efforts by the President of Mexico to push a national “gay marriage” law through the Mexican Congress. Several of Mexico’s 31 states and Mexico City have started to permit it on their own — but not the rest of the country.  The Mexican President has also started a nationwide pro-LGBT propaganda campaign, which also targets the schools.

The rallies were organized by a group called “Frente Nacional por la Familia” (National Front for the Family), in conjunction with religious communities across the country.

Spanish-language material from MassResistance was also used by organizers to inform people about what “gay marriage” would do to the country.

Pro-family activists holding copies of the Spanish version of the MassResistance booklet,”What same-sex marriage has done to Massachusetts.”

This Saturday, Sept. 24, another major pro-marriage rally is set for Mexico City to send a direct message to the Congress not to pass the bill. Citizens from across the country are expected to be there.

Logo advertising both the Sept. 10 march “in the states” and the “national” march in Mexico City.

Constant attacks in Mexican mainstream media

Leaders of the Frente Nacional por la Familia told us that they had not anticipated the onslaught against them by the Mexican mainstream media.

The huge turnout across the country for the Sept. 10 marches appears to have taken the media by surprise. As in the US (and around the world) the mainstream media in Mexico is strongly pro-LGBT and aggressively biased against religious believers. In the past week, according to the leaders we have spoken with, the media has lashed out against the marches and the organizers. As one leader emailed MassResistance:

The media has been very, very hostile. They are using their resources to attack us. They cover all the gay activities in a positive light. But they will have 3 to 5 gay people against one of us in interviews and debates.

Earlier this year, pro-family activists got over 240,000 signatures on a petition to ban “gay marriage,” the adoption of children by gay couple’s and teaching about homosexuality in the schools. Marchers are demanding that petition be fulfilled by Congress. That has further incensed the media in Mexico.

Lacing their attacks with anti-American rhetoric. In addition, the media has been fanning the flames of anti-Americanism in their attacks on Frente Nacional por la Familia, one leader told us, apparently to intimidate them from getting help from American pro-family groups such as MassResistance.

Threats to arrest foreigners who participate in march

Originally, the leaders had asked Brian Camenker of MassResistance to travel to Mexico City and join them in the march and related activities. But this week Camenker got a phone call from them about a government threat against foreign pro-family people coming to support the march.

Article 33 of Mexico’s constitution gives the President the right to detain and deport any foreigner. It also states that foreigners may not participate “in any way” in the political affairs of the country..

This is usually interpreted by the Mexican courts as illegal voting or engaging in actual party politics. But occasionally it has been used by the government to arrest foreigners for a broad range of quasi-political activities, including participating in a protest.

This past week there have been not-so-veiled threats that any foreigner actively participating in the march or speaking out – particularly someone from an activist group like MassResistance — is liable to be detained and eventually deported.

Canceling all activities with foreign pro-family leaders

On Monday the leadership team had an emergency meeting. They had planned to have foreign pro-family leaders participate in a press conference, be recognized with local leaders, and possibly even give speeches. All of that has been canceled.

They notified foreign pro-family people that they could still come as “observers” but they would have no role in the pro-family march and should not “speak out” in any way.

A different role for Brian Camenker

Given this new development, leaders of Frente Nacional por la Familia telephoned Brian Camenker of MassResistance this week to discuss what role would help the most.

Camenker could still travel to Mexico City as simply an “observer” of the march if he wished, they said. But they felt that staying in the US and using our news reporting skills and background knowledge would be more productive.

As their PR person described it:

I think it would be most helpful to us if you could write about the march and publish pictures, etc. Especially since we have so much negative press, it would be very  helpful to have positive impressions and reports on the March, which we will send to you, hopefully in real time. We very very mucho appreciate your support and help! It is very encouraging.

They emphasized that it’s important to quickly prepare a positive and knowledgeable report on the march that could be sent across the United States and to pro-family people around the world – to counter the expected hostile reports from the mainstream media.

Catholic Church pushed to the sidelines

People naturally believe that in a country like Mexico a large-scale pro-marriage action like these marches are mobilized by the Catholic Church.

One crucial fact we didn’t know is that the Catholic Church and all priests and other ministers are legally prohibited from organizing or lobbying on religious issues that come before the legislative bodies.

As one of the pro-family leaders emailed us:

This march is really coming from the people, not the Catholic Church. This is very important because of Mexico being a lay state and church and religious leaders are not allowed to engage politically or have public opinion on such matters.

This shows how powerful the secular left in Mexico is. And make no mistake: It’s what the American Left wants to do in the United States.

To be able to organize nationwide in this climate is a testament to the determination of the Mexican pro-family movement.

One of the advertising logos for this weekend’s Mexico City march.

Rallies in US to support Mexico’s fight for marriage!

There’s another way Americans can show support for the Mexican pro-family march. On Tuesday the Mexican pro-family leader called us and repeated their encouragement that Americans to support their efforts by holding rallies at noon on Sept. 24 at Mexican consulates here in the US.

California MassResistance has been mobilizing people to rally at the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles. And possibly some other MassResistance chapters around the country will be doing it.

We’ll have a full report on all of this as quickly as possible!

Source: Upcoming Mexico City marriage rally being attacked in media, threatened by govt

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The left to Christians: Your turn in the closet

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