Chadwick Moore Slams “Big Gay”

Chadwick Moore is a homosexual Republican supporter who can tell you a lot about the Big Gay lobby and how it has set out to control American politics.

It’s got mega-dollars acquired by posing as “charity” when in fact it is pushing an agenda that suits big profit-seeking corporations and it pays its CEOs vast sums of money. $400,000 per year for working for “charity” yeah, that’s what these career queers pay themselves, avoiding tax because they call themselves “charities” and they pose as “leftwing” !

They are all about making money, money and more money.

Remember Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” speech? She was talking at a fund-raising event for HRC – yes the outfit of dear Terry Bean who is now facing criminal charges for bribing a witness.

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Parent Stops BLM Indoctrination At Calif. High School

Part 1 of a series on BLM in your schoolsALT TEXTIndoctrination. Sign in a window of a house a few blocks from the high school announces to the neighborhood: “This teacher believes BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Because schools have been pushing other anti-American and anti-family ideas for years they were primed to bring this in at record speed.

But luckily, the COVID restrictions mandating Zoom classes at home have made it easier for parents to see for themselves what’s really being taught to their children.

A frightening discovery

Earlier this month a mother in Torrance, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) happened to be monitoring her son’s high school English class, taking place via Zoom.

What she saw and heard was shocking. The English teacher was asking her son and others in the class to respond to a series of questions and statements from an inflammatory and offensive article on race in America.

Among the article’s messages:

Blacks are routinely killed by white police. White people think all blacks are criminals. Republicans are trying to keep blacks from voting. President Trump wants protesters to be shot. Burning buildings and looting is simply the last resort for blacks to deal with the “institutional racism” and the killing of blacks by police. Because of all this, the article says “it feels like hunting season is open on blacks.”

You can read the entire article here. It was originally written as an op-ed in theLos Angeles Times by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the former professional basketball player, who has been known for decades to harbor anger towards white people.

Fighting back

The mother was livid. Is this what teenagers should be taught in English class? She called MassResistance and spoke with Arthur Schaper. By coincidence, Arthur lives in Torrance just blocks from the school, West High School.ALT TEXT

West High School in Torrance, CA – currently holding classes via Zoom.

Arthur and other activists in Torrance got right to work. To get a sense of how pervasive this BLM agenda is in the local schools, they contacted one of the Torrance City Council members. He said that it is definitely happening in Torrance, but parents are fearful to oppose it. He told them:

Speaking out and exposing this needs to come directly from the students and their parents. I’ve been contacted by a couple dozen parents with this same concern, but virtually all of them have clearly stated that they are afraid to come forward for the fear of repercussion from the teachers and staff.  I also know a few families that have even taken their kids out of the Torrance Public Schools.

Arthur talked at length with the mother. She agreed that for the sake of her son and the others she needed to stand up to this. Knowing that MassResistance had her back, she was willing to move forward.

The mother sent an email to the principal. When she didn’t hear back, she sent the same email to the entire Torrance School Board:

Last week my son had to respond to the attached questions. These are not issues that should be discussed in ENGLISH, and the way these questions and statements are written, I cannot think of a class where they should be taught at all. These questions and situations are based only on feeling, not fact. In fact, the people involved in these cases have not even had a trial. What are we trying to teach our children? In America, you are innocent until proven guilty and every week it seems like there is more and more information that comes out regarding these cases. I need to know if this material is approved by West High and by the district. I am very disappointed that this district is trying to indoctrinate our children … This teacher is teaching propaganda. I will not stand for it and I am not the only parent that will not allow their children to be indoctrinated. Would you? 

I would like to hear from you as soon as you are able to review and discuss this. I am not sure why grown adults would want to do this to children.

She then contacted the teacher specifically asking for a meeting to discuss this. Arthur also emailed the teacher demanding an explanation for the purpose of the assignment.

A few days later came their answer: No more BLM in class!

At first, the only response was an email Arthur received from a school district administrator with a copy of the district’s “complaint procedure” (i.e., start with the teacher and principal, and then go up the ladder). But besides that, just silence.

This week we got an email from the mother. The school has backed down!

The English teacher and I spoke on Friday. He and the vice principal were on the phone. In summary, they confirmed Torrance schools will not be implementing the “critical race theory” curriculum or Black Lives Matter. He said he would make sure to provide both sides of anything political they do.

I am continually monitoring my son’s classwork. I have not seen anything yet. He did say the document was approved by the district. No surprise there. At this point I am just going to continue to monitor and will raise hell when needed. Hoping they are being truthful – we will see.

Another MassResistance success.

Final thoughts

This needs to happen all over America!

First and foremost, MassResistance believes that it’s absolutely necessary to confront this propaganda directly and strongly! School officials are not well prepared for that. The school expects parents, students, and others will be too frightened and intimidated to speak up.

MassResistance will continue to press on the Torrance school officials until we get more answers – and make sure it’s being removed completely!

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what we’re finding across the country. Black Lives Matter is using their enormous funding and resources to poison school curricula in a way we’ve rarely seen before. We will be exposing that in upcoming articles – and helping you confront it!

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How Homosexual Practices make people end up in hospital

Careful – the following article is not nice reading.

It’s a medical report on how surgeons have to sort out the nightmare problems caused by men who insist on pushing things up their back passage. It’s quite common for homosexuals to put bags of cocaine up there, and far worse.

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is ccrs25214-1.jpg

Yes, doctors have to cut people open to remove bottles, jars, aerosol cans and other things from patients’ rectums. It is called endscopic extraction and a series of surgeries may be needed to complete sphincter repair.

Rectal Foreign Bodies: What Is the Current Standard?


Rectal foreign bodies represent a challenging and unique field of colorectal trauma. The important factors in dealing with these patients is fourfold: careful history and physical with respect for what is often an embarrassing problem, a high index of suspicion for any evidence of toxicity that suggests perforation (and requires emergent laparotomy), a creative approach to nonoperative removal using tools originally designed for other uses, and appropriate short-term follow-up to detect any delayed perforation (which may be a life-threatening problem). By adhering to these four principles, patients with retained rectal foreign bodies can be managed safely and effectively. In the modern era, we have a variety of tools including endoscopy and laparoscopy that may allow extraction of difficulty objects possible using a minimally invasive approach. Figure 2 illustrates our summary algorithm for the approach to rectal foreign bodies.

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Garry Burns is a Loser

Garry Burns, the infamous LGBT litigant in Australia, who has persecuted a series of innocent people using so-called “anti-discrimination laws” is now reportedly bankrupt. He has lost big time as the judgements of the Australian courts have gradually swung away from his little clique of LGBT extremists and at last started to defend the rights of the majority of good, decent normal people.

Gary Burns (@garyburnsblog) | Twitter
Garry Burns gloating over how he successfully bullied conservatives.

It was Garry Burns who brought spurious, aggressive and vexatious law cases against a series of Conservatives in an attempt to silence all criticism of the ever-expanding “gay rights” agenda. He and his likes are determined to force their demands on others without scrutiny, opposition or debate.

Garry Burns prosecuted Bernard Gaynor and landed him with a bill for $1 million in fines for supposedly breaching court orders. All he had done was the crime of blogging while Conservative. Gaynor had already been fired from his job in the army merely for pointing out that the LGBTs themselves were in breach of official regulations.

Burns also brought cases against Tess Corbett and John Sunol, determined to silence and punish anyone who wouldn’t crawl to his ideology. He even tried to drive Gaynor’s solicitor out of the New South Wales Law Society. But then the tide turned and Bernard Gaynor brought a case in the highest court that the so-called Anti-Discrimination laws were in themselves unconstitutional, because they infringed the rights of other citizens to practice their own religion and to engage in the democratic system.

Gaynor won, and Garry Burns’ loyal ally, Magistrate Nancy Henessy, was found to be acting illegally as she had met him privately on several occasions. She has been recused from the Anti-Discrimination tribunal where she kept churning out favorable judgements for him. Burns has been found guilty of making statements that ‘were untrue and without foundation’, statements that were ‘malicious, insulting and offensive’ and he is facing massive legal costs that are going to bankrupt him.

Well, how sorry we really aren’t. Because for years and years Burns and his ilk have been spitefully determined to bankrupt everybody who spoke out against his nasty, sick degenerate lifestyle being forced on the whole of society. We congratulate Gaynor and all the other brave people in Australia who stood up against this wave of vicious gay bullying, and did so often at massive cost to themselves and their families. We salute you as heroes!

NOVEMBER 22 2019 – 10:30AM

Activist slapped with $80k costs after failed court bid against former Wannon political candidate Tess Corbet

Latest News

Sydney anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.

 Sydney anti-free speech campaigner Garry Burns.

An anti-discrimination campaigner is facing crippling legal bills after a failed court bid against a former Wannon political candidate.

Tess Corbett, a Lake Bolac grandmother and the then Katter’s Australia Party candidate for the seat of Wannon, publicly said in 2013 that she did not want “gays, lesbians or pedophiles working in my kindergarten”.

“Pedophiles will be next in line to be recognised in the same way as gays and lesbians, and get rights,” she said.

Ms Corbett’s comments to the Hamilton Spectator during the 2013 election campaign triggered outrage across the country [ maybe from a few LGBT nutcases or those who are ignorant of the strong links between homosexuality and pederasty] sparking legal action from Sydney anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.[ i.e. he saw a chance for litigation and personal financial gain].

Mr Burns filed a complaint with the President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act Board (ADB ) alleging the comments comparing gays to pedophiles breached the anti-vilification provisions of the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act.

Ms Corbett was found guilty of vilifying homosexuals at a hearing at the former NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal in October 2013 and she was ordered to apologise in writing to Mr Burns and publish an apology to the gay community in the Sydney Morning Herald.

But she didn’t comply and Mr Burns unsuccessfully started proceedings in the NSW Supreme Courts, to get Ms Corbett to comply with the orders.

Another unsuccessful appeal heard in the High Court left Mr Burns in $81,644.70 debt after he was ordered to pay the respondents’ costs.

In October 2019, he received a notice to pay the debt within seven days. He couldn’t.

Tess Corbett's comments during the 2013 election campaign triggered outrage across the country, sparking legal action from anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.
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Disney adding gay character to kids

Disney Pixar released a short film for young viewers on Friday, featuring the company’s first homosexual main character.

The story, titled “Out”, follows a homosexual adult male named Greg as he struggles to tell his parents that he’s in a relationship with another man.

After his parents pay a surprise visit to his apartment, Greg frantically tries to hide the evidence of his homosexual relationship, only to realise that he shouldn’t have to hide who he truly is.

According to NBC News, Walt Disney Studios, the parent of Pixar and a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company has been stepping up its LGBTQ representation recently by including LGBTQ storylines in films such as Frozen, Onward, Avengers: Endgame, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Upcoming projects set to feature homosexual characters are also said to include, The Eternals and [the author is an idiot…who knew].

Last month it was reported that the company’s stock price plummeted, however, Bob Chapek, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, dismissed any connection to their promotion of LGBTQ ideology.

“We believe we want to tell stories that our audience wants to hear that reflects their lives,” Chapek said.

“In terms of the stock price, there’s a lot of reasons why the stock price might be down… that has nothing to do with the issue,” he added. “It might have more to do with coronavirus and the worldwide pandemic that we’re facing.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed multiple online petitions calling on the company to remain family-friendly and abandon their attempts to indoctrinate children with LGBTQ ideology.

More stupid garbage from Disney:… and


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MassResistance helping WV city officials confront proposed LGBT ordinance – being pushed on town by national movement

“Transgender” activist leading the effort is exposed by MassResistance – as convicted child molester!

May 25, 2020
ALT TEXT“Dee Dee” McIntosh, a man dressed as a woman, surrounded by fellow LGBT activists, addresses the city council of Star City, WV demanding that they pass a radical LGBT non-discrimination ordinance.

It’s been happening in relatively conservative cities and towns across America: Massively funded LGBT organizations come in and force the local city councils to pass onerous “sexual orientation and gender identity” non-discrimination ordinances. They use sophisticated propaganda and intimidation tactics. They bring in crowds of angry LGBT “citizens” from surrounding areas (and even other states) to intimidate the politicians and local conservatives. Unfortunately, these campaigns have been successful across the country.

But this time our local MassResistance chapter is on the ground to turn their tactics around and derail the push!

Star City, West Virginia is a fairly conservative suburb of Morgantown. Although the state of West Virginia is relatively conservative, Morgantown (located just south of Pittsburgh) is dominated by West Virginia University and other local colleges. It has become a center for LGBT activism in that region.

The “SOGI” ordinance

Near the end of last year a local LGBT activist – a bizarre man who dresses as a woman and calls himself Dee Dee McIntosh – came to the City Council meeting and with a crowd of other LGBT activists. He presented a “sexual-orientation gender-identity” (SOGI) non-discrimination ordinance that his group wanted the city to enact.

ALT TEXTLocal TV screenshot of “Dee Dee” at the City Council meeting – clearly a very strange man!

Dee Dee McIntosh’s ordinance was written by PFLAG, a powerful national LGBT organization that also pushes homosexuality and transgenderism in public schools, colleges, and other public venues across the country. PFLAG has a very active chapter in Morgantown.

PFLAG is a powerful, well-funded national LGBT activist group.

The text of the ordinance is cleverly crafted to blend homosexuality and transgenderism with race, religion, and other common non-discrimination categories. It says it seeks to “promote the public health and welfare” and ensure that “all persons have equal access to employment, housing, and public accommodations.”

The legal penalties for violations of the proposed ordinance are vague. But the real muscle is in a clause that allows the ordinance to be enforced “through a private civil action” in court.

In other words, it sets up the national LGBT movement to do what they’re doing across America: Swoop in and sue individual businesses who refuse to toe the line on transgender or homosexual demands. And you can be sure that the LGBT activists will be aggressively seeking to entrap local businesses.

But even without the “private civil action” clause, getting homosexuality and transgenderism written into the city ordinance gives the movement the ability to be in everyone’s faces – from “gay” parades to “gay/trans” library books, LGBT school programs, and much more.

Working to get the ordinance passed

In late 2019, the radicals were already moving forward on their propaganda campaign, with their emotional appeal that the town desperately needed “civil rights protections to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.” It’s a psychologically confusing approach that can be very effective, especially on weak-minded people who “just want to be fair.”

When the proposal was presented, the Council sent it to its Ordinance Sub-Committee, but did not subsequently put it on the full Council agenda for discussion. So at the February, 2020 City Council meeting, Dee Dee McIntosh came back with his LGBT group and also got a Morgantown TV station to show up and report on his demand. (Unfortunately for him, the TV report accentuates his deep male voice.)

ALT TEXTThe term “much-anticipated” is from the biased media, not the town’s citizens.

Dee Dee told the TV reporters he will keep coming to the City Council meetings until the ordinance gets passed. His LGBT activists clearly intend to do whatever it takes to intimidate the politicians into caving in.

ALT TEXTThe City Council of Star City is bracing to deal with the LGBT onslaught.

MassResistance gets involved

In late February, West Virginia MassResistance got word of all this and reached out to the City Council. The politicians who got back to us said they welcomed our help. They admitted that they were concerned that the LGBT movement was organizing in Star City and gaining momentum to force this through.


Our activists immediately began contacting local religious leaders and conservative activists to get our own momentum started.

MassResistance exposes “Dee Dee” as convicted child molester

MassResistance activists also decided to do some research on just who “Dee Dee McIntosh” really is. What they found was incredibly shocking – but unfortunately not so unusual.

“Dee Dee” is actually Donald David McIntosh. According to published records, he is a convicted child molester who served time in jail. McIntosh was a schoolteacher in Morgantown who was convicted on three counts of molesting elementary and middle-school children.

ALT TEXTThis information wasn’t that hard to find. Only MassResistance cared to look for it!

But it gets even worse.

McIntosh attempted to vacate his conviction on appeal. In the appellate ruling obtained by MassResistance, The State of West Virginia v. David McIntosh, we discovered that according to testimony during the trial against him, McIntosh actually had a long history – nearly 40 years! – of abusing minor children who were under his care as a teacher.

According to our West Virginia MassResistance activists in the Morgantown area, Donald McIntosh’s predatory behavior against children was all too well known. The Monogalia County school district allegedly moved him around from school to school, providing cover for the perverted teacher’s predatory behavior. The testimony in his trial came from victims who were in elementary school, middle school, and one in ninth grade (high school) at the time of the crimes.

At one point in the late 1980s (according to court documents), in response to complaints the school system mandated that:

[McIntosh] was not to have physical contact with students, was not to be alone with a child in any part of the building, and was not to engage in one-on-one conversations with a child.

It appears that the mainstream media was too enamored with the LGBT movement to take the time to look into McIntosh’s background, as bizarre a person as he clearly is.

But in fact, it has become increasingly alarming how many LGBT activists are connected to the sex trade, sexual deviance, and even criminal conduct of a sexual nature.

These revelations about “Dee Dee” McIntosh should be enough to quash the City Council’s further interest in pursuing any kind of non-discrimination ordinance for LGBT behaviors and so-called identities. But of course, this won’t stop the local LGBT activists and the national groups like PFLAG from continuing to push their agenda – because it doesn’t bother them. And they know that most local news organizations and conservative groups would never bother to look into their criminal backgrounds. But MassResistance does!

Final thoughts

Our activists in the Morgantown and Star City area are definitely ready to roll on this!

You may recall our report this past February about our outstanding West Virginia Chapter in Morgantown – which stopped a hideous “Drag Queen Story Hour” from taking place in the public library. They did it by publicly revealing the depraved activity of the Drag Queens who would be reading to the children, and also the criminal conviction of one of them. With that information, they forced the politicians to completely back down – despite the fury of the LGBT activists.

(MassResistance has also uncovered past criminal activity by public library “Drag Queens” in Houston and Austin.)

Because of the COVID-19 virus, the next City Council meeting in Star City is not until July. We will be ready for it – and let you know what happens!

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Nation’s First High School LGBTQ+ Studies Course Approved In Maryland School District

Starting next spring, two high schools in Montgomery County, Maryland will be offering an LGBT studies pilot course making it the first school district in the nation to offer such a course.

On May 12, the Montgomery County Board of Education unanimously approved the new course which will focus on “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender history and culture,” according to WTOP News.

After the initial kickoff in two schools next spring, the course is expected to expand to eight more schools the following school year.

WTOP reports that the curriculum for the first semester-long “LGBTQ+ studies” course “will explore history and culture.” Juniors and seniors who have previously completed American History will be able to enroll in the course.

Scott Murphy, director of secondary curriculum and districtwide programs for Montgomery County Public Schools, told school board members there has been a strong interest in such a course and that some faculty members have already started working on developing curriculum.

“During initial implementation, we would gather feedback and then come back to you about the success of the pilot to either open it up to all schools or to continue to revise the pilot course,” Murphy told the board.

School board members strongly praised the proposed course with board member Rebecca Smondrowski saying, “It’s been a long time coming and I believe it will open a lot of minds.”

Patricia O’Neill, another board member, said she’s proud of the community and its commitment to equality.

“I feel like we’ve come so far in having an open conversation and for students to have the right to take this social studies elective in recognition of the times we live in,” O’Neill said. “But I don’t want to ever let go of … the civil rights implications for our LGBTQ students.”

Nate Tinbite, the board’s student member, said the course is “much-needed in our district.”

We can only expect to see more of this as time goes on. LGBT content has long been normalized in public schools, something against which we have been fighting adamantly here at Activist Mommy.

Parents, if you object to your children learning about sexuality and alternative lifestyles as part of their high school curriculum it is time you start paying attention.

Before it is too late.

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Homosexuals Are Using Coronavirus Pandemic to Get Yet More Funding

The completely selfish attitude of homosexuals is quite sickening. Whatever they do, they proclaim that they have no responsibility for the outcomes, and it’s always everybody else’s fault.

People walk along a street in Seoul. South Korea has won widespread praise for its ‘track and trace’ model of containing the pandemic

Seoul South Korea.

A man in South Korea spread Covid-19 by going to “gay” nightclubs and having fourteen  “contacts” in a short space of time. How does the gay-controlled media report it? With NO concern for the harm they are doing, no moral conscience, but only to stir up alarm about a possible “backlash”.

Homosexuals have no sense of responsibility for their own actions. They don’t care who else suffers, but just adopt adopt an arrogant attitude that others are always to blame. They constantly pose as victims in any situation. Then they use that fictitious victimhood to argue that they need subsidies from the tax-payer.

Their lavishly-funded lobby groups are doing nothing to encourage homosexuals to help others, but whinging that they may be at higher than average risk, which is of course another way to argue that they need more money. They want politicians and charities to reach for their cheque books, yet again.

And what reasons do they bring for predicting that Covid19  will kill more LGBT people than average? This article put out by the LGBT Foundation admits a lot of sad and ugly truths about homosexuals (whom they pompously call “LGBT communities”): that they are :

less likely than average to be physically active or to eat a healthy diet; of course this is just the opposite of the image they like to project

more likely to smoke,

more likely to have “poor mental health and issues of substance abuse” ,

more likely to have HIV,

more likely to be “homeless or insecurely housed” – because they spend all their money on cigarettes, drugs or going to gay clubs, and anyway who wants to live with someone who is lazy, smokes, takes drugs and has poor mental health? 

more likely to be socially isolated  – because of course they are lousy at having relationships. It’s all about cruising and promiscuity, then a lonely old age.

more likely to experience domestic abuse – which is another way of saying that they beat each other up. Research has exposed this and of course the LGBTs blame heterosexuals for that too.

We must NOT allow the LGBTs to use this pandemic to grab more tax dollars. They are already obscenely rich and raking in huge subsidies. That money is badly needed by the other 99% of the population, the people whose problems are NOT self-inflicted, who do have some sense of social responsibility and whose lives don’t just revolve around what they can get for themselves.

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Online Pride Event Cancelled Because Organizer Turns Out To Be Pro-Brexit

***Its never a dull moment with this bunch of crazies. One has to follow their rules are you can’t play with them.***

An online LGBT “Pride” celebration in the UK became the latest victim of “cancel culture” after activists found that its organizer is a Brexit supporter and liked tweets from Nigel Farage and Toby Young.

As we reported last month, most in-person “Pride” events and parades were canceled in favor of virtual alternatives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This virtual event, organized by Charlie Shakespeare, was set to feature appearances by singer Danii Minogue and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. All proceeds from the event were also to be directed to various LGBT charities.

After the Labour Party’s diversity adviser, Linda Riley, discovered that Shakespeare supported a “clean break Brexit” and had liked tweets from Farage and Young, she withdrew her support.

Riley, who also publishes DIVA magazine, told organizers of the event that “my brand will not be associated with anybody who RT’s [retweets] Toby Young and Nigel Farage”, according to The Daily Mail.

Shakespeare contended that Riley’s decision seemed “a little politically bigoted”, to which Riley responded by declaring that she is “proud to be a political bigot.”

“Apparently I’m a political bigot because DIVA magazine has withdrawn any support of Virtual Pride as one of the organisers supports Nigel Farage & Toby Young,” Riley wrote. “For clarity, any LGBTQ event which supports the likes of these will not have my support. #proudtobeapoliticalbigot.”

“As soon as Linda Riley sent that tweet, performers started dropping out like flies. Artists were contacting us apologising but said that they worried about getting gigs in the future. They were coming under pressure to pull out,” Shakespeare told the Mail.

By Thursday, half of the performers had already backed out of the event, leaving him “no choice” but to cancel.

“It seems to be that there is no place for you in the LGBT+ community if you are Right-wing. Just because I liked a tweet by Nigel Farage, I’m now blacklisted,” he said. “Who benefits? The charities do not, the performers do not. They just didn’t like me so they had it cancelled.”

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MassResistance forces California school district to remove LGBT “Safe Zone” sticker

Superintendent tells us: They have not (and do not intend to) implement that indoctrination program

May 10, 2020
ALT TEXTThis offensive LGBT “Safe Zone” sticker was on this door in the Downey, CA, school administration building. We decided to get to the bottom of it!

In the early 1990s, Massachusetts was ground zero for the homosexual movement’s attempts to get their agenda into the public schools. The RINO Governor, Bill Weld, set up a “Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth” to promote it. But the Massachusetts Legislature (which was less liberal then!) refused to comply. Every bill to force schools to include homosexual topics or programs failed.

The new strategy: “safety”

Then in 1995 the movement discovered a new strategy, and everything changed. On March 5, 1995, Kevin Jennings, the founder of the national homosexual teachers’ group GLSEN, made a groundbreaking speech before a national LGBT conference. He announced that by properly “framing the issue” and claiming that it was all about “safety” LGBT activists were able to intimidate the Massachusetts Legislature into bringing homosexual programs into the schools.

Several months later, MassResistance reprinted and posted that speech to warn parents about what was happening. Unfortunately, the homosexual movement quickly gained momentum with that strategy before parents could react.

Kevin Jennings continued pushing the LGBT agenda in schools, and eventually became Barack Obama’s “Safe Schools” czar (until MassResistance led a successful campaign to oust him).

The contrived concept of student “safety” has now fueled the LGBT agenda in the schools for a quarter-century. It’s been used as a club to bully parents, politicians, and everyone else into submission.  Any negative discussion or criticism of the LGBT agenda is attacked as causing an “unsafe” environment. In fact, the opposite is true; supporting the unhealthy and dangerous LGBT lifestyle is terribly unsafe.

The “Safe Zone” project

The LGBT movement didn’t rest with simply talking about “safety.” They leveraged it into an organized pressure tactic. Within a few years they began “The Safe Zone Project.” Participating schools have “Safe Zone” signs on classroom doors and windows, to signify that room is “safe” for LGBT discussion and acting out of behaviors, or “opening up” to a teacher or counselor (rather than to one’s parents). It’s a psychologically effective vehicle to normalize and indoctrinate LGBT ideology to children, under the false pretense of preventing bullying on school campuses.

Back in 2005 MassResistance first reported on the LGBT “safe zones” in local schools!

ALT TEXTThis photo from 2007 was taken in yet another Massachusetts school. By then it had spread across the state and in other states.

It’s now become even more intense. Here’s a statement from the Safe Zone Project website:

The Safe Zone Project (SZP) is a free online resource providing curricula, activities, and other resources for educators facilitating Safe Zone trainings (sexuality, gender, and LGBTQ+ education sessions), and learners who are hoping to explore these concepts on their own.


It’s unfortunately been very successful and is now in schools across the country. Parents have long been stymied and heavily intimidated by it. But MassResistance has had enough – and is helping parents and families to fight back.

Downey, CA, “safe zone” sign in administration building

We recently reported that our Organization Director, Arthur Schaper, met with school officials last September at the Downey, California, school district’smain administration building. His purpose was to view the “Teen Talk” comprehensive sex ed curriculum that they had recently adopted. He exposed how graphic and radical it is. Subsequently, outraged MassResistance parentssuccessfully forced it to be removed.

But as we also reported at the time, Arthur noted that there was a prominent LGBT “safe zone” sign on one of the doors inside that building. Why was it there? How many others were there? How pervasive was the “Safe Zone” program at Downey?  It was certainly disturbing.

But rather than do nothing and be intimidated, he decided to get to the bottom of it.

FOIA request to the Downey school administration

On Feb. 15, Arthur filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the school district to get some answers. The FOIA request said:

We’ve discovered your implementation of the Safe Zones program in the Downey School District Office. I request the following information:

1. The teacher/administrator training material presented for this program
2. The list of presenters and their qualifications
3. The date(s) when training presentation was presented to the board
4. The number of times that the program has been updated and/or retrained

The Superintendent responded to Arthur’s request, saying that they aren’t using it. Strangely, he referred to it as a “curriculum.”

Downey Unified does not use the Safe Zones Curriculum.  Therefore, none of the materials requested in your email dated 2/15/20 is able to be produced.

Arthur responded back to the Superintendent with the photo at the top of this article, saying:

This photo below captures a picture of the “Safe Zone” sign in one of the doors at the Downey Unified School District Main Office. Please explain this photo, then, if “Safe Zones” is not implemented in Downey Schools.

About a week later, the Superintendent answered:

Thank you for your inquiry. Based on our research the Safe Zones sign was put up numerous years ago by the previous occupant of that particular office. The current occupant did not know anything about the sign and removed it after discovery.


Presumably, any other “safe zone” signs there were taken down, also. But that’s a strange answer about a sign that was so prominent in that building. We wonder: Given their recent experience having to deal with MassResistance outrage from parents, did the Downey administration actually have the Safe Zone Project in place at Downey but not tell us about it – and then quietly dismantle it when we did our FOIA request?

In any case, this is the first time we’ve seen a school “Safe Zone” sign taken down because of citizens confronting it!

More “Safe Zone” FOIA requests!

Arthur decided to file a few more local FOIA requests about “Safe Zones” – and also the horrible LGBT “Welcoming Schools” program, which works to indoctrinate teachers.

He filed requests with the nearby Santa Barbara and Torrance school districts.Both of them responded that they do not have Safe Zones or Welcoming Schools. That’s certainly good news!

However, we know that the neighboring Anaheim school district does have both programs. One difference that’s very obvious is that Anaheim is largely black and Hispanic – and Santa Barbara and Torrance are mostly white and Asian.

That doesn’t surprise us too much. As we’ve noted before, the LGBT movement seems to disproportionately target low-income, immigrant, and Spanish-speaking districts more intensely than wealthier white or Asian districts. Luckily, MassResistance does some of our best organizing in those districts – to help the parents who are most vulnerable!

We are adding “Safe Zones” to our list of LGBT school programs that need to be immediately eliminated!

ALT TEXTOur next stop – the toxic Safe Zones program in the Anaheim, CA, elementary schools. This sign is in the window of the Betsy Ross Elementary School in Anaheim.
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