Idaho Governor has his hands full with the gays and their stupidity

In Idaho: National LGBT movement and left-wing media targeting Governor about to sign anti-transgender bills that passed Legislature this week

Trying to intimidate Governor to veto the bills – even using the coronavirus as an argument.

Idaho State Rep contacts MassResistance for help!

March 20, 2020
ALT TEXTThe nationwide LGBT group GLSEN, which targets schoolchildren across the country with destructive “gender identity” propaganda, has started a national campaign to get Idaho’s Governor to veto this common-sense legislation protecting girls.

As people across the country are secluded by the coronavirus epidemic, a battle is taking place in Idaho that good people everywhere can help win!

This week the Idaho Legislature passed two important anti-transgender bills and sent them to the Governor to sign. This has ignited a firestorm in the national LGBT movement and the mainstream media. There’s now a nationwide campaign to swamp the Governor with threats and disinformation to intimidate him intovetoing those bills.

An Idaho State Representative has contacted MassResistance to help fight back!

There is good reason to be concerned, even though Idaho Gov. Brad Little is a “conservative” Republican. Back in 2014, as MassResistance reported, the legislatures in Arizona, Indiana, and Arkansas all passed pro-family religious freedom bills. But after public pressure from the LGBT movement, the GOP governors of Arizona and Arkansas caved in and vetoed them, and GOP Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana immediately pushed through a weak, pro-LGBT alternative bill which he then signed.

We can’t let a surrender happen again!

These are the two “anti-transgender” pro-family bills on the Governor’s desk:

Bill #1 – Ban boys (who claim to be girls) from competing in girls’ sports

Bill H 500, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, was passed by the Idaho Legislature and sent to the Governor’s desk on March 18. It says that only females may compete in girls’ or women’s school and college sports, if those sports teams or leagues are subsidized, licensed, or accredited by the government. If there is a dispute about the sex of the person, it outlines methods for a physician to make a determination. In other words, phony “transgender” girls who are actually males are not allowed.

This is such a common-sense idea that it’s embarrassing that a legislature has to get involved at all. The idea of “transgenderism” is medical quackery; no person can possibly change his sex.

The bill is overwhelmingly supported by parents. But it attests to the insanity (and radicalism) of the people running our educational system.

National LGBT group targets Governor over H500

GLSEN is a national LGBT activist group targeting schoolchildren. It is a multi-million dollar organization lavishly funded by many of America’s major corporations. Among other things, it organizes the GSA clubs (originally meaning “gay-straight alliances,” now they are “gender and sexuality alliances”) and other radical LGBT programs in middle schools and high schools across the country. It’s also known for the infamous “Fistgate” scandal in 2000 where children were instructed about homosexual sex acts. More recently, it militantly supports the concept of “transgender” children.

GLSEN has quickly ramped up a national campaign to flood the Governor’s office with the LGBT movement’s propaganda line about “transgender” youth.

For example, here is what GLSEN is having people across the country email to the Governor:

I am writing to ask you to  VETO HB500, which would ban transgender students from participating in sports and create a dehumanizing process to “dispute” a student athlete’s gender before competing.

Participation in sports has a significant impact on students’ well-being – including physical, social, and emotional well-being. Athletics instills in students vital lessons about leadership, success, failure, and self-discipline. It underlines the joys of being on a team.  Transgender students often want to participate in sports for the same reasons as any other student – so they can be a part of the team, stay healthy, and learn good sportsmanship.

There are so many problems confronting our society right now, especially with the rapid spread of COVID-19. It’s appalling, then, that HB500 is deemed to be a priority in Idaho. We urge you to see reason and veto this dangerous, discriminatory legislation.


This is all such fraudulent nonsense. This doesn’t ban any student from playing on a sports team, or enjoying team participation. It just says that boys can’t play on girls’ teams. Moreover, what is actually “dehumanizing” is pandering to a child’s delusion that he (or she) is the opposite sex.

Bill #2 – the Idaho Vital Statistics Act – Requires that a person’s actual biological sex (not “gender identity”) be listed on birth certificates.

The legalized LGBT insanity which allows a person to have his birth certificate changed to reflect his “gender identity” and not his actual biological sex has also spread around the country. Besides being a lie and scientific quackery, it can disrupt everything from vital records and drivers’ licenses to medical care.

Unfortunately, in 2018, a liberal federal judge ruled that Idaho must allow people to officially change the “sex” designation on their birth certificates.

But Idaho Rep. Julianne Young has taken on that lunatic “transgender” movement. She authored Bill H 509, which passed the Legislature and went to the Governor’s desk for signing on March 18. And as Rep. Young explains, the Judge’s reason for the ruling was that the state statutes were unclear regarding birth certificate content. This new law tightens that up, as well as other pertinent legal concerns.

Left-wing media erupts against H509

Not surprisingly, the pro-LGBT mainstream media went apoplectic.  CNN led the charge, publishing the most outrageous attack piece imaginable. Their article on H509 begins with an emotionally-charged video that suggests that bills like this constitute horrific “transphobia” which will lead to a torrent of hate and deathly violence against “transgenders.”

ALT TEXTCNN’s extremely biased coverage of H509.

The CNN article also scolds supporters of the bill – that they should instead be fighting the coronavirus pandemic and helping “everyone come together” (even though the bill was filed months earlier).

CNN quotes an LGBT group’s lawyer making a particularly absurd justification for allowing false information (which he nonsensically terms as “accurate records”):

[C]urrent state policy allowing transgender people to obtain accurate records has “reduced transgender people’s risk of exposure to discrimination, harassment and violence” because it decreases the possibility of being unintentionally outed.


Rep. Young, who was interviewed by CNN for the article, describes here what she actually said to CNN, compared to what they reported in their terribly biased article. It reiterates their journalistic dishonesty.

What you can do right now

Good people everywhere need to act now and strongly encourage Republican Gov. Little to stand up to the LGBT pressure, and not cave in as so many other GOP Governors have. He needs to sign both bills into law!

You can do this even if you don’t live in Idaho:

  1. Spread the word to all your friends on social media.
  2. Contact Governor Brad Little and tell him to SIGN H500 and H509.
    Phone 208-334-2100
    Twitter: @GovernorLittle
    Web contact page:
  3. Tell the Governor: Do the right thing! Sign H500 and H509. Protect girls and women. Don’t destroy the integrity of vital public records. Stand for the truth. Do not cave in to the lies, disinformation, and propaganda of the national LGBT movement. And keep in mind that H509 fixes the statutory problems that prompted the federal judge’s 2018 ruling.

Let’s stop the LGBT movement from further destroying our children and our society!

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Those Charming Gay People

This comment posted on our site is a typical example of how charming “gay” people are.  It’s hysterical, pathological and compulsively boastful,  displaying a completely unhinged personality.

Not one shred of compassion for the child who was maltreated so shamefully.

And these people wonder why others don’t like them.

Comment png

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Wisconsin parents force Library Board to enact anti-Drag Queen policy

MassResistance helps Wisconsin parents force Library Board to enact anti-Drag Queen policy – a big victory!

How local group overcame the impending LGBT juggernaut in their community.

With MassResistance on board, their citizen action hit a home run!

March 13, 2020
ALT TEXTWisconsin parent Darla Meyers (left) shows her local Library Board a pornographic, sexualized children’s book available in the library. Are Drag Queens coming next, she wants to know?

With the help of MassResistance, a fearless local pro-family group staged a bold pre-emptive action. They forced their local Library Board to enact a strong new policy that would make it nearly impossible for a “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) to come to their public library. But it wasn’t without a very nasty fight at the beginning.

Hudson, Wisconsin, is basically a suburb of the “Twin Cities” of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, located just across the St. Croix River (which forms the state border).

Last summer, the local pro-family group Citizens for the St. Croix Valley noticed that Drag Queen events were happening in several public libraries in the Twin Cities. They became very concerned that it would soon spread to towns like theirs across the border in western Wisconsin.


Then they noticed that a local left-wing activist group “Hudson Inclusion Alliance” had a prominent member who called herself a “drag queen mother” who is very proud of her Las Vegas drag queen son. It seemed like only a matter of time until they would bring Drag Queens into the Hudson public library.

Another problem was that the Hudson Library Board president – who controls the agenda of that body – conveyed to them that he doesn’t want to call attention to that issue because there were “funding issues” going on that he didn’t want to jeopardize.

The parents desperately wanted to take proactive action to keep Drag Queen Story Hour from coming to Hudson. But they needed some good advice and strategic guidance to be successful.

Contacting MassResistance

In mid-October, Darla Meyers of Citizens for the St. Croix Valley contacted MassResistance. Our Organization Director, Arthur Schaper, began working with them.


They needed a good plan. Besides the Board president’s unwillingness to do anything, the parents realized they would have to deal with pushback from liberal activists in the area, as well as certain aggressive pro-LGBT library employees who would find ways to subvert their efforts to make any progress.

These local liberals can be vicious. Two years ago, they persuaded the vile Southern Poverty Law Center to classify the Citizens for the St. Croix Valley as a “hate group”. This is because the group was able to stop an illegal Syrian refugee resettlement in the Hudson area, working through a Wisconsin Congressman. And soon afterwards, the Hudson Inclusion Alliance tried again to get the settlement in Hudson, but the group stopped that also – through local action.

The parents get started!

Arthur opted to move relatively swiftly to catch the Left off-guard.

The first thing Arthur said was that they must educate the community to what was happening – and get people to join them in taking action.

The focus would be the Library Board meeting, which was coming up on Nov. 19, 2019. People were encouraged to contact the Board members prior to the meeting and let them know in very strong terms how they felt about this issue.

Darla put together a pamphlet, which they distributed across town. They also notified people on their website and via email, which was also very effective.

The front of Darla’s pamphlet was passed out across the community. It didn’t mince words! See the entire pamphlet here.

It worked. Within a short period of time, a veritable flood of people contacted the Library Board, particularly the president, demanding that their library be protected from “Drag Queens” targeting young children.

Confronting the Library Board on Nov. 19!

On Nov. 19, members of Citizens for the St. Croix Valley also came to the Library Board meeting to speak during the public comments section. They showed large “Drag Queen” photos and asked the Board members pointed questions about the policies to deal with people presenting to children in the library. It was quite shocking. Word had already gotten out that one local businessman was pulling back his financial support for the library until the “Drag Queen” issue was settled.You can view the video here. (Public comments are at the beginning.)

All this had definitely angered certain people. Just before the meeting, Darla Meyers was passing out the pamphlets. Most people were happy to take them. But one man came up to her, yelled at her, and became verbally abusive before going inside. It turned out that the man was the husband of the public library’s children’s librarian. Then someone (we don’t know who) called the police, claiming Darla was “blocking people from leaving the driveway.” But the police officer agreed she was doing nothing illegal, and even accepted a pamphlet.

Before going into the meeting, Darla went into the children’s section of the library and took the vulgar and sexually obscene children’s book, “It’s Perfectly Normal” to the Board meeting to show the Board. But before she could, the children’s librarian, who was also there, grabbed the book from her husband, whom Darla had given the book, to show him how bad it was. The librarian took it back to the library area. Darla followed her and ended up bringing the book back into the meeting room. She was able to show the Library Board what was already being given to kids – and why Drag Queens could be next. But it was an unpleasant and obnoxious situation that should not be tolerated, especially from a library staff member.

This pornographic book was in the children’s section of the Hudson public library. See sample pages from it here.(Caution: graphic content.) The library staff clearly had no problem with it.

The Library Board president was clearly angered and flustered. At one point during the meeting the president made a very unprofessional series of attacks on the parents. He accused the parents of telling the community that the “Drag Queen” issue would be on that meeting’s agenda for discussion by the Board. (Untrue – the parents did not say that.) He also publicly accused them for telling people that the library already planned to have a “Drag Queen” event. (They didn’t say that, either. They simply said that it was likely to happen if nothing was done to stop it.)

He also accused the parents of not coming to him first privately to discuss this. (In fact, they sent him multiple texts and emails about it, and invited him to two meetings which he declined to attend.) There were also ugly comments about the parents being a “hate group” who were trying to make the library a place for “religious fanatics.”

But if nothing else, the Library Board definitely got the message that there was a problem it couldn’t just ignore. The outpouring from the community had definitely hit the mark.

Step two of Arthur’s plan – the policy

The next part of the plan was sensible – and hard to oppose.

Last August, our Texas MassResistance chapter persuaded the city of Leander, TX,to implement an innovative policy that would make it nearly impossible for “Drag Queens” or other destructive people to present to young children. Arthur had Darla contact Leander and get a copy of their policy.

At the next Library Board meeting, Dec. 17, 2019, several members of Citizens for the St. Croix Valley again spoke during the public comments section. One of the parents presented the Board with a copy of the Leander policy to consider.

The parents said they felt they had been treated disrespectfully by the Board, that they did not feel comfortable with where the library was headed. They rebuked the Board president for his unprofessional and untruthful attacks against them at the previous meeting. They said that the Board should consider a policy so that “the library should be proactive and prevent a crisis,” should the Drag Queen issue show up on their doorstep. Parents shared with the Board more horror stories, with photos, of perverted Drag Queen events at other libraries. (It’s not a pretty picture, to be sure!)  You can view the video HERE.

ALT TEXTOn Dec. 17, a member of Citizens for the St. Croix Valley (third from right) reprimands the Library Board president for his unprofessional and hostile behavior during the previous meeting.

The Board did not take any action, but gave the impression that now they’d be willing to work with the group.

The policy gets written and approved!

In fact, after the December Library Board meeting, the attitude of the public officials changed miraculously.

On February 6, the Leander library policy was taken up by the Hudson Library Board’s Policy and Personnel Sub-Committee. The committee members were not only very receptive, but, as Darla told us, actually improved the policy in some important ways! Among other things, the new policy includes clear-cut instructions about background checks and requires applicants to be as transparent as possible with the library and its staffers. It basically assures that sexual deviant entertainers won’t be using the library to push their LGBT agenda. This was wonderful!

The following week on February 11, the new policy went before the full Library Board, which passed it unanimously.  You can read the new policy HERE.

After the vote, Darla and the others at Citizens for St. Croix Valley said the following:

Thanks to MassResistance, we were able to use the information already provided by your organization to provide the Hudson Library Board with documentation of the sexual perversion that children were being exposed to in other libraries.  Those shocking stories went a long way to proving to the Board that these threats were real.

And thanks to MassResistance, we were able to learn that Leander, Texas, had implemented a policy that effectively stops drag queen story hour programs …

We have already received an inquiry from library patrons in River Falls, Wisconsin, south of Hudson, regarding their own library.  Patrons are recognizing the red flags and potential problems already, and they are happy to be able to use the template provided here in Hudson.


This is another example of citizen action – focused at the right place and time – to make a difference! MassResistance is thrilled to be able to help this outstanding group of pro-family parents be successful in this awful fight that’s sweeping across the nation.

Feel free to contact Darla Meyers through MassResistance for more information.

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Anti-Therapy Bill Stopped Again!!!

Another victory: CA MassResistance stops oppressive anti-therapy bill from being filed in state legislature.

Stopped by MassResistance for third year in a row.

Last year, “gay” Assemblyman backed down to pressure and filed a harmless “resolution” instead.

March 9, 2020
ALT TEXTArthur Schaper of MassResistance (left) discusses the terrible anti-therapy bill with the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Evan Low, at one of Low’s events in his district.

Across the country, horrible anti-therapy laws are being passed that would keep children and others from getting critical help they need for sexual-orientation or gender-identity problems. But not in California, where MassRssistance has drawn a line in the sand!

For the third year in a row, a bill in the California legislature has been stopped by California MassResistance’s aggressive lobbying efforts. If it had passed, it would have been the most oppressive anti-therapy law in America. This is an unprecedented victory because after halting it the first time, we’ve kept it from even being filed again, despite the sponsor’s promises to the LGBT community!

This fight goes back to 2018. Here’s what happened.

Possibly the worst such bill in America

Bill AB 2943 was introduced in the California legislature in 2018 by Evan Low, an openly homosexual Assembly member from the San Francisco area. It would have banned all therapy or counseling for sexual orientation or “gender identity” issues, and even the promotion or descriptions of such guidance (including statements, teachings, and recordings). Legal groups said the wording would include Bible verses.

It was the crown jewel of the powerful LGBT lobby. Democrats supported it and Republicans were afraid to touch it.

It easily passed the State Assembly and State Senate. Then, because of last-minute amendments to ease its passage, the bill needed another vote in the State Assembly to go to the Governor’s desk.

Sadly, at that point of the California pro-family movement basically gave up fighting it in the Assembly, and admitted it was sure to pass the second vote. Instead, they focused on lobbying the Governor not to sign it when it got to him (a hopeless strategy).

First: Stopping it cold in 2018

That’s when MassResistance ramped up our efforts in a huge way. Earlier, California MassResistance had been confronting State legislators in the greater LA area.  But now, we quickly organized people across the state and worked with even greater intensity. We targeted legislators in swing districts or who were running for higher office. We visited their offices or held conference calls with them. And the outrage continued to focus on Evan Low’s office.

ALT TEXTOutside a legislator’s local office in Glendale, CA, just before going in and meeting with the staff. Their message was very straightforward!

The pressure worked. Enough legislators withdrew their support that on the last day of the legislative session, Low announced he was withdrawing the bill.

But he promised the LGBT lobby he would file it again in the next session, in 2019.

Second: We stopped it from being re-introduced in 2019

Throughout the rest of 2018, our local activists continued to confront Evan Low at numerous public events in his district, regarding his promise to re-file this horrible bill. And our people across the state continued to contact his office. It seemed he could hardly go anywhere without having to answer to a constituent about this bill.

ALT TEXTKeeping up the pressure: MassResistance activists – and constituents – outside an Evan Low townhall meeting.

On February 22, 2019, the final day for filing bills for the next session, Low’s office announced that they were not going to re-file the legislation that year. Another victory!

Not surprisingly, the LGBT lobby was livid! So on March 15, 2019, Low spoke before a meeting of LGBT activists. He told them that he instead planned to file a “non-binding resolution” in the legislature this year condemning reparative therapy. He said he hoped that the resolution would create enough momentum to make it possible to file the bill in the next session and get it passed. (He filed ACR 99, which basically blamed churches and Christian conservatives for the pain and suffering which LGBT people have endured, etc.)

ALT TEXTCalifornia Assemblyman Evan Low addresses an irate statewide LGBTQ legislative summit explaining why he decided not to re-submit the therapy ban bill – after getting pressure from MassResistance activists. [Photo: Bay Area Reporter]

Third: We stopped it from being re-introduced in 2020

In the months preceding the February 21, 2020 deadline for submitting new legislation, California MassResistance again ramped up their fight, but this time took a slightly different approach.

We confronted Low’s office and also the California Assembly leadership with recent legal developments that clearly signal that reparative therapy bans will not likely survive court challenges – even in California – and will likely ultimately be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

There are four recent rulings in particular:

  1. NIFLA v. Becerra: In this 2018 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court said that the government cannot create a “professional speech” category that has less protection under the First Amendment. The writer of the majority opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas, made it clear that reparative therapy bans fall into this category of unconstitutional limitations on professional speech.
  2. Vazzo v. Tampa: Relying on the legal opinion in NIFLA, a judge in the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, struck down the reparative therapy ban for minors issued by Tampa, Florida. The judge cited Justice Clarence Thomas’s opinion in his ruling.
  3. Schwartz v. City of New York: In early 2017, the City of New York passed the most comprehensive reparative therapy ban in the country. The city’s ban criminalized the practice for adults as well as for minors. (Most bans which had been enacted, including the first one in California, targeted the practice only for minors.) A year later, an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and counselor, David Schwartz, sued the city with the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom. He contended (correctly) that the ban was a violation of the First Amendment on numerous grounds, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    Initially, the NYC City Council, headed by openly homosexual speaker Corey Johnson, planned to fight the lawsuit. But he then consulted with LGBT activists in the city. They worried that since the federal judiciary (both the District Courts and the Courts of Appeal) were becoming more conservative and constitutionalist with Trump’s new confirmations, they would be taking a risk fighting the legal challenge. They could see what would happen if the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against New York City, and struck down the ban. Such a loss would imperil other reparative therapy bans throughout New England and across the country.

    Grudgingly, the City Council felt forced to repeal their all-encompassing reparative therapy ban, recognizing that they would probably lose in federal court.

  4. Trump’s judicial nominations flip the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes California) to a conservative working majority of judges: In the last week of February 2020, the Ninth Circuit panel upheld President Trump’s pro-life directives, which forbid pregnancy clinics from advising patients to seek abortions. If the clinics did, they would lose federal funding.

    While this ruling does not bear on LGBT issues directly, this transformation of the Ninth Circuit does show that the one-time extremely liberal court has now taken a conservative bent. (Nineteen of their last 26 major decisions had been overturned by the U.S.  Supreme Court, before this recent transformation.) Very likely, should the CA Legislature introduce and ultimately pass a ban on reparative therapy for adults (similar to what New York City had done), the law would certainly get struck down at the Appellate level, or face certain defeat before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Using these legal precedents, our MassResistance activists across the state continued contacting Assemblyman Evan Low’s office, as well as the Assembly leadership, strongly urging them to abandon any plans to introduce a ban on reparative therapy for adults.

ALT TEXTNot mincing words: This was the message given to Low and his staff. We made it clear that he would lose in court if he tried to push this legislation.

The Feb. 21, 2020 deadline for filing the bill came and went. Despite Low’s promises to the LGBT lobby, California MassResistance prevailed – and no bill was filed!

It was a great victory for all the people of California! And it should help get the message out to other states and locales.

But make no mistake. If MassResistance hadn’t gotten involved, this would surely be the law now in California, and likely spreading to other states.

ALT TEXTAt an Evan Low local event: MassResistance activists believe in keeping up the pressure!
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How Pride Parades spread perversion

LGBT “Pride” parades are displays of disgusting perversion that aim to normalize such things and make them acceptable to the entire population. 

Proof of the poisonous effect they are having is right here. 

A man in Glasgow, Scotland has been arrested walking a teenage girl around the town on a leash and wearing a dog suit – just the sort of vileness that is openly paraded in LGBT marches.

The man has now been revealed to be a convicted pedophile. He boasts of having 17 such “human dogs”.

What do you expect when loathsome behavior like this is applauded as “gay rights”, is praised in the media and forced on children in schools? The shameful disgraceful thing is that in many cases it gets public funding.  Speak out now and insist it MUST STOP.

The 32-year-old sexual predator was sentenced to four years in jail after admitting having sex with two underage girls and committing indecent acts on two others.

Last night, calls were being made for authorities to take action over fears about the women he controls.

The shock image emerged last month on the Record website when he was spotted walking a woman wearing a dog mask on Cathcart Road.

The sex beast was spoken to by police but allowed to continue – leading to horrified comments online.

But we can reveal the man was convicted at the High Court in Edinburgh in August, 2007, for a series of sex crimes, including having sex with a 12-year-old girl, after admitting the offences.

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Pete Drops Out

Pete Buttigieg has dropped out of the race for the Democrat nomination. 

Was it his gross behaviour in using an election rally to congratulate a small boy for “coming out as gay” that put people off?


Or did Americans just see through his glib platitudes and notice he had no real ideas? 

Whichever happened, he didn’t get enough votes to continue. Bye-Bye Pete!

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Democrat Candidate Pete Buttigieg helps 9-year-old boy come out as “gay” at Denver rally

The LGBT movement has always been a pedo movement, right from the start. So there is nothing surprising about Pete Buttigieg encouraging children to “come out” as gay and the boy who did so will have no lack of friendly calls from older members of the “gay community”.

Democratic presidential candidate former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks at a campaign stop in Arlington, Va., Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

How can a child of nine know what it means to engage in homosexual behavior, or understand the risks? The answer to the first is, only if adults have molested him, and to the second: he can’t.

But Buttigieg is shamelessly recruiting children into this lifestyle, and rewarding them with attention and applause if they drink the Koolaid.

The child, Zachary Ro, has been led to regard “being gay” as something heroic and inspirational – what a lot of nonsense, and how sad that this kid believes it. How disgusting too that any candidate uses a Presidential election for blatant child grooming.

Buttigieg’s only previous job has been as Mayor of the tiny town of South Bend in Indiana, with a population of 100,000 people. It’s benefited from the Trump economic upturn but it’s still a small town full of poverty, sub-standard housing and high rates of violent crime. Pathetic to imagine that after being its Mayor he is now fit for the White House! 

President Buttplug is just not going to happen. The voters of the USA are not that stupid.


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Young Catholic is Bullied to Death for protesting against Drag Queen event

Young Liberal

Wilson Gavin was a promising student in Australia, president of the University of Queensland’s Liberal National Club – and “liberal” there means very much what “conservative” means in the USA.

Wilson, aged 21, was a popular, caring and highly intelligent young man committed to causes, and he was a devout Catholic.

When he heard that a local library in Brisbane was holding a “Drag Queen” event aimed at young children, he joined other Christians in going to protest against the event. He did this despite admitting that he was same-sex attracted himself. Regardless of whether he was gay, he did not think young children should be exposed to the gender confusion and blatantly obscene performances of cross-dressers – many of whom have been shown to be pedophiles or male prostitutes.

The protest took place on the afternoon of Sunday 12th January, and was videoed. The next morning, at 7 am, Wilson’s dead body was found on the railway track at Chelmer Railway Station , the nearest station to his home. 

Police and the local community immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was suicide. Why? Because on the Sunday evening LGBT fanatics from all around the world had bombarded Wilson Gavin with abuse, calling him all their usual crude names (homophobe, transphobe, hater, bigot) blaming him for imaginary persecution of gays and trans people and calling for him to die. 

Does that prove he was driven to suicide? It seems very unlikely that such an intelligent, handsome, well-principled young man with a loving family and a Christian community to support him would have rushed to suicide after a few hours of bullying, however toxic.

This is an unexplained death. But even if it was suicide, the queers are to blame. They have often driven people to suicide with their bullying, and they gloat about doing it. Remember August Ames?

Young Liberal from Drag Storytime video found dead by suspected suicide

A conservative student who spearheaded the controversial ‘drag queens are not for kids’ protest that went viral yesterday has died in a suspected suicide.

As Daily Mail reports, Wilson Gavin, the president of the University of Queensland’s Liberal National Club, was found dead in Brisbane’s south today.

A spokesperson for Queensland Police confirmed that a man died in a suicide at Chelmer Railway Station at 7 am.

Wilson Gavin was one of a group of students who attended a Drag Storytime event held at the Brisbane Square Library on Sunday afternoon in protest. A viral video showed protesters chanting over drag queen Diamond Good-Rim.

Drew Pavlou, a friend of Wilson, took to Facebook to remember him “he was at his core a very decent and kind person that cared for others,” he wrote. “I had the great privilege of seeing that side of him in life. He was hilarious and a riot to be around, his fame will always remain legendary.

“He had his struggles and made mistakes, and it is a tragedy for us all that he ultimately succumbed to his suffering and pain. Today is a reminder of all we must do to affirm to young LGBT Australians the intrinsic worth and value of their lives. You are loved and you are enough, please know this. We must build a world rid of this pain and suffering. I am still personally unsure of God, but today I’m praying for peace on this Earth.”

Young Liberal from Drag Storytime video found dead by suspected suicide

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Just How Long Has Phillip Schofield known boyfriend Matthew?

Phillip Schofield, the TV presenter, was treated like a saint, hero and miracle worker just for announcing last week that he is homosexual. It emerged that he did so under pressure from a former boyfriend, Matthew MacGreevy, who had split up with him and was threatening to go public.

Pretty early on, photographs emerged of Schofield and young Matthew together when the latter was 18, and messages passing between them when Matthew was only 15. But it gets worse and worse.

This picture from 2006 shows Schofield with his dazzling smile at The 2 Faced Theatre Academy in Guide Bridge an acting school for children, where he is patron.


And who is that boy down on the bottom left? Yes, it’s Matthew Macgreevy. So Schofield could have known him and groomed him to become his “personal assistant” from way back then.

He was then aged about ten. Eight years later, he was appearing as a star actor interviewed on This Morning by Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Coincidence?

25 Jul 2014 – Matthew McGreevy, 18, with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby … Matthew McGreevy, 18, is a member of The 2 Faced Theatre Academy in … studios by the academy’s patron Phillip Schofield who presents the show.
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Watch: video about “brave and stunning” Phillip Schofield

Phillip Schofield exposed here for what he is – a rat.


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