Nasty Queer Teacher Who Sent Teen to his Death gets banned

This is a sad story. Iwan Harding was a teacher at a school in North Wales and he is a homosexual. Like so many homosexuals, he is interested in teenage boys – not adult men. He sent obscene texts, pictures and videos by mobile phone to Anthony Stubbs, a boy aged only 17.  Anthony was already a father and lived with his girlfriend and their baby. 

Iwan Harding, pictured, has been banned from the classroom indefinitely after a probe by the General Teaching Council for Wales over indecent messages he sent to teenage father Anthony Stubbs, 17

Iwan Harding, lecherous homosexual teacher

When Anthony’s girlfriend found the messages and pornographic material on his phone and asked him about it, he was so distraught that he went out and hanged himself. A woman is left widowed and a child is orphaned because of a homosexual’s vile perverted lust.

Anthony Stubbs hanged himself after girlfriend Charlotte Mason, pictured with baby Lily, found the messages

Anthony Stubbs with his girlfriend and their child.

Iwan Harding should have been jailed, because what he did, sending obscene material by mobile phone, is a criminal offence. Shamefully the crown prosecution service did not go through with the prosecution. 

But at least we are glad to say that this immoral teacher has been sacked from his job and banned by the General Teaching Council of Wales from ever teaching again. To have caused the death of a teenage boy  is a serious crime and he should be shunned by all decent people for the rest of his life.

  • Iwan Harding hit with toughest sanction he faced in conduct investigation

  • He had been teaching at village school in North Wales when messages found

  • Anthony Stubbs, 17, later found hanged after his girlfriend found the texts

  • A teacher who sent lewd texts to a schoolboy who later killed himself has been banned from the classroom indefinitely – the toughest sanction he could have faced.

    Iwan Harding, 35, was teaching at the village school at Glan Conwy, near Colwyn Bay in North Wales, when it was discovered he was swapping obscene messages with a teenage father.

    Anthony Stubbs, 17, was later found hanged in woodland after his girlfriend Charlotte Mason, 18, found the messages he had been exchanging with Mr Harding.

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‘Gay cake’ row: born-again Christian bakers lose court appeal | UK news | The Guardian

ADMIN:  How sweet. Christians have to shut up shop because they refuse to go along with the homosexual filth but ask a queer to bake a pro-marriage cake and nothing happens to them. Must be that “queer special rights” garbage.

Judges uphold ruling that Ashers Bakery discriminated against gay man by refusing to make cake with pro-gay marriage slogan

A bakery in Northern Ireland owned by evangelical Christians has lost an appeal to overturn a conviction that found it guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake a pro-gay-marriage themed cake.

The court of appeal in Belfast on Monday upheld a previous judgment last year that Ashers Bakery had discriminated against a customer on the grounds of sexual orientation.

The family-owned firm in the original case was also ordered to pay £500 compensation to the local gay rights activist Gareth Lee, whose legal action was backed by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. […]

Source: ‘Gay cake’ row: born-again Christian bakers lose court appeal | UK news | The Guardian

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Big ‘gay marriage’ battle looming in Australia. MassResistance helping activists.

Over the past several years “gay marriage” has been defeated numerous times in the Australian National Parliament. But the battle is back again this year. And as before, MassResistance is part of the fight!

This year, Australians were expecting Parliament to call for a national vote on “gay marriage” to take place in February 2017, putting it before the people to decide. But instead, it appears that the fight will continue next year in Parliament – the forum preferred by the relentless LGBT movement.

Whatever direction it takes, the nation’s pro-family movement is wasting no time preparing for what will likely be their biggest battle ever. […]

Source: Big ‘gay marriage’ battle looming in Australia. MassResistance helping activists.

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MercatorNet: Rediscovering the origin of the sexual revolution

You may wince at the crass behaviour of Donald Trump, roll your eyes at Caitlin/Bruce Jenner’s portrait on the cover of Vogue, or lament the legalization of same-sex marriage — but there is something even more painful about these events. We don’t know how we got here from there.

Without sugar-coating the past, a bare half a century ago divorce was rare, churches were full, most movies were family-friendly, modesty was praiseworthy. Today, octogenarian mums and dads of that era mutter as they look around at their grandchildren: “whatever happened to the world I remember?” […]

Source: MercatorNet: Rediscovering the origin of the sexual revolution

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Tragedy of Myls Dobson Happened Because Court Gave Child Custody to Homosexual Couple

This You-tube video of news reports explains how the tragic death of Myls Dobson took place. He was put in the care of his father, a homosexual soon after jailed for bank fraud! Myls was then left in the “care” of a crazy transsexual weirdo, Christopher King who passed as a woman under the name of “Kryzie” King.

He beat Myls, tied him up, gagged him starved him, burnt him with cigarettes and hit him with an oven rack.  He even left him outside on a balcony in the cold at night dressed only in a thin T-shirt.

“He died at the hands of a monster”.



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How Scott Lively was Bullied by Queers for Trying to Help Suffering Children Alert


You may not know that the federal SMUG v Lively “Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit against me for preaching against homosexuality in Uganda is actually the 5th attempt by the “gays” to take me down through litigation. I’ve posted a summary of the first four lawsuits

Following is an excerpt from that post, and you will see the similarity in it to the Toddler story above:

“…The final lawsuits [third and fourth] resulted from the same incident, and were eventually consolidated into a single suit, but the fact that they were filed separately is important to the story.

One day at my OCA office I was visited by an elderly woman who was desperate for help for her daughter. The daughter was in a legal dispute with her husband over the custody of their three young children and the court had awarded custody to him. Unfortunately for the children, their father was a homosexual, now living with his boyfriend, and both of them reputedly had full-blown AIDS. The father’s condition was apparently so advanced that his driver’s license had been taken from him because he was having brain seizures (that did not stop him from driving the children around in his car).

The mom was a perfectly capable parent and there was no reason, other than political correctness, for the children to be taken from her.

The grandmother had come to me in the hopes that OCA could bring some public attention to this case and perhaps force a reversal of the court’s decision. We agreed, then held a press conference on the steps of the courthouse and passed out a flyer stating the facts of the case.

It wasn’t long before we were hit with two new lawsuits, one each from the father and the boyfriend. Each suit sought five million dollars in damages for invasion of privacy. To cause us greater expense (we surmised) the suits were filed in separate counties. This was a serious problem because OCA was by this time struggling financially, in large part due to the legal costs from the previous lawsuits.

For the first time we faced “legitimate” legal exposure. The flyer we passed out at the press conference might possibly (I now know) have been ruled an invasion of privacy. The “gays” had more to use against us than just the hope of political bias on the part of judge and jury. In fact, our political enemies apparently felt that case was so strong against us that they helped the plaintiffs to retain one of the top attorneys in the state, a former state appeals court judge. It looked like our goose was cooked.

Lawsuits take a very long time to run their course, and the anxiety that inevitably occurs increases as a trial nears. I had now lived under a cloud of legal uncertainty almost constantly for three or four years, but the emotional stress had grown much worse as the months wore on in this suit. Then, just a few weeks before trial, I had a visit from the husband of the woman who had solicited our help, the childrens‘ grandfather. He had an amazing story to tell.

It seems that early in the case the father and the boyfriend had broken up. (Allegedly, a physical altercation between the two of them had resulted in the hospitalization of the father.) When the father got out of the hospital, he brought a new boyfriend into the house, along with a young woman with a toddler, who was to serve as a nanny for the four children now living in the household.

One day, a neighbor spied the toddler running out of the side door of the house. He was covered with bruises. It seems that the child had refused to eat, and as punishment the men had put him in the basement and taken turns going down to beat him. The neighbor called the police and the men were arrested and charged with torture of the toddler.

Obviously, Children’s Protective Services is called in on a matter like this to remove the children. Acting quickly, the mom had hired an attorney and gotten back temporary custody of her kids. However, Oregon being the “gay”-influenced state that it is, Children’s Protective Services had apparently promised the father that custody would be returned to him. The District Attorney’s office had apparently also cut a deal with all three adults that they would get probation and no jail time.

I am reporting all of this second-hand, of course, as it was recounted to me by the grandfather, who was in the courtroom for the trials of the three adults. By God’s providence, the “gays’” strategy unraveled. For some reason the three defendants were separated in the process of sentencing. The new boyfriend and the young woman went first and received their “slap on the hand.” However, the father appeared later, and for some reason was assigned a different judge. This judge, after reviewing the file, including the photos of the little toddler, looked up at the district attorney and said “You’ve got a lot of nerve bringing this plea bargain into my courtroom.” He then turned to the father and said “You’re going to jail.”

Portland at this time had a major problem with overcrowding at the jails, and so the father was sent home with instructions to report to jail at a future date.

That night, the father and the new boyfriend committed double suicide.

We showed up at court on the day of our trial, and had a settlement conference in the hallway with the original boyfriend who filed one of the two invasion of privacy lawsuits against us. As soon as he learned that we knew what had happened, he decided to drop the case. As I pointed out to him, no jury in the world convict us for invading the privacy of this “family.” If we had succeeded in the original goal for which we had held the press conference, these children would not have suffered such terrible trauma.

In the end, the mom won permanent custody of her children, and there were no further repercussions to the incident. For the sake of the children OCA agreed not to publicize the circumstances I’ve described here, though such publication would surely have helped to rehabilitate our reputations.”

Perhaps if I had not intervened, this story might have ended as tragically as the other (about the 4-year old boy being murdered by a trannie in New York. See


Dr. Scott Lively

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Trannie Babysitter Murders 4-year-old Boy in New York

How many times do we have to say it – homosexuality IS a disturbed mental condition and the transgender delusion is the craziest of all. Queers are violent and dangerous. Trannies are the most violent and dangerous of the lot and statistics prove it.

This latest tragedy brings more evidence for that fact and the harm that is being done by pretending these people are “normal”.

YGB says : Never let queers have care of children!

Four-year-old tortured and starved to death by transgender babysitter in New York

  • Kryzie King, 29, has been jailed for between 22 years and life for the torture and murder of Myls Dobson, 4,
  • Myls’ grandmother, Faye Dobson suffered a severe dizzy spell in court and had to be rushed from the courthouse on an ambulance gurney
  • Boy’s mother Ashlee Dobson rocked back and forth, clutching her son’s Paddington Bear doll to her chest, as she heard about his torture
  • Okee Wade left his son, Myls, in King’s care in December 2013
  • Wade was later jailed for fraud and did not return to his son 
  • During time he was away, King beat, burned and starved Myls for weeks
  • Boy died on January 7, 2014 but King did not call 911 until 24 hours later

Kryzie King, 29, was told HE will spend at least 22 years behind bars after previously pleading guilty to the second-degree murder of Myls Dobson at Manhattan Supreme Court. And for God’s sake don’t put him in jail with women!!!

The boy’s mother Ashlee Dobson rocked gently in court, clutching her son’s Paddington Bear toy wrapped in Myls’ clothes to her chest, as the family heard how King had tortured Myls for 29 days – tying and gagging him, then burning, beating and starving the young child until he died on January 8, 2014. 

Faye Dobson, the grandmother of the four-year-old child brutally murdered by his transgender babysitter, was rushed from court on an ambulance gurney as his killer was sentenced to life in jail

Myls was tied up, gagged, burnt, beaten and starved until the young child eventually died on January 8, 2014

‘I can hear his voice saying, ‘I love you, Mommy.’I can also hear him saying, ‘Don’t cry, Mommy, I’m fine,’ Dobson said in a statement after sentencing ended

‘This pain is like no pain anyone should have to suffer. We love you Myls and we look forward to seeing you again … we rejoice knowing we will,’ the mother’s statement said.

Myls’ maternal grandmother, Faye Dobson, described her grandson as a kind boy who would wish everyone to ‘have a great day’ on the subway as well as a budding musician. 

After hearing how her grandson had been tortured and starved to death, Faye suffered a severe dizzy spell and had to be rushed from the courthouse on an ambulance gurney.

Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg said previously that Myls’ father Okee Wade left his son with King at a luxury apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, in the middle of December 2013. 

Wade, who has also denied knowing King, never returned and ended up behind bars for fraud.

Myls had been removed from the custody of his mother, Ashlee Dobson, in 2012.

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Crazy Queers on Grindr Murdering Each Other

Queers are always complaining that heterosexuals are out to get them. But the sad truth is that they are the ones always murdering, raping or harming each other.

Grindr, the mobile phone hook-up  app for homosexual men is used by far more people than any ap for heterosexuals, and it’s leading to disease, crime and death.

Breaking Bad-obsessive dissolved Grindr-date copper in acid bath, Old Bailey told

Stefano Brizzi, 50, denies copying Breaking Bad plot saying Satan told him to attack 59-year-old Gordon Semple.

PC Gordon Semple

PC Gordon Semple went missing on 1 April after going to a meeting at The Shard in London

A  sadomasochist strangled and dismembered a police officer and partially dissolved his remains in a bath filled with acid, the Old Bailey has heard.

Italian social worker Stefano Brizzi, 50, is accused of strangling 59-year-old PC Gordon Semple at the defendant’s south London flat after meeting him on the gay dating site Grindr.

PC Semple went missing on 1 April and his remains were found a week later after Brizzi’s neighbour was said to have alerted police to a “smell of death” coming from the Southwark property.

The jury heard how PC Semple – said to be in a same-sex relationship and who shared an interest in sadomasochism with his alleged killer – had made contact with Brizzi on Grindr while he was on duty on 1 April.

PC Semple sent a message saying he was “free now for hot, dirty, sleazy” sex and went to the defendant’s flat, it was said.

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said: “Over the next few hours, both Gordon Semple and the defendant used Grindr to invite other men to come to the flat for a sex party where drugs would be available.”

The jury heard that hours later Brizzi was allegedly in the middle of strangling PC Semple when a man turned up on his doorstep. He was told by the defendant over an intercom that the party was cancelled because someone “fell ill”, the court heard.

Police arrived at Brizzi’s flat a week later on 7 April after complaints from a neighbour about the smell.  The defendant allegedly let officers in wearing only sunglasses and pants. Jurors were told officers then discovered “globules” of flesh in a bath full of acid, with Brizzi allegedly telling police he had also thrown some body parts into the River Thames as part of a “nice funeral”.

The defendant is alleged to have also told an officer: “I’ve tried to dissolve the body. I’ve killed a police officer. Satan told me to.” The Italian was interested in Satanic rituals, the jury was told, and had told police he’d heard Satan’s voice saying: “You must kill”.

They were also told Brizzi had lost his job at financial giant Morgan Stanley after suffering a crystal meth addiction – a drug he referred to as Nutella. Brizzi attended a rehabilitation group where he talked about performing Satanic rituals while having sex, it was claimed.

He was also said to have became obsessed with the popular US television show Breaking Bad in which the lead character, Walter White, turns to making crystal meth to make money for his family after being diagnosed with cancer.

One chilling episode in the award-winning series sees White, played by actor Bryan Cranston, try to dissolve a corpse in acid. Brizzi denies murder but has admitted a second charge of obstructing a coroner in the execution of duty between 31 March and 8 April 2016.

Brizzi denies murder claiming the Met Police officer died accidentally during a sex game.

On the opening day of his three-week trial at the Old Bailey on Thursday (20 October), jurors were warned they could expect to hear graphic details and would need “strong stomachs”, the BBC reported.

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Why supporters of same-sex marriage call it ‘marriage equality’

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Stand4Truth 2016: Powerful conference on the truth about the LGBT movement is back

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