Victory again for Asher’s Bakery at ECHR

Since 2014, the McArthurs. a lovely Christian couple who run a bakery in Northern Ireland, have suffered a litigation nightmare, since they turned down a request from LGBT activist Gareth Lee to bake a cake bearing the words “Support Gay Marriage”.

At this time, same-sex marriage was not legal in Northern Ireland, and it has never been democratically legalized since (it was imposed by the authoritarian decree of the Westminster Parliament against the will of the Northern Ireland people.)

Gay rights activist Gareth Lee

Defeated bully Gareth Lee.

Gareth Lee set out to entrap and humiliate the McArthurs, because as soon as they politely declined, on the grounds that, as Christians, they did not support this view, he sued them for discrimination. At first, he won and was awarded compensation. The judge at circuit level absurdly commented that to be discriminated against “because he was gay” was “humiliating, hurtful etc etc” whereas in fact, for the Ashers to be bullied in this way by an aggressive activist, and subjected to a lot of hate mail, was humiliating and hurtful.

After a four-year ordeal, the McArthurs got justice from the UK Supreme Court, which in 2018 correctly upheld their right not to be forced to say something they did not agree with. Compelled speech is a violation of the individual’s human rights. They had refused the contract, and would have refused it whoever brought the request, so this was not “discrimination”.

The design Gareth Lee demanded was particularly offensive, because it included the logo of a magazine “QUEER VOICE” and an image of two male characters from children’s TV presented as a homosexual couple. The innuendo of child grooming was really nasty. Yet Gareth Lee got funding from the tax-funded Equality and Human Rights Commission which was deeply unjust.

Support gay marriage? The answer is No.

Even then, Gareth Lee was determined to continue with his bullying spree. He got more public funding to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights. And there, we are happy to say, he lost again!!!

The European Court upheld the human right to refuse compelled speech, and to choose what messages we speak, write or display. Freedom of expression and religion are both human rights.

The bakery won and the bullies lost!

We send our love and admiration to the McArthurs for standing firm and hope that the future brings them and their business many more successes.

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Hospital Shuts Down “Pride” Display

New Jersey MassResistance causes major hospital to shut down its “Pride” display

Rather than face big protest from community, hospital caved in

December 20, 2021


The Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus is the major medical complex in the Lakewood area.

Sometimes, small efforts can have a major impact.

In recent years, the medical profession in America (and around the world) has corrupted much of its mission to promote health by embracing the homosexual and transgender agendas – which bring a range of diseases, medical problems, and psychological issues.

MassResistance first reported on this problem back in 2010 when prominent urologist Dr. Paul Church was dismissed from several major Boston hospitals for simply discussing the known health risks and moral issues of homosexual behavior.

In many hospitals, the fealty to the LGBT movement has become almost cult-like, particularly during June each year – so-called “gay pride” month.ALT TEXT

Boston Children’s Hospital marching in the “Gay Pride” parade in Boston.

A town where MassResistance fights back!

Lakewood, New Jersey has a large Orthodox Jewish population, and is the home base of our New Jersey MassResistance chapter – one of our most passionate groups!

As we reported in 2019, the minor league professional baseball team in Lakewood decided to have a “gay pride night” at the ball park in June. Local families were outraged. Our Orthodox Jewish activists worked with local Christian churches and jammed the streets with protesters that night! The team owners got the message.ALT TEXT

The pro-family protesters lined the street across from the stadium on “gay pride night.”ALT TEXT

Jews and Christians joined together!

Also that month, the Lakewood public library had a “Pride month celebration” targeting children. Our Orthodox activists leafletted the area and organized protests outside the library. In addition, local religious schools notified parents that the library was not safe for their children that month. From what we’ve heard, the library has backed off from promoting “pride” since then!ALT TEXT

Protesting the “Pride month celebration” at the Lakewood library.


This year: A local hospital complex started a Pride display …

The Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus is the major medical complex in the Lakewood area. It’s located on a busy street just blocks from several Orthodox religious schools and synagogues.

In front of its main building, the hospital posts messages on an electric billboard that faces the oncoming traffic.ALT TEXT

This is the hospital’s electric sign at the street in front of the main entrance.

This year in June, it began displaying a large “Celebrate Gay Pride” message. Parents bringing their children to school and going to synagogue were shocked and angered.

Our New Jersey MassResistance chapter leader contacted the local media. Later that day a reporter called the hospital and told them a protest was scheduled to take place at the hospital.

Then the “Pride” message was immediately taken down and did not reappear! Nor were there any other visible signs of “gay pride” at the hospital that month – or since then.

A small victory – but a big deal in that community!

Final thoughts

We say this all the time. A few people who can organize others can make a lot of difference. And often it’s the little things that count in the long run.

In the past year our New Jersey MassResistance group has undertaken other great activism in Lakewood and across the state! We’ll be reporting on that in upcoming posts.

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Child Killed by Lesbian Couple

Star Hobson

18-month-old Star Hobson was battered to death by her mother’s lesbian partner.

Star Hobson suffered a cardiac arrest and died in a hospital in West Yorkshire on 22 September 2020.

The court was told that Savannah Brockhill, 28, had inflicted “catastrophic” injuries upon the toddler,

Jurors convicted Star’s mother, Frankie Smith, of causing or allowing the child’s death.

Smith was cleared of an alternative manslaughter charge.

YES there are cases coming along regularly of heterosexuals killing or battering children, but isn’t it funny how the percentage of homosexuals doing it is far higher than the percentage they are in the population?

Frankie Smith (left) and Savannah Brockhill had both denied all charges.

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MassResistance interviews Canadian father imprisoned over his objections to ‘sex-change’ treatments on teenage daughter by the state

Illegitimate government abuse of parents’ rights.

Exclusive interview: Canadian father Rob Hoogland talks about his case, his time in prison, and his pending court appeal by a prominent attorney.

The appeal could overturn outrageous new “transgender case law” precedent in Canada.

December 8, 2021

VIDEO: Exclusive interview with Rob Hoogland (60 min 48 sec) Schaper (left) of MassResistance interviews the Canadian father – who must identify himself only as “CD” by order of a judge.

NOTE: A Canadian judge has banned the father, Rob Hoogland, from revealing his name or face in connection with this case. He is required to be identified only as “CD.” In the interview (above), he was careful to abide by all of the court’s restrictions. All media in Canada are also ordered to comply with that. But MassResistance – based in the United States – is not subject to those orders.

As MassResistance has documented, Canadian father Rob Hoogland’s case drew international outrage – which exploded after a judge sentenced him to six months in prison. His crime? Breaking a gag order preventing him from speaking about the government-forced “gender transition” of his daughter. His parental rights to stop those gruesome and irreversible medical treatments were flat out denied.

Last month, Rob spoke with MassResistance’s Arthur Schaper to update us on his case: His shocking six-month sentence (for breaking the gag order), his experience in jail, his recent release, and his attorney’s appeal of that sentence.

The outcome of this case could change the course of Canadian law on parental authority over a child’s “gender transitioning.”

Here’s what Rob (“CD”) talked about with MassResistance in this blockbuster interview:

  • He gave an excellent overview of the case. It’s been a horrible four-year ordeal. He initiated the case to stop the government and the “gender clinic” from giving his daughter irreversible “sex change” hormone and puberty blocking treatments.

    But the power of the LGBT movement was over­whelming. They brought in a team of lawyers against him. They persuaded the judge to impose extensive “gag orders” to keep him from discussing the case with anyone. Nevertheless, Rob refused to be silenced and continued to inform other parents – and the world – about what was happening to him and his daughter.

    So, a judge did something unprecedented. He changed Rob’s breaking of the “gag orders” from a civil infraction – amounting to simply fines – to criminal charges. They put him in prison while he was awaiting trial on those criminal charges. The judge explained his action by comparing Rob to rioters stopping traffic.
  • Rob talked about his time in the prison. He had never been in that situation before, and it was very chilling. Most of the time he was put in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. Any showering, shaving, or phone calling had to be done in the hour he was allowed out of his cell. However, after a while the guards realized he was “unusual” because he was getting a lot of mail, and when they found out why he was there, they generally respected him for it, he said.
  • Rob talked about the “show trial.” Just before his trial in April, Rob’s lawyer reached a plea bargain with the Crown (i.e., the prosecutor). Rob was to plead guilty in return for a sentence of time already served.

    But the judge rejected the plea bargain. He was clearly angry at Rob, wanted to make an example of him, and insisted on a trial – where he would decide Rob’s fate. It was a classic “show trial.” Rob was forced to appear in court in his prison clothes in handcuffs. Even Rob’s attorney was treated terribly. After a two-day trial, the judge sentenced Rob to six months more in prison. So Rob was put back in with criminals. He was also fined $30,000 – to be paid to the Ronald McDonald Foundation, a pro-transgender charity.
  • Rob’s conviction has now become a “case law” precedent to use against other Canadian parents. Because Rob was “convicted” – and this case stems from the original case he brought against the government – other Canadian parents who have objected to the government pushing “transgender” treatments on their children have been told that the courts have now ruled they have no say in the matter. It also serves to intimidate parents into silence.
  • Friends helped Rob find a top attorney for his appeal. Vincent Larochelle specializes in appeals of criminal cases. He’s considered among the best in the country. But he’s had to work very hard on this one, because of the LGBT influence in the court system. But he finally got Rob out on bail – as long as Rob now abides by the “gag order.”
  • The appeals lawyer makes a startling tactical decision. Vincent Larochelle had intended to appeal only Rob’s prison sentence. But he’s decided to take on the entire conviction – which he says he believes he can win. This would nullify the “transgender case law” being used against other parents. Ironically, if the judge had accepted Rob’s plea bargain – and “guilty” plea – the lawyer would not be able to appeal it – and the “case law” would stand.


As his supporters gather in front of the entrance, Rob Hoogland takes a last look outside of the Court building before turning himself in for his bail hearing on March 16. He was denied bail and put into prison to await trial.

This is definitely one of the more interesting interviews we’ve done!

How can you help Rob? Rob and his attorney are now preparing his appeal. Any donations to that cause would be greatly appreciated.

A win here could possibly lead to criminal complaints being filed against the doctors who perform these horrible procedures on children. But a loss could lead to even greater oppression against parents in Canada – and even the lawyers who choose to help them.

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2021 October-NovemberDouglas S. WinnailComment on this article

There are sins that destroy civilizations. The consequences are clear throughout human history.

Today we are witnessing a massive effort to totally transform the cultures of the Western world. Behaviors long viewed as immoral perversions—abortion, prostitution, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, transvestitism, and transgenderism—are now being promoted as acceptable and even celebrated as “alternative lifestyles.”

Governments and churches are welcoming these “liberating” trends, and schoolchildren are being taught to view these behaviors as legitimate and desirable. Many who oppose or question this agenda are attacked as narrow-minded bigots clinging to an antiquated set of values. In some places, negative discourse about these now-sanctioned behaviors is often labeled “hate speech” and punished with fines or imprisonment. But are we witnessing real progress that will usher in a new era of acceptance, equity, and social harmony? Or are we watching history repeat itself with the return of perversions that will hasten the decline of nations and the debasement of civilization?

It has long been said that if we don’t remember the lessons of history, we will repeat the mistakes of history. So, are there sobering lessons of history that are especially relevant for us today? Are we making the same mistakes that led to the downfall and demise of earlier cultures and empires? If so, why aren’t modern leaders and educators pointing out the dangers of blindly going down the same path to destruction? Why isn’t the media calling out those who ignore the tragic lessons of the past? The record of history is certainly full of vivid examples—if we have eyes to see.


Since the fall of the Roman Empire, generally biblical moral values about marriage and sexuality have characterized much of Western civilization. These values were widespread in America, Western Europe, among the British-descended peoples, and in areas where their influence spread. However, in the last several decades, these moral values have been attacked, mocked, and pushed aside in the Western world by a rising tide of enforced secular values. Prior to the early 1960s, there were laws against abortion and all 50 states in America had laws that criminalized homosexual activity. Yet, today, nearly 70 percent of Americans now support same sex-marriage—up from only 27 percent in 1996 (“Gay marriage is the left’s biggest culture war victory,”, June 8, 2021). “Majorities of adults in all 15 countries in Western Europe surveyed by Pew Research Center in 2017 support same-sex marriage…. Support is even higher in Sweden (88%), Denmark (86%) and the Netherlands (86%)” (“Where Europe Stands on Gay Marriage and Civil Unions,”, October 28, 2019). In recent years, Gay “Pride” parades have attracted millions of spectators and thousands of scantily-clad participants in many Western countries—generating considerable tourist dollars for the sponsoring cities. In 2021, U.S. embassies were instructed to fly the rainbow flag in honor of “Pride Month.”

The most recent battle in the ongoing cultural war is transgenderism. American president Joseph Biden has declared “transgender rights” as “the civil rights issue of our time”—and the push is on to eliminate anything that appears to discriminate against transsexuals. In America, public libraries are even sponsoring “Drag Queen story hours” in which men dressed as women read to children about two worms that love each other and a baby animal with two mommies or two daddies—themes that are also portrayed in animated cartoons on today’s children’s television programs.

Tragically, there is little or no mention of the serious health risks associated with these “liberated” lifestyles: greatly increased rates of HIV infections and other opportunistic diseases, greater risk for various types of cancer, serious depression, increased risk of suicide, and dying 10–20 years earlier than the average person (“Negative Health Consequences of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior,”, June 2019). This important information goes deliberately unmentioned due to threats of legal action and intimidation, and because of widespread propaganda against saying anything negative about this lifestyle or to discourage others from following it.


During the decades when the promotion of homosexuality was gaining strength, another trend was also developing that the media seldom connects to the advance of this secular agenda—the declining influence of biblical Christianity in the Western world. In the early 1960s, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that prayer and Bible reading in public schools were unconstitutional. As a result, students were no longer exposed to biblical concepts of right and wrong outside their homes and were encouraged to make up their own minds about moral values, regardless of whether their ideas totally contradicted what the Bible reveals.

The impact of secular theories and ideas is undeniable. Darwinian evolutionary theory postulates that there is no need for a Creator, theologians cast doubts on the Bible, educators claim there are no moral absolutes, scientists insist that human reason alone is adequate to solve human problems—all while academics and media voices ridicule Christianity. Together, these factors have accelerated the declining influence of biblical values in Western society and fostered an environment conducive to the promotion of an immoral and amoral agenda.

This has led in recent decades to plummeting church attendance. Baptisms continue to decline and the number of people claiming no religious affiliation has increased across the Western world. Today, only about 24 percent of Americans regularly attend church (“How often do you attend church or synagogue – at least once a week, almost every week, about once a month, seldom, or never?,”, January 15, 2021). In the United Kingdom, only about 2 percent of young people belong to the Church of England (“Church in crisis as only 2% of young adults identify as C of E,”, September 6, 2018), which has seen its membership steadily decline for the last 50 years. In Australia, nearly half of the population “describe themselves as having no religion” (“The shrinking proportion of religious Australians,”, March 23, 2021). In New Zealand, only about 9 percent of people attend church regularly (“Losing faith: Why fewer New Zealanders are attending church,”, June 20, 2018).

In light of these trends, it is no surprise that the highest acceptance of homosexual behavior in the world is found in so-called “Christian” nations of the West, among the younger generation in First World countries who lean left politically and are religiously unaffiliated (“The Global Divide on Homosexuality Persists,”, June 25, 2020).

In this increasingly secular environment, more and more people have lost sight of—or never known—what the Bible says about marriage and human sexual behavior. A recent survey by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University found that over the last 30 years in America, the percentage of people who believe in God has fallen from 86 percent to 46 percent, and the percentage of people who view the Bible as accurate and the reliable word of God has fallen from 70 percent to 41 percent. The survey also found that only six percent of Americans hold a biblical worldview, leading the researchers to conclude that “the Bible is increasingly rejected as a trustworthy and relevant document of life principles” (“Just Two-Thirds of American Adults Say They Are Christian: Survey,”, June 9, 2021).

The Bible contains very clear statements about marriage and sexual behaviors that are the exact opposite of the modern progressive agenda—so it is no surprise that biblical instructions are maligned and ignored. The Bible reveals that marriage is between a man and a woman and biological men and women were created in God’s image to be fruitful and multiply heterosexually within monogamous marriages (Genesis 1:26–282:24). The Bible plainly says that it is an abomination for men to have sexual relationships with other men (Leviticus 18:22) and for women to have sexual relations with other women (Romans 1:26–27), also stating that it is an abomination for men to dress like women and vice versa (Deuteronomy 22:5).

We are also told in the New Testament that fornicators, idolaters, homosexuals, and drunkards will not inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9–10). The Apostle Paul clearly condemned the homosexual relationships that were prevalent in his day as unnatural and “vile passions” that emanate from a “debased mind” (Romans 1:24–32). He also writes in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

Sadly, many have no qualms about mocking and rejecting these biblical instructions. There are even those who claim that Christian values are discriminatory and hateful and should be replaced by accepting attitudes towards homosexuality, same-sex marriages, and transgenderism. However, the Bible warns us, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” (Galatians 6:7).

Are these just empty words? Can individuals and nations simply ignore what God has inspired in His word? Are there important lessons in history and vivid examples in the Bible that record what has happened to nations and cultures that have chosen to ignore their Creator’s instructions about sexuality and marriage?


One of the most ancient and sobering lessons of history is recorded in the book of Genesis. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were totally destroyed by fire and brimstone during the days of the patriarch Abraham (about 2,000 BC). Sodom and Gomorrah were prosperous cities in a well-watered plain near the Dead Sea (Genesis 13:10). Today, the whole area around the Dead Sea is a dry, barren, desolate wasteland of rocks and sand—as it has been for thousands of years following the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Archaeologists have located sites that could be the remains of ancient Sodom—Tell el-Hammam and Bab edh-Dhra. Both sites show destruction by fire and layers of ash from about the time of Abraham, and both are near the Dead Sea. Although neither site has been clearly established as the ancient city of Sodom, the time, nature of destruction, and location lend credence to the biblical description of these ancient cities (“Which Site is Sodom?,” Biblical Research Bulletin, vol. XIV, no. 1, 2014).

However, while evidence from archaeology can provide us with a description of what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, only the Bible records why this sudden destruction occurred—and that reason is extremely relevant to our situation today.

We read that the men of Sodom were “exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord” (Genesis 13:13) and that their sin was “very grave” (Genesis 18:20). When two angels, appearing as men, came to visit Abraham’s nephew, Lot, the men of Sodom surrounded the house and demanded to have sex with them (Genesis 19:4–5). As a result of this perverted behavior, the angels led Lot and his family out of the city before it was totally destroyed by fire and brimstone (Genesis 19:24–28).

Some try to discount the role that homosexuality played in this catastrophic destruction by claiming that attempted sexual assault was the sole sin that led to Sodom’s undoing. However, this argument totally ignores other scriptures that clearly point to homosexuality and other sexual perversions as major factors in this disaster; Ezekiel 16:40–50 mentions pride, luxury, idleness, neglect of the poor, and abominations (which include homosexuality—see Leviticus 18:2220:13). In the New Testament, the book of Jude states that Sodom and Gomorrah were an example of cities destroyed by fire for “having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh”—unnatural uses of sex (Jude 1:7).

But what does the sin of Sodom and its destruction have to do with us today? In Luke 17:28–30, we are told that when Jesus Christ returns to judge this earth, conditions will be just like they were in Sodom during the days of Lot. Today, we are seeing the acceptance and promotion of homosexuality and other sexual perversions on a massive scale in nations that once claimed to believe in God and biblical values. How much longer will God let this go on?


In history classes, we hear a lot about Greek democracy and Roman law, but we seldom hear about what was socially acceptable in these ancient pagan cultures—practices and attitudes towards sexual behavior that until recent decades were repulsive to Western minds conditioned by nearly 2,000 years of biblical teachings about sexuality.

Sexual promiscuity was widespread among pagan Greeks and Romans. A married man could have sexual relations with male and female slaves. Prostitution was accepted, legal, and taxed—bringing financial gain to local governments and to pagan temples that were served by male and female “sacred” prostitutes—as at ancient Corinth. For men, there was no stigma in being bisexual, and pederasty—sexual relations between adult males and adolescent boys—was considered a normal practice. In fact, the adult male-adolescent boy relationship was considered a “higher form” of love involving a sexual and intellectual relationship between equals. It is no coincidence that the Greek god Eros and his Roman counterpart Cupid are depicted as naked boys.

Pornographic art was commonly on display in homes and public baths. Gymnasiums, where men and boys exercised in the nude to develop their physique, were often where these adult-adolescent connections began. Today, we would call these sexual predators pedophiles. Infanticide was also widely practiced by the Greeks and Romans, and, in these ancient pagan cultures, women were considered inferior to men, created by the gods to be troublesome to mankind.

The Emperor Tiberius kept groups of boys for his personal perverted pleasures. Nero publicly married a transvestite man and had relations with other men and women. Emperor Elagabalus also married a man—in addition to having several female wives and even more female lovers. Suetonius, a Roman writer in the second century AD, compiled a catalog of this disgusting behavior in The Twelve Caesars.

We learn from history that these perverted behaviors have been around for thousands of years. The “playboy” lifestyle, widespread legal prostitution, killing of infants, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, transvestitism, and pederasty are neither new nor progressive. It is unsurprising that moral decay and debauchery are mentioned among the reasons for the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

It was into this pagan cultural environment of murder, sexual immorality, perversion, and exploitation for personal gratification that Jesus and His Apostles began to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and promote biblical moral values. Jesus stressed the importance of biblical marriage and denounced fornication and adultery. He also taught that porneia—deviant sexual behavior—was not only evil, but a legitimate cause for divorce (Matthew 19:4–9). Such behavior is totally contrary to the law of God and will keep people from entering the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9–101 Timothy 1:8–9).

The coming of Christianity and the spread of biblical principles throughout the Roman world elevated standards of sexual morality, halted infanticide, enhanced the status of women, strengthened the family, and eventually led to abolishing gladiatorial combat in the arena (see How Christianity Changed the World by Alvin Schmidt). Even while the Gospel of the Kingdom of God was corrupted over time, biblical principles of morality continued to influence the cultural values of Western civilization—until the last few decades. Again, we need to ask: How do these historical examples relate to us today, and what lies ahead for Western nations?


Today we are witnessing a sexual revolution that is deliberately rejecting the Bible and biblical morality and returning to the sexual promiscuity and depraved perversions of the ancient pagan world—under the mistaken notions of tolerance, progress, and social justice. Yet history shows that individuals and cultures that go down the path of gratifying immoral lusts and ignoring our Creator’s laws come to a terrible end.

Many voices in government, universities, the media, and even religion are championing the causes of abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism. A Harvard group even published a recent paper on the supposed benefits of legalizing prostitution—such as “tax revenue” (“To Protect Women, Legalize Prostitution,”, October 1, 2019).

Yet the Bible—which speaks out against prostitution—reminds us that biblical events were recorded as a warning for future generations, especially for those living at the end of the age (1 Corinthians 10:11). Jesus said that social conditions at the end of the age and just before His return would be as in the days of Noah and in the days of Lot in Sodom (Luke 17:26–30). In Noah’s day, “all flesh had corrupted their way” as a result of widespread wickedness, and God brought that world to an end with a great flood (Genesis 6:5–13). In the days of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah were totally destroyed because of the magnitude of their sinful ways—which included homosexual perversions. Yet this was only about 400 years after the Flood. The ancient nations of Israel and Judah, with knowledge of these recorded events, chose to follow in the footsteps of Sodom and Gomorrah (Isaiah 1:10Jeremiah 23:14). As a result, they were conquered and carried away into captivity by Assyria and Babylon.

Today, most in the West appear to be blind to the fact that we are repeating the mistakes of history. In the ancient Greco-Roman world, infanticide was common and acceptable. Today, abortion is legal and takes the lives of millions of babies each year. In the Greco-Roman world, pornographic art, sexual promiscuity, prostitution, and homosexuality were common throughout the Empire. Today, pornography has become a billion-dollar industry and is spread worldwide via the Internet. Sexual promiscuity is rampant, human sex trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the world, and homosexuality and prostitution are defended by courts and promoted by graduates of Harvard University. Yet when Harvard was founded in 1636 by Puritans, it was intended to train ministers to know God, know the Bible, and live accordingly (“Shield and ‘Veritas’ History,”

What many in the West have forgotten is that there is a God who causes nations to rise and fall (Job 12:23Daniel 2:214:17). He promises blessings for obedience to His laws and serious consequences for individuals and nations that ignore and violate those laws (Leviticus 26; Deuteronomy 28). Many nations of the West have forgotten that they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites—the people to whom Moses was inspired to write more than 3,000 years ago, “After my death you will become utterly corrupt, and turn away from the way which I have commanded you. And evil will befall you in the latter days, because you will do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke Him to anger through the work of your hands” (Deuteronomy 31:29).

The mission of the early Church was to preach the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God and warn of the consequences of turning away from God and His ways (Mark 1:14–15). That is also the mission of the Church today—to “cry aloud, spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet; tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins” (Isaiah 58:1). Unless the nations of the West wake up and learn from the lessons of history, their fate will follow the path of Sodom, Gomorrah, Greece, and Rome.

Will you learn from the mistakes of the past and avoid the consequences that are coming in the days ahead? Will you be ready for the return of Jesus Christ, when the world learns to truly live by the laws of God? That decision is yours to make.

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Public Library’s Youth Services Librarian Organizes Boycott

Public library’s youth services librarian organizes boycott of local business that stood against LGBT children’s books and transgender “performer” for children

An example of the vicious, radical people working in our libraries

Outraged local parents demanding youth services librarian – and library director – be fired

This public employee has decided that parents who disagree with what she does are “haters” and must be silenced.

A Youth Services Librarian in a local public library organized a vicious boycott of a local business which had opposed explicit homosexual and transgender books and programs aimed at children.

Graphic LGBT children’s books and transgender “performers” in public libraries don’t happen by accident. Across the country, they are brought in by library employees who aggressively support that agenda – and despise parents (and others) who disagree. This is what citizens are up against.

MassResistance parents and citizens in Gillette, Wyoming had recently confronted their Campbell County Commission about pornographic and explicit homosexual and transgender books in the children’s and teens’ sections of their local public library.

Soon afterwards, the library staff scheduled a “transgender” performer to entertain children. The parents sounded the alarm in the community and announced a protest. The transgender performer decided to cancel his library shows. That was a big victory for parents!

An article in a local magazine

One of the concerned parents owns a free monthly automobile magazine distributed in Gillette. In a spread-out state like Wyoming, there is a hot market for autos, trailers, RVs motorcycles and trucks, so the publication has a wide circulation. The magazine also includes various articles of local interest which are widely read.


In the August 2021 issue, the magazine included a one-page article about the library controversy. It listed several of the objectionable books for children and teens. It described how parents complained, and how LGBT activists subsequently vandalized a local church. It explained about how parents successfully derailed the library’s “transgender” shows for kids. And it included a section about Wyoming MassResistance, noting how parents can get involved.


Article in the auto magazine that the librarian has decided should not be “free speech.”

Library employee takes retribution – organizes boycott

The Campbell County library employees love to tout themselves as great believers in freedom of speech. But apparently, that doesn’t extend to speech that they don’t like. Within days of the magazine’s printing, the Campbell County Library’s Youth Services Librarian, Darcy Acord, opened a vicious attack.

Acord had joined (or likely organized) an LGBT Facebook group called “Gillette Against Hate” to attack the parents. Note that typical of Leftists, they project their own hatred on those who disagree with them.

She started by sending the “Gillette Against Hate” group a screen grab of the section in the article promoting MassResistance, which includes a local phone number.


Within 1½ hours of that posting, that local phone number began receiving death threats. The police were notified.

Then she announced the boycott group and encouraged everyone to join in:


Acord also sent a rambling message to the magazine’s staff via social media:

… I’m in the market for a new vehicle, but your “opinion piece” has narrowed my search to eliminate any vehicles advertised in your publication. … Hate speech doesn’t sell cars, or anything else. I wonder, do the rest of the advertisers in this edition of your publication realize the vitriol with which they are now associated? I don’t do business with many, but I will suspend my dealings with [four advertisers listed] until they remove ads from your publication. And I’ll be purchasing my next vehicle from a dealership not associated with hate speech and smear campaigns.

From what we were told, she was very aggressive in organizing the boycott and calling and harassing advertisers. Is this how a public employee should act on issues related to her job?

Also – She blocked removal of offensive library books

The library staff and County Commission required that parents file bureaucratic “Requests for Reconsideration” for books that they found offensive, and wanted removed.

Among the most repulsive LGBT-themed books for teenagers were This Book is Gay and Transmission (about transgenderism). The parents filed the reconsideration forms for those books, but their requests were denied. The parents told us that Darcy Acord personally signed the “Denial for Reconsideration” letters for those books.


Darcy Acord doing a library video.

Parents fighting back – demanding firing

This is beyond outrageous, and the city of Gillette is taking notice. A groundswell of parents and citizens are demanding that this Youth Librarian – as well as the Library Director who oversees the books and “presentations,” and defends them – be fired. We will be reporting more of that in future posts.

Final reflection

Conservatives too often don’t comprehend the mindset of these people and the revulsion they have for members of the public who hold traditional values. And there is no reasoning with them. It often seems as if our elected officials look for the worst people to select for positions of trust. It’s become a nationwide problem. MassResistance is out to change that.

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Battle in Wyoming Over Graphic Books In Local Library


Local citizens confront County Commission on pornographic children’s books in public library. But library director, LGBT activists come to defend the books. The battle is on!

Parents and citizens give direct and unflinching testimony.

But they’re up against lies, deception, and twisted logic from the other side.

September 17, 2021


The County Commission wasn’t ready for all these people to come in and confront them over this.

In Gillette, Wyoming, the battle against pornographic library books for youth didn’t take long to ignite. The lies, deception, and twisted logic that the supporters and library officials use to defend their policies, however, are almost as disturbing as the books themselves. But the Wyoming MassResistance group is not backing down!

Earlier this summer, as we recently reported, local citizens in Gillette, WY, began to notice that a lot of lurid pornographic and graphic homosexual and transgender books had appeared in the children’s and teen sections of their local branch of the Campbell County Public Library. Apparently, the books originally showed up around “Gay Pride Month” this past June, which the library prominently celebrated.


From the Campbell County Public Library website.

Compounding the problem of the pornographic and LGBT books, there are virtually no books in the children’s sections with a Christian worldview. But there seem to be many books promoting Satanism (some in a grisly manner) or other anti-Christian themes.

How can they deal with this situation?

Campbell County has a Library Board that oversees the operation of the county’s library. And clearly, the Board wasn’t doing its job. But the Library Board members are appointed (and can be dismissed) by the County Commission.

So, the local citizens decided to attend the July 7, 2021 meeting of the County Commission to demand that something be done about this.

The “public comments” from parents and citizens are very direct!

The parents and citizens came and filled most of the room at the July 7 meeting. About a dozen of them gave testimony. They were very well-prepared, articulate, and passionate. The video of the July 7 public comments section is posted here (starts at 3:59).

They described in detail the books that were in the children’s and teen sections. They brought copies of several of them. They also talked about what the LGBT propaganda does to confused and impressionable teenagers. Some spoke from their own experiences as teenagers and a few were teachers who described their observations. One parent talked about a local 12-year girl who now insists that she is “poly-sexual.”

One local teacher explained that kids are searching for truth and meaning, and are looking for role models. But these books steer them in a very destructive direction. Others who testified agreed that the LGBT influence causes unhealthy and ruinous behaviors in young people, ultimately turning some of them suicidal.


This couple has a friend whose 12-year-old daughter has decided that she’s “poly-sexual.” Where does she get these ideas? From the radical propaganda being given to children in schools and libraries.


This woman held up one of the books in the public library for young people: “All Out: The No Longer Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages.”


This local teacher told the Commissioners that things are going in the wrong direction, it’s causing a lot of problems with kids, and they need to do something about the Library Board because it has not been representing the community.

The supporters of those library books also spoke up

Somehow the word must have gotten out that the parents were coming. By coincidence, the Library Director also came to speak, along with the adult leader of the local chapter of PFLAG – a well-funded national organization that “supports” LGBT children, teenagers, and their families.

These LGBT advocates are passionate about making those graphic materials readily available to the children in the community. They use the well-crafted rhetoric and twisted logic that the LGBT movement has honed over the years to deal with so-called “bigots” who disagree with them.

The president of PFLAG Gillette got up to speak. She said:

I am the president of PFLAG Gillette. PFLAG is a support, education, and advocacy group for the LGBT community. I have a diverse family. I have children that identify as LGBTQ. We feel there is a great need in this community for more education.

The people who identify as LGBTQ are not child predators. They are my children. All of you probably know someone who identifies as gay. There’s not a gay agenda. There’s not a wish for recruiting others. You’re born that way – it may take a while to identify that way.

I think the answer to a lot of what has been talked about is more education. So if the library does have books on the LGBTQ experience that’s a good thing. I have read some of the books there and they give a more fuller [sic] picture, a more human side to the experience of parents like myself. This is a country where we pride ourselves on the ability to access materials and free speech. So I would support the library in their book collection and thank them for having the courage to put that information and those books out there.


The president of the PFLAG chapter in Gillette.

This is well-crafted nonsense. No one is claiming that her children are child predators. But they are claiming that the library staff are very dysfunctional and malicious, and that that presenting sexually graphic books to teens will encourage experimentation. There is a “gay agenda” and we’ve all seen its effects on society (“same-sex marriage,” the transgender craze, the rapidly growing numbers of youth identifying as LGBT, etc). No one is “born that way.”

Like many parents of “gay” children, her solution is to “educate” everyone else’s children. It is obvious that giving children “more education” about perverse and unnatural homosexual and transgender behaviors only leads to experimentation, confusion, and emotional problems.

But most offensive is her comment about having “free access” to materials. That applies to adults, not children. The LGBT movement uses this as an excuse to push their agenda on vulnerable youth.

A pro-family mother then came up to speak

A pro-family mother then got up to speak. Regarding PFLAG, she said that she led a youth group in the community for years. She said that several of the kids also went to PFLAG meetings and told her that “none of them believe it; they just go for the free pizza.” (But many are drawn in nevertheless.) One boy told her that PFLAG told them to “bring in the lonely kids” – which she finds extremely disturbing.

The mother then described to the Commission members what she recently saw in the library:

I encourage all you to go to the library and look at the Teen Room. I went in yesterday. I’ve never seen anything darker. I saw topics using words such as witchcraft, spells, dark, shadows, covens, blood, and curses. There’s also a book on surgically removing male genitals. They also have a large Black Lives Matter section, which we all know is Marxist in its roots. There’s no evidence in the Teen section of the kinds of books I grew up with, or you grew up with. It was all dark.

Even the toddler’s section has books such as one with a grandmother who’s mean and evil, who keeps a girl as a prisoner in her house, and drinks blood in a ritualistic manner – and on one of the pages there’s blood everywhere! [She held up the book and showed the pages.] There’s something very wrong at the library.


Holding up a page showing blood everwhere – from a gruesome book in the toddler’s section.

The Executive Director of the library then spoke. Here is how she answered the mother’s comments (and the other parents’ comments) about the books in the library:

We have a collection development policy that requires us to vet everything that we bring into our library. There are many journals that we use, a school library journal for example. We go through a rigorous process. There’s also a process that our items can be challenged, that our Library Board can ultimately become involved in.

The mission of the library is to provide the first cultural opportunities for reading, learning, and entertainment to all citizens of our community. So there are going to be a wide range of diverse opinions, a wide range of things that people are going to want to get from the library. We consider ourselves neutral. We don’t consider ourselves political. We just try to provide a collection and programs that speaks to what people in this community want. That’s what we do.

I really respect and appreciate everyone’s opinion who spoke today. I think though that there are a lot of opinions out there that might be alternate. We can’t take sides. We are a neutral place.


The Executive Director of the Campbell County Public Library.

To put it bluntly, these are well-crafted lies and twisted logic. You cannot be “neutral” when it comes to harming children, especially with pornography and sexual material. And when she says “we can’t take sides” who does she think she’s fooling? Anyone who looks honestly at the library sees a monolithic left-wing and LGBT social agenda. There are virtually no books or other materials that counter that. Moreover, there is no “rigorous vetting program” of books – at least not by anyone with any common sense.

An underlying message was that the parents are out to “ban books” – a well-worn distortion promoted by the American Library Association meant to shame parents. There’s a major difference between “banning” what adults read – which the parents are not doing – and protecting vulnerable children from harmful material.

After that, a pro-LGBT lady came up to speak. She said that her grown goddaughter is “gay.” She claimed that the parents speaking today were showing animus against “gay” adults, and that angered her. “They’re not perverse, they’re just choosing to live this lifestyle,” she said. That’s a common strategy: to deflect the argument from the horrible content in the books and any true portrayal of LGBT behavior. Instead, there’s an attempt to shame the people who speak up by accusing them of “animus” or ill-feeling towards particular individuals.

What do the parents want?

At the end, the mother who spoke earlier got up again and addressed what the parents wanted the County Commission to do. She was very direct:

Our Library Board has lost all credibility. It’s not just a lapse in judgment. They’ve betrayed the children and community. They all need to be removed. We can no longer trust them.

She might have added that the Library Director – and probably others on the staff – also need to be shown the door. Normal people do not do these things to children. These people should not be employed by a public library where they can affect what is presented to youth.

Where will this lead?

Gillette is a small city, and the Commissioners clearly know several of these citizens fairly well. At least a few of the Commissioners seemed quite shocked. One of them grilled the Library Director a bit about why there are no “heterosexual” library promotions. But the majority of the Commission didn’t appear motivated to take any action – or even challenge the Library Director. At least not right now.

This is a city that voted 86% Republican in the recent election. But there’s obviously still a lot of work to do. And these Wyoming MassResistance parents and citizens are willing to do it! Their approach that day was refreshingly honest, direct, and fearless.


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The Library Books Wyoming Parents Are Livid About

Worse than you can imagine: Books for children and teenagers in a Wyoming public library that parents are livid about

Pornography, very graphic homosexuality, etc. – written for kids

A huge fight has begun in a small Wyoming city. Parents and citizens vs. depraved library staff and public officials

Wyoming MassResistance is leading the charge!

September 14, 2021


A young boy perusing the children’s section in the Campbell County Library. [Photo:]

After all these years of exposing, fighting, and stopping horrible “culture war” assaults by the Left on children, it’s not often that we’re at a loss for words. But this time a summary description won’t suffice – you just need to see the materials for yourself.ALT TEXT

The Campbell County Public Library branch in Gillette, Wyoming.

In our last post, we showed how local MassResistance activists in the town of Gillette, Wyoming, have paid for billboards to warn people about what’s in their public library.ALT TEXT

When people drive by the local Subway sandwich shop in Gillette, they see this!

That’s just a part of the very heated battle there (that has already seen some victories). Before reporting more on that, you need to see why these parents and citizens are so enraged – and why their MassResistance chapter has been growing.

Below are a few of the books in the children’s and teen’s (also called “Young Adult”) sections of the Campbell County Public Library that parents have recently noticed. (Since a few of these books are X-rated, we’re providing links to pages with excerpts from the books rather than posting them on this page.)

This Book is Gay
CLASSIFICATION: Young Adult Nonfiction (on display in Teen room)

SUMMARY: This book is pornographic and truly obscene (meaning “designed to incite to lust or depravity” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary). It promotes medically unsafe homosexual sexual practices and perversions and is filled with false information. All forms of “gay” and “lesbian” sex are endorsed and celebrated with graphic instructions for teenagers.

Read sample pages here. (CAUTION: obscene material.)

The V Word: True Stories about First-Time Sex
CLASSIFICATION: Young Adult Nonfiction (Teen room)

SUMMARY: This extremely graphic book promotes total sexual promiscuity for teenagers. It also encourages girls to engage in lesbian sex. And it specifically promotes rebellion against parents’ moral values.

Read sample pages here. (CAUTION: obscene material.)

CLASSIFICATION: Young Adult (in the Teen Room)

Summary: Girl “becomes” guy, has breast removal surgery and wants a beard (using large doses of male hormones). She goes back and forth desiring to identify as both sexes. This is a “how to transition (sex-change)” book for teens.

Read sample pages here. (CAUTION: obscene material.)

Are these books you would want any young person struggling through the teenage years to read?

This book is not “obscene” as such, but is meant to send a radical LGBT message to very young children.

Mary Wears What She Wants
CLASSIFICATION: Easy Reader (Kindergarten to First Grade)

SUMMARY: Introduces cross-dressing to young children.  Promotes defiance to parents in cross-dressing.

Read sample pages here.

Public libraries are supposed to be safe places for children and teenagers. But the Campbell County Library has become a very dangerous place. It appears to be run by sexually deviant people who have a strong interest in pushing that agenda to youth.

But why are these kinds of books even on the shelves? Even though Campbell County voted over 86% Republican in the last election and is very conservative, local public officials who control the library refuse to intervene. They are clearly more interested in getting along with the loud (and dysfunctional) Leftists than protecting the people they serve. Wyoming MassResistance is out to change that.


In our next post: We’ll show you what happened when the pro-family activists first stormed the County Commission meeting over this – and the reasoning that the Library Director gave at that meeting for bringing these books into the library and keeping them there!

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Wyoming MassResistance puts up billboards across town to warn people about pornographic and LGBT children’s books in public library

At a dozen locations – publicly confronting the Library Board and the County Commission.

September 4, 2021


When people drive by the local Subway sandwich shop they see this!

Gillette, Wyoming is located in Campbell County in the northeast part of the state, about 80 miles west of Rapid City, SD. It is home to one of the most energetic and uncompromising MassResistance chapters in America!

Sometimes billboards may be the best way to get attention! This works especially well in a small town like Gillette.ALT TEXT

On one of the main highways.

As you can see, cameras don’t always pick up electronic billboards perfectly. So here are the graphics of them – what the people driving or walking by see:


Earlier this summer, people noticed that the two county public library branches had stocked the children’s sections with numerous books including graphic LGBT themes and other sexually explicit – even lurid – topics, as a “transgender” magician brought in to entertain children. When parents consulted the Library Board about all this, they were treated disrespectfully. And the Campbell County Commission, which controls the Library Board, was hostile to them.

One of the library books for kids: Girl “becomes” guy, has breast removal surgery and wants a beard (using large doses of male hormones). She goes back and forth desiring both sexes. This is a “how to transition” book for teens.

The parents organized and contacted MassResistance. The Wyoming MassResistance chapter is growing, and the battle is now on to stop these publicly funded programs that are harmful to children.

The recent Wyoming MassResistance pro-family activism on the library issue in Gillette over the last several weeks on this issue has been bold and fearless. We will be reporting more on that in upcoming posts.


But for now, we’ll report that starting several days ago, the two electronic billboard messages by Wyoming MassResistance shown above have been appearing in a dozen locations throughout the Gillette area. They will be up for about 10 days. The purpose is to wake up the community – and bring even more people into the fight. It’s definitely spreading the word to the people in town!

Billboards certainly bypass the local media – which is left-wing and anti-family just about everywhere – as well as avoid the growing censorship on social media regarding these issues.

It’s not the first time that a MassResistance chapter has put up a billboard – but we’ve never done it so widespread and aggressively.

Who paid for these? The project costs at least several hundred dollars. If this were the Left or the LGBT movement, there are plenty of rich liberals and corporations that would give them all the money they needed. But as we’ve all observed (and many have admitted), wealthy conservative businessmen are afraid of this kind of activism, and especially this issue. So the parents chipped in and are paying for the billboards themselves. This battle to clean up the children’s libraries will go on no matter what!

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The following is adapted from a speech delivered on April 27, 2021, in Franklin, Tennessee, at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar.

In 2007, America had one pediatric gender clinic; today there are hundreds. Testosterone is readily available to adolescents from places like Planned Parenthood and Kaiser, often on a first visit—without even a therapist’s note. 

How did we get to this point? How is it that we are all supposed to pretend that the only way you can know I’m a woman is if I tell you my pronouns? How did we get to an America in which a 13-year-old in the State of Washington can begin “gender affirming” therapy without her parents’ consent? How did we get to an America in which a 15-year-old in Oregon can undergo “top surgery”—elective double mastectomy—without her parents’ permission? And what can we do about it?


To understand how we got to this point, it is useful to begin by considering gender dysphoria—the feeling of severe discomfort in a person’s biological sex. Gender dysphoria is certainly real. It is also exceedingly rare. It afflicts about 0.01 percent of the population, most of whom are male.

For nearly 100 years of diagnostic history, gender dysphoria typically began in early childhood, between the ages of two and four, and usually involved a boy who insisted that he was not a boy but a girl. Children afflicted are insistent, consistent, and persistent in the feeling that they are in the wrong body. It is by all accounts excruciating—I’ve talked to many transgender adults, most of them biological males, who describe the relentless chafe of a body that feels all wrong. 

Historically, this has been the classic presentation of gender dysphoria. When these children were left alone—when no one intervened medically or encouraged what we today call “social transition”—over 70 percent of them naturally outgrew their gender dysphoria. Most of those who outgrew it became gay men. Those who did not outgrow it became what used to be known as transsexuals. They did not believe they were women, but they felt most comfortable presenting themselves as females. 

Today, however, we don’t leave these children alone. Instead, the moment children seem not to be perfectly feminine or perfectly masculine, we label them as “trans kids.” Teachers encourage them to reintroduce themselves to their classes with new names and new pronouns. We take them to therapists or doctors, nearly all of whom practice so-called affirmative care—meaning they think it is their job to affirm the diagnosis of gender dysphoria and help the children medically transition. 

The typical first step in treatment administered to these kids is puberty blockers, which shut down the part of the pituitary gland that directs the release of hormones catalyzing puberty. The most common of these drugs is Lupron, whose original purpose was the chemical castration of sex offenders. To this day, the FDA has never approved this drug for halting healthy puberty. 

One has to wonder why a parent or a doctor would take measures to stop a child’s puberty, given that even a child with genuine gender dysphoria would most likely outgrow that condition if left alone. Some argue that it is traumatizing to let children go through the puberty of the sex to which they do not wish to belong. But in many cases, puberty seems to have helped children overcome gender dysphoria. The truth is that there is no satisfying answer, given that scientists have no way of predicting which children will outgrow the dysphoria on their own and which won’t. 

Proponents of “affirmative care” also argue that allowing puberty to occur is dangerous, because suicide rates for trans-identified youth and trans adults are very high. Therefore, they say, we need to start treating children with gender dysphoria as soon and as dramatically as possible. 

Yet there are no good long-term studies indicating that puberty blockers cure suicidality or even improve mental health. Nor are there studies that show puberty blockers are safe or reversible when used in this manner.

What we do know is that puberty blockers prevent the development of secondary sex characteristics, sexual maturation, and bone density. Indeed, because of the inhibition of bone density and other risks, doctors don’t like to keep children on puberty blockers for more than two years.

We also know that in almost every case when a child’s healthy puberty is medically arrested, placing the child out of step with his or her peers, that child proceeds to cross-sex hormones. And when puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are administered to a girl, she becomes infertile. She may also have permanent sexual dysfunction given that her sex organs never reach adult maturity.

Given this, the claims made by so many doctors and gender activists today that these medical transition measures for children are safe and reversible—that they are a “pause button,” without serious downsides—are not only dishonest, but destructive. We would not accept this sort of glib salesmanship in any other area of medicine. 

Trans Identification among Teenage Girls

As I mentioned, for the nearly 100-year history of scientific study of gender dysphoria, it has been diagnosed almost exclusively in young children, and mostly in boys. But over the last decade, large numbers of teenage girls have begun to claim they have gender dysphoria. 

Prior to 2012, in fact, there was no scientific literature on gender dysphoria arising in teenage girls. Dr. Lisa Littman, then a Brown University public health researcher, used the phrase “rapid onset gender dysphoria” to refer to the subsequent sudden spike in transgender identification among teenage girls with no childhood history of gender dysphoria.

This spike is not unique to America—we see it across the Western world. To offer just one statistic, there has been a decade-to-decade increase of over 4,400 percent in the number of teenage girls seeking treatment at the United Kingdom’s national gender clinic. Across the West, teen girls are now the leading demographic claiming to have gender dysphoria. 

What is behind this is social contagion—the spread of ideas, emotions, and behaviors through peer influence, one more instance of teenage girls sharing and spreading their pain. There is a long history of social contagion with this demographic—anorexia and bulimia are also spread this way. And we know that teen girls today are in the midst of the worst mental health crisis on record, with the highest rates of anxiety, self-harm, and clinical depression. 

The teen girls susceptible to this social contagion are the same high-anxiety, depressive girls who struggle socially in adolescence and tend to hate their bodies. Add to that a school environment where you can achieve status and popularity by declaring a trans identity. Add to that the teenage temptation to stick it to mom. Also add the intoxicating influence of social media, where trans activists push the idea that identifying as trans and starting a course of testosterone will cure a girl’s problems. Put those together, and you have a fast-spreading social phenomenon. 

I’ve spoken to families at top girls’ schools who attest that 15, 20, or in one case 30 percent of the girls in their daughter’s seventh grade class identify as trans. When you see figures like that, you’re witnessing a social contagion in action. There is no other reasonable explanation. 

These teen girls are in a great deal of pain. Almost all of them have at some point dealt with an eating disorder, engaged in cutting, or been diagnosed with other mental health comorbidities. And now they’re being allowed to self-diagnose gender dysphoria by a medical establishment that has decided that its job is to affirm and agree with trans-identified adolescents.

Turning a Blind Eye

You may not know the name Keira Bell. She is a young woman in the U.K., very troubled in adolescence, who was rushed to transition in her teen years and came to regret it. She underwent double mastectomy and spent years on testosterone, only to realize that her problem had never been gender dysphoria. She sued the U.K.’s national gender clinic, and last December, after the High Court of Justice examined her case and the claims of similarly situated plaintiffs, she won. 

The Court examined the medical protocols applied to Keira Bell—protocols identical to the ones we have in the United States—and was horrified that a young girl had been allowed to consent to begin a process of eliminating her future fertility and sexual function at an age, 15, when she could not possibly have gauged that loss.

Hailed as a “landmark case” by The Times of London, The Economist, and even The Guardian, Bell’s victory was widely viewed as a serious condemnation of the effort to fast-track teen girls to gender transition. One of the appalling things the Court noted was that the national gender clinic had been unable to show any psychological improvement in the adolescents it had treated with transitioning hormones. 

If, as I suspect, you haven’t read or heard about the Keira Bell case, that’s because America’s legacy media decided to pretend the case didn’t happen. Similarly, they continue to ignore or dismiss the stories of the thousands of “detransitioners”—young women who underwent medical transition, later regretted it, and attempt to reverse course. A lot of the treatments these girls have undergone are permanent, but they do what they can to try to reverse some of the effects. 

Thus it is that in the United States, this crisis among teenage girls gets treated as a political issue—a conservative issue—rather than a medical one. And so perhaps the greatest medical scandal of our time is dismissed as a conservative preoccupation.

The Assault on Women’s Sports and Safe Spaces

No discussion of gender ideology can ignore the ongoing movement to eradicate girls’ and women’s sports and protective spaces. Many or most of the people pushing this are not transgender themselves. But they are activists, they are energized, and they seem to be winning. 

This movement promotes dangerous bills like the Equality Act, which would make it illegal ever to distinguish between biological men and women—and thus to exclude a biological male from a girls’ sports team or a women’s protective space, whether it be a restroom, locker room, or prison. We have these laws now in California and in the State of Washington—and as you might imagine, one result is that hundreds of biological male prisoners, many of them violent felons, have applied to transfer to women’s units. 

For activists pushing this, it is not enough to create unisex bathrooms, a separate category for trans-identified athletes, or separate safe zones in prisons for trans-identified biological men. No, they are working to abolish all women’s-only spaces and they want to abolish them now. 


The common thread running through these topics is that the truth is being obscured by gender ideology. Lies are told about the risks of the transition treatments administered to young children, both to play down the dangers of those treatments and to exaggerate the degree to which those treatments are known to be helpful. Lies are told about the researchers and journalists who attempt to report on the crisis of social contagion among teenage girls undergoing transition treatments. And lies are told about the movement to eradicate women’s protective spaces. 

The gender ideology behind these lies is a sibling of critical race theory. While critical race activists are teaching kids that they are largely defined by their skin color, gender activists are teaching kids that there are a great many genders, and that only they know their true gender. And just as families who object to racial indoctrination in schools are told that their denials of racism are proof of racism, young women who object to biological males participating in girls’ sports are told that their objections are proof of transphobic bigotry. 

These mendacious dogmas have corrupted our K-12 schools, our universities, and our legacy media, as well as our scientific journals and our medical accrediting organizations—the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, etc. To give you a sense of how far things have gone, I was informed late last year by a member of the National Association of Science Writers—an association of journalists with scientific backgrounds—that a member of the association’s online forum had been expelled for mentioning my book on the transgender social contagion among teenage girls. He hadn’t even read my book. He just mentioned that it sounded interesting, and for that he was banned as transphobic. 

Similarly, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and researchers who are concerned about the risks of gender interventions report that they struggle today to get their research published. And public and private funding of research is almost entirely restricted to researchers who promote gender transition and downplay the risks. 

There are phalanxes of young doctors now, many of them in pediatrics or child psychiatry, who are open about their belief that their primary job is “social justice.” They unreservedly celebrate the increase in transitioning treatment of young people and are inexcusably complacent about the risks of those treatments. The Washington Post recently quoted some of these doctors to the effect that puberty blockers are fully reversible—which is not something that any honest doctor can claim to know. We simply don’t have the data to know whether puberty blockers are fully physically reversible when applied to halt healthy puberty—and they are certainly not psychologically reversible. We’re seeing a startling politicization of medicine and science, which is symptomatic of a larger woke corruption of American society.


Now, there’s something I make a point of saying whenever I speak, and I say it for the simple reason that it is true: transgender adults are some of the soberest and kindest people I have met in my work as a journalist. Many of them seem to have been helped by transition, and they are leading admirable and productive lives. They have no desire to harm women or to push transition on children. The gender ideology activists do not represent them. 

My understanding of freedom includes a belief that society should allow adults to make consequential decisions about their lives, which includes choosing to undergo sex reassignment surgery. And whenever I am asked by a transgender adult, I use his or her chosen name and pronouns. This seems to me the courteous and the right thing to do. But—and this is a big but—I never lie. This means I never say, and I will never say, that trans women are women. I think reciting this lie leads, as we are seeing, to unjust and dangerous consequences for women and girls. It is not courteous or right to parrot these lies. It is the cowardly surrender of women’s welfare to the woke gods. And it is wrong.

I’m also often asked why it is that the gender ideology activists are doing what they are doing. What possible justification could there be, for instance, for telling small boys that they might be girls and small girls that they might be boys? My best guess at an answer occurred to me while talking to detransitioners. I heard repeatedly from these young women that while they were transitioning, they were angry and politically radical. They often cut off relations with their families, having been coached to do so online by gender activists. Related to this, if you look, you’ll notice a disproportionate number of gender-confused people among the ranks of Antifa in cities like Portland. 

In other words, chaos is the point, and these troubled girls become prey for those who seek to recruit revolutionaries. Just as the destructive objective of critical race theory is to divide Americans racially, that of gender ideology is to disrupt the formation of stable families, the building blocks of American life.

So what do we do about it? How do we push back? First and foremost, we must oppose the indoctrination of children in gender ideology. There is no good reason for it, and it does real harm. We can absolutely insist that all children treat each other kindly without indoctrinating an entire generation in gender confusion. 

Second, we must overcome our squeamishness and speak the truth in public. Wherever we find ourselves, we must refuse to recite lies. And we must always clearly distinguish between transgender Americans, generally wonderful people, and the ideological transgender movement, which seeks to warp children and weaken families. 

This is a movement that would turn our children against themselves because its advocates know there is no greater harm—no quicker way to bring America to its knees—than by driving our children to do themselves irreversible damage. The people pushing this ideology have gotten a head start on us by perhaps a decade. But now I think they have awakened a sleeping giant. The success of my book is one indication. The many state legislatures that are now debating these issues is another. 

These are our kids and grandkids. Our future depends on our winning this fight.

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