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Slippery Slope Is Still Alive and Well

The slippery slope never ends Joe Biden and his lying allies have an agenda that goes far beyond the redefinition of marriage … and the agenda is simple: use of government to obliterate traditional values and intermediary social institutions that … Continue reading

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Hard to ignore the effort to pretend de-trans not ‘real thing’ The transgender movement has achieved a cult-like status in academia, medicine, politics, and entertainment, where its apologists expect conformity and punish dissent, so the pushback that is happening right … Continue reading

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Library Board Votes to Remove Obscene Material

After strong MassResistance outrage, Idaho library board revises library policy to exclude and remove obscene books for children and teenagers. Library director proposes new policy – before resigning! It’s not perfect, but a big win from a leftist pro-obscenity library board! December … Continue reading

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