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CPAC vilifies and slanders MassResistance to the public!

The LGBT Log Cabin Republicans’ float at the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago. Despite the group’s disgusting signs (see below) CPAC does not consider this to be “lacking in common decency” – as they’ve judged MassResistance. CAUTION: Obscene language. [Parade … Continue reading

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The LGBT’s lobby nasty campaign against a newly appointed ECtHR judge

It takes little to draw the ire of the LGBT-lobby. The European-Commission-financed pro-sodomy pressure group ILGA Europe has announced on its website that it is “deeply concerned” by “reported homo- and transphobic publications and statements” of the newly elected Spanish…

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Parents take on LGBT agenda at local Library Board meeting in Texas

Strongly tell Board (and LGBT activists): No homosexual displays targeting children! Board to release “guidelines” for future displays February 6, 2018 Outraged parents (and grandparents) in Temple, TX were not in any mood to allow the radical LGBT movement to … Continue reading

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