Homo barrister Hendron charged with drug-dealing after rentboy’s death

Drugs are an intrinsic part of the sick  LGBT lifestyle.  They are disturbed people who harm themselves and each other in countless ways. Drug-abuse and addiction are part of the syndrome and another symptom of their inadequacy as people.

Celebrity lawyer in court for dealing drugs after “boyfriend” died of an overdose.

A top UK barrister stands accused of drug dealing after his teenage “boyfriend” [ahem!]  died of an overdose.

Henry Hendron, 35, has previously been in court representing Nadine Dorries MP, the Earl of Cardigan and The Apprentice winner Stella English against Alan Sugar’s firm Viglen.

But today he was in the dock himself, accused of intending to supply ‘meow meow’ and GHB from his flat right in the heart of the UK’s legal profession.

Hendron appeared at the City of London Magistrates Court alongside Alexander Parkin, 40, of Manchester Street, Westminster, who is charged with supplying drugs to the lawyer.

The celebrity lawyer had a flat at Pump Court in Temple, the area of London where the top chambers in the country are based.

Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans MP (L) with barrister Henry Hendron (R) at Preston Crown Court accused of nine sex attacks on seven men. . REXMAILPIX.
Barrister Henry Hendron (R) with former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans MP (Picture: Rex)

But after the body of his 18-year-old partner Miguel Jimenez was found there on January 20, police began an investigation.

A search of the flat found Mephedrone (meow meow), GHB and GBL.

GHB (gammahydroxybutrate) and GBL (gammabutyrolactone), are closely related, dangerous drugs known as “date rape” drugs. They are widely used among homosexuals to make men lose their inhibitions, consent to acts of violent penetration and participate in group sexual behaviour. GHB is often connected with risky behaviour that spreads AIDS and it is also suspected to have been instrumental in the deaths of such victims as Robert Fleeting. 

Nathan Miebai, prosecuting, said: ‘On further analysis of Mr Hendron’s phone there appears to be text messages between Mr Hendron and Mr Jimenez in relation to the drugs that were found at the property,’ Mr Miebai said. AHA!  Well done police for investigating this.

Hendron works at Strand Chambers in London and charges clients up to £1,750 a day for representation in civil cases.

He now faces two charges of possession with intent to supply drugs, two of drug possession and two charges of conspiracy to supply a Class B drug.

Parkin, of Manchester Street, Westminster, faces charges of supplying a Class B drug and being concerned in supplying a Class C drug.

Neither have entered a plea yet and have been bailed to appear at the Old Bailey on February 4.

Hendron is the lawyer who got homosexual Nigel Evans, deputy speaker of the House of Commons, acquitted on multiple charges of rape and sexual harassment alleged to have taken place inside the House of Commons, the British Parliament. He appears to have done so by means of intimidating witnesses and pulling strings in the powerful queer establishment.

Celebrity lawyer in court for ‘dealing drugs’ after boyfriend died of an overdose

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