MassResistance’s ‘LGBT Health Hazards’ book to come out in paperback next month

Our groundbreaking book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, which has been available since October as an digital-edition book through Amazon, is being readied for release as a paperback edition. We expect it to be available in about a month. We wanted to announce it right away because so many people have been asking us about this.

Breaking a 20-year silence . . .

Acceptance and even celebration of homosexuality and its associated LGBT behaviors is being pushed into our culture, laws, institutions, military, and even our elementary and middle schools. “Gay marriage” is now in all 50 states and dozens of foreign countries. Even the medical establishment is caving in to this bizarre “political correctness.”

Mainstreaming the abnormal. Boston Children’s Hospital contingent in a recent “Gay Pride Parade” in Boston.

But just underneath the veneer of respectability lies a terrible nightmare of problems surrounding LGBT behavior. Unfortunately, for decades virtually nobody in the pro-family movement has been willing – or able – to confront this. So it’s simply being ignored. And instead of being helped, countless people have horribly and needlessly suffered.

Anyone who’s ever seen a “gay pride” event (or worse) can almost immediately sense that something is wrong. Normal adults don’t do those things or carry on that way. And that’s just the “public” view.

Scene from a “Gay Pride” event in New York City.

Sado-masochism concepts are actually being introduced to kids in some middle school LGBT programs!


After several years of research by our staff, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality was completed in October. With over 500 pages, this book covers virtually every aspect of a subject that has become “the elephant in the middle of the room” and is being universally ignored.

Sources include the federal Centers for Disease Control, national and international medical professional groups, published medical research, and even LGBT medical groups and websites – all documented in 1,800 endnotes with up-to-date links (which can be reached directly in the digital edition) .

Our book contains what you need to know!

This is the tool that every pro-family activist has been waiting for. This book covers the range of issues that every pro-family person should be aware of, but is often hard to find.

Major topics include:

• The range of diseases that disproportionately affect “gays”, lesbians, and bisexuals
• The mental health issues: depression, anxiety, suicidality, substance use, partner
abuse, and BDSM (bondage/sexual sadomasochism)
• The self-harming lifestyles and sexual practices of homosexual men and lesbians
• Why homosexuals have shortened lifespans, chronic conditions, lower quality of life
• The psychological and medical issues of transgenderism

But that’s not all. These other important topics are covered in this book:

• Why homosexuality is a public health issue, and not just private
• The politicized medical and mental health establishments
• The “safer sex” lie and other mixed messages from the medical establishment
• How bisexuals have the highest incidence of pathologies
• How lesbians and heterosexuals are imitating unsafe homosexual male practices
• How HIV/AIDS is re-emerging as an epidemic among homosexual men
• How the CDC is spreading false optimism on HIV drug treatments
• The “born gay” myth: homosexuality is not innate
• How many identify as “gay”, lesbian, or bisexual
• Child abuse: interventions supporting “transgender” identities in youth

It is impossible to get all this information in one place from any other source.

Most people are not aware of the astronomical rates of diseases brought on by “gay” behavior.

Dr. Paul Church endorses our book

Dr. Paul Church, a prominent Boston-based urologist and faculty member of Harvard Medical School, says this about The Health Hazards of Homosexuality

As a practicing clinician for 35 years, I have seen and treated the serious consequences associated with promiscuity and high risk sexual behaviors, including those common to the LGBT community. The medical “establishment” has been all too silent on its duty to inform and alert the public to these dangers, as its ranks have become infiltrated by homosexual activists and its policy makers preoccupied with political correctness more than protecting the public welfare.

This new reference compiled by MassResistance contains a wealth of factual information drawn from mostly peer-reviewed medical journals and statistics compiled by highly credible sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is comprehensive in its scope and fully annotated with references to the cited sources.

This resource is an excellent go-to reference for those seeking accurate, truthful information on health risks of certain sexual behaviors. I commend the authors for their hard work and their concern for the public health, and I recommend this book highly.

Paul A. Church, M.D.
Urologist, Asst. Clinical Professor of Surgery (part-time), Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts, October 2016

Not surprisingly, a less than stellar reception

Neither the mainstream pro-family movement nor the LGBT movement seems very pleased to see a work like this being published. Given the tenor of our times, this is not unexpected.

The cover of our book may be unpleasant to look at. But this is what the public doesn’t see.

It’s a scene from a “Gay Pride Parade” where the Mayor of Boston, the Governor of Massachusetts, and other prominent politicians also participated.

Almost immediately, the Kindle edition of the book was attacked on Amazon by LGBT activists who are posting very emotional negative reviews without purchasing or reading the book. And Amazon (which supports “gay rights”) has been suppressing good reviews from verified purchasers, we have found.

And so far, no major conservative news site has been willing to review it or even report on it. A big part of the problem is that most mainstream conservative sites have capitulated in some degree to the “gay” movement. And most major pro-family groups are afraid of appearing overtly “anti-gay,” which among other things, they fear could hurt their fundraising. It’s an in-your-face fight they’d all rather avoid.

We suspect that others in the pro-family movement don’t want to upset their readers with the ghastly vulgarity at the core of homosexuality, which the book deals with in a forthright manner. But that is exactly what has been missing from our side’s defense of traditional morality and the public health: the truth about the LGBT movement.

Well, MassResistance is not afraid!

Get the E-Book today!

The Kindle edition e-book is only $9.95. You can get it here immediately. Anyone can read an e-book on their computer, phone, iPad, or other device (with free app they get when ordering), as well as on a Kindle device. (It is NOT necessary to own a Kindle device!)

Homosexual men typically have hundreds, even thousands of sexual partners. But public health authorities refuse to even discuss this.

Source: MassResistance’s ‘LGBT Health Hazards’ book to come out in paperback next month

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